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Friday, May 05, 2017

Blog Posting Again At Rented Computer Terminal After Court Ordered Injection
A lot has transpired since my last blog posting, my Nurse still does not get the message about my engineering and water processing or she is playing dumb for information disinformation around me. My Psychiatrist seems to be smiling when I met him at the door of his office with my Nurse to arrange for an appointment in the next three weeks pre Tribunal hearing which is due in May sometime. I would like to get liberated from the Tribunal hearings and continue to sort out this stupid psychiatric mess around me. On the lighter side got one new roommate that is a Military Technician Specialist and we get a lot well together and sorted out the kitchen  so it is usable to cook and process water for food preparation and coffee. At one point he actually hear me on the phone with my Nurse and commented that conversation was dumb, he said to me that I know what I am talking about when trying to communicate with my Nurse. I get along well with the people in my neighborhood and still have a lot of support with street gossip and media support. Even this morning it was on the radio how I told someone in a email how to create heat and electricity in space with my thermal solar panel that I put together when standing up for the National Building Code years back. Then there is my latest invention that came up with trying to maintain my TV antenna signal that seems to get signal jamming or no signal at all by demented radio and TV jamers. Like I told and showed my new Military room mate it could be used in a Military Radio and TV tent in a war zone. Like I tell people I know that have access to the Internet, what ever demented idea you come up with try and do a how to do search on the Internet. These idiots posting such garage on the net got to be stopped. I got my Military room mate to do a search on how to TV and radio jam. He could not believe what he read. I have reported all sorts of stuff like that to our Canadian Security Intelligence Service, and like one Agent once said to me "we got our work cut out for us". My hour time to write on  the rented computer is about up and I have not had the time to proof read what I wrote, I hope I did not make too many mistakes typing so so long for now.