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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Getting To Make A Blog Posting Again While Down Town Montreal Getting My Injection
Hear I sit at a computer once again and there is so much to write about. I really worked my ass off laying unistone and I am getting too old for that hard physical labour. Thank God there was complications with the weather for working out doors, I needed the break for my body to recover after doing nothing for so long. The hospital accepts my terms of endearment where I am on probation with the Tribunal by my own accord for drinking alcohol after a hard day's work. I am not alone but with men around my age smoozing and having a beer in the evening, even having a beer with my boss and sizing up work where we can get more work. I even pulled in an Engineer that was not doing a whole lot to do unistone with us.I always had a good engineering eye and even over a beer with other men in steel toe boots I could see a wall that is going to have bricks pop from the pot belly the bricks are getting. When in long term care I could see angling of the cement floors and walls in the newly renovated psychiatric ward. No one listened to me in the hospital so I ended up emailing the Premier of Quebec, no actually I phoned the Premier's office on my cell phone and complained about the state of the hospital with what I could see with my eagle engineering eye. Not long after the phone call I was smoozing with the digital camera team that was sent in to verify my complaining by phone One of the men with the digital camera said I could see what he could not but his digital camera picked up. Even down town walking from the hospital to get to my computer outlet I was sizing up the buildings that have sunk in the foundation and need shoring up by someone until a bricking laying team moves in and there is a shortage of brick layers to solve all the faults from building sink-ge. Even the Mayor of Montreal is going sort of nuts with the people trying  to handle all the sunken road work. The talk around Concordia University where I rent my computer is that this is a world wide problem with building sink-age like the Montreal Mayor's streets. I have come up with ways to shore up brick work in my head knowing steel beams and all as an Engineering Technician while sizing up buildings over a cigarette and iced coffee. There are a a lot of buildings that need a digital camera put to them and a consulting team put together so that we do not lose all the brick work that needs fixed with a shortage of licensed brick layers for all the work that needs done. Then where there is outdoor sink-age there is usually indoor work that needs repairs around the the sinking brick work. I got to make money around engineering somehow and if I make money I can pay someone to handle my email account and the problems with my cell phone. My time is winding down on the rented computer and I certainly made my engineering point today as engineering teams are consulting about the very same problem as to the street gossip. So until later Wee Iain