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Sunday, August 09, 2015

I Am Going Nuts getting My Tablet Working Right For Error Reports And Cleaning Up My Cache Etc!
Have Clean Master,360 Security and CM  Security with Google non responsive reports keeping my Tablet running correctly.They all drive you nuts but they keep one's WIFI system working so one can enjoy the Internet experience once again.Listening to news reports helps too,Too many hackers that Google has to deal with, they are all going to prison one day, Bloogger is working hard too to keep its system operational,I went nuts for a while with my new Bell Canada WIFI for my tablet, I know hackers work out of my building with my Mum through having a beer with someone here.
Appairently Hackers load up your cache with junk and hide in it as Internet securirty is nailing them leftvright and center, so keep your cache clean!
We it is now August 17th and I am getting more and more used to using my security apps to keep my tablet running. I get tired of my tablet malfunctioning like any one else, and then filing error reports or non responsive programs. With Clean Master the app lets you know you have a snooper trying to unlock apps or your tablet on the whole. When the tablet is not working right I learned to clear junk from the cache and all, how does it build up so fast to stop the tablet from working right. God of the Internet only knows that answer, but over all I am happy with my security apps for antivirus and cleaning my cache and over all junk that builds up with Internet usage.