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Friday, April 22, 2016

Once Again I Sit At A Rented Computer After My Court Ordered Injection
The stupidity of my my life is unreal, I lay in bed most of the time still listening to the radio and thinking about engineering concepts to make money through my inventiveness with my creative mind. Alas I have no contacts in engineering or money to get my ideas developed or at least go through a feasibility study. One thing I have been thinking about today is making a water filter pack out of felt and pumping water through it to take impurities out of the water like what I wrote about in an earlier blog posting when I was in hospital some time back. It would be easy to make the filter pack and rig a small pump to increase efficiency and reduce filtering time with a funnel and depending on gravity to draw the water through the filter. I came up with so many engineering ideas the last while to generate electricity, like putting photo electric cells behind a light fixture to create DC electricity to charge a battery on your cell phone for example. Then there was the clip on photo electric cell for on ones shoulder to charge the cell phone when on the go. If on can power a hand held calculator with a photo electric cell think what could be done with one in the sunlight while walking or sitting under a light on a bus or some some other form of transport. Then there was the idea of a photo electric cell stand to sit in ones window to charge a battery or power a laptop computer or similar modern. Well my time slot for the computer is about up so I will sign off for now.