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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Another Update Of My Blog After My Court Ordered Injection
Things went well with my Nurse and Psychiatrist today when I went for my Court ordered injection, for I am a happier person with with being self employed again and looking for more contracts for my company. Now that my Mum is in a secure environment in the Nursing home and is being well cared for I am a lot more relaxed. Mum is gaining weight and her back is straightening up as she is not hunched over adding up her bank book and constantly adding up her money that she had in her purse. With her Motherly instincts she knew something was wrong with her money but could not figure out what was wrong with her money. Like I told my Nurse today, Mum was even psychic with me when I was a kid. I knew my brother was messing with her money from assisting Mum with her banking when I was staying with her and helping her out. The full extent of the the financial damage was not unearthed until my cousin in the States got power of attorney and sorted out Mum's financial affairs. My Mother is really pissed with what my brother did when he got power of attorney when I was in long term care and started steeling her money and cashing in investments to finance his own life style. My Mother now talks of putting him in prison if he tries to come back into her life. Getting paid from my Mothers estate to take her for walks and to the restaurant for coffee and chocolate has been good for me too for I have made friends in the Nursing home by having my cigarette in the smoking room, I no longer feel alone with nothing to do but feel very much for filled with helping out in the Nursing home while visiting my Mum. Like I said to my Nurse today now you are seeing the true me that is happy go lucky with no erectile dysfunction any more due the Psychiatrist's change of medication for me due to high prolactin levels cause by invega sustenna medication. I am now on the anti psychotic Abilify Maintena. So of course I am not angry at the Psychiatrist for making me impotent. The Psychiatrist came into the Nurses office today to see how I was doing and I was even showed him a completed invoice from my company that I fax my cousin so that she can account to the courts the money I get paid for being a care giver for my Mum and help her through her early stages of alhziemers. My hour on the rented computer is about up so I will start to close up my posting for today.


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Now That Things Are Happening In My Life I Have A Lot To Write About
There has been so much that has transpired since my last court ordered injection, which I received again today. The Nurse sees a change in me, like I told her no one is calling the cops on me and having them put me in hospital. Besides the point I am happy running my company again and I have sold a few art prints and Christmas cards that I invested in getting printed up for sale. Then I carry my electrical meter with me and my stethoscope probe in my business bag that I carry on my shoulder that contains my art prints and agreements I have signed with people. I pass my business card and try and get contracts to write an engineering report on the state of the electricity that the electric box is producing and if it is wired right. Every where I go I find problems with the electrical boxes, from popping too many volts to wired wrong. The electrical boxes should be cleaned yearly by the electrical code and is never done, even a spider web in the electrical box can cause ground faults and cost you on your hydro electric bill. If the electrical box is wired backwards it can cost you on your hydro bill as well by down line losses, along with shortening the life of the equipment by always having power to the the circuit board or in a house hold case always having power to the vacuum motor instead of the line electricity stopping at the switch when a unit is plugged in. I made my monthly declaration at the Welfare office yesterday for the month of October self employment. Soon I will write the ins and outs of self employment with working with ones Welfare agent to reduce the welfare cheque or eliminated it completely as a fully self employed person to save the Governments welfare budget. I have had a company since 1996 and always claimed my income with a purchase order and invoice system. On the lighter side of things I am getting along better with my room mate since we both now have our own TV sets with antennas. We drink our beer separately and he tries not to get drunk by bumming beer off me, since this is happening there are no stupid arguments over the news on TV or engineering practice. The hour that I allow myself writing on a rented computer is about up so I will close by saying that even I cash I pay for the rented computer to write or do company business on I get a receipt and claim it as business expense. So farewell for now to my fan base and I will write again soon.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

It is Going Better With Hospital Staff During Court Ordered Injection
A lot of things have changed in my life over the last three weeks, what I could write, so starting with my Mum. She has settled into her Nursing Home but still in denial about her alhziemers, my cousin in the States now has power of attorney and she is handling her affairs for us. My brother had power of attorney which my Mother signed over to him when I was in long term care in 2013. When he got power of attorney he stole $120,000 from her estate. When I reported certain funny banking transactions to Mum's Social Worker when she was hospitalized after I saved her life in the bath during her near drowning experience, the courts took action to stop my brother and my American cousin ended up getting power of attorney after applying for it through the Quebec courts. Then between my Mum's Social Worker in the Nursing Home and my cousin I am now self employed with my company Doc GM Creations providing a customized service to my Mum with taking her for walks and to the restaurant for coffee, visits to her Dentist and Audiologist etc. On Thursdays I am there at the center helping the P.A.B. get her in the shower and making sure she gets clean clothes on. There are all sorts of things I have to do as they come up like getting her more reading material and the likes of getting her a new battery in her watch. I will be getting bank deposits and faxing my company invoice to my cousin to claim the money with my welfare agent and on my taxes. In a future blog posting I will write about the ins and outs of claiming self employment with a welfare agent and proper book keeping with an purchase order and invoice system. Like even now renting the computer to write my blog I got a receipt to claim as a business expense for my blog is part of my company with my business email address. My Social Worker said I seem to be doing better, I responded with no wonder my Mum is being taken care of and I do not have someone calling the police on me when I got frustrated and raised my voice. I was hospitalized three times with the Police's stigma of psychiatry and even locked away in long term care for eight months because of it. Then for added self employment I am trying to arrange to be part of art shows again at the hospital to sell my art prints with a company invoice. Then there is exporting my art to the family boutique at their restaurant and vineyard. I was at the restaurant in my youth before the family acquired it. My cousin is taking some of my art that I gave her to the boutique as a sample of what I do. I told my cousin I could ship a box of clay items that she has as samples to the boutique that I sell for $20 Canadian at hospital art shows, in this case the boutique would get a cut of the money as venduer. Well my hour is about up for writing on the rented computer so I will close in saying that I one does not give up with self employment and be honest about it, things can turn out ok.

Thursday, October 06, 2016

Once Again I Am Making A Update On My Life After My Court Ordered Injection
My life still does not amount to much with no contacts or friends to do any thing other than to lay in bed listening to the radio and then watching the News on the CBC or CTV networks. I still have a lot of media attention referring to me as he and him and of course the hospital still calls me delusional about the media attention and the street gossip that I face as a result of it. Then of course there is the reference to my Poisonettes in the media, apparently they are getting fed up with it being illegal to deal with me and myself having to life in poverty with no one and nothing to do but say my prayers hoping to get to meet one of my Poisonettes or two. Like I wrote before the Poisonettes are women that fell for me way back and feel for my sorry ass story of suppression forced on the Canadian Government the the American Government as I hear it. All this crap in the media that I have to be a Merlin Priest in poverty that is not allowed a woman in my life. Rumours float everywhere specially after I put in Twitter about milk production for the state of New York, where are all the cows to produce all the milk and coffee cream and cheeses etc. Then all the dairy cow fed. Like it was on the radio the other day it would take one cow for every Depanneur in Quebec to keep it supplied in milk and other dairy products, that     are a lot of cows. Discussing this with my Nurse she thinks they are other in the country somewhere. Then you need all the farms growing the cattle feed and stock pilling it to get through the Canadian winter. It all makes no sense. Never mind all the chicken eggs that are required to supply a major city like Montreal, where are all the chicken farms in Quebec and the farms that grow the chicken feed for all the egg producing chickens, then all the farm workers picking eggs out the chicken coup and packaging them to ship throughout Quebec. Being harvest time right now in Canada with the hot dry summer a lot of farm land faced no wonder there is talk of a world food shortage in the media. It is all hard to fathom growing and shipping all the food to market to feed a major city. My Nurse is too stupid to realize that there is something else at work here like the talk in the media about Godly magic at work. The Nurse says that I am delusional and hallucinate all this media talk. I did not even mention to the Nurse about all the medication that comes from some sort of plant life that has to be grown to supply the pharmaceutical industry. Even the states are going through drought with the climate change and lack of rain in some regions or flooding in others. With these conditions the cost of food will be sky rocketing with supply and demand. Even the coffee bean farmer is going through a hard time with the rust on the beans but we always have coffee beans everywhere in stores and coffee shops. To think one would need a coffee bean farm the size of the island of Montreal just to supply the island with all the required coffee beans for our population mass. My hour of renting the computer is about up  and I do not have the time to edit what I wrote, so think about what I wrote becuse even I remember doing Godly magic as a kid, perhaps I am not alone with this talent. 

Friday, August 26, 2016

Solving My High Prolactin Levels With Consuming Vitamin B6 And Being On A Vitamin B6 Diet
On my last blog posting I made after my court ordered injection I wrote about erectile dysfunction due to something high in my blood, I got some result regarding my high prolactin levels caused by the anti psychotic drug invega sustenna. My prolactin levels are down somewhat from my spring blood test ever since I started consuming 200 mg of vitamin B6 to try and solve my erectile dysfunction problems caused by high prolactin levels in my blood from the medication. I see the Psychiatrist on September 15th to see about a different injection that does not cause such high prolactin levels in my blood. So that is the next step to solving my semi erectile dysfunction problem and I will continue on the vitamin B6 to bring down my prolactin levels some more. By doing searches on the internet I discovered that the vitamin B6 helps reduce prolactin levels which is actually a female hormone during pregnancy to stop their period and help the woman produce baby milk. It was so stupid of the Psychiatrist not to listen to me that invega sustenna injections were making me impotent, like I mentioned before he said in court it was a hard thing to prove but the prolactin levles speak for themselves and reading internet content about prolactin. With being the end of the month I got to watch the budget so I will close this blog posting for now to try and save some of my money that I got off my Mom for my birthday to carry me through the rest of the month in poverty. Bye for now

Thursday, August 04, 2016

Once Again I Sit And Write My Blog After My Court Ordered Injection
So here I am having to deal with the stupidity of psychiatry with my court ordered injections causing erectile dysfunction for me. After sitting with the Nurse for a bit and explaining to her that I can not get an erection but have sore balls from still producing sperm she arranged for me to see a Psychiatrist since my regular Psychiatrist was still on vacation. With sitting with the Psychiatrist it was explained to me that the invega sustenna injection is causing something high in my blood which is causing the erectile dysfunction. I forget the medical phrase for what is high in my my blood but to think they know from my last blood test what is wrong or causing my erectile dysfunction and my regular Psychiatrist testified in court that impotency is hard to prove. It just shows that a Psychiatrist will say any thing to a Judge in court to get what he wants. For now I have a prescription for some Viagra so I can relieve the built up sperm in my sack for I am not even having wet dreams to empty myself of sperm. When my regular Psychiatrist comes back from vacation I will have to see him to get a free medication on welfare that will counter act what the invega sustenna is making high in my blood that is causing the erectile dysfunction. I said I did not want to take pills on a regular bases so the other option is to get the medication in the injection form so I will be faced with two injections at tax payers expense. I am faced with the invega sustenna court ordered injections until 2018 when it is back to court with the Psychiatrist to try and be free of them since I solved the problems from my youth that they can not admit. Well that is about all I have to write about today regarding my stupid life as psychiatric outpatient that is against this psychiatric practice hanging over my head.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Renting A Computer Once Again To Make My Blog Entry After My Court Ordered Injection
Here I sit trying to find the words to write. I have not got that much going on in my life, I lay in bed until mid day about then get up and have a coffee for brunch. I have no way really to make a breakfast in the room that I rent and besides I can not afford to eat right in poverty. I will lay on the bed the rest of the afternoon and listen to the radio. I no longer have a TV antenna in my room due to my asshole room mate, he gets drunk at night and would bum beer off me and then argue about the stupidest things. One night I told him to get out of my room and he ripped out the antenna to put up in his own room and hooked it up to a TV that he acquired from my other room mate that seemed to have disappeared and never paid his rent so his room was cleaned out and is being prepared for re-rental. So now all I have is the radio to listen to and using Facebook and twitter on the building WiFi that I pay for in my rent.I have one cheap meal a day in Double Pizza at supper time with having no real way to cook with lack of a proper kitchen with cooking utensils. The room mate that disappeared ruined my fry pan and there are bugs in the kitchen anyway. I am stuck with cock roaches as visitors in my room even although the Landlord put down powder to kill them and calls in someone to spray every now and again. It is so stupid going for the court ordered injection, I just take the injection and try not to talk to the Nurse as she tries to pry information out of me. I told her she can read what I have to say on the Internet like everyone else does who takes an interest in my life. So here I sit at the computer with a sore ass from getting the injection on my right butt. Being up early this morning to get for my injection I got to hear the morning radio show. It started with how I pissed off a Montreal hospital that is planning to raise funds for mental health research by using twitter last night, if you are on a twitter account you can find me at @DoctorGoober or under my name Iain C Watson in a Google search. Basically I put them down for it is more than likely more drug research that line the pockets of a certain few and use mental health consumers a Ginnie pigs to test drugs and how it is always medication for life with a Psychiatrist and how a patient is not allowed to over come personal problems, if you fart the wrong way in front of a Psychiatrist he will find a drug to prescribe you. I am still yet to figure out how a anti psychotic injection or popping a pill can change ones thought process, that is done with talk therapy not a drug for life. Any way the morning radio show covered this he and him in the media and they said it was Wee Iain Watson they were referring to. Along with this Merlin Priest concept that delusional people claim that I am. They also mentioned how these Godly Pregnancy Test women get my blog money from my Google advertising. While down town I get to hear the street gossip and to cover a few things that are cover in street talk, stupid Americans are into Godly Pregnancy Test babies like they do not know how to get laid but buy sperm on the black market and blame Doctor Goober for being the Father.Then regarding a proto type idea of mine that I wrote about on an earlier posting was the photo electric cell to charge and cell phone and how we are not allowed to do it in North America but where I had lunch a Muslim gentleman said they are doing it any way in the middle east and I will get duly paid when the stupidity around me stops. Like Putin of Russia once said on TV at least we are no Neo Nazis, I think he was referring to this government suppression around me, it is all the street talk. Well my time is about up so I will sign off until next time. I though I would come back to the computer and write some more. Apparently with the street talk around Concordia University, China is using photo electric cells to power cell phones as well, like one person said imagine selling to the whole of China, once again I will get duly paid when Obama is out of power, got to wait to the new year I guess before I can earn a living with my engineering ideas. Then over hearing one woman to another saying these Godly Pregnancy Test people have to be stopped. There was a Hollywood movie where a guy I forget the actor was in a state of confusion in the bathroom after agreeing to hand over his sperm to a woman so she could get pregnant with out getting laid, sperm and a turkey baster I guess. It is obvious these kids have no genetic link to me and the blood type probably would not match mine either. But I guess the American Government with Obama in power backs this way of breeding for Americans. Talk about Obama Pregnancy care, with no known Father for genetic medical history. The kids will more than likely grow up totally fucked up and take M16s to normal honest breeding Americans since any demented American can get their hands on a gun or assault rifle. Then there is the case of Google going broke for all these Mothers hitting my Google ads all day to earn a pay cheque to raise their kid with Obama's pregnancy care Google handouts off the skin from Canadian labours, little me at the computer.Then what about family allowance cheques or baby bonus cheques from the American Government, they will have to print more funny money with Obama's head on it and holding a test tube in one hand and a turkey baster in the other with a broad smile on his face. Enough of this crap I should get back to writing something more realistic, like my rocking chair idea that powers a light to read. Knowing motor and generator design I came up with a way that the rocking motion of the chair can generate electricity to power a small reading lamp to save on the electric bill or being able to read during power outages. Just got to hook up with an electrical engineer and a furniture manufacture to get the ball rolling, once again I will have to wait until Obama is out of power before I will be allowed to earn a living again. Well my time is about up again so I will say good bye and you Americans have fun going more broke and driving Google under with Obama Pregnancy care, never mine my law suit against Google for breach of trust with falsifying my earning as Canadians claim to be so.

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Once Again I Sit At A Rented Computer After My Court Ordered Injection To Write About My Life And Mental Health Issues
Now I am really telling the Nurse and the Psychiatrist where to go with their stupidity around me. I don't even talk to the Nurse I just take the injection. After my last injection I did not get a chance to rent a computer for I had the Tribunal Administratif in the morning and the injection at 4 PM. During the Tribunal hearing the  Psychiatrist slandered me silly and and I never got liberated from the Tribunal hearings. The Psychiatrist stated at the Tribunal that I have complex delusions and that I hallucinate, I think he was referring to how the hospital feels that I hallucinate radio and TV around my media attention. The Psychiatrist also slandered my engineering saying that I thought I had miraculous inventions. When the Tribunal was in break to make a decision around my hearing I heard the Psychiatrist say to the hospital Lawyer that he did not know that I was an Engineering Technician. After trying to explain to the Tribunal that I was hospitalized about ten times while trying to make my engineering point over the National Building Code regarding how it is not right to put up gyp-rock over plaster and that I was hospitalized about about three times over my Senior Mum with a broken hearing aid and her alhziemers the hospital Lawyer stated in her closing statement that I blame other people for my problems. Then of course with the stupidity of the Tribunal they listened to the Psychiatrist and the hospital Lawyer and are keeping me under the TAQ hearings and would not liberate me. The Psychiatrist obviously does not listen to the media and how I am referred to as he and him. Even when I left the hospital grounds today after my injection I heard the Grounds Keeper say to another hospital employee at the gate say "we all know he is through out the media" If I would repeat this to the Nurse or Psychiatrist they would say that I am hearing voices as I walk down the side walk. With the Tribunal conditions I am still not allowed to drink alcohol or do street drugs and must abide by the Psychiatrists treatment plan. The Psychiatrist did say at the Tribunal that I left drunken messages with the Nurse in her voice mail. Well I had left nasty messages while having an evening beer when I would be watching the News on TV or listening to then radio and the broadcast referred to my life, I would get pissed off after arguing my point with the Nurse that indeed I do have media attention. With what has transpired with the media attention the gals in the media that put plugs in for me are pissed with when they are in public and they hear the comments to the effect that "Oh yea she is with Lamb Chops" It is even in the media that people are worried about me when I go out because there seems to be a hell of a price on my head and I get to hear in public how their children are slated for cannibal meat. Apparently the  children of my Poisonettes are shitting bricks over this. Any one can do a search in Google under cannibal meat and come up with the same thing that I came up with. Like it was on the radio recently that even the police say how can a person disappear without a trace these days. The conclusion now being that since cannibal meat is on the Internet with reference to a LA restaurant being shut down over serving cannibal meat, cannibalism is going on in modern society. Like my Pharmacist said to me on the phone when I was ordering my injection to pick up, "you are no piece of cannibal meat". Then after picking up my injection from the pharmacy I over heard one woman say to another how one of my Poisonettes who she named said her daughter was slated for cannibal meat. People here in Canada are pissed with this and how I got the dubbed Lamb Chops as reference to me being slated for cannibal meat. Something to do with the stupid fucking idiot Obama saying in Ireland to the Irish people that he was going to eat his Holy Child to get the Godly magic. Here the President of United States of America promoting cannibalism on the world stage. I once got accused of being a cannibal when someone brought some pork to cook at a dinner party. We were all saying fuck of to that by why are people making such suggestions over pork when they bring the meat to someone's house. My time slot on the rented computer is now up so till next time.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Once Again I Sit At A Rented Computer After My Court Ordered Injection
The stupidity of my my life is unreal, I lay in bed most of the time still listening to the radio and thinking about engineering concepts to make money through my inventiveness with my creative mind. Alas I have no contacts in engineering or money to get my ideas developed or at least go through a feasibility study. One thing I have been thinking about today is making a water filter pack out of felt and pumping water through it to take impurities out of the water like what I wrote about in an earlier blog posting when I was in hospital some time back. It would be easy to make the filter pack and rig a small pump to increase efficiency and reduce filtering time with a funnel and depending on gravity to draw the water through the filter. I came up with so many engineering ideas the last while to generate electricity, like putting photo electric cells behind a light fixture to create DC electricity to charge a battery on your cell phone for example. Then there was the clip on photo electric cell for on ones shoulder to charge the cell phone when on the go. If on can power a hand held calculator with a photo electric cell think what could be done with one in the sunlight while walking or sitting under a light on a bus or some some other form of transport. Then there was the idea of a photo electric cell stand to sit in ones window to charge a battery or power a laptop computer or similar modern. Well my time slot for the computer is about up so I will sign off for now.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Once Again I Sit At A Rented Computer After My Stupid Court Order Injection Implemented By A Corrupt Court Room
Another stupid march up the mountain today to get my court ordered injection implemented by corrupt Psychiatrists and a Judge that can not see past past the idiot Psychiatrists that slandered me in court. I have no life, I lay in bed most of the time listening to the radio and get the evening news over a beer with a TV that is hooked up to an antenna. Even my room mate that I watch the news with admits that the news broadcast is talking about me and I still have nothing to show for it. During the session with the Nurse today with me once again trying to make my point about media attention she informed me that I have a Tribunal Administratif hearing coming up which is a total waste of tax dollars. My Legal aid Lawyer can not even defend me right against the Psychiatrist's slandering me to keep me medicated unnecessarily at a cost to tax payers of $750 per injection. I want to get liberated from the Tribunal but more than likely that will not happen. The Psychiatrist who I hardly ever see is wanting to keep me medicated with all the power of the land that he can muster through the likes of the Tribunal. I do admit I had problems when I was younger and got thrown to Psychiatrists to solve my problems which they never did. I solved my own problems over time and have nothing to show for it but my Internet presence. I show just tell the Tribunal to fuck off because all the do is listen to the Psychiatrist and hospital Lawyer that everyone knows is a prick to us mental health consumers. No doubt he will be gunning for me again like he usually does and trying to pick holes in me for his own demented reasons. Everyone that has read me knows my track record on the Internet for 12 years now with my stories with being a mental health consumer and writing as an Engineering Technician making reference to my engineering ideas to earn a living, but all this with Government trying to advert an explosion around me if the media comes to me and makes something of my life. Even when I bought a beer the other night a women at the cash said to me, "if anyone comes to you there will be an explosion". The idiot Nurse thinks I am hallucinating while buying a beer along with my room mate having psychiatric problems or something with regards to the him having  to agree that the news broadcast is talking about me. The weather woman that I was arrested for harassing seems to be determined to have me as a fly on her her leech as a mascot for her weather report. Somewhere on my blog I have a sketch of my giant fly as posted a long time ago. They even say in the media that it is a really cute sketch of a fly that I incorporated into a cartoon script that I sent to the TV station that I listen too. Well my hour on the computer that I paid for in advance is about up so I will close up my posting with saying that life remains the same with me trying to be there for my Mother in a Nursing Home, just arguing my point about media attention to Psychiatric Staff and defending myself to them about hallucinating street gossip around me where ever I go.

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Here I Sit At A Rented Computer Terminal To Get A Blog Posting In After My Court Ordered Injection For Psychiatry
I have not had to much time to make blog postings with visiting my Mum at the Nursing Home and taking on cleaning out her apartment of the family's worldly possessions. I find it a real hassle trying to write my blog on the smart phone so I thought I would spend the money and rent a computer for a bit to catch up on telling the story of my life. My Nurse still does not believe my story about having media attention and becoming the talk of the town. With my posting on how I recorded the heart valve operating people took notice and I get acknowledged with what I did through street gossip and in the media but there does not seem to be any money for me in any thing I do to try and succeed. I still spend too much time alone with the CTV News channel and the radio. I only have three friends to communicate with in the whole world so it makes it pretty lonely for a life with having a Internet presence. Ironically though my Tribunal Administratif hearing got postponed after I wrote about about them and my discontent for what I have to go through year after year after a media personality got me arrested for harassment. Even though I sent the TV station a cartoon script about the weather woman ending up with a giant fly on a leech as a mascot, which is often mentioned in the media quite a bit, I still end up with nothing in my life. Then there is the talk in the media that there are too many women that claim to be a Poisonette of mine. It was a word I came up with for certain women that were putting plugs in for me in the media and seemed to care about me but all this crap that revolves around me with demented cults it seems like I am not allowed to have any type of significant life but poverty. Even during a Police Intervention with my Mum and I, a Police Officer said to me that these demented cults around me has to stop. When I tell this to my Nurse I tend to think that she feels I just hallucinated a Cop during a Police Intervention. It all amounts to nothing due to the blackmail that seems to prevent people from dealing with me, like what is in the media something is going to get blown up if I get to have some support to help me out of the situation I am in. I am not even allowed a business associate for some of my inventions that are mentioned on my blog over the years. So it seems like demented cults around my life control Government and the business world that I have nothing and constantly lose out in life. I have to constantly repeat myself to my Psychiatric Nurse to no avail and get deemed delusional for having media association. She can not even fathom that I have built an Internet presence over the years where I even get Politicians referring to me on the News and I still end up with nothing but being the most yapped about person in poverty with having nobody at my side to prove what I say to my Nurse is a reality and that I am not delusional about media association and hearing street gossip about myself when I am out and around. Well I got something written in my blog since it has been a while that I got to make a posting, I will sign off for now and pray that I am allowed to have some people prove to my Nurse what I claim about media attention and being the subject of street gossip , well after all it is all in the media here in Montreal.

Friday, February 05, 2016

How I Recorded My Heart Beat And Heart Valve Operating