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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Just Bridge Spanning My Thoughts With Not Having A Whole Lot To Write About
So here I sit plugging away around my apartment not doing a whole lot. It is hard to do things with my limited income on my disability pension. I do find ways to occupy myself with the goods and chatle that I have. I have not being doing a whole lot of art, it has kind of stock piled around my around my apartment and I have not been able to sell any of it. I do play my guitar, but then again it seems like I do not practice enough with the time that I have on my hands. I have started to eat better, but even that can get difficult during the last legs of the month on my limited income. The price of food has become outragous, about everything one picks up it costs big time. Last time I went shopping to stock up on food, it cost me $68, and now the food is getting low again with no money left until I get my pension cheque the last day of the month. I do still attend the art group at the hospital and the music therapy sessions, it is about the only things that gets me out of my apartment besides going to see my Mother to help her out. I do not know what it would be like without my radio and TV. As a bit of a news buff, I bounce around the all news stations a fair bit. I even quit enjoy listening to the news with my radio music playing in the background. It is absolutely crazy all that is in the news theses days, what now we have aggression by North Korea against the Southern half. Then we have all these corruption allegations in Canadian politics with government renovation cantracts, along with the pass of the envolope allegations in Quebec politics. At least the police are being kept busy investigating it all, like the haven't got better things to do. One thing that I find about Canadian news is that they always try to fit in a happy storey or or do a segment on someone that trys to do something positive for society on the whole. I still spend too much time by myself, but when one has no money to get out and around to do things or go to school, it is hard to meet people. I am trying to make a little extra money by selling Christmas cards around the hospital, but trying to compete with China is hard to do even for a small business person like myself. Even although I am not in school studying theology or religious studies, I do maintain my little prayer sessions on a regular routine. It is funny how the Lord speaks in mysterious ways, I am just gracious for small mercies. Such as having a semi decent apartment that is personalized with my art collection.
One good thing about being subsidized by the Provincial Government of Quebec, I got my dental work done at the hospital. My dental records at the hospital go way back when I had no insurance. This time around I had $1700 worth of work done. Can the dentist bill ever be cranked fast. It is like I had so little work done. A couple of extractions for teeth that could not be saved along with two fillings. I will also be getting a new partial plate in the new year. Due to medication I had to take as a baby, my teeth never grew in right in the first place. The student Dentist was such a sweet heart, and really something special while treating me. My over all dental bill for being 50 years old is not all that bad, but my teeth are not the best. Then it is time for me to give blood again to Hema-Quebec, our local blood bank. Like I wrote before it is possible to give blood while taking medication. I just get a print out from the pharmacy on what my present medications are and give it to the Nurse when I am registering to give blood. It will be my 5th time giving blood, and to think all those years I could have given blood and I thought that I could not because I took medication most of my adult life for my schizophrenic issues. The one thing that is really good about me giving blood is that it can be given to any (+) person for I am the "O" blood type. Thus it is really important to me to give blood as a life saver for a multitude of people in our hospital system. Ironically, the number of people that actually give blood that can is so little as to the population averages.
Well I have written a fair bit when I did not really know what I was going to write about, I feel I have made a decent posting so I will sign off for now.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

(windows are the greatest source of heat loss in your home during the winter)
I Have Solar Winter Heater Window Proto-type Invention, But Have been Unable to Get The Concept To Market, Here Is Why

Going back ten years now, I developed a proto-type invention in my ex girlfriends apartment windows to save on electric base board heating costs. What I had to deal with at the time was a hot wired apartment of hers due to gyprock over plaster instalations that were done in the apartment above her in the triplex building. I had to get the hot wiring disconnected so that the base board thermostats would work properly on a 115 volts max in put. Due to the hot wiring of the apartment the heaters would constantly stay on or like in one room not work at all. Thermostats need to have the correct voltage input for what they are rated for, other wise they will not work properly. I am a engineering technician and I am fully qualified to speak of this situation. Any way with the special plastic supplied by an engineer I used to work with, and the nature of the instalation design, UV rays would be stopped like a break and heat up the plastic panel. An air humidifier and air filtration pump was placed in the middle of the apartment to draw the collected heat from the sun rays off the plastic panels and pump the heat around the apartment through air circulation. Jack Layton of the NDP of Canada is advertising this fall how Prime Minister Harper should take the home heating oil tax off the cost of heating homes. If Harper was to do this and home owners were able to invest in my invention, more home heating costs during the winter could be achieved. In a way my prototype is not wanted becuase oil producers of home heating oil would lose money, but then again plastic is oil based so the plastic and oil industry on the whole would not have losses but increased sales. The engineer that produced the plastic for my design is only more than willing to move palets of the plastic for the home or apartment savings on winter heating costs, at first he said to me, in theory the idea will work so prove it to me, and I said to him, supply me with sample plastic and I will prove it to you, so he did. The stigma of psychiatry also got in the way of me launching the invention or concept, because I was always hospitalized and strapped to a bed for arguing my point against gyprock over old plaster instalations. Old plaster can be repaired when it cracks or decomposes, thus maintaining the integraty of the old wall and the original wiring as usaully modified by master electricians over the years. If you are intrested in further information on the solar winter heater design for windows, email me and start to make the investment for savings in heating your home this winter.
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Canadian Remembrance Day 2010
During the 11th month, on the 11th day of the 11th hour, Canadians take a moment to reflect and remember the sacrafice our war heros made over the years since WWI. It is a very special time for us Canadians, as we take our moment of silence in prayer so generations present and to come, do not forget the great wars and how Canadians served with dedication and loyality for the cause. Right up to the present conflict in Afghanistan, Canadians serve with honour to bring peace to future generations as they are called to duty to serve in war torn lands. One special thing Canadians have done is built "Honour House" in British Columbia, which is now a refuge for injured soldiers coming home from the Afghanistan conflict. The house was opened in time for Remembrance Day 2010 and houses 10 suites. There are plans to build the same type of complex in each Province in Canada. Lest we forget.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

I Have Gained Weight With Working Out Since Off The Court Ordered Injections
Since I have been off the Court ordered injections and do not have extra paramidal side effects, I have been leading a more functional life. Between eating a more stable diet and forfilling my day more productively, which part have been pumping my weights again, I gained back the weight I had lost. The Court ordered injections were really hard on me, I was not eating right for one. It was hard to do anything with the extra paramidal side effects hampering my life they way they were. It was like I was strickened to my bed to make the EPSE go away, and I continually lost weight. Since I have been back on the pills, I have had no EPSE and leading a complete and wholesome day. Part of my daily routine is to watch the News on TV, and quite often I will sit in a hard desk chair infront of the TV set and pump my weights, working out the upper body. I will also go out side infront of the building where I life and do a few twists of the skipping rope to get the heart pumping and lungs working harder to try and compensate for my cigarette smoking. An added advantage of working out my arms and upper body, I find that I can play bar chords on my guitar better. The added strenght to my hands and fingers from using the squeeges, seem to give me the added strenght to apply the strings of the guitar on to the frets when doing bar chords. Over my life span I always worked out doing calisthenics based on my Canadian Coast Guard College physical training experience, working the weights has been very much apart of it. With feeling better physically and mentally with working out, I have been attending the music and art group at the hospital to help forfill my day during the week. It is also comman for me to walk the mountain up to the hospital programs to give my legs the work out, along with going to see the Doctor every two weeks.
With being on the pills I have also been eating a whole lot better, once again thanks to not having the EPSE. I enjoy cooking in the kitchen, and it does help getting the sweets from Mum's baking expertise. It will be coming up a month that I have been on the pills again and I have gained about 15 lbs. I have another 10 lbs to gain to get up to my Coast Guard College graduation weight of 145lbs, I never could get up to that weight when I lost some of it working and being in psychiatry, but I intend to. I got to start doing my sit ups again too, I usaully hook my toes under the over hang of the kitchen cabnets at the kitchen sink. It has been a while and my belly shows the worse for it, but it does not take me long to whip it into shape doing my sit ups. I also pull off some push ups while on the kitchen floor as well, doing different styles of push ups to exercise the various muscles of the upper body, thus maintaining my physic and shape. I find that with doing the physical work outs, it also helps to maintain the natural grace of movement, which is an added bonus while playing guitar or other instruments that I play. When I work out I can really eat up the food and I am lucky that I am a competant cook in the kitchen and know how to get the best value for my money to feed myself. Working out is for everyone no matter what the age to maintain your body shape. Mum at 81 still goes to the Church's work out class to do her exercises along with doing a healthy amount of walking. I do a fair bit of walking myself and often take an evening stroll with Mum when we get out after supper before I head home after visiting her for supper and helping her out around her apartment with a few things. So maintain a good diet and do some physical work out in the run of each week and lead a healthy prosperous life like my Mum is pulling off with her old age of 81.
Little Big Note: Anti-semitism is in the News, I still got to live with a swastika carved into the paint on my apartment door, and my building manager does nothing about it!!! Hitler did try and do in people with schizophrenia along with the Jewish folk! It is like I am a marked man by Neo-Nazis, to get done in or something. One day I will make my Exodus from poverty and move to a better neighborhood!