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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Blog Update After Court Ordered Injection Once Again
I have some sad news to post to the world, my Mum past away last week on Dec 12th 2017 at 6:15 PM. The Nursing home found her on the floor of her room and got her off to hospital, she ended up at the Montreal General Hospital on the 14th floor. My cousin phoned me to inform me of the situation on the Friday morning, I rushed to the hospital and first spoke to the Nurse before going in to see my Mum to get a briefing on what to expect before going into her room. She had a stroke from a blood clot on the right side of the brain and was paralyzed on her left side. I stayed at her side for quite some time into the early evening. Mum stayed in a deep sleep and I decided it was best that I let her sleep and head home. Saturday I phoned the hospital ward to see how she was doing, her status had not changed and I decided not to go into the hospital but handle my own affairs. Sunday I phoned the hospital ward again and after talking to the Nurse I decided to go into see Mum Again and I took in my Holy Bible to place at her side. While in visiting Mum she woke up some and gazed around the room and then at my hand holding hers before going in a sleep again. As early evening came on I headed home with a eerie feeling there was not much hope and had to wait until Doctors rounds on the the Monday morning to hear the prognosis. In again Monday to speak to the Doctors at 1PM and I was informed that it was only time, the prognosis was not good. I stayed the afternoon until shift change and got to speak to her when the Nurse woke her up. In a slurd voice she asked where she was and I told her the MGH and she fell back to sleep. I left in the early evening to return the next day to find the feeding tube, breathing mask and monitor disconnected. She was not responding to treatment for the blood clot was to massive. As her breathing became laboured with her hand on the Holy Bible I talked her to Papa and told her things would be alright, take Papa's hand when he is ready for you and march the rebuilt stairway for you with your beloved husband.  Her breathing stopped and I checked for a pulse and there was none. I went to get the Nurse to inform her Mum had passed to heaven to my Father's side. The Nurse verified what I already knew but we had to wait for the Doctor to do actual death  diagnosis. I am alone now with my older men I call my Stoogies with no family in Canada, I do not know where my idiot brother and adopted sister are, I got a sweet heart in my heart but it is too close to Mum's death to find a woman's love like my Mum had for me.  To all families, in my case and family one out of three that stands by their parents is not bad, Dad was the best that taught me everything he could around engineering and Mum kept my belly fed while Dad and I worked together around the house.
 Through out my later life, I was not alone, I have an army of people around Concordia University that are there for me, I want to send my sweet heart that charmed me to get a Doctor of Nursing degree with my law suits against people that fucked me over, Lori Graham of CTV and associates of Montreal CTV News fuck you too , even in holding cells when you got me arrested, prisoners talked how you cock teased the hound dog and coke around you, the mob is pissed! CSIS volunteer Hound Dog Canadian Coast Guard College trained is fed up with you and so is the mob,you are being sued for fucken over the the hound dog. Like you said you got a note on your car , RCMP are watching you, you are a known cock teaser around me on TV that tried to do me in, Randy said he would testify on my behalf. Lori you fucked over too many many people as a cock teaser and you are supposedly married to a fire man,you are dumb cock teasing me the way you did, you are going to prison for 25 years for sabotaging me and my company on industrial sabotage crime charges. You got me arrested and you have an addictive compulsion disorder about yapping about me, fuck off. I know what happens to demented fucks like you in prison, so long and fuck off
(A lot of anger management after staff at Allan Memorial that I over heard saying Lori Graham has to be stopped.It has been twelve years now of her referring to my life and works......Dec 23 & 24 2017)

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Getting Back To Making a Blog Posting Once Again
Here I sit at a computer once again after my Court ordered injection after a bit of an absence from writing. A lot of things have changed in my my life in the recent past. For one I have a new room mate that I have an agreement with to clean and do the dishes while giving him $50 for food and he makes sure the fridge is well stocked and I even buy some things for the fridge along with my bottle water for cooking and making coffee. I also have several new clients for my company Doc GM Creations that I provide a customized service for. So things are just rocking and rolling along with always having money in my pocket. I am even starting to get some much needed clothes and things for myself. I am kept so busy I do not even have time to watch the News on TV any more and actually lent my TV to my new room mate as he is older than me and starting over again having to renew a lot of things. I also have a new Nurse that gives me my injection, due to Quebec Government cut backs, things are being shuffled around and restructured to cut costs in the mental health system. Then on the love side I have a sweet heart that charms me as I charm her back when I see this very special lady that took interest in me. From past experiences with women I know to take it slow and planning to sign some art over to her as a charm gift while asking her out. My babies that I take care of are my house plants that I grew from cuttings and planted in my home made compost from kitchen scraps and then cut with soil. I always had a green thumb from a young age and enjoy watching the plants grow under my loving hand. Being the end of the month money is tight like usual. Writing my blog posting is costing me money and I got to sign off so that I can tend to one of my new clients come supper time. So I will sign off for now and will make a longer blog posting next time around while posting some art.

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Art Once Again With My Posting After My Court Ordered Injection
What I can write about the world today and I am still arguing my point at the hospital!!! Number one thing I am laughing at is the poor States getting nailed by hurricanes. Let me guess what the Donald did to create hurricanes, too many American warships in the middle east inclusive of the nuclear aircraft carriers warming up the waters in that region with over board discharge from engine room cooling waters and Russian subs and all, while cooler air flow over the ocean this fall causing air mass disturbances resulting in hurricanes flowing across the Atlantic in the trade winds nailing my Carib Fest and the Irma hurricane heading to Florida, I am laughing in a way as once being a salty sea dog, where did Harvey come from? Regarding my art the Angel I started in the homeless missions and the Guru was started at my Mother's, both completed in my room after my Mother went into the Nursing home. The sorry compassionate look of the Angel looking down at the poor human Guru that lost his gene mutation correction factor due to the state of the planet and water table. Now we are living on a prayer to clean the mess. I gave a Psychiatrist and Nurse a photocopy of a paper from a medical journal I was going through detailing gene mutation correction factor in rats, well how ailments can skip generations but now we have too many sick babies and according to the news too many premature births in Toronto Canada....lake waters toxic with too many pollutants that are not filtered out the best due to water processing complications. I wrote about water processing on my blog when stuck in hospital.  Then after my last blog posting it was angry writing after my stupid injection and taking it out on the one I love the most my CTV Montreal News, they fought so hard for my story along with my radio radio station. All this blackmail around me to suppress me in poverty and my army of people know it sorry CTV Montreal, even CBC is is plugging away for me too more than ever. I will be getting on the computer at the hospital computer group hopefully so I can write more and get birkshouseartists website back where I set up a money making icon for the art group, a link is on my blog somewhere....later and God save the Planet with his consort the powers of the planet Mothearth.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Canada, The Queen Of England's Penal Colony  For Misdiagnosed Schizos and Other Mental Health Consumers Alike
Here I sit once again typing away to reveal truths about Canada and all its bigots that stereotype people that have had emotional or psychological issues that lead them into the Queen's penal colony of psychiatry. I just got my corrupt Court ordered injection again and I am really pissed with what I have found out hanging with my Caribfest men and women. Abilified systenna will no doubt give me Parkinson's disease like others just like I got extra paramidal side effects from other psychiatric drugs and ended up not being able to work no more. To make matters worse a Psychiatrist would more than likely say I fake the Parkinson's disease like they stated how I faked the extra paramidal side effects that crippled me. I am no longer working by the way, I was too small and and did not have my strength that that I used to have after the Neo Nazi Jew Doctor slandered me at a Tribunal hearing and had me locked up in long term care for eight months. Then we got all these Neo Nazi and KKK up risings in Canada and the States. The only people that care about me as it seems is the honky stooges in my my building and the Carib fest men and women I drink with in my neighborhood. I read most of the book The Devil's Doctors about medical experiments on the Jewish folk on the camps during world war II, like a Jewish Psychiatrists is not a Devil Doctor that is practicing drug experiments on honkie/goys.I am not stupid and have been in the psychiatric system too long and can not break free from this penal prison concentration camp in Canadian society.Even L.G. of Montreal CTV News cock teased me and got me arrested to try and put me in a criminal prison on harassment charges, like she said in a round about way she sided with the States to do me in like a blue eyed blond Neo Nazi would do. Then her side kick anchor desk woman the Jap bigot said last night "go to your nigs" during last nights news broadcast at supper time. She should be charged with in sighting hate when there is white supremacist Neo Nazi and KKK up risings in North America.So I made my point about the idiot box news broadcasts that I am no longer watching ,TV broadcasts did everything to fuck me over and try to make me out the fool and my Caribfest men and woman in my neighborhood know it, they watch the news too and totally hate the bigot Jap comments like me. I made myp point and will end this posting and go back 
to my nigs and share some beer with them.The radio station I listen to backs me, how come CTV Montreal News will not stop making comments about he/him after getting me arrested,the station CHOM said the he/him is little me and the hospital still says I hallucinate radio & TV.  What I have found out L.G. are twins,one wants something to do with me and the other has built demented cults around me like a Neo Nazi. How was I to know, I am a victim of circumstance in poverty that has been abused.All I have is the radio and TV to figure out what is out there about me and I am tired of this prison that the viper pit of society created for me. I am  no Merlin Priest to demented cults, I am a lonely broken man trying to sort through society's mess around and can not afford a media Lawyer for what is in thhe media about me. I should have been a miscarridge or abortion. It is the 19th of Aug today and I am making a note on my posting, why is it that it is in Canadian media that a building is going to get fire bombed or blown up if someone wuth political clout comes to help me out? What all because I would not join the Neo Nazi mob and told the KKK where to go as a kid. If you call me and promote me as a Merlin Priest that is not allowed to breed you are deemed a threat to society as a Neo Nazi. Apparently I got a lot of men around me that are trying to stop race riots or are more than willing to start one to stop this suppression around me with the threats of an explosion or fire bombing if I make money of my prototypes inventions that are posted on my blog. If I make money how many people are out of poverty with me?!?!?! Aug 23 update, I remember during the last election how I was pointed out and heard staff at the Montreal General Hospital say..."there is the guy that became an election issue.",yea I could list and qoute Canadian and American Politicians around my story and I still have nothing but poverty. Even Hillary Clinton on Canadian book tour said "He is no Merlin Priest but a Engineering Technician".It was to that effect, sorry if I offended anyone but I am the victim here for contacting someone I thought I knew from my past in the media and got arrested for it!!!!Aug 24, caught CTV Monteal News with Mum at 6 pm, the clip on American debates and how opponites aoproach the talking candidate for Prez too closely. What made my skin crawl Hillary was in the news clip how idiot Bush was saying he was going to teach the Messiah a lesson for broadcasting to his precious country. I was passed a Cubian cigar at supper for giving a poor senior some cigarettes. Last time I smoked a big fat cigar as a religious burn't offering I thought of Bush stupidity and prayed throughout the cigar, so all Bush's red necks still want to do in the Messiah, well my Pabst Blue Ribbon beer can is half full and half empty and I am now going to enjoy my Cubian cigar burn't offering and reflect and pray that the God I believe in uses the burn't offering to teach Idiot Bush a lesson for his old Messiah wise crack.

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Getting To Make A Blog Posting Again While Down Town Montreal Getting My Injection
Hear I sit at a computer once again and there is so much to write about. I really worked my ass off laying unistone and I am getting too old for that hard physical labour. Thank God there was complications with the weather for working out doors, I needed the break for my body to recover after doing nothing for so long. The hospital accepts my terms of endearment where I am on probation with the Tribunal by my own accord for drinking alcohol after a hard day's work. I am not alone but with men around my age smoozing and having a beer in the evening, even having a beer with my boss and sizing up work where we can get more work. I even pulled in an Engineer that was not doing a whole lot to do unistone with us.I always had a good engineering eye and even over a beer with other men in steel toe boots I could see a wall that is going to have bricks pop from the pot belly the bricks are getting. When in long term care I could see angling of the cement floors and walls in the newly renovated psychiatric ward. No one listened to me in the hospital so I ended up emailing the Premier of Quebec, no actually I phoned the Premier's office on my cell phone and complained about the state of the hospital with what I could see with my eagle engineering eye. Not long after the phone call I was smoozing with the digital camera team that was sent in to verify my complaining by phone One of the men with the digital camera said I could see what he could not but his digital camera picked up. Even down town walking from the hospital to get to my computer outlet I was sizing up the buildings that have sunk in the foundation and need shoring up by someone until a bricking laying team moves in and there is a shortage of brick layers to solve all the faults from building sink-ge. Even the Mayor of Montreal is going sort of nuts with the people trying  to handle all the sunken road work. The talk around Concordia University where I rent my computer is that this is a world wide problem with building sink-age like the Montreal Mayor's streets. I have come up with ways to shore up brick work in my head knowing steel beams and all as an Engineering Technician while sizing up buildings over a cigarette and iced coffee. There are a a lot of buildings that need a digital camera put to them and a consulting team put together so that we do not lose all the brick work that needs fixed with a shortage of licensed brick layers for all the work that needs done. Then where there is outdoor sink-age there is usually indoor work that needs repairs around the the sinking brick work. I got to make money around engineering somehow and if I make money I can pay someone to handle my email account and the problems with my cell phone. My time is winding down on the rented computer and I certainly made my engineering point today as engineering teams are consulting about the very same problem as to the street gossip. So until later Wee Iain

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Blogging After My Tribunal Hearing
I have a really good Lawyer that got me through the Tribunal hearing and she says she has got to keep me on a leech for the next Tribunal hearing, and like she said we are suing the hospital. I never got liberated at the Tribunal  but I guess they are learning off me and my Lawyer said we are suing the Tribunal for deeming me a threat to soxiety when I working rebuilding a house in a flood zone here in Montreal. I love working with my tools again and it is a new experience working with a Muslim crew and Quebecois under the financing of a Hindu Engineering Father and son team I believe. I worked with a Master Electrician yesterday who is the lead contractor and he wants me at the work site on Friday to over see the Gas Metropolitan install the gas fire place for heat in the Canadian winter. I have a safety card for working around gas and the Electrician respects how I secured the Contractor's extension cords since they were being used around a watering hose. I even offered this young Muslim room mate that got me the connection to be my apprentice Engineering Technician. There is a hell of a lot of work to do rebuilding in a flood zone, it is like taking out a second mortgage on your home so you can keep it and live in it. I have to get a move on so that is all for my blog for now. 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Update On My Life After My Court Ordered Injection
Things have really changed since my last posting. I have a operational kitchen after three years of waiting and eating better, processing bottled water again along with composting organic scraps for my plant life in my room and other people's plants for re-potting as the plants come my way. Then I start work tomorrow with my plastering tools in Montreal west flood victims from spring waters. I still visit Mum and get paid for it by her estate to help out my budget, do work for a senior down the street from me and my Landlord has given me paint to get the kitchen painted after I got the plastering done. My room mate hooked me up for the work doing plastering for flood victims after he saw my plastering results in  our apartment together. I have a new Landlord that took over my building that I live in and I am getting on better with my hospital staff that I deal with for my Court ordered injections. I have a new Social Worker that is going to spend time sorting things out with getting and how to pay for a $700 injection every three weeks since I make good money plastering for flood victims. By rights with Quebec's RAMQ it will cost me $80 every inject where the Government will cover the cost of the rest of the bill. I will also be hiring a friend of mine with a lung condition on welfare to do my book keeping, taxes etc while I work my tools and rebuild my company after a lot of slander and bull shit that went on.. I am gaining weight with eating better and still have the Tribunal coming up this June which I am still trying to get liberated from. My time is running out for my posting on the rented computer so I will clo9se this posting by saying so long for now.

Friday, May 05, 2017

Blog Posting Again At Rented Computer Terminal After Court Ordered Injection
A lot has transpired since my last blog posting, my Nurse still does not get the message about my engineering and water processing or she is playing dumb for information disinformation around me. My Psychiatrist seems to be smiling when I met him at the door of his office with my Nurse to arrange for an appointment in the next three weeks pre Tribunal hearing which is due in May sometime. I would like to get liberated from the Tribunal hearings and continue to sort out this stupid psychiatric mess around me. On the lighter side got one new roommate that is a Military Technician Specialist and we get a lot well together and sorted out the kitchen  so it is usable to cook and process water for food preparation and coffee. At one point he actually hear me on the phone with my Nurse and commented that conversation was dumb, he said to me that I know what I am talking about when trying to communicate with my Nurse. I get along well with the people in my neighborhood and still have a lot of support with street gossip and media support. Even this morning it was on the radio how I told someone in a email how to create heat and electricity in space with my thermal solar panel that I put together when standing up for the National Building Code years back. Then there is my latest invention that came up with trying to maintain my TV antenna signal that seems to get signal jamming or no signal at all by demented radio and TV jamers. Like I told and showed my new Military room mate it could be used in a Military Radio and TV tent in a war zone. Like I tell people I know that have access to the Internet, what ever demented idea you come up with try and do a how to do search on the Internet. These idiots posting such garage on the net got to be stopped. I got my Military room mate to do a search on how to TV and radio jam. He could not believe what he read. I have reported all sorts of stuff like that to our Canadian Security Intelligence Service, and like one Agent once said to me "we got our work cut out for us". My hour time to write on  the rented computer is about up and I have not had the time to proof read what I wrote, I hope I did not make too many mistakes typing so so long for now.

Thursday, March 02, 2017

Psychiatry Now Has A Better Understanding Of Me After All This Time, They Picked The Wrong Door For Me For Years
Here I sit at an rented computer once again and getting some of my art up with my posting once more. I call this work of art, "What Door Do You Want", it is done in oil pastel for a medium. The concept of this piece of art came from my Theology in Art class at Concordia University.The man on the couch design came from my text book for the course as put together by the Professor that taught the course. The three door concept was my idea stemming from the three doors in Judaism.  All the doors of life are a bit fucked up and all different, depending which one you pick to go through with your morals and ethics will determine how and when you succeed or fail. I have not gone through a door yet, I am too busy mopping and polishing the well trodden floor from people that picked a door of life around me or for themselves. With regards to my last posting and my word Poisonettes, there has been a lot of crap around this word ever since I came up with it for woman that put plugs in for me somewhere in TV or Radio. As it stands right now I have a list of seventeen woman at my Holy Bible Alter in my room where I live, I would like to meet these woman and have a little chat, the list grows too as the media attention around me continues. Some of the women are from my past or are relevant to my story in one way or another. All this bullshit I've heard that I am not allowed a woman and to be a Merlin Priest, who all picked this door of life for me when I will more than likely inherit the job on the couch after mopping up and polishing the floor after everyone came forward to pick a door as I wrote earlier. My time on the computer is winding up as it cost more and took longer to get the image up with this posting. So until later when I write again.

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Writing My Blog Once Again After My Court Ordered Injection
Well things have really turned around for me with the start of 2017. I started working my tools again fixing up the kitchen in the apartment where I rent a room. The kitchen was an absolute mess with grease every where. The building janitor got the sink cleaned up for me and I took it upon myself to chisel and plaster the cracks in the walls, sand the grease off the walls with my mouse sander, over all it was a case of giving the kitchen a once over as a preparation to paint. It makes me feel good working a tool again and I am eating better with preparing meals in my room now that the kitchen sink is scrubbed clean, dishes can be done and put in the drying rack that the janitor supplied.  I want to take pictures of the kitchen as a bit of a show room of how I can do up a room as and Engineering Technician so I could get more work with a sample of my work. I am still going nuts with my cell phone due to always getting loaded up with junk. I went to my Internet provider about the hacking I get done to me and I also went to the Police about it. My radio station keeps me posted on how I am being hacked from jealous idiots. Not really knowing what there is to be jealous about, what my media attention on TV and radio. They both still refer to me as he and him when they put plugs in for me. I am still visiting my Mum in the Nursing Home and getting paid for it to help compensate for the bus fare expense. I go three times a week and have supper with Mum each time, She gets a game of cribbage with me and still gets for her walks, I glad she has stabilized in the Nursing Home and I am not as worried about her, So between doing up the kitchen in my apartment and visiting Mum I am kept busy. Then of course I still have to deal with the Harper stupidity around me that the radio goes on about. After all how is Harper being financed to go on that I am a Merlin Priest, which I do not know what this is. Harper is apparently bent on commenting about about me according to the radio station that I listen to. After all Harper gave up his post as a politician and has nothing better to do than make me a Merlin Priest for demented cults when all I know is working a tool to earn a living. Then there is all this Harper crap on the radio that I am not allowed a woman in my life or several for that matter, namely my Poisonettes that always fought to have something to do with me when they were not allowed. Well we will see how it goes as I finish up the kitchen and hearing the battle in the media between my Poisonettes that want something to do with me as they take on idiot fuckhead Stephan Harper with his Merlin Priest delusion. Oh yea I did take a couple of courses at Concordia University here in Montreal while doing art, so what I studied some theology finding my salvation late in life, I also took a virtual classroom course on World Religions, I least I can promote tolerance of others and their faith from studying something about it. So till later and the next blog posting.