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Wednesday, June 03, 2015

My Nurse Does Her Third Home Visit With Me Today
So here I go again writing a blog posting again while sitting waiting for my Nurse to show up where I rent my room. She has made two other home visits, once before here and then once at my Mum's. Her primary reason to come today is to check my extra pyramidal side effects which I don't have after my injection last Thursday.e other bad side effect is having a hard time getting an erection with the medication in me. It was not all that long ago before the past recent hospitalizations that I had no  erectile dysfuntion, go figure. With what I wrote about it in Facebook I guess word spread about erectile dysfuntion and medication, for a man said he loved me for he has erectile dysfunction as well due to hisv medication.
I still have to prove to the hospital that I have media attention, they don't believe what I say and call me delusional with media association. There was a car commercial on the radio earlier today about exhaust free cars which I wrote about in previous blog postings, regarding putting a variable speed vacuum pump onv a car's exhaustcpipe and to pump the car exhaust into a cylinder. They said that they could not do it withoutvme because it is copyrighted through blogger.  I have written about some engineering on my blog and there is no reason why I should not earn a living through it and get off my government hand out for being disablied due to mental health.
Then there is all this radio talk surrounding my brother and how they call him a stupid idiot. I hardly know my brother but people say things to me about him at different places I go, something about him with demented cults that think I am a Merlin Preist in poverty. It is all so stupid, like I wrote in Facebook these demented cults around my name has to stop like a Police Officer said to me. I still have to prove this to the hospital as well. I put my cell phone number on my blog once and still certain people that want to get a hold of me can't appairently. Seemingly my phone has been highjacked to surpress me. Even when it was on the news that scientists were being surpressed with sharing their research it was mentioned how the government surpress' them like they do me Wee Iain, and they actually said Wee Iain on the news.I will write some more after the visit with the Nurse from the hospital.
Well my Nurse I dub Joc has come and gone, we had a good session together but I am still trying to convince her that my media attention is reality instead of silly media association, my voice got in a fustrated tone during the end of the session together. I tried to explain to her how it was in the media around my exhaust free cars, which I own theengineering concept to through writing about it in blogger. I also showed her how I am on the Internet and how there is a law suit against the invega sustenna drug manufacture and a law firm to contact. Joc was pleased that I do not have the extra pyramidal side effects as servere as after the last injection.I explained to Joc how it was on the radio that the manufacturer of the drug invega sustenna changed production facilities for the drug to get cleaner water as the medication I take is a water based drug.
Even when I escorted Joc to the bus so she could get back to the hospital after our session, the kids in the community play ground were screaming about me as reasurance to me and confirmation to Joc about my status in my community. Even after Joc was long gone and I was having a cigarette on the street, two women on the other side were talking about me and my Nurse, like my room mate said the hospital can not admit the truth other wise I would have one hell of a law suit for them calling me delusional and treatingv me as such when I was not delusional about my status in my community as an Internet Artist Writer.I did show Joc what is left of my art collection from all the art that when away with the Baliff'scontainer, she admitted she heard I was a good artist from the art class teacher from the English Montreal School Board that works with the hospital. Well my room mate is cming to my room for a shot of beer and I am honest with Joc what beer I consume in the evening instead of drinking fruit juices to go dietbetic or over weight as to a news broadcast on CTV news, so my room mate is here for our night cap together so I will sign off.