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Monday, August 20, 2007

I Am Going Back To Concordia University September 2007
It has been quite sometime since I studied at the University level, this September I will be returning to school after having not been in University for years. When I first came back to Montreal back in 1985, I took a couple of courses at the University level while I was finding a new direction to my life. I first enrolled in Concordia University's English Literature program back in '85 before I took other courses in the Engineering field at the CEGEP level in Quebec, Canada. Now that I more or less left working as a trade person to earn a living, while pursuing my artistic endeavors, I decided to return to school to enhance my educational back ground in the arts. This fall semester I will be taking a creative poetry course to strenghten my writing skills around poetry and I plan to take another course during the Winter semester as well. I started saving money from my monthly disability allowance to prepare for going back to school. During this time period that I was saving my money, I came across information that the Schizophrenia Society of Canada was giving out bursaries to persons with schizophrenia to return to school. Taking the bull by the horns I tracked down the Schizophrenia Society of Canada on the Internet and got them to send me the bursary application. After much ado with the application, along with getting my Psychiatrist to fill out her section of the application, I faxed it off before the dead line and waited for the response. By the end of July 2007 I got my bursary cheque in the mail and all is set to return to school this coming September. The bursary will cover the cost of a course and books during the fall 2007 and winter semester of 2008 and it gives me time to prepare for my schooling come September 2008. I started with taking one course this fall to help me get back into the grind of studying again and evaluating how I do in school. I am really looking forward to starting school and learning again for I felt that I was stagnating a bit while on disability pension. I lacked my mental challenge that work used to give me, hopefully being in school at the University level will give back the every day challenge that I miss. Grant you I am only in school one evening a week but to produce and get good grades will be a challenge all the same. The social structure of interacting with other students will also be good for me, for I do spend too much time by myself. The summer will soon be coming to a close and it is back to the grind after Labour Day weekend. The Art Group at the Hospital will be starting up again after Labour Day as well, I was only off from my music group at the hospital for the month of July with the Music Therapist being on vacation. So as it goes I continue to forge out a career for myself in the arts with skill development. The music lessons at the Hospital, the Hospital Art Group and returning to school all lead to me bettering myself in the arts so that I can improve my artistic capabilities so that I can make something of my life again through the arts.