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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Not Much Has Changed In My Life And I Have Not A Whole Lot To Do
My life has not changed much the last while, leading a pretty boring life with not much to do except visit my Mum. I did receive the last of the court ordered injections and now the idiot Psychiatrist wants to go back to court to get more court ordered injections for me which induce extra pyramidal side effects. This new Psychiatrist that I have who has only seen me three times says it is not extra pyramidal side effects that I have. Sure they can contradict each other at whim but you can not reason with them. I had a nervous break down when I was younger and the Psychiatrist will not listen to me, they all are bent on calling me delusional around some of my media attention and insist on medication that causes unpleasent side effects. What is wrong with me seeing a Psychiatrist while on no medication and sorting out this confusion around my case story. I did have problems rebuilding my life after the nervous break down and my parents put me in hospital several times, besides the stigma of psychiatry getting me put away by other people as well. No one ever dealt with the issues, all you get is medicated, the only time you see a Nurse in hospital is medication time, and it is like when you speak of issues you are deemed delusion. In effect stigmatized by psychiatric staff. I have 30 years experience as a psychiatric patient so I think I speak with some authority. First and foremost, how does an injection of a drug change a person's thought pattern,the drug is to stop hallucinations which makes a person delusional. What happens if a person is happy with certain hallucinations or spiritual experiences and does not go delusional, do they need medication then at tax payers expense? Why should a Psychiatrist keep a patient on a certain drug if it has undesirable side effects? How come nothing has been resolved around my psychiatric issues and Psychiatrists think a drug is going to solve my problems. The Psychiatrist said to me I have problems with my neighbors off medication, which is a load of crap,my Mother's neighbor harassed me and I got put away basically over a defective hearing aid of my Mother's. I get stigmatized and and psychiatric drug is going to solvev that problem, I do not think so, but a Psychiatrist is God at tax payers expense. My Lawyer even admits she is powerless against the Psychiatrist, and a Judge will only side with a Psychiatrist that wants to play God, so either way I get done in by a system that sucks. Psychiatrists may resent me calling them idiots but Montreal radio called them idiots today too over my story. Like I have written before, the psychiatric system has a lot to be desired, medication alone is not the answer, I am tired of being told I am delusional when I'm not and forced to take medication that has undesirable side effects, as much as I am resented by the system, I personally resent how I have been treated by Psychiatrists with their over bearing nature and lack of understanding for what I went through as a mental health consumer.