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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Ended Up Pretty Buzzed Out On Medication Levels, controlling My Extra Pyramidal Side Effects, I Do Not Know What To Make Of My Life
Well here I am getting back to the key board still pretty buzzed out. I would not wish my EPSE on any one, getting my situation under control has left me with a loss of sense of time. Finding myself after sleeping for what seemed like a few days it seems, popping pills and with a loss of appetite. I finally phoned the Hospital Emergency and told them enough is enough, what am I supposed to do. I am so medicated it is a bit hard to function, so I am "playing" with my medication again so I can function. The rash on my toe has started to come back again while I am feeling a body buzz with my wrists tending to be turning in by muscle stiffness. With not having been working out in a bit, due to being too buzzed out of it to do anything. Then start having to be playing with the medication levels after phoning the hospital about my situation, slept still, then things started to get done. My room got vacuumed and cleaned today, it was never done since before I went into hospital. I do not really remember how long I was in hospital for, my sense of time is lost a
bit. It is like I am waking up out of a drunken binge, except it was medication taking me out of functioning right. One finds themself in a point of awe with not knowing what to do really. With not seeing the Doctor until the first week in July, I had to cancel my first appointment with her and get rebooked, due to setting up my art show with Birks House Artists. It is like I am left on my own trying to figure out what to do. I am dammed if I do and dammed if I don't. Finding myself now having a natural fear of Psychiatrists after all these years, I always associate them with bed strappings and getting pumped full of drugs so I can not function. I used to have a slight fear of ambulences on the street, which I got over. With always trying to make something of my life by having a job or working self employed, being my own person while socializing around people finding my own answers in life for the "schizophrenic issues" that were blessed on me, as a sort of burden. I used to be known as the "Happy Mechanic" in the last manufacturing plant I worked in. Now I carry a fare bit of anger and resentment from what my life has become. Struggling with no real amount of money, I am not presently in a position to work in my trade this summer, Psychiatrists have me buzzed out my tree!!! My art does not exactly pay the bills, it is like I need a fairy tale Princess zapping me into some sort of tax paying life again, that I always thrived for. I always felt that had a real stupid story of being in the Mental Health System. The system has changed over the years and it still has a lot to be desired. Hospitals always opt for higher medication levels, with what seems like no desire to accept that one can function on low medication levels. I do not really want to write about all that transpired in the hospital. There were a lot of really stupid moments over medication levels, while I am left carrying the empty bag in life. With all my know how with my character, one would think I could make something of myself to pay my bills. I mean really, I can not even afford all the ambulance bills that have built up, never mind the price of medication I am supposed to fork out. I am financialy going belly up trying to have some sort of normal life with my schizophrenic issues. I find it hard to write, even repeating "I" all through out my writings, it is like one was calling out to no avail while curling up to a psychological Teddy Bear in my mind when I lay my head down.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Combination Of Zyprexa And Procyclidine controlling Extra Pyramidal Side Effects Thanks To My "Ritz Victorian" Treatment, At Royal Victoria Hospital Here In Montreal
There is so much to write about since the start of May, when I got hospitalized again because of the stigma of Psychiatry and my skills as an Engineering Technician. My ex-spouse and now roommate, was always influenced and manipulated against my intellegencia, landing me in hospital more than numerous times during our relationship and Police Intervention. Everyone played the schizophrenia card on me and I was always got shipped off to hospital as a delusional person with schizophrenia when applying engineering principles to what was supposed to be a home. Everyone knew better than me the "Schizo" ,who holds credentials in Engineering Technology and have two trade licenses in Quebec, Canada. I even get hospitalized when I call 911 for ensuing distruptive behavior in the home with my roommate and her child of 19 years old. The child was always against me in the relationship with her Mother and the child was very much apart of destroying the relationship between my ex and I, by making us argue, to protect the interests of the ones that put the gyprock over the original old plaster in the triplex that we live in here in Montreal. Ever since the time I stopped the electrical fire in the bathroom when my ex was doing her hair with her hair dryer, the "Schizo" was always to blame for everything because he was the "Schizo". No one wanted to believe my accepted Engineering practise and I ended up getting EPSE from all the unjust hospitalizations and higher medication levels. The last time I got hospitalized due to Police Intervention in our home, I got shipped to the Royal Victoria Hospital Emergency by ambulance instead of the Montreal General Hospital, which are both part of McGill Medical Teaching Services. After a night's stay in the Emergency Psychiatry, I got moved to an isolation ward at the Allan Memorial Institute which is part of the Royal Victoria Hospital. I was strapped to a bed again because of my anger with being hospitalized once more, then slowly worked my way into the Brief Treatment Unit 3E isolation ward. During this time period in Hospital, I carried on my physical exercises in the hospital ward, while eating three square meals a day. The Hospital could not really afford to feed a growing
"Joe Joe Leblanc" body. I was eating the Hospital out of house and home with my physical training "Joe Joe" style!!! With my high fiber diet at breakfast and abundance of fruit, I became deconstipated and lost ten pounds from stored stool in my body from haldol's constipation. I built up muscle doing my physical exercises with a good diet and gained back the weight in muscle on my upper body, while a Psychiatrist was in charge of medicating me at higher hospital levels of medication. I applied my Canadian Coast Guard College training during my stay in Hospital, while trying to work with the Hospital's Team of Specialists for treatment, I carried on my art work and guitar playing on my own, while chess games and pingpong was done with an Orderly on the ward. I was soon move into a open ward with freedom to come and go from the ward on phase four. During the time period in hospital, it was proven that I do not fake my EPSE, a rash on my big toe cleared up a lot, a hearing voices test was done along with blood tests for consuming medication. I worked with student Nurses, Nurse's Aids, trained Nurses, Interns and Residence Doctors in Psychiatry. In my brief stay in hospital, I even got to do some Music Therapy and Occupational Therapy at times. As medication was ajusted to hospital levels for stress on the ward, I proved there was nothing wrong with me and signed papers that I would submit to the Hospital's treatment plan for my schizophrenic issues and would not be on Court ordered treatment. By the end of my hospital stay the EPSE started to reoccur when I was close to the time for discharge. I actual left the hospital with torturing EPSE getting a hold on me again, I told the overseeing Doctor in Psychiatry that the EPSE were nothing I could not handle. I was discharged from hospital on Tuesday June 6th 2006. With an over night stay in the Royal Victoria Hospital's Emergency Psychiatry, for the EPSE and follow up from Emergency Psychiatry by telephone, medications changed to 10mg of Zyprexa at bed time and 5 mg of Procyclidine four times a day. At present I do not have any more real bouts of EPSE, while consuming my own herbal remedy and a beer every now and again. I was always open to the Doctors regarding my herb and beer consumption to be a normal person. The herbal remedy counter acts against muscle stiffness that the medication creates, so I can play guitar and working my tools as a tradesperson better or more like normal. It also helps me with my nerves as a stronger cigarette, so I can focus with my nervous nature due to my disruptive home environment and stigma of Psychiatry. Now, I just have to work with the Allan Memorial Insitute to lower medication levels evenly as an Out Patient, while I continue to rebuild my body to Canadian Coast Guard College Standards. I graduated twenty five years ago at a high physical stardard, I am still working on getting to that standard of physical fitness, while at home in my room and back tool shed to make money either as an Artist or Building Technician.
Update: June 15th 2006
Zyprexa consumption is not recommended with alcohal due to the amplifications of alcohal related depressions. I discussed alcohal consumption with medication with a Psychiatrist 21 years ago in a medication group. It was drawn to the conclusion that yes mental health consumers can consume medication and drink alcohal responsibly when socializing. I am now more at risk for diabieties if I decide to consume alcohal in the responsible fashion that I always do with Zyprexa. They both can have the tendance to induce diabieties, never mind doing both together. I visited the Zyprexa website and talked to the manufacture's company representive on the phone regarding alcohal and the medication.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

side effects,ambulance bills, hospitalsLoosing The Battle To Extra Pyramidal Side Effects, I am Fighting Them All The Time, Even As I Try and Write my Entry On My Blog
Where do I even try and explain the torturing muscle contrations that are the result of the Extra Pyramidal Side Effects (EPSE), I have involuntary mouth movements and my whole upper body in constant contractions. It has been so bad twice, I have been gasping for air and could not breath. With these muscle contractions in constant presences, I can not work at much. I am even fighting them as I write my blog. I always under cut Psychiatrist's perscribtion levels and worked and payed taxes. Now I can not even do that, I am a bit of a freak to look at during my contractions, I had another ambulance bill being taken to the Royal Victoria Hospital, when I called 911. I can not even pay all my ambulance bills. It is like the people that set out to distroy me for standing up for the Canadian National Building Code succeeeded. I am popping more and more pills to control the EPSE, I now even have slight loss of balance and unable to work in my trade this summer, I now feel I will never be able to work in my trade again. I am too medicated with no balance. The ambulance bills have racked up with stupidity working around me. It was like people wanted to distroy me because I was too good for my own good!!! Test posting abilities

Friday, June 02, 2006

"Ritz Victorian Treatment" At Allan Memorial Institute Of Montreal , Canada!!!
I have not made an entry in a bit, due to being treated for falling between the cracks in the system from my parents being Landed Immigrents and having no other support sytem in family, with my promotional artistic book marks being given out at the Allan, we made terms of endearment between McGill Medical Teaching services and myself. With a complimentry team of Student Nurses and Student Nurses Aids in training, we got my Extra Pyramindal Side Effects , more substantually under control with myself still consuming my herbal remedies & brew to lead a normal life of socializing for my "Art Shows". We hand some "Air Hugs" of mine, that special Nurses always got!!! Will write more soon!!!