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Friday, February 28, 2014

Here I Sit After A Toot Around Town, Now I Find Myself Sitting In Public Blogging After My Tribunal To Freedom With a New Lawyer

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Grant You I've Been On A Few Rants Figuring Out The Stupid Puzzle Of My Life While Blog Writing
Stand by while this blog posting is put together
A lot has happened to me while in the out side world, illegal entrance into my apartment,political interferance by certain officials in Government, not being properly represented at the Tribunal hearings by my old Lawyer, which all fustrated me in my isolated life style and I ended up with a few rants on my blog in fustration. Not that I wanted my blog to take that sort of direction but my life became a puzzling affair with what people where saying in the media about my life. I am still caught with having extra pyramidal side effects with this Psychiatrist I have to deal with at present. He seems to want to put forth a treatment plan to the Tribunal that I would have to follow which induces extra pyramidal side effects that makes it harder to do things or try and earn further income on my disability pension as I am allowed to do by their regulations on their income and being issued a cheque for a base income to build upon. I did make a few art sales in 2013 so my company will be claiming a slightly higher income compared to 2011 and 2012, which is a form of good news for me financially on my company books, Doc GM Creations made some money again.

I am getting caught up on my taxes recently, it was hard to get them done when I had bed bugs in my paper work, I did not want to send any bugs to the taxation office through the mail.Then there is the issue of my belongings going into a baliff's container from my last apartment I had by myself. My present Psychiatristv could not even get the facts straight around my last apartment and my police reports on what went on, steeling of my possessions and having me replace stuff I ended up falling behind in my rent a small bit, I could not keep up with a balanced budget replacing stuff while under sabotage and political interferance.

I built my life as an Engineering Technician even although I had mental health issues with having to rebuild from a nervous break down in my yuoth. Even my new Lawyer admits it is very hard to break free from psychiatry, why is this? I worked dam hard at rebuilding my life after losing everything and ending up in psychiatry. Then I built my Internet presence and a half decent hand at doing art I admit it has been a very long hard road but I am the better person for it and well educated over the years with some street smarts in my hip pocket to survive the unfor seen at times.

With talking to my Lawyer today, I found out the the Psychiatrist has got me on a two year court order to take medication as he prescribes it. Right now he has got me on epival and an intermuscular inject for an antipsychotic. Just prescrbing drugs that tax payers have to pay for. When the Psychiatrist first prescribed me the mood stablizer epival, it was not suppose to be used with antipsychotics. Then later doing a Google search the research was inconclusive regarding combining epival and antipsychotics. Now I have to take iron supplements along with a folic acid supplement, while my urine smells like chicken soup, just like when I was coming off the tegretol for urine retention. Now I thinking I'm pissing out my iron and folic acid which is giving the chicken soup smell to my urine. I can make no head way with the Psychiatrist and I still have the extra pyramidal side effects induced by epival in conjunction with the antipyschotic injection. The injection costs tax payers $500 every three weeks as the prescription stands right now, and one never gets to talk to the Pyschiatrist and when one does he is too thick headed to compermise or see some sort of rehabilitation light medication free. The research data on epival and antipsychotics seems to be still on going and I feel like I'm being used as a "lab rat" against my free will.
will get back to posting later