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Thursday, May 10, 2018

It Has Been A While Since I Have Been Off Court Ordered Injections And Back On Pills While Still Dealing With Demented Cults That Refer To Me As Their Merlin Preist

Since just before the Tribunal hearing on May 25th 2018, I got my Psychiatrist to put me back on pills instead of the Court ordered injections.Like I stated at the Tribunal the injections were stupid,costing Quebec tax payers up to $1000/month compared to about $50/month for pills. My Lawyer and my Psychiatrist said I did well at the Tribunal hearing and should be liberated next year. In the legal argueing my Lawyer said to my Psychiatrist you want me to play 13 years of media in a court room,people are going to go to prison for went on around me. Like the Tribunal said to me when I had a chance to explain myself, "we have to look into this",referring to why I got arrested and ending up in Court with a defense Lawyer with no money to defend me right against my accusser for harassment charges. How does one take on the media and demented cults around me when they seem to be intertwined. Obviously demented cults have infiltrated the media with delusional personnel and their Merlin Preist concept around me,which I am making head way on. Appairently people want to sue me for what I have wrtitten but then again I have counter law suits if they try and mess with me.Now I am hearing that my Google money is held in trust because of what Bush and Harper did.It was on Canada AM when it was airing that Google Canada had $24 million for me from what they skimmed off the take of Google money. Then there issue of Godly Pregnancy tests pointing to me which I had nothing to do with. I am hearing more and more of it all the time. Now I hear someone wants to sue me over what I wrote about it, what because I totally ridiculed the concept on my blog and in Twitter. I even heard rumours about Google money and getting pregnant on my street once. Even when I took my Mum to the hospital for a blood test once,I over heard the Nurse say to the out patient in the blood clinic,"where is your husband?,the patient responded with,"Oh I went Godly Pregnancy Test". The Nurse responded with "Well get out of this hospital then". It is stupid what has gone on, more and more people are becoming aware of reality of North America as they talk and use multimedia services. Then there are the blackmail and threats around me, people are fed up,they want to do business with me! I have some work that does not really pay, it is hard to move art but I have my engineering proto types that can stimulate the economy and put a bill in a lt of people's pockets. Like it was on one radio station ,the Prwemier spoke and said that this surpression of Wee Iain has to stop. Ever since I stood up for the Canadian Shipping Act and National Building Code it is like all hell broke loose. Like it was on TV I will be rewarded for standing up for what is right on these two occassions. I never knew people were out there rising against me when I was inocently out earning a living,now that I am on disability pension I got to know what was going on in the media around me, I never knew. This stupid stand off around me that I am a Merlin Preist, where do we point the finger what started this surpression of my intellect and ability to try and pay taxes through my company. Someone is going to have to pay for it,people that have the time to listen and watch the media are starting to become aware of what has been brewing for a very long time.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Psychiatry And I Are Kissing And Making Up,Now It Is Time For CTV Montreal News To Kiss And Make Up With Each Other,As In Them And Me As Canucks Should
I do not have a whole lot of time to write, but wht I could write about me and CTV Montreal News,even CBC Montreal News, if I write about CTV I could be contempt of Court. Due to all that when  on over the last 13 years with the media  and it became surreal like the Artist that I am. All this that it is illegal to deal with me and the the blackmail that floats around this,  to my Psychiatrist always writing that I am ubnfit for work and all I ever did was try and work on a pay role or self employed with my company. With my now three new clients for my company I am just a rocking and feeling good about myself with the help of being off Court ordered injections and on pills, along with having a new Nurse and Social Worker while maintaining the same Psychiatrist for the last nine years about.Funny,I am getting a few minites to write since I last wrote and started this blog posting,it is coming out now that I can be the ultimite cock tease to women and how I accused a woman of cock teasing me,when one points the finger one points how many at themself. I remember my accuser of harassment at CTV Montreal News said her ring meant nothing and what was going through my head at the time but I did ask her through an email to Montreal Radio and TV School Alumni Association to be my Art Manager to help me over come slander of my name when I stood up for the National Building Code. HhhUUmmm what it took to over come the slander through friends and business associates in my neighbourhood that I am now in. People that know me in my neighbourhood know me as a really nice guy that is harmless and curtious to woman.I never harassed pyschiatric female staff over the years. How I got arrested I do not know, my buddy and I caught my accusser of harassment on the radio station CJAD state why I got arrested, I was shocked and feel it could have been handled better without me getting arrested for trying to charm my accusser of harassment. After all my company was mentioned on CTV Montreal News at one point, so was my cartoon script of having the weather woman that got me arrested having a giant fly on a leash that I sent to CTV Montreal News trying to make something of myself and get out of poverty but I just get walked over by the media and Government. I asked my mental health Lawyer to help me with a media Lawyer but it is like it falls on deaf ears. The most surpressed Artist/writer going, never mind surpressed engineering technician is what I have become, like it was on the radio, I am dubbed the Canadian Otto Dixes. My accusser of harassment charges more than likely forgets all that she said on air over 13 years,a lot of people have not,like the Police,a cock tease is a cock tease, the Police back me apparently.

Friday, March 16, 2018

It Has Been A While That I Have Trying To Make Posting, Finally I Am Getting Tablet To Work Right
 Life seems to be passing me by and I do not have a whole lot  to show for it. I do not have a whole lot of friends but the few that I do have are good to me, I find myself asking in my thoughts, 'what happened to my life?'. Life of poverty as a mental health consumer even when I did work it was poverty status. As I struggled through the mental health system I found it a lonely life, I never got to grow with a woman at my side in a healthy relationship and I spend too much time by myself. I still long for a healthy relationship with a woman but it is like they are all married off at my age of turning 58 this year. It was always hard to meet a woman when I was younger for my fore arms and hands were stained with greese and grim from working as a electromechanic here in Montreal. I remember a woman asking me once what I did for a living to get my hands so dirty. I wrote her something and asked her be there for me later in life when I get my hands cleaned up. Now that I have my hands cleaned up, well still no woman in my life.  It was 1998 when I started doing art now 20 years and not much came out of doing art. I started blogging in 2004 when my now deceased Dad bought me a computer for Christmas to give me something to do after getting out of hospital one year. With all that has gone on around me I am left dazed and confused somewhat,still insisting I have media attention with the hospital being in denial. All this about the Merlin Priest,illegal to deal with me or something according to the media, I just do not know what to make of it all. Who all pinned this title on me and why, I would like to talk to someone who has answers about this. There it was just on the radio, 'he is stuck with being a Merlin Priest in poverty'. That was depressing hearing that statement
 so I think I will go see my buddy to talk to someone, till later when I blog again.