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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Now That Things Are Happening In My Life I Have A Lot To Write About
There has been so much that has transpired since my last court ordered injection, which I received again today. The Nurse sees a change in me, like I told her no one is calling the cops on me and having them put me in hospital. Besides the point I am happy running my company again and I have sold a few art prints and Christmas cards that I invested in getting printed up for sale. Then I carry my electrical meter with me and my stethoscope probe in my business bag that I carry on my shoulder that contains my art prints and agreements I have signed with people. I pass my business card and try and get contracts to write an engineering report on the state of the electricity that the electric box is producing and if it is wired right. Every where I go I find problems with the electrical boxes, from popping too many volts to wired wrong. The electrical boxes should be cleaned yearly by the electrical code and is never done, even a spider web in the electrical box can cause ground faults and cost you on your hydro electric bill. If the electrical box is wired backwards it can cost you on your hydro bill as well by down line losses, along with shortening the life of the equipment by always having power to the the circuit board or in a house hold case always having power to the vacuum motor instead of the line electricity stopping at the switch when a unit is plugged in. I made my monthly declaration at the Welfare office yesterday for the month of October self employment. Soon I will write the ins and outs of self employment with working with ones Welfare agent to reduce the welfare cheque or eliminated it completely as a fully self employed person to save the Governments welfare budget. I have had a company since 1996 and always claimed my income with a purchase order and invoice system. On the lighter side of things I am getting along better with my room mate since we both now have our own TV sets with antennas. We drink our beer separately and he tries not to get drunk by bumming beer off me, since this is happening there are no stupid arguments over the news on TV or engineering practice. The hour that I allow myself writing on a rented computer is about up so I will close by saying that even I cash I pay for the rented computer to write or do company business on I get a receipt and claim it as business expense. So farewell for now to my fan base and I will write again soon.