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Monday, March 13, 2006

Landed Immigrant Landlord Calls 911 On Me And Gets Me Strapped To A Bed Again, So They Can Have Triplex To Themselves, Note, January 2008: I hear on the Radio I Am Being Sued Over Ths Posting, Yea Right, I'll Launch A Counter Law Suit For Psychological Torture And Abusing A Person With Schizophrenia Because They Had Power & Money Over Me, My Ex- girl Friend Got Her Notice To Move Out At The End Of Her Lease So Immigrants Can Have The Buillding For Their Family. My Ass Is Covered Because Who Ever Called 911 On Me Is Going To Lose Everything!!!!! At Least Now The Truth Is Coming Out On The Radio When No One Would Do Any Thing For When I Stood Up For The Canadian National Building Code!!!!!
Well, my once a year party, allowed by Canadian law was interrupted with a army of police officers coming after me. I was handcuffed and kept in the kitchen while the police did an investigation of my Office/Study/War Room, what I have gone through to have this apartment falling somewhere within standards of the Canadian National Building Code. I mean here I was having a beer and what not, singing and howling like a hound dog to crack my voice box again, so my recorder playing is trained and rebuilt with a controlled open throat to play my instrument better, now I am getting strapped to a bed in the hospital emergency over it . I had sent a letter to my Landlord registered mail to get much need repairs done in the apartment, which the dumb immigrant Landlord blatantly ignored. The head female building owner of the family investment, called me an animal on the phone after she found out from my roommate that I carry the diagnoses of schizophrenia. I stand corrected with my writings, she called me an animal when she would not let me get a word in when I was asking for minimal repairs on the phone and I got aggressively assertive trying to get my tenant rights across to her. It was always, "we are poor people" type of excuse. She totally walks all over me and says they do not have the money to fix the building, then why did they invest in a money pit of a building. They are so backward people they even started renovations without a permit, the neighbors had to stop them and call in the city inspectors. I was even here for the male Landlord of the family, to bring the building inspector through my my apartment. It was a carpenter on his payroll role or something, not a Building Inspector from the city, they outright lied to me, to bring one of their people through my apartment. When I wanted the front door lock fixed, as it was turning defective with age, the father and son team showed up to look at the problem. I started being walked over by them and I walked away to have my front door fixed by my female roommate and the repair team. It was never fixed and they ended up steeling my spare door lock from my company stock of parts. I was forced to fix the front door lock and have an unpaid invoice for my labours. When I sent the building owner a letter registered mail, I included in the letter that I wanted my company property back, they just ignore the legal documentation from one of the tenants in the building because I am a schizo, they are so ignorant to say they are scared of me due to my diagnoses. So they got me strapped to a bed and pumped full of antipsychotic drugs during the wee hours of Saturday past. Then on Sunday, I had a severe bout of Extra Pyramidal Side Effects and had to return to the hospital to get treatment for the onslaught of EPSE. I am still fighting off the EPSE on Monday morning as I am writing my blog. The whole ordeal was a joke, people have used 911 on me in the past to get me and my building technician skills out of the way. Well I am getting a Social Worker to show up in Court against the building owner, I made arrangements with my attending Psychiatrist's Clinic this morning,to get added fire power in the form of Medical Professionals with me in Court. We will see how it goes and I will keep you posted. It is funny how this Landlord stated to me that I do not pay enough rent to have repairs done, while they also told me they bought the building for themselves. One person has already been bought out of their home in the triplex and moved somewhere else, so the landed immigrants think they can force me out of my home too, thus making a vacant place for their own extended family as they proclaim they want and have previously discussed with me. The Landlord has not got a clue, you can not throw people out of there home to put in your own tenants, eg: own immigrant family members and make born Canadians homeless. By no means does this posting represent the majority of Canadian Landed Immigrants, my parents are Landed Immigrants, I have worked for honest righteous Landed Candian Immigrants in the past. As a matter of fact I got payed by one on completion of a days work recently around his building. Every aspect of life has its people, born Canadian or Landed Immigrant, that are rotten to the core. It is just, what do you do with them all, with what I know about the civilization around me, I could fill a lot of prison cells. Could you the reader?

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Stigma Of Psychiatry Was Used Against Me While Standing Up For Canadian National Building Code
I have been relatively lucky with not encountering the stigma of psychiatry being used against me too many times in my life. The worst case of it I have come across, was when I was was standing up for my trade licenses and the Canadian National Building Code National, against an individual with a questionable background. I heard that he had spent time in prison from his own confession. The bullshit starts here, the person said he spent time in prison, due to being falsely accused and he took the rap for his business partner. Any body that knows anything about convicts or people that has sent time in prison, bloody well knows that that you do not serve time in prison for taking the rap for your business partner, his hands were dirty of something illegal and it was his way of side stepping the truth. Any way this is the type of character that I struggled against trying to get my girl friend's apartment to some sort of normal standard. At first, going back seven years, my then girl friend Caroline, was given the oppitunity to rent a new apartment close to the one that she was residing in. I went with her to visit the new apartment she had a chance to rent, it was on the third floor of a triplex in the neighborhood. I got to see the third floor apartment with Caroline on her visit, all the place needed was a bit of plaster repairs and a coat of paint. The place was in excellent shape for the age of the building, approxiately one hundred years old. A family occupied all three apartments of the triplex and they kept the building in excellent shape for its age. With family members moving on, two apartments became vacant. After viewing the top floor apartment, Caroline ended up signing a lease for the second floor apartment, to move in July 1st 1998. A couple took the apartment on the third floor, the idiot male common criminal decided he would fix up the apartment to his own standards, such as installing gyprock over the hundred year old plaster, he problably sold the old original molding to cover expenses. All modern cheap molding was installed in the finished apartment. When you do this type of thing, you will find that it is wrong to put gyprock over old plaster for the following reasons: First, why go to all the trouble and work, all you have to do is do the plaster repairs and paint. Instead the idiot "Caveman" ordered his gyprock and even had a lift truck put it up on the third floor balcony to make moving the material into the apartment easier. Fine, he has lots on money to sink into someone else's building, equally he has the time to do the labour. I never really knew what was going on with getting the apartment fixed up, I figured things out over time. Knowing the installed gyprock creates an environment where the original plaster has a hidden place to decompose and give off toxic gases, I would never do this type of instalation. When the average Caveman would find a new place to live from dis-repair and onslaught on toxic gases from rotting plaster, the idiot Caveman created his own toxic dump to live in. The second reason the responsible tradesperson does not put up a gyprock false wall, is that you have to move all the electrical boxes out a half inch to compensate for the installed false wall. So jointers/painters messed with the electrical boxes to make them flush with the new finish. This is probalbly why Caroline and I argued in the alley a bit, the idiot Caveman had the keys to Caroline's new apartment for some reason, before I got to see the second floor apartment. Things blew over and moving day came with Caroline moving into her new apartment, as was it for the third floor dwellers. At first you would think everything was fine in the second floor apartment, there was electricity and water and all, it was only when I was in the back wood shed where the main electrical box is, that you would know something was wrong. The main fucking breaker for Carolines electricity was off, so how did she have electricity other than having a driven electric meter, no wonder he needed keys to Carolines apartment, to hot wire the electrics due to them screwing up the building wiring when they moved the electrical boxes out from the wall a half inch. It was not until September that things started to go wrong, an electrical fire started in the bathroom's light switch electrical box. Fortunately I was in Carolines apartment at the time, hence isolating the power and bathroom electrics to investigate further. It could have ended up being a serious fire if not stopped right away, I replaced the light switch from one from my company stock, I showed the badly burn light switch to the building owner. After this event, the stigma of psychiatry came alive from the people that lived up stairs in the third floor apartment. They started being completely informed on schizophrenia, to use psychiatry against the person concerned, namely me. Everything was done to get Caroline and I to argue, I would be reported to Caroline for doing things that I was not doing. I was accused of being a known child porn dealer to what ever the common criminal could dream up to discredit me and make my girl friend and I argue. I guess the people up stairs hoped that Caroline and I would break up and I would not be trouble shooting the building anymore. With all the arguing that ensued, I ended up in hospital for a little bit, naturally the hospital treated me as dillusional and believed everyone but me, thus I was pumped full of drugs and the common criminal caveman and the building had there way for a bit while I restructured. Stand by for post on my restructuring and further trouble shooting of the building at a latter date.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ami Quebec's Directrise Has Given Me Full Blessings To Find A New Home For The "Out There" Magazine which They Originally Started
As of today, the "Out There" Magazine which I am part of with an Art Show, is looking for a new home to host the Magazine. First and foremost we must find a mailing address with a computer terminal that can be used by interested people with me, providing a forum through the Magazine for creative arts by mental health consumers. The history of the Magazine goes back a few years to somewhere pre-2004. It was the brain child of a mental health consumer, who was affiliated with Ami Quebec at the time, when their website was initiated. The Magazine has grown very little since becoming a web publication, due to lack of financial resources and skills of mental health consumers to run the Magazine. The original guide lines of the Magazine was for it to be run by mental health consumers themselves, to bring out our own helping hand for other fellow consumers interested in the creative arts. The first direction I steered the search for a home for the Magazine, is with inquiring about recruiting members of Birks House Artists to help me run the Magazine. Fortunately the Art Group meets tomorrow at the Musee des Beaux Arts de Montreal for our animated session for our art show with the Museum this coming April, so I will be able to mention my project to get more interested individuals for an extra curricular activity from the Birks House Artists. We have our first Birks House Artists website with a free web host located at: It was a start and a limited forum to put our creative works on the Internet. As the Art Group has grown, so has some of the computer skills found in the group, which would be of valuable asset to the "Out There" Magazine. I approached our Animator of the Art Group to let him know that that I inherited the Magazine and finding it a new home and mental health consumer staff. The second phone call I got of f while continuing my search for a home for the Magazine, was to contact the Out Patient Clinic affiliated with the Montreal General Hospital. The direction I would like to take the Magazine, is to be a part of the teaching hospital as consumers for consumers. The Out Patient Clinic would serve as a source for consumer staff and creative works, along with a meeting room and computer terminal. The added bonus would be being close to medical library and it teachings, I have accessed library texts while in hospital as a patient and found them fruitful on my road to self discovery and recovery. The whaif Magazine I inherited, will take on a more inspirational and growth lead direction, as I find it a new home. As the Magazine stands right now, it can be viewed on the Ami Quebec website under the Magazine's name at the following location: If you are a mental health consumer and would like to give in any way to support the Magazine, you can contact me at the following e-mail address: or phone from Montreal area only at: 488 4130 and ask for The Fly, to be part of running of the Magazine and helping in finding it a new home.