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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Idiot First Responders Put Me In Hospital After My Mother's Stupid Neighbor Phoned 911 On Me Again
On Feb 18th this year, I was sitting in my Mother's living room having an evening beer, and trying to assist my 85 year old Mother that hs signs of early stages of alzheimers/dementia. My Mother could not remember how to operate her head phone neck piece to control the TV volume for her own personal setting through her head phones. With getting frustrated with my Mum, my booming voice may have been raised a bit as I was getting tired of assisting her all evening long as she is getting so forgetful with her degenerative state with memory loss. Before long there was a knock on the door to the apartment, I answered the door to receive the police over a complaint from the neighbor. She is a kid about half my age with a mualatoe child about 10 years old and she is a single Mum that does not work other than phoning the police on me.
After much concern with the police and trying to explain myself how my Mother is getting too forgetful and has to ask me three or four times a day what day it is, along with the fact that she had lost her medicare card and bank card recently. Then there is the fact that she is starting to loose her banking skills with each progressing day while she spends most of her time counting her petty change and bills she has in her wallet on the edge of her bed. With my police intervention record the idiots started trying to nail me for a problem due to their own personal stigma of psychiatry like they do racial profiling on the streets of Montreal as many people complain.Before long I was being shipped off to hospital by urgence sante the ambulance service here in Quebec, Canada. I wanted my Mother to get treated and get help for her deteriorating condition.
When I arrived at the hospital by ambulance I went through admitting and was kept in monitoring care over night. The following morning a Social Worker from emergency psychiatry and a psychiatric Nurse came to interview me where they were to decide my fate by fucking me over by forcing me to stay in hospital to be interviewed by a delusional Psychiatrist who would keep me in hospital at $4000 a day as if I could not run my own life. Apparently the first responders were overly concerned with an engineering technician that solders coat hangers together for art forms, having empty propane cylinders in his room. With improved burner tip with propane torch it is possible to use a 1/16 braising rod to adhere metal coat hangers together to form shapes for paper mashsa etc. One must wear proper eye protection to do braising,I use a good pair of sun glasses to braise with propane, I am not saying it is right to do. A 30 hour artisan course can be given for proper use of a propane torch and forging tools for steel wire to braise wire together, two people working together can do a lot with one holding metal wire in place and the other person doing the braising.
I ended up staying in emergency for eight nights at a cost of about $32,000......It is calculated from the total hospital budget for a year divided by the number of hospital beds and then broken down to a daily cost from there, so stupid and here it is Saturday the 28th of the month and my Mother does not even know what day it is last time I talked to her, and I won't tell her so that she gets totally lost so that she ends up getting the proper treatment for her condition with her memory loss and aches and pains of the ensuing arthritis that is getting unbearably worse for her but she will not listen to a mental health consumer with her  pigheadedness; just like hospital staff around me.
To change the subject from my Mum and refer to hospital staff stupidity around me, apparently it is because they submit to political interference and blackmail to do me in over the years instead of working with me the patient so that I can succeed and get off welfare. It was on the TV show Canada AM that Google has 24 million dollars for me from advertisements on my blog when they are allowed to give it to me when it is legal to deal with me as an individual. The present North American governments have fucked people over by making it illegal to deal with me and let demented cults threaten to blow something up if someone from the media comes to interview me like a reporter interviewed me in the past to do a story about me for a Montreal tabloid. Ever since I stood up for the National Building Code against gyp-rock over plaster blackmail has floated around me and everyone pretty well submits to it to fuck me over. Like my last two Bosses said to me, I got to let you go Iain, I am tired of the blackmail since you became my employee, it is not you I like you. It is what landed in my face when I hired you....... type thing happens. The friend I have at my room which I got when I got out of hospital a year ago confesses he is sick and tired of being blackmailed because we live together and are seen together. Even when I emailed a link to the DJ at my favorite radio station this evening, after the DJ read the blog posting he commented that the radio station is sick and tired of being blackmailed around me too. For I keep in touch with several DJ through email or text messaging.
An example of Nursing stupidity and picking on me on the ward is what happened this evening. The TV room was empty and I put on the News, there are two TVs on the ward. Then these demented die hard hockey fans came into the room and switched off my news and put on the hockey, a heated argument came about and then I said fuck this stupidity and went to the computer in the same room. After typing for a bit I turned and said "Funny the guy that argued the most about taking the news away from me and putting on the hockey isn't even in the room to watch the hockey" Then the demented fuck heads that had to have the hockey and take the news away from me started spazzing out and running for staff who came running at the bullshit accusations against me. Staff took me off the computer and took me to my room where they forced me to take medication as punishment for being right over the ones that left the room and then I put the TV set on the News and was in the room alone watching the news, They all could have gone to the other TV set and let me watch the news in peace. But the demented die hard hockey fans ganged up on me in a violent fashion and I got punished not them with ward bullshit and politics.
Well here I am on the ward Sunday morning and an idiot Nurse is threatening me with a injection
of clopixol which gives me extra pyramidal side effects and takes away my orgasm and then will make me loose my erection. I told him to read the file how I was taken off it by my out patient Doctor. I will have to wait and see what happens, all they want to do around here is pump me full of psychiatric drugs instead of listening to reason, perhaps that is because they submit to blackmail like other people get in their face around me the innocent one. At least I could commit suicide with a clear conscience, I am not corrupt but all I know is corruption doing me in at the hospital or out side of it, so I may as well commit suicide to be free!!!! There it is on radio and TV that the hospital is being paid $100,000 a day to pump me full of drugs to stop me from functioning as a healthy human being and to make me impotent, where does one turn. but thoughts of suicide if it is that corrupt.
So here I am on day two on the psychiatric prison ward at the Montreal General Hospital, the male Nurse that laughs at me all the time gave me my morning medication in bed for I was not up yet, and he said I was due for an injection then, I argued my point a bit that I was going to get extra pyramidal side effects and lose my orgasm then erection, he said flippantly that was because of my age. Any way with two P.A.B. present I took the injection in the muscle of my ass like the man that I am. Pissed off a bit that I had to take more medication I lived with it. Then I got to speak to the Sunday Psychiatrist on rounds about the injection, he said the injection was to be administered as required, for example if I was to act up on the ward, I was not even up out of bed and the idiot french Canadian male Nurse that always laughs at me was bent on giving me an injection even if I did not need it, so then he had to falsify my medical record to give me the injection today to make me look bad on file with his corruption which is evident on the hospital ward as I explained in this recent posting of a paragraph.
It was on CTV Question Period today with reference how a hospital is being paid to screw over someone, I felt close to that due to the hospital always screwing me over. I did not want any thing to do with my out patient Psychiatrist from him and the hospital Lawyer rail roading me at my last Tribunal hearing for no good reason but the hospital submitting to blackmail to screw over a patient or something stupid.I was waiting for paper work from the hospital to attend the Supreme Court of Quebec with my Lawyer over these psychiatric issues and the hospital Lawyer doing me in with a Psychiatrist. Any one that watches Power Play on CTV news during the week knows that PM Harper is gunning to do me in with his own delusion instead of ensuring that a small business man like myself gets contracts to sustain some sort of income and pay Provincial and Federal taxes accordingly.