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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Here I am Finishing Off My Theology Class And Finding Better Reading Material
Here I am at the end of my Theology class and in Hospital due to being poison in my apartment. So I spend a bit of time in hospital with blood testes and urine samples being done on me as I re-build my weight. Idiots thought they could do me in again, not with such high standards of Quebec Hospitals backing me, that is for sure!! It has been a while since I made a posting due to being in hospital but they grantee that they will take the very best of of me in lue of circumstance! Sure I am working on my final exam with my Priest in my Jesuit teachings at Concordia University here in Montreal, but I know I am not liked for my devotion to God, the mob has no prayers!!!! They even come after me in Hospital and my property has been destroyed because of it!. It is just a small blog posting to say that I am alright and my Priest and his assistant watch over me very carefully, along with the Hospital and our National Police Force, the one and only RCMP!. We are a proud Country that wants to see me further my education and skills as a person with schizophrenia. The budget that has been laid out to see me succeed is unreal! I owe our Troops at the front a word or two but I am still handling the fort at home for your wife and kids!!! Shit fucken happens while you men and women of honour handle the Taliban poppy fields abroad, your Doctor Goober Mickeal is here at home taking care of business where the Prime Minister can not, something about a change in Government other Parties teaming up against the Consevatives and Harper. Prime Minister Harper did make a stupid comment wishing my balls were done in some time back, while giving away a hockey puck with our National Emplem on it, to someone that was entering the Hockey Hall of Fame. (Update Jan 25 2009, Conservatives want to say I hallucinated this comment, I am talking to my Lawyer tonight, like they just said on the radio, everyones knows he did say it, what I hallucinate the radio at the at the Conservative Party's whim as well!!!) Hang tight you men and women of uniform, I now got this brown mould to handle in our dwellings as an Engineering Technician, love you all at the front as you love me at home.....Doc. (As known in the Canadian Coast Guard) Got to return to Hospital from a day pass, keep fighting like hell for our Country and Flag as I do at home!!! Many prayers watch over us as in my image!!!