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Monday, May 31, 2010

Psychiatrists Are Like Ass Wipe, Suck Holeing off Each Other's Fuck Ups, Like My Lawyer Said To Me in an legalistic way At My Tribunal Hearing Today, "The Hospital Will Not Admit The Truth Around You!" Then Again Psychiatrists can not even get My Number Of Hospitalizations Right In Another Province At A Tribunal Hearing!!!
So They can meet my King Cobra on the Internet, art was done while in hospital and is not finished yet!!! I am home for a over night pass!!!
Love Sent At Front Lines, desgrapency, with top Miitaty Officer, it is like where love goes in isolation to solve the problem through pillow talk afterwards for survival, just a certain point of view from what my life became as a person with an isolated stressful life surrounding my schizophrenia, I fell in love for a survival tatctics in a way, and may have got done in for it, I am humoured  in some sort of way the for what is coming onto his shoulders, I always fell in love with  a person in sort of way that became associated wth  my life, through the diverse parts of my life as an person with some sort of schizophenia, I relate to an old movie with the sniper fire from World War Two a lot, it was a war scnce in a Russian Sniper Hero defending a city in a battle storey and he fell in love with his best female sniper!It is just a thought, I am still a lonely Trooper!
So hewre I am on my second over night stay nat home, I do not know what to do at times, I knew could turn a decent bill working my tools, it was like my tools never could make money, but I certainly know how to used  my tools, them never could make m could never make money, I was just good at it as a schizo, perhaps some people hated it, I turning fifty  this year, got a grey hairs over too much sabotage! Funny how my Psychiatrist said I can be a real jurk at times, I agreed and told him ever since I stood up for the National Building Code , basically because I have been jurked around some much while trying to earn a living! I remember once I got an old friend through a semester in University when the recession was so bad the students could not get work soe their was no work paper work for loans and bursaries. I was looking for a man to work with over a over room contract I landed, we teamed up self employed on my contract for the summer and coworker got back to school in the fall. He said to me, where did you learn all this stuff that we were doing, And I responded this Canadian coast Guard papers, I wrote my 4th class stationary steam paper off my marine paper years back here in Quebec.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Just A Little Update
Here I am still part of the Hospital inpatient program, and slipped a bit on the ward with my anger. Someone on the ward sabotaged some of my personal preperty on the ward and I blew my cork and got put back on the closed side of the ward for a bit. I is like snakes and ladders a bit and I slid down my snakey angry path and I am now trying to work up the ladder for priviliges again on the ward. I cooled my jets a bit through talk therapy with the student Nurses that are doing their stages on the ward. I am also going to get to the hospital Dentist this week in the hospital to be seen by the student Dentists program in the Montreal General Hospital. As it turns out my Psychiatrist tols me to bit mytongue at my up coming Tribunal hearing to get out of hospital. Things are being handled professionally, for I also gave the hospital staff a copy of the credit card reciept that was left in my apartment during an illegal entrance. Like my Mum says to me, all things work out in the end with honesty.....till I get writing again for I must get back to my hospital ward...... May 18th 2010-Time passes quickly on the hospital ward and the Doctor said the staff is pround of how I control my anger on the ward, it can be very fustrating on a psychiatric ward. With being part of what the Allan hospital calls the Reinsertion program for inpatients we are kept busy. In the morning meeting for the group we all come up with a positive phrase and write it on the chaulk board, the phrase I came up this morning with was, walk in stride with the march of the day. Then we gathered in large room for a relaxation group. We limber up doing some stretching exercises then try to relax in silence for a bit, on the second leg of the relaxation group we listen to a relaxation tape. The various groups that we have while working with a Nurse, takes away the effect of being what is like a house arrest with not being allowed off hospital property until my review at the Tribunal at the end of the month, it is really stupid how I got arrested for supposing to harass a media personality. I just got to shut my mouth at the Tribunal and let the Angels of Mercy work for me at my hearing, so that I will be free again and not have to stay in hospital.  It is getting and I must be back oon the ward for 3 pm so I will sign off for now again.I wrote some things I should not have wrote about association to the Harper family, Which I retract and will erase when I find it, it came out the wrong way with anger due to PM Harper singling me out for comments which I am told I hallucinated. I just have these childhood memories of dealing with a Haper in the school yard amoung other things, sorry for the problems caused.
Update: May 27th 2010, here I am being patient as my second Tribunal hearing comes upon me. With all going well at this hearing after the hospital stay since January, I will be discharged on Monday May 31st 2010 with the blessings of the Tribunal. The Doctor and staff feel confortable with my state of mind right now, at least I admit I have a bit of an anger problem at this point in my life. I never ever thought that I would get arrested for anything, I guess I just approached the wrong person to be my art manager, and then try to charm the person. Nothing ever did seem to work out right for me ever since I became a person diagnosed with schizophrenia. I will be getting a new Doctor to work with if I indeed get discharged on the 31st. Part of my anger problem evolved from working with the last Doctor I had as an out patient, it is like she called me delusional for everything, hallucinating the class room at University, the coffee shop and like everything else inclusive of radio and TV. Then again I know better than thinking that way, I did not hallucinate the class room if I can pass the University course and order a coffee to drink and pay for it. With Dad passing away before Christmas, I got my work cut out for me to help take care of Mum with the likes of putting in her air conditioner and stuff like that. My Doctor suggested that I have my Mum come and vouch for me at the hearing on Monday, and Mum agreed to come to the hearing. I am back on injectable medication and only take the side effect medication for my Extra Paramidal Side Effects. Anyway we will see how it goes Monday and I just got to keep my cool at the hearing and I will be a free man again with getting discharged from the hospital, while maintaining my appointments for my injection every two weeks. so till later.....

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Finally, Getting Access And On A Computer While On Hospital Property As I Have My Extended Stay At The Montreal Allan Hospital!

I did have an image to post with this set of writings, but it was getting too complicated figuring out the hospital scanner. I am doing my art and practicing my guitar like usual for a hospital stay. Due to the Quebec Government Tribunal hearings around me and my harrassment charges I faced after trying to charm a Lady, I ended up on Court ordered injections during my hospital stay.  With all things coming to pass, I should be releaesed from hopital soon with my present Pyschiatriist going to bat for me in the Courts. Any way, besides the point, what I wanted to relate in this blog posting was how I viewed a TV documentry about the Montreal Neurological Insitute when they got hooked up with a famous Musician to do a study of the brain and how music effects brain patterns through the Insitute's brain imaging equipment. What really caught my thought on this subject was how I started to think about the TV program I watched while playing my guitar in hospital and experiencing my apparition-hallucination type spots of different coloured lights on the neck of my guitar while getting a strong rythmitic groove going while I am practicing. To me, this would be really interesting to get the same type of brain scan done when I go into this euphoric type state of creative energy banging out my own musical interlude free style. I will be trying to look into this and will be continueing this post later, I need a break from the computer and a breath of fresh air, and my Extra Pyramidal Side Effects are acting up a bit right now as to the injections I am faced taking that have the tendance to make the EPSE come about...till later....Doc GM2
Update: Saturday May 8th 2010;  So here I am stuck in the Allan Memorial Institude under a form of house arrest with not being allowed to leave hospital property. On June 1st 2010 I have my Tribunal hearing to get discharged, time to put on a shirt and tie again while being present infront of a Judge with my Lawyer, Mum already made sure I had my shirt and tie, my second family tartan from Scotland, clothes I am being passed from Dad's passing before Christmas. Any way time is passing really fast while being part of the reinsertion hospital program as an inpatient. The Nurse that runs the group is really  someone special, her sense of humour and ability to handle my yapping mouth is real hit in group. Then with playing my guitar around the hospital property I ended up jamming with an African Canuck on the drums with his portable jambie. He took a liking to my guitar playing due to my song selection, for my gentle giant is close to my age, he could even use me for his morning curls as a weight lifter with the dedication he put into building his muscles, and it is really fun how I can make him chuckle with my yappy humour. We plan to have our little-big duet play around summer Bar-BQs etc somehow, for beer and cigarette money. Any way it is time for me to get back to the ward to teach my student Nurse interpatient relations with my mouthy yapping abilities. Starting May 10th for a week, the Canadian Nurses Association is paid there repect for how they are their for the community  the whole. Their web site is