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Friday, December 24, 2010

To All The Lonely & Isolated
At Christmas Like
Me, All The Best And May We
Find The Spirit Of
Christmas Together From A Far!
All the best From
Doctor Goober Mickeal Modesty

Friday, December 17, 2010

My Train Bridge In The Horizon That Leads To No Where Has Got To Come To An End
I have gone through a fair bit recently and have had a chance to reflect. Since I have joined Facebook and Twitter much has come to hand. I prefer Twitter to Facebook, in Twitter I get to comment about the News and issues that come to pass on the radio. Out of this I have ended up condemming the present Government of Canada with their hate rhectoric towards me. Let me make it perfectly clear on my blog, I am prone to having visual religious apparitions or seeing a ghost and not having auditory hallucinations. Schizophrenia with visual hallucinations as Psychiatrists say, is the rarest form of schizophrenia, the most common being having auditory hallucinations. After making this statement I feel fully empowered in saying that certain Politicians and Psychiatrists that state that I hallucinate my TV and radio are full of crap and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for lying to the media as in Politicians and my Psychiatrist should be submitted to a review by the College of Physicians and a malpractice law suit be awarded to me. Why is it that I can comment about news stories correctly in Twitter, but if I comment about what a Politician says about me, I am hallucinating my TV set when the Politician speaks? As it stands right now the present Government of Canada is intent on giving me a lobotomy as stated by the Environment Minister during a News broadcast. The Prime Minister of Canada once stated that he wished that a hockey puck did do in my balls. I was at a University hockey game and the puck flipped off the ice hitting the bench between my legs. The Conservative Politician Stockwell Day once stated on a News clip that if I masterbate I will get my balls done in. Through certain communication with a radio personality,(you can make my skin crawl fighting for me and my story Ms H) she states that if she communicates with me she will be arrested due to Government of Canada restraints. This is in effect industrial sabotage of my company where I can not sell art or meet people to make protential sales. Other media personalities have made reference to me or my Internet work over time and stood by me against my plight with the Conservative Government of Canada. Seeminly they are in the same boat, they can not contact me for they are being threatened by said Government. Apparently this is why the sweet heart that got me arrested had to do it, it way a way of getting me to back of the TV Station when she was putting in plugs for me as she still does.Something like that. As she stated her self on the News, if she contacts me she is risking everything, just like the radio personality. This has been going on for five years now and all concerned have been through the ringer for it, especially me. With my limited income my aging Mother has to pass me food, feed me her self at her place and always foot the bill for a meal when we go out shopping together and Mum wants a break from cooking. I am also in dept over this affair with the Conservative Government doing me in and surpressing me and my talent so I can not make financial gain out of it. Like radio personalities say, I am well written on my blog and media interviews with me are of interest to them, but they are not allowed to contact me for this due to the Harper dictatorship in the present Government of Canada that is out to do me in. I remember way back when, as I stood up for the Canadian National Building Code as an Engineering Technician against gyprock over old plaster installations the radio station that I listen to wanted to interview me but where not allowed to as they stated. Now enough is enough, the Harper Conservatives are doing themselves in trying to do me in and like a welfare agent said, what it has cost the Quebec Government alone with this Federal Government insistance on suppressing me from earning a decent living and getting the proper media attention that I am due as an Internet artist writer. As in Twitter, I have called upon the media to get a media scrum interview to defend myself against the Harper's Government need to give me a lobotomy as the Environment Minister stated on the CTV National News during the announcement of the marine conservation park in Lacaster Sound in Canada's North. I am fed up, my Mother is fed up, my welfare agent is fed up and so should all Canadians be with the Harper Government that surpresses me for unknown reasons other than Nazi type bigotry against me a person with schizophrenia.
Never mind what I could write what I caught in the media with what American Politicians have said about me.
(I got a list of female media personalities that fought for me and my story, I love you all dearly)
(Oh, I have been reminded to thank all the male media personalities that have put in plugs for me and my plight, one day I will buy the keg of beer to treat you all)
{grains of sands will fall in the hour glass of time as vengence comes out in the Courts of God for those that messed with my life, little humour about stupidityand me}

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Been Through A Bit Of A Healing Process With The Way I Take My Pills
The crazy life of having to take psychiatric medication is unreal. When the Doctor started me on the Court ordered injections, I started to lose my morning erection, then after being discharged from the hospital I started to have further erectile disfunction along with a loss of an orgasm. I was really pissed off, partly thinking it had to do with my age due to turning fifty this year but then I found out it had to do with the medication its self from a researcher. Fortunitly I was put on the pills again due to the Extra Paramidal Side Effects, which I have had none of on the pills. Shortly after being on the pills again I started getting my full morning erection back, and from jerking myself back to sleep this morning to a fantasy woman, I discovered that I am getting my orgasm back, and thank God and the powers of the planet for that. The first eight years of my psychiatric treatment I was on various forms of intermusclur injections that took away my orgasm. I ended up living with it, and even used to masterbate for research to over come this situation. I was taking a pill at night for this research and filling out paper work if it improved my orgasm or not. By the end of it the research did not help any but after a while I was put on cheep pills that I could afford while working. I could not afford to pay the price of the injection with the low wage I was earning. I took the cheaper pills for years until I got the Extra Paramidal Side Effects from them, which I was hospitalized for. Ended up in more research taking another pill in a comparison study to the injectable form of the same medication. The Doctor insisted at the time that I took the injectable form which I finally submitted to. Then I had sexual disfunction all over again on the injections. I ended up getting drunk over it then leaving nasty comments into the Doctor's research voice mail. I was immediately taken off the injections and put back on the pills. The antipsychotic injections never did agree with me due it the inherent sexual disfunction or lack of orgasm/erectile disfunction to taking away my spermand not being able to come leading to fustration. As of this morning jerking myself back to sleep again, I consider myself a fully operational male that just needs a woman, hopefully one that will help me get out of poverty. So now everyone knows that medication can cause erectile disfunction in males leading them to consume the likes of viagra to perform with their wives. So do consult your Doctor about erectile disfunction and the medication you take and one might save on the viagra bill and satisfy their wives better sexually.