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Friday, March 16, 2018

It Has Been A While That I Have Trying To Make Posting, Finally I Am Getting Tablet To Work Right
 Life seems to be passing me by and I do not have a whole lot  to show for it. I do not have a whole lot of friends but the few that I do have are good to me, I find myself asking in my thoughts, 'what happened to my life?'. Life of poverty as a mental health consumer even when I did work it was poverty status. As I struggled through the mental health system I found it a lonely life, I never got to grow with a woman at my side in a healthy relationship and I spend too much time by myself. I still long for a healthy relationship with a woman but it is like they are all married off at my age of turning 58 this year. It was always hard to meet a woman when I was younger for my fore arms and hands were stained with greese and grim from working as a electromechanic here in Montreal. I remember a woman asking me once what I did for a living to get my hands so dirty. I wrote her something and asked her be there for me later in life when I get my hands cleaned up. Now that I have my hands cleaned up, well still no woman in my life.  It was 1998 when I started doing art now 20 years and not much came out of doing art. I started blogging in 2004 when my now deceased Dad bought me a computer for Christmas to give me something to do after getting out of hospital one year. With all that has gone on around me I am left dazed and confused somewhat,still insisting I have media attention with the hospital being in denial. All this about the Merlin Priest,illegal to deal with me or something according to the media, I just do not know what to make of it all. Who all pinned this title on me and why, I would like to talk to someone who has answers about this. There it was just on the radio, 'he is stuck with being a Merlin Priest in poverty'. That was depressing hearing that statement
 so I think I will go see my buddy to talk to someone, till later when I blog again.

Sunday, March 04, 2018

Even My Blog Went Out Of Hand With Stupidity After I Was Arrested, Made Homeless And Then Getting Out Of Long Term Care To Find Investment In Me
It has always been a long hard road for me rebuilding after I entered the mental health system some 34 years ago. it is like a reoccuring dream that I used to have, I could never load the truck of life. Coming from having had worked on the ships and tried to work as a electromechanic and around buildings I never could make a whole lot of money. I got into doing art in 1998 and had a lot of it but my art collection went into a baillefs container when I fell behind in my rent from replacing things that were being stolen during illegal entrances in my apartment. Then being arrested for harassment when I tried contacting the media to help me with my career and even trying to keep up my blog in the homeless missions which I did and now finally getting some investment in me and contacts to have art up for sale somewhere in Montreal. .....will write more later .....How do I apologize for my rant against Wee Lori and CTV Montreal News in a previous post, I was really hurt and angured over getting arrested on harassment charges when I was trying to prove to my Psychiatrist that the news team was putting in plugs for me. I do not know what took over me when Mum died, I wanted Mum to see me succeed as an Artist before she died and  I could not.  Now I am deemed a threat to society after the arrest and followed by the Tribunal and I feel alone with it. I will never forget what Mits of CTV Montreal News said that made me check on my Mum in the bath and I saved her life from drowning a second time and got her to hospital with 911when I was not suppose to be staying there by the Psychiatrist, I just do not know what to make of it. Once again I have to march Peel hill and get a court ordered injection and get told I hallucinate radio and TV when I do not,and nobody cares other wise I would not be alone with media attention around the he and him. Then these women at CTV that claim to have aa Holy child are full of crap, more people mentioned this to me and  they even ffooled my Mother's church over this, I am now a old man with no women or children, even on CBC News says they will not give up for I need proper treatment for my state of mind,these idiot Godly pregnance test women,how do I masterbate and get a women pregnant. I have met CTV women in the past socializing, one spoke of how I more or less saved her lifwe,people wanted her done in and asked me to do it, I warned her of the situation and she mentiuoned it on the news while handling the anchor desk. It is not my fault there are demented cults around my pen name,why can't people deal with me and sort this mess out.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Once Again I Am Writing After Court Ordered Injection
As to my routine I write after my injection, and nothing much has changed. Psychiatrist that dealt with me over the years depend on the initial schizophrenia diagnoses from New Foundland and insist on court ordered injections. Once again I heard on the radio that the he and him in the media is Iain C. Watson and I am not to be believed.. Even when I first contacted CTV news to verify to my Psychiatrist at the time the media attention that was around the he and him that I could closely relate to, came to no resolve but me getting arrested on harassment charges and it ruined me in several ways. Still stuck in the Tribunal because of it, all of this stupidity where once in the mental health system people will start questioning what you say or do with stigma and it is like they will head fuck you for satisfaction or in my case submit to blackmail or something to head fuck me over. Even on Hillery Clinton's Canadian book tour she can be quoted saying "he is no Merlin Priest he is a Engineering Technician", what was that all about? Then  there are times the radio DJ says while trying to make a point "Harper pay him then for being your Merlin Priest" What is this all about? What Harper needs a Merlin Priest for something that no Canadian knows about or some do. My life has been sabotaged enough out of this stupid mess that I did not start, even my blog has become a bit of a stupid mess with my frustration stemming from the media still yapping about he and him that I can relate to. No Lawyer will listen to me or defend me right from lack of money to fight in the courts for justice towards me and my needs........till next time.