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Thursday, June 02, 2016

Once Again I Sit At A Rented Computer After My Court Ordered Injection To Write About My Life And Mental Health Issues
Now I am really telling the Nurse and the Psychiatrist where to go with their stupidity around me. I don't even talk to the Nurse I just take the injection. After my last injection I did not get a chance to rent a computer for I had the Tribunal Administratif in the morning and the injection at 4 PM. During the Tribunal hearing the  Psychiatrist slandered me silly and and I never got liberated from the Tribunal hearings. The Psychiatrist stated at the Tribunal that I have complex delusions and that I hallucinate, I think he was referring to how the hospital feels that I hallucinate radio and TV around my media attention. The Psychiatrist also slandered my engineering saying that I thought I had miraculous inventions. When the Tribunal was in break to make a decision around my hearing I heard the Psychiatrist say to the hospital Lawyer that he did not know that I was an Engineering Technician. After trying to explain to the Tribunal that I was hospitalized about ten times while trying to make my engineering point over the National Building Code regarding how it is not right to put up gyp-rock over plaster and that I was hospitalized about about three times over my Senior Mum with a broken hearing aid and her alhziemers the hospital Lawyer stated in her closing statement that I blame other people for my problems. Then of course with the stupidity of the Tribunal they listened to the Psychiatrist and the hospital Lawyer and are keeping me under the TAQ hearings and would not liberate me. The Psychiatrist obviously does not listen to the media and how I am referred to as he and him. Even when I left the hospital grounds today after my injection I heard the Grounds Keeper say to another hospital employee at the gate say "we all know he is through out the media" If I would repeat this to the Nurse or Psychiatrist they would say that I am hearing voices as I walk down the side walk. With the Tribunal conditions I am still not allowed to drink alcohol or do street drugs and must abide by the Psychiatrists treatment plan. The Psychiatrist did say at the Tribunal that I left drunken messages with the Nurse in her voice mail. Well I had left nasty messages while having an evening beer when I would be watching the News on TV or listening to then radio and the broadcast referred to my life, I would get pissed off after arguing my point with the Nurse that indeed I do have media attention. With what has transpired with the media attention the gals in the media that put plugs in for me are pissed with when they are in public and they hear the comments to the effect that "Oh yea she is with Lamb Chops" It is even in the media that people are worried about me when I go out because there seems to be a hell of a price on my head and I get to hear in public how their children are slated for cannibal meat. Apparently the  children of my Poisonettes are shitting bricks over this. Any one can do a search in Google under cannibal meat and come up with the same thing that I came up with. Like it was on the radio recently that even the police say how can a person disappear without a trace these days. The conclusion now being that since cannibal meat is on the Internet with reference to a LA restaurant being shut down over serving cannibal meat, cannibalism is going on in modern society. Like my Pharmacist said to me on the phone when I was ordering my injection to pick up, "you are no piece of cannibal meat". Then after picking up my injection from the pharmacy I over heard one woman say to another how one of my Poisonettes who she named said her daughter was slated for cannibal meat. People here in Canada are pissed with this and how I got the dubbed Lamb Chops as reference to me being slated for cannibal meat. Something to do with the stupid fucking idiot Obama saying in Ireland to the Irish people that he was going to eat his Holy Child to get the Godly magic. Here the President of United States of America promoting cannibalism on the world stage. I once got accused of being a cannibal when someone brought some pork to cook at a dinner party. We were all saying fuck of to that by why are people making such suggestions over pork when they bring the meat to someone's house. My time slot on the rented computer is now up so till next time.