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Monday, January 20, 2014

Goodies I had Mum Buy For Me To Bring Up My B12,Iron And Folic Acid,Why Didn't The Psychiatrist Check With A Dietitian Before Prescribing Supplements

I have to go back a bit in my time in hospital to explain how the Psychiatrist first started me on folic acid and iron supplements. It all revolves around being put on the drug tegretol after I had bursts of anger at a person who became my room mate on the ward. This particular individual got on a lot of peoples nerves on the ward and no one wanted him as a room mate so they stuck him with me. He was looking for a friend in hospital and could be extremely irritating in his approach to doing this, so when he would not leave me alone in my corner I wouls get angry at him and tell him where to go, so the Psychiatrist then put me on tegretol to try and mellow out my anger instead of getting me a more palletable room mate to contend withlong term care patient.

After being on tegretol for a bit it resulted in me having urine retention and not consuming any thing for a weekend until they finally drained the urine from me and stopped the tegretol. After experiencing the urine retention I had a hard time getting food in me and was finicky what I wanted to eat, was prone to light food like buying a decent salade from the hospital Bistro or food from the staff cafeteria. Recently on the Internet I discovered that I was drinking too much coffee which inhibits iron retention. Then with talking with a Nurse in the hospital smoke hut I learned that iron in the body reacts with folic acid and they work together in our system. After doing searches on the the Internet over food groups as my own Dietitian instead of talking to one I am trying to go back to some foods that I always consumed that is not in my hospital diet. I got my Mum to bring me in some sardines and cream cheese which I always ate unknowinly maintaining good B12 iron and folic acid and iron through these foods that I took as my own evening snack. Mum is also going to bring me in some olives for my evening snack that I am putting together for myself instead of eating the hospital supplied cereal and milk. Between the hospital diet that I am sick and tired of for long term care patient being held against my will, the result of the loss of appetite after the urine retentiond I was put on the supplements instead of talking to a Dietitian to get food back in me and to stop drinking so much coffee as a bad habit I picked up in hospital for a cheap non sugar drink. So now I only have my coffee at breakfast and one large coffee at 10 AM while out having my bad habit of a cigarette. After lunch I buy a green tea which is suppose to be good for reducing glucois in the blood along with drinking the more expensive lemonade compared to a coke out of the veding machine which has caffine in it too. The lemonade has less carbohydrates and sugars than coke as well, I checked the labeling. Lemon is suppose to be good for folates as well and I was raised drinking lemonade with my Mum. With a voice in the wind in the hospital corridor I even stopped the brown sugar in my green tea and I am getting a pallet for the unsweetened tart tea.

So I am yet to hear about my iron and folic acid as a result of blood testing, I heard already that my B12 was alright and I just started working on maintaining a better hospital diet. I just started on the sardines and cream cheese for evening snack, the one thing I did notice since I am taking my own snacks is that I go nuts waiting for my morning erecting to go away before I go for the community breakfast in pyjamas. The Psychiatrist has got me on epival instead of tegretol which is a load of crap, I am not being held against my will to make friends on a psychiatric ward and deal with their problems. I have no problem interacting with other staff members in the smoke hut because there is a mutual respect between us that I do not get else where like on the psychiatric ward. So I keep plugging away and try and maintain a healthier diet between what I eat on the hospital ward, buying food in the staff cafeteria and my evening snack that I put together myself while being held against my will.