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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Here I Am Still In The Allan Memorial Insitute Of Montreal As A Patient In Psychiatry, Out Again On A Pass After A Long Period Of Not Being Out, Images Are Art I Did In Hospital Based on A Flower In The Hospital Music Room And A Landscape From One Of Art History's Great Masters Hanging in The Ward's Conference Room.

Here I am sorting out some of my affairs at the University while out on an afternoon pass from the Allan. Got over alot of my anger from being yanked out of society at the Tribunal I had to attend. When I got paper work back from the Tribunal and getting clued in on what was going on, I settled down a bit. Here I am on a computer in a computer shop close to the University getting a blog posting up and written a bit. I have decided to now use the Artist signature Doc GM (squared) after adding Mickeal to my pen name in rememberance of my Grandfather. Time is precious and I must to a search in Google on the medication I will soon be put on,, more or less looking for mental health consumer information on the medication....till I get back writting my blog ......later....Back to working and maintaining my Studio engineering technology shop, here it is Saturday April 3rd 2010, home from the hospital again for the day, the guitar got the spring tune up, now it is time for "My Betties", the computer, making sure what works due to all the dust and grime in my place from Detroit Rock City blowing off the St Lawerance from the jet stream, hooking on the building protruding section and blowing in my window. I got my fine vacuum hose on my vacuum cleaning nossal, just got to watch the heat on my motor so it does not over heat with my nozzle modification and vacuum out my computer. Next to do, I think I am going to make a small room filter at my computer cooling fan suction located in the back. I know inside needs cleaned so now is to shut down and spring clean my computer named  Betties,... so long for now.....An hour later or so and I am altogether again. Made like a skirt/filter of teary cloth hanging over the back to the floor covering my connextings and cooling fan. The computer can be cleaned up some more, for that I got to have a technician that knows more than me. ....on my mini  flexable tubing I put a disinfectant cloth on it with a elastic band. ....wiped then vacuumed out again with the hose cut on an angle....coffeee time!!!!! Easter Sunday 2010: Here I am back at home on an Easter Sunday  pass from the hospital and on a continual process of spring cleaning the apartment/home. For the second image in this posting, after I did the landscape in the hospital, I looked at it, and saw how my sexual fustration comes out again in my art, it kind of looks like women's panties in the red flower scape with a hedge hog sitting on top of the red growth in the valley of the land scape. I turn the big 50 this year and feel as young as ever even although I spent most of my life alone. Even my Mum at 80 years old can still walk the hill up the mountain to the hospitals like me, it has been a quarter century working with McGill Medical Services as an in patient/out to do some more spring cleaning in my fox hole of a home , then back to then hospital for blood pressure check and medication time !!!!!! The Saga Continues: cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, key board got a once over with a handy wipe, dam cigarette smoke, constantly cleaning up after second hand smoke and I live alone! Changed my widow filter of green teary cloth, this time there is curtain shear stiched on to the green teary cloth for a secondary filter layer on the inward side, it keeps car exhaust etc out of my apartment somewhat! Grant you it is only duct taped in, when I get to wash my windows, a good scrub with bio-degradable cleaner and paint thinner will lift my old tape marks. I bought wood to make a proper box and will put the box design up on the Internet when I make it, nobody ownes filter processes it is used in everything including wine making!!!! In a while ....Update: April 8th 2010:  It seem fashionable for blundering idiots to say what they resent in the media recently, along with some of my words being resented. Too bad certain politicians tried to make it legal  to commit idustrial sabotage against me, then I have to live with the memory of a fool saying to me, he ate part of my Father after he past away. I am still trying to pick up the pieces from illegal entrance into my home/office/art studio/engineering shop, sooner or later I will get some one to foot the bill for all the damages when I get the appropiate individuals to take action over the credit card reciept for an expensive suit left behind in my apartment, never mind the demented idiots I got to combat that think they own me, above averge intelligencia usaully rules over blundering fools!!!!! Got to get back to picking up the pieces from industrial sabotage, so in a while! Funny how when ever I come home on a pass from the Hospital, I got to tinker with my engineering toys to get a clear cable TV signal, I get next to nothing done picking up the pieces of my home while trying to maintain my cable TV signal with other peoples hotwiring and cable TV signal jamming, as long as I can read the fine print on the 24 hour CTV National News and CBC broadcast on my cable TV, I am pround of the mess of my engineering shop/art studio/apartment!!!!! Here on the local CTV News, illegal cigarettes are mentioned, if I was not done in by bullshit I could afford $10 a day for my cigarettes instead of supporting the Canadian Native Indian tobacco trade or picking between the North Carolinia / Virginia tobacco or pharmacuetical valium trade, when I get nervous about things around my life.Mainly securing my home against illegal entrance with it being commandeered.  Do not get caught up smoking cigarettes or popping valium, the young should totally stay away from smoking as society evolves against it as it is doing as to poppig the addictive valium!!! Hey Tigar Woods, you are hearing a voice from the grave, it is on the News, my Psychiatrist would say you need medication for your auditory hallucinations, you are getting nervous about your sins against your wife!!!!! Then here I am I have figured out how to burn my urine in a bio-fuel just to make sure my residual medication in my urine does not go into the water table and I still have to live in poverty!!! Then in the News, abortions, yea like I wrote before, I have been part of two abortions, I never had the $10,000 in the bank at the time with family planning, I forced the abortion, thank God too other wise it would have been another child raised in poverty, I always lost everything any way, but I won the right to abort as a male twice!!

Monday, March 08, 2010

International Women's Day, I played "Blowing In The Wind" , for
Mum, Among With Several Other Muscial Numbers! Added Women For Men in the Song, And said In So Sort Of Way In The  The Song As I
Left Mum's Door, "Did You Ever Hear The Tears Over Me!"

Stand by will this post is partly put together step by step, trying to find images on disks or something, or re-scan them......"Sensuality and the other charcoal Primitive Instincts", re-scannned but need a bigger scannned for the art dimentions, they are cut a bit ......but up For Internation Woemns Day!!!!!!!!!!!! Note: My chicken bone guitar pick slipped out of my hand while playing at home, stepped on it looking for it, and stpped on it and crcked the semi-dried bone, craked and now needs my glue and filing job with used tea and Rona Carpentures glue, makes for good fill and molding.

Now the guitar pick gets a hand in repair from an old wood carving I wore around my neck for years.......just like Mum's helping the genetic Engineer in cross pollenating in the field with children when I was one the one shaping the bone in repair for weapenary at the edge edge of the field forging my bone to take our Neanthethal predetors to mess our women or children down......wish I had surgen robotic hands to fit two different bone parts broken some how to match, one of bass wood.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Here I Am Trying To Get Organised After Being In Hospital And Presently On A Pass Again, I Got Hospitalized From The Tribunal I had To Attend, I Got Angry At What The Doctor Wrote About Me, Royally Blew My Cork And Got Hospitalized For A bit Of Anger Management, So Here I am Starting Over Again Picking Up The Pieces Again!!!
Here I am on a hospital pass trying to get organized at home again, I always hear this buzz on the street, "Life is a Bitch, then you marry some...."...well where are they, I am over packed at the seams, too much art unsold, proto type inventions underdeveloped, art supplies, tradespersons tools, musical instruments and all. I need some Nurse Maiding back into action!!!! With all these rumours about my life, I am going to go nuts sorting it all out, I could do with a tea party to help me process some of my equipment and art, make some money and expand my operation square footage. The images with the posting is some musical notation I did in hospital with some biblical scriptures based on teaching from work by Brahms at Concordia Univerasity last semester, and a piece of art done in Occupational a while I got to make a another hole in my war room fox hole to move around a bit more, it helped getting at the computer, getting updates and all I got to make a few improvements around this part machine shop, writing, art & music studio study hall!!! Actually made a decent passage way to the bathroom that is a whole peice of development within its self as a three stage separating water recycling room for domestic water/laudry room, it is amazing what we pump don the drain from doing laundry that is collectable garbage waste for recycling out of our water system, it is called the world of engineering economics 101 and better cleaner fish from our water ways and oceans alive!!!!!...Got to take a break from writing and bang out more of Bob Marley's "Redeption Song" a bit more on a somewhat cleaned up and tuned guitar that needs a bit of a professional repair job by the Quebec manufacture, my guitar humidifier went missing some time was an expensive thieft!!!!! In the clean and restructuring, I even found my own custom made chicken bone guitar pick actually mage and developed in hospital and here at home after ordering a half chicken and fries from a Montreal very special chicken house...(thats it Montreal Bar-B-Q) I'll come up with the name yet and I did....there is only one real bone in the chicken to make a guitar pick from, I need to get a whole chicken to butcher to find it, I beleive it is the bone close to the chicken's blood feather as to pheasentry! It is a labour of love making the chicken bone guitar pick after you butcher and cook the chicken, you take this one bone and rub human oil from the crack of you ass (major human oil gland or the corner of your outer nose) with cigarette ash as a carbon metalurgical hardener! Shape with finger files and working it! The $ image is my sample chicken bone guitar pick, hand crafted by "The Doctor "Wee Iain" Goober Mickeal Modesty!
Sat.March 6th 2010: So here I am back at home again on another hospital pass, working my way throught the hospital process as a person that was originally diagnosesed with with schizophrenia 25 years ago this month here in Montreal, my my my has time flown by, when I first came home I checked my instruments, had to put moisture into my mouth recorder yesterday, maple wood can dry quickly in Canadian winter hot water heat systems for buildings, My "Alice", my precious guitar, I figure she will get a sponge bath to day, strings polished and then a small glue job where the glue dried out, no real money to send it to the manufacture here in my "Ma Belle Provence du Quebec". I am figuring I can handle the job with my tradespersons tools. I banged out  Bob Marley's "Redeption Song" again checking Alice out when I got home not long ago, funny how I have my rendition with my Bob Dillion type voice I can pipe out. Then a voice echoed from the corridor how the multicultural low income street, had a African Canuck accent lend me some moral support how they appreciate what I did with my rendition of the Honourable deceased Mr Bob Marley and his very special song....till later as I continue sorting out my hell hole of created bits and brat!

Para la comunidad chilena, bajo presión de falta de limpio tomando agua, en cuanto a CTV Noticias Nacionales, yo trabajo con Ingenieros Sin Fronteras para ser costado bajo agua filtración a usted por nuestra comunidad aquí en Montreal con lo que jamás contacta podemos hacer!!! It is like put an emergency sur/price on Chilean wine, After all I have enjoyed many a bottle of wine from Chile and what would I do If I could not get the wine no more, it Saturday night so think and help Chile with a bottle of their wine with your spouce!!!!

Yea yea yea, watching my News, conspirious theory on 911, I caught the Klu Klux Klan radio broadcast on shortwave radio pre 911, certain Americans did in the world trade centers too, as Iran is suggesting, the KKK was/is tied up with terrorists and the American consitution protects them!!!!! I reported the SW radio broadcast to the Canadian Intelligence Security Service as always, I watched them for years on SW!!! I even remember chasing them the dial when Governments were trying to block them off the air with radio jamming as to Veitnam technology at a war front!!!
Sunday 7th March 2010: On a day pass again, My guitar, like "Alice in Chains", my little glue job on the neck where the glue dried out over the winter heat. A piece of small gyprock made for a perfect clamping piece on the frets, with the "C" clamp on the horn with thick paper. Rona carpentary glue,(Quebec Hardware Manufacture) a popcical stick sharpened to a wedge to open the wound a bit, forced in glue and a 8" "C" clamp delicately put in place and slowly torqued up not to over do it in the clamping pads!!!!! In a while, got to check Alice for sucking up the glue with the dried out guitar wood a bit....25 minutes clamping time as to glue bottle directions....I give her some curing time too just to be sure....So Alice is out the clamp, she tuned up just fine!!!!! Now strumming my song, "Talking to You" with Ben and Tanya (T.K. in my heart) on TV with eTalk Daily hosted by the two and catching the Oscars prelude.....Back to the guitar adjustments, my guitar a "La Patrie" has an allan screw adjustment for the bannana bow in the neck, tomorrow or something I got to finger file my plastic bridge insert to get the touch right along the neck after adjusting the allan screw at the top of the neck for the bannana bow is constant dabbling to hit that g string just right on my Alice......just having the right touch all the up and down the to get ready to go back to the hospital soon until tomorrow!!!!!!