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Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Writing My Blog Once Again After My Court Ordered Injection
Well things have really turned around for me with the start of 2017. I started working my tools again fixing up the kitchen in the apartment where I rent a room. The kitchen was an absolute mess with grease every where. The building janitor got the sink cleaned up for me and I took it upon myself to chisel and plaster the cracks in the walls, sand the grease off the walls with my mouse sander, over all it was a case of giving the kitchen a once over as a preparation to paint. It makes me feel good working a tool again and I am eating better with preparing meals in my room now that the kitchen sink is scrubbed clean, dishes can be done and put in the drying rack that the janitor supplied.  I want to take pictures of the kitchen as a bit of a show room of how I can do up a room as and Engineering Technician so I could get more work with a sample of my work. I am still going nuts with my cell phone due to always getting loaded up with junk. I went to my Internet provider about the hacking I get done to me and I also went to the Police about it. My radio station keeps me posted on how I am being hacked from jealous idiots. Not really knowing what there is to be jealous about, what my media attention on TV and radio. They both still refer to me as he and him when they put plugs in for me. I am still visiting my Mum in the Nursing Home and getting paid for it to help compensate for the bus fare expense. I go three times a week and have supper with Mum each time, She gets a game of cribbage with me and still gets for her walks, I glad she has stabilized in the Nursing Home and I am not as worried about her, So between doing up the kitchen in my apartment and visiting Mum I am kept busy. Then of course I still have to deal with the Harper stupidity around me that the radio goes on about. After all how is Harper being financed to go on that I am a Merlin Priest, which I do not know what this is. Harper is apparently bent on commenting about about me according to the radio station that I listen to. After all Harper gave up his post as a politician and has nothing better to do than make me a Merlin Priest for demented cults when all I know is working a tool to earn a living. Then there is all this Harper crap on the radio that I am not allowed a woman in my life or several for that matter, namely my Poisonettes that always fought to have something to do with me when they were not allowed. Well we will see how it goes as I finish up the kitchen and hearing the battle in the media between my Poisonettes that want something to do with me as they take on idiot fuckhead Stephan Harper with his Merlin Priest delusion. Oh yea I did take a couple of courses at Concordia University here in Montreal while doing art, so what I studied some theology finding my salvation late in life, I also took a virtual classroom course on World Religions, I least I can promote tolerance of others and their faith from studying something about it. So till later and the next blog posting.