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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day 2008, Homo-Sapiens Gets %&*#@*&? From Me, The Schizo Shaman
Well here we are Earth Day 2008 and the Planet is a total mess as far as I am concerned!!! We all got to buck up and face reality what we are doing to our Planet "Mothearth" as I like to call her. Mothearth comes from Russian Pagan for a Deity for the Planet or something, I just believe in the spiritual part of the name in my Shamanism. Number ! on my curse list how Homo Sapeins deface the Planet, cigarette liter bugs, here in the urban jungle of Montreal, we have a lack of public ashtrays for us smokers like everywhere else! I usually smoke rollies in public that are bio-degradeable, tobacco, paper and cardboard, but today I did not litter my cigarette butt, I put it in my pocket to dispose of at home, I only dropped the lite hot ash and tobacco which will decompose in the natural environment very quickly. When I was passed two tailor made cigarettes with filters that take something like twenty years to break down, I put them in my pocket to bring home instead of littering the sidewalk with my cigarette butt, disrespecting the environmment of a majority of nonesmokers! I did drop my cigarette butts on the terrasse where I have my coffee close to the University, they choise to sweep up because idiots keep steeling the cafe ashtrays from the terrasse. My vow to Mothearth, I will no longer drop a man made fiber cigarette butt in my urban jungle as of Earth Day 2008. I do have to sweep up cigarette butts at work just outside the building and I am fed up with it, most smokers can not even use the wall mounted ash tray I got my boss to fork out for! To continue with the cigarette issue, ash tray waste makes a good compost for the common house plant , the spider plant, along with coffee grains & filters and tea bags. All the Homo Sapein smoker has to do is separate the non biodegradable filter from the left over tobacco and ash,( filter could be recycled for fire retardant insulation in industry or something) sift ashtray remains to separate ash, then stick tobacco and hard dry ash in a house hold blender and blend. Mix with blended up dried out coffee grains and filters, and dried out tea bags. Mix with house plant soil in a desirable composition and your house hold plant will turn it to soil. When I had a balcony I started to make buckets of rich soil with this process, balcony plant life can enjoy the compost as well. The blend can be acidic and should only be used with plant life that can endure acidic soil, not every plant likes acidic soil, I would hate for you to kill your precious plant with not knowing what you are doing. The Homo Sapein would be surprised how much one is taking out of the dump site following this process!!! Try it for yourselves and see, we could end up shipping rich top soil to African wind swept farm land! By the way, my ex girl friend called her spider plant hanging in the window a whore, with all the babies shoots it had with my compost!!!! By the way recycled cigarette ash, tea bags and coffee grains blended up , mixed together and sitting idol will generate heat as compost, it will give ff methane gas if not handled correctly.( Beer break and got to roll a bio-degradable cigarette) I am back, so to my posting image, we have th Homo Sapein Cyclops trying to hold the Planet in balance! Beware my friends, the watch of time is on the left hand of the model with a strap and the ring of Planetary faith on the right hand finger, we must find a balance for the Planet while I urinate psychiatric residual medication into our drinking water supply as a schizo Shaman psychiatric patient!!!! Note : Added bonus for cat lovers, when you clean your cat's litter box, you can put it into the blender and add it to the compost instead of putting your cat's excretement into the city dumb site! I never got to experiment with this because my life was destroyed by mobsters and Psychiatrists when standing up for the Canadian National Building Code working against gyprock over plaster instanlations!!! Extra added bonus, I did experiement with putting kitchen styrafoam into the blender and into the does break down in the compost when processed as a powder from a blender!!! Please note: These materials beat the hell out of your blender blades, you are going to have to learn how to sharpen your bender blades!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

End Of The Semester At Concordia University, Gets Me In A Reflective Mood and Doing Some Art
Just getting around to starting another blog posting, based on the end of the semester at University. My crazy life, I did the surrealist type sketch in charcoal sitting at Java U coffee shop on the terrasse, not far from the University campus, the sky line was my inspiration. (Will get back to this post tomorrow night, it getting late, at least I got motivated to start my post) Well here it is the 19th of April and finally getting back to my blog posting. I have been feeling down in the dumbs with my isolation, I spend too much time alone and it can affect me emotionally. I really enjoyed the last semester in school and doing my term paper. At least I learned something about surrealism in Canada, it proved to be interesting research, yea, what surrealism in Canada, it never really kicked off here. With doing the research paper, I learned that I am very much an "Automatiste" as Artists put it during Refus Global. The charcoal sketch shown in this post came very automatically with very little thought put into it, stemming somewhere from the subconscious and done very quickly. Symbolic in certain ways, between the doctrine of science in University and my own theological thought with my Shaman ways, as they are in conflict as I am first to admit. The squashed beer can on nature, well I can drink a fair bit of beer in my isolation and University life quells my drinking habits some with having something to produce for and getting feed back on, like the papers I hand in. I even laugh at myself with my art, it is like a male cloud of intellect probing a female cloud spirituality of the Church, like my sexual frustration with growing old alone. This type of automatic art comes out a lot in my art work, or am I looking too much into it. I have seen this type of thing in other pieces of my art and I can only laugh. I tend to wonder what an Art Therapist would comment about the piece of art, it was done very quickly as a true "Automatiste" from the subconscious that the Canadian Artist Paul Emile Borduas would possibly be proud of . A basic start of a work of art will come to me and as I work through it, it is like something is telling me what to produce without me thinking much about it, very much how I learned during the last fall semester in school, that I can be a very automatic writer when doing poetry or creative writing. I question if it is part of the hyper active thinking process of the person with schizophrenia coming to light, at least it is a productive way to deal with it. I remember when I had a lot more medication in me when I was younger, my hand would not even do what my brain wanted it to do when I attempted art. I really had to force myself to produce, now I feel grateful that I can take a limited amount of medication and be free flowing in the creative arts or what ever task I take upon myself. Being in school has helped me grow in my artistic endeavors as I learn more about the arts and Artists that proceeded me and what they stood for. It is like one can not re-invent the wheel in art, someone has been there before you exploring this wonderful aspect of life. I am looking forward to the next fall and winter semester in school, I plan to take a course in psychology to help me psychoanalysis my Nurse and Psychiatrist better, while perhaps gaining further insight into myself.
To see more art of mine link to: web site no longer exsists

Sunday, April 06, 2008

I Am Doing A Research Paper On Surrealism in Canadian Art History For My University Class And I Learned About My Own Early Art

Here I am coming up the end of the semester in school and I am behind in my commitment in making regular blog postings, so I though I would take a break from my paper and get my blog posting up. Funny how when I first started painting, I was working as a trades person here in Montreal, and here is one of my first painting in a surrealist style, it came from the "magical" way of spiritual freedom of Paul Emile Borduas (The French Canadian Artist behind the Refus Global Manifesto), the magic of my apparition/hallucination from my schizophrenia. This painting on wood was done after having the apparition/hallucination at the bottom of my bed before going to sleep one night, the metaphysical coming to me in my pre-sleep state, I can fall asleep meditating to them some times. All is there in several pieces of art, including the severed body parts that are found in the foundations of surrealism. The metaphysical and creativity is the way I am evolving and always have, it is just what name do you put on schizophrenia, why don't they call us apprentice Metaphysicians. I make my life as I learn in school about the arts, while hospitalized I spent a fair bit of time in the Hospital medical library.

A lot of my first pieces of art are of surrealist direction by definition. Other pieces of my art, that are a form of surrealism, can be viewed in the "Out There" Magazine on the Ami Quebec's website located at , link no longer exsists . I knew nothing about art when I started painting on my own, I called myself an Outsider Artist, I drifted to Urban Outsider Artist as I found myself caught up in city scape as an apartment dweller. Now I am taking a hard look at the direction for my art, I do write surrealist type poetry as well, my very own foundations of my apparition/hallucination metaphysical state assists me to create. It has also helped me on the job in the engineering field as some sort of metaphysical engineer, I do have a versatile background. The severed hand of early surrealism is found on my family crest from Scotland which is older that the surrealist movement in Europe post WWI. What were the Surrealist searching for in there artistic vision, the metaphysical, I found it in my schizophrenia and art. Funny little musing, there is the skull of John the Baptist, the hand of one Saint and the ankle of another Saint buried in the Catacombs of the Vatican, were Surrealists reaching for a metaphysical grave of sort for creative insight.