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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

National Pink Day In Canada For Women's Cancers Today, So I Am Leaving My Comment
Every female death from cancer is one too many, so many beautifully minded women have gone down in Canada over the years, as in my own family over seas and in the States from various forms of cancer. As stats come forth today, more and more beautiful minded women have to combat various forms of female cancers at younger and younger ages. A lot of this has to do with envornmental concerns. For example, with British research the female urban dweller is more likely to have abnormal breast irregularities under examination compared to country women that work the farm. City toxics from car exhaust are taking down our women's boobies, never mind what I can write about ovarian cancer with women caught up in gyprock over plaster. I had a Nurse that was fully professional in doing her job when I was standing up for the Canadian National Building Code against gyprock over plaster installations, she did her job backing Psychiatrists that I was delusional but always bought a piece of of art off me for her personal collection of what I had to offer in the visual arts. Then one day while I was in her office while making an exchange for art and currency, she confessed to me that she was now being treated for ovarian cancer, then passionitly probed my mind, "How can I tell if I live in gyprock over plaster?" So I explained to her how by simply hanging the framed art of me in her home, she could tell by the depth of white dust she drilled out in a hole in the wall to put in a gyprock lug. Original old plaster is about 3/8 of a inch thick where as gyprock over plaster would have an additional 1/2 inch of white dust drilling to do. She hung up her art, got treated for ovarian cancer , and I think she moved because years later she was atill practicing Nursing and buying art off me her her own privite Doctor Goober art collection.
So many women hold down the office for their male counter parts in the office like really Troopers. One problem though, women worked the photocopier a lot which old designs gave off ozone gaz while in operation. Computer printers can give off ozone gas which is deadly to humans with all sorts of reprocussions. My computer printer for example has no ozone gas emmissions while in operation as to it specifications in its operation manual. Before buying a new computer printer, all women should ask and read the specifications of the printer to ensure it has no ozone gas emmissions, as to purchasing new photocopiers for the office where they so often operate the equipment. A gas sniffer with a sample gas sniffing cell in it can smell any gas we humans can not, test old photocopiers for ozone gas emissions is so simple with this technology.
Another great fault for exposing yourself to toxic gases with a lot of house wifes can be guilty of, my ex did it and it even pissed me off so royally. That is to mix cleaning fluids to try can come up with a stronger cleaner on your own. We are not lab technicians in chmestry, do not do it, chemical react and fumes are given off. If you read labeling it often says do not mix with other cleaing products and they say this for a reason. I got used to holding my breath to do a lot of things to have a steadier hand to do something, same thing, if you can smell the likes of bleech what working with it, hold from breath and do not inhale the fumes, breath clean air from else where in the room. Same thing when using the likes of the product Raid to control insects, it is poison, hold your breath and do not inhale the fumes.Today for example I was out with my Mum and I begged some money off her to get my hair cut by a stylist for it was getting to long. When she was finished and I was getting the coating of holding spray in my hair, like I said to her, make sure you hold your breath when you are doing this as I am. The Spray can has minute particals that you will breath in. I use hair spray as a cheap fixative on certain types of art work and I hold my breath not to inhale any while operating the spray can. The least amount of foreign products that we inhale the better off we are . Kind of like pearl diving in the South Pacific before scuba gear, one had to hold their breath to dive deep to get those precious pearls to get rich, as in holding your breath around bad car exhaust when walking city streets as not to inhale it as much as possible. Same thing when fueling up your car at the gas pump, if you smell the gas do not breath it until you get around cleaner air and exhale and make sure the air tastes better to take a breath of air again. Like the old saying, nothing like a breath of fresh air! One time while taking some female Police Officers down into a basement of a building for certain reasons, where I knew it smelled like sewer gas, I told them to hold their breath until we get to the end of the hallway where the air is fresher, they totally loved med me something special! We all get into pushing a paint brush around our home, even latex paint s are getting strong and stronger aromas to to making more durable paints, invest in a vapour mask for $80 or so, there is no vapour mask for everything, but it will save you. Today one can buy a dust/vapour mask, when a dust/vapour mask is clogged, you will start to get dizzy and will have to change the filter cartridges. Cleaning a household vacuum, hold your breath for the dust particals, they fly everywhere and you inhale some. When you ladies pour your baking flour into the tupperware container, hold your breath, flour particales fly everywhere and you will inhale some. I just got a tip from Marcia on CTV National late night News, when you ladies are powdering up your face with that brush in the bathroom, it is rue, the particales fly everywhere, hold your breath!!!
stand by while this post is being put together

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Now It Is Like I Got Certain Powerful Mama Women Carrying Their Wee Iain Baby On Their Back So That I Can Succeed At Something
So here I am working away in my little hell hole of an apartment, brain storming with certain women so that I can finally turn over a bill or two with my God given intellegencia that I worked at developing and honeing the skills there in. For a long period of time now I have been inspired by Montreal's "Queen of Radio", and through emails to her radio show, I have imformed her of my great ideas that came to me while listening to her singing type commentary. I get the plugs from like she is determined to keep me inspired and growing like a whimpering pup as I struggle to find my way in earning a more competant tax bracket for myself. Then there are my art aspirations that I communicate with a friend and associate out of New York USA, to try and turn over a bill or two for both of us with our mutual interest in the visual arts. Then most recently I have been sending emails to a female engineer regarding innovative ideas of mine in engineering as a Engineering Technician. I think I even threw her a good engineering curve ball with a theological twist to my concept, with herself being a heavy hitter in engineering, I think we are warming up to take on the World Series of engineering together and constantly hit engineering home runs together to clean up in engineering foundations and principles. Here is a list of some of my engineering inventions that I dream of one day getting to market:
  1. a side car like on a motorbike on an multi-speed bicycle for deliveries or for babies, safer than the traditional trailer, I made one in my youth on my own bicycle but it was torched by some idiot with gasoline and a match
  2. Carrying on my Father's research with health and monitoring techniques of rotating machinary by recording bearing sound with my stethoscope probe and putting it in soundwave on the computer to predetermine bearing failure with bearing sound wave signature, the same technique can be used to monitor a human heart by Nurses so than the Doctor can review situation when he has time during Canadian Doctor shortage
  3. My solar thermal window for creating heat in northern hemispheres during the cold winter, a lot of my work developing this prototype was sabotaged while standing up for the Canadian National Building Code against gyprock over plaster installations
  4. My portable hot water sink with tank circulating water through filters for washing paint brushes so that the paint is collected to be recyclesd properly, hence the paint does not break down to nano particals in our water system in Mother Nature
  5. My teary cloth window filter for summer open screen application to keep car exhaust out of one's home or apartment, it helps keep the window sill cleaner and cuts down on dust in dwelling for health reasons for those that need it the most
  6. On the musical side I have certain songs that I wrote in lyrics and composed the music that could be taken over by more competant Musicians than myself to play on World stages.
  7. Chap book of art and poetry I have done over the years to be sold whole sale and retail or through the Internet
  8. Then of course putting my tools back to work maintain dwelling to quality standards in plastering and painting while doings murals or painting the likes of roses etc in the kitchen type thing
  9. Part time baby sitter for a woman's pet parrot
  10. Consultant on a incinorator system for women's used tampex for a steam generating plant to produce electricity for Hydro Quebec, thus the used tampex is disposed of as medical waste, blood is high calorific fuel
  11. I have my biofuel formula for a clean efficent combustion process for deisel engines
  12. Continue doing paintings on canvas and montages for the visual arts, painting will be sold in expositions and the montages for Internet and TV advertising and hopefully get into animated videos
  13. Contiued developing customized weaponary for the Canadian Armed Forces

It is my prisoner's day doing a hard labour of love to produce and pay taxes, then of course I have backing from other media women who I am yet to get in touch with or get back in touch with once again to work together on several other projects that we are mutually interested in.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

My Life Has Become More and More Of A Spider Web In The Woods Trying To Catch Some Company In My Life
Here I am finally getting a new blog posting up in the New Year, first of 2011, how time flies. I got drunk by myself New Years like it has been the last couple of years, then I fight depression how I blew the monthly budget, and it is like what budget there is no budget to work with. I remember in my youth working on the ships when I used to go back to the bank when I was down to a $100 in my pocket, those were the days my friend, I thought they would never end! Any way I pull through in my solitude with my radio and TV and Internet, sometimes I sleep too much from depression, partly due to not eating right. Mum knows what I can eat and so do I. I have not been working out with my weights, due to lack of money to eat right. Bit of a starving Artist that wants to produce but has no reason to. Like I mentioned before in my blog, I have no more place for art and I have no place to try and sell it. Art fell into my lap on disbility pension and I do not know a whole lot about succeeding as an Artist. With the world recession and all, I realize that people have no money for art, even my inventions that are on the drafting board I have no money to produce a prototype. I was always a good Engineering Technician and miss working and the company that comes with it. My Psychiatrist said to me, "There is nothing wrong with you, get a job". Well my crazy life, I have lost certain practical skills in my profession, I know it myself when I work with my tools for something around my apartment. Then when I get nervous about certain things I seem to get the extra paramidal side effects, damage from taking anti psychotic medication all these years. After the years I spent on the Internet writing my blog and promoting my art, I have one Internet friend out of New York USA, she is something special. A long time ago she wanted me to be part of an art show in Spain that she was part of promoting, but I did not have the money to ship my art and the fees and all. Recently I hooked up with her again in Facebook and we keep in touch, I sent her a copy of my montage I did on CD by mail, and now we have a computer compatibility problem for her to get the sound track I did on my guitar. Even to do more montages on my computer I need to get my computer fixed. It seems that when I had the illegal entrances into my apartment, my computer got sabotaged some and I lost certain software. Sure I have the re-boot discs but I need some help with this and have no one. I took my hard drive to a computer shop that I used to deal with, and it was recomended that I get a new hard drive, yea with what money? I mean here, even my stupid fucken Psychiatrist would not even sign for the medical transport money to go to music therapy or the hospital art group. $30 is $30 when you have pratically nothing to work with. With my present Psychiatrist I do not even have a Nurse to relate certain issues to, nor a Social Worker because I told her where to go due to what she did to my Father with my adopted sister. In effect it was a conflict of interest for the Social Worker I was assigned, to work with me, after siding with an adopted child to do in my parents in the Courts. I had really good parents, OK, Dad passed away and it is only me and Mum, my brother and his wife with child, that do not seem to have the time for me. Rumours float about me, even my brother mentioned one of them Christmas Eve when we got to together with Mum, it made me nervous and I got my extra paramidal side effects. Yea I hurt what my life has become, alone too much and hoping to rescued from my insanity by a decent woman, it is like I repeat over and over again in my head, "My stupid fucken life!". Even when I reached out to an attractive woman in the media to help me over come slander when I stood up for the national building code against gyprock over plaster instalations, she ended up getting me arrested due to blackmail, and like she said on TV, she is not stupid she went to the police. I am tired of being the lonely drunk at times, I have cried into my can of beer enough over my years on disability pension. I have missed out on so much of life and I do have fantasies about being with a woman again and building a future for myself. At 50, I have only had one wine and cheese with a Lady that I set up, I want more of them. Even when I got my disability cheque with my ex, I cashed my cheque and went to the floral shop and bought flowers for her, I really miss doing that, it was like I was skipping and jumping home to give her the flowers. How should I close this posting, I thought about it, the lonely guy's syndrome at Valentines Day, for it is coming up next, a case of beer and pizza alone by candle light dreaming of making my life right with a true Lady Love again!!!
(Oh yes, I can find myself playing guitar to a News Anchor woman on TV as if we were together and I am playing for her, lonely TV syndrome.....){I will always remember my pin up girl or two from my youth, I was too young to think of her/them as married woman, but I fantasized about her/them any way, I never really bought Playboy or Penthouse or got into porn, I always had a good imagination to put myself to sleep,you sweet Ladies that I dreamt or dream about, you are/were all something special, all I ever wanted was a normal healthy sex life in a relationship and spent most of my life alone, then where CSI NY goes with what happens to women, I have to change the station back to the News}
Little added note: Even when I got arrested for harrassment, I kind of got grilled by a female prison Psychiatrist over my masterbation habits, well what, women do not buy vibrators/dildos for nothing, monkeys in a cage will masterbate and a dog in heat will try and hump your leg!!! People do it, I admit it!
I have my reasons for opening up about human sexuality, all these child molesters and male rapists, I know what I could do with them with a hang mans noose, if one can not keep their hands to themselves and fantasies and learn a healthy fantasy, how are you ever going to take proper care of a woman when you hook up with one? Here the other night on CSI New York I think it was, a man was putting lip stick on a dead woman and kissing her, I could not handle it and changed the station, sex is all over the Internet and TV and needs cleaned up some, even these gang rapes out in BC Canada, it is sickening what has become of human sexuality!
Little Extra Note: I know people are in Court around me and my story, it is in the Montreal media, more people are full of crap around than I care to believe, like my Laywer said to me, people want me dead and will do anything to ruin my life, I know real women want something to do with me and bullshit and blackmail gets in the way, this is also in the local media, so go back to your demented hell hole if you try and stop me and the people that what to succeed with me and my story!!!!! As an Engineering Techincian I had Bosses that told me they were fed up with the blackmail around me....leave it to the imagination!!!!! An extra special woman in Montreal media always said she would make things up to me when the crap around my life is done in, to those words more or less!!!! From my youth I gave young ladies love notes to be there for me as I went into uniform and took on the mob for police, standing up for the national building code against gyprock over plaster, I've disconnexted a protential bomb from a Montreal gas main, shut down bull shit factories, the list goes on and on, I want to come home to the certain ladies that fought and always stood by their love notes from me, as to my youth and as an adult!!!!! I recall in my University class, a semi discussion about Godly pregnancy tests, like the Prof said there is no such thing, no fucking kidding, and to put it bluntly who is the Father of your Godly pregnacy test if you are with child, God by genetics? This Godly pregnacy test is even talked about on the radio, like they say it is a load of crap!!!!
If only I could do a deal with the estate of my childhood pin up girl from Hollywood for cancer in women, yea I had her poster in my room as a teen ager, I even had my precious moment with her before she died of cancer for old time memories, for me to open up as an 50 year old lonely male, I could really talk or write for cancer in women!!!