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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Will Be Trying To Stop Smoking Again Today After a 2 Hour Appointment At The Montreal Chest Hospital
Well my appointment at the Montreal Chest Institue as to the sign out side went well. First I had to get a hopital card with identifing myself with my picture ID Quebec medicare care. With that card in hand I got properly registered and recieved all the due paper work in my hand for the appointment. First I got sent to chest x-ray on my lungs and while waiting for the x-ray I started filling out about a ten page questionaire on my personal smoking habits.There was the standard two position x-ray of the lungs, one flat against the x-ray machine and a side x-ray of the lungs. Then it was off to the blood test clinic, as I sat waiting for the blood test I continued to answer the smoking questionaire. The blood test was done quickly enough and back to the main waiting room. My name was called while still answering questions about my smoking habits and I went off to blow into the lung machine wo different measured blows into the machine, then after the second long blow I started coughing up flem a bit at the end of the blow and had to work at controling my smokers hack. I was given the print out and sent back to the main waiting room to be interviewed by the Nurse with my completed questionaire.After a coffee and a wait talking to a fellow out patient about this Ottawa riot that was on the morning radio News. The Nurse took my answers to the smoking habit questionaire and reviewed them her self before calling me into her office. Then I discovered I had the pleasure of working with a student Nurse and her supervisor. After the discussion on the question about how I felt about giving up smoking I stated that when put away in psychiatry over the bit then I went with out smoking for about three weeks on stage 1 of the psychiatric ward easy enough before being on stage three where one is allowed off the ward to smoke.I was given stop smoking paphlets and information to help me stop smoking. I did discuss my mariquna consumption over the years like my cigarette habit and how it was the white leisons in my mouth that was a concern for my Dentist. The student Nurse checked the carbon monoxide in my blood by getting me to hold my breath for a bit then blow into a machine. I cranked a big 43 ppm where a normal non smoker would be about 6 ppm. Further discussion went on how I felt I was not totally ready to give up smoking due to how I get nervous with the media attention around my Internet presence and how Harper and his demented cult will not let me have female media personalities in my life that I dub Poisonettes even although they want somet5hing to do with me along with how the Psychiatrist thinks I am delusional about my media attention as an Internet Artist/Writer.Soon it was back to the main waiting room again to wait to see the Doctor and the Supervisor Nurse giving me a nicotine lozenge. After a bit I was then taken by the Doctor that reviewed my file, he said my lungs are still in good shape,he recommended the nicotine patch and the lozenges. When leaving the reception desk he once again mentioned the E cigarette and how I could have that for my concept about a burn't offering and a prayer. That came from being a mechanic all my life and before I started up a piece of machinary after rebuilding it I would have a cigarette and pray that the machine I rebuilt would not blow up in my face or something. The Doctor explained to me in his office that the E cigarette is just moisture vapour and is harmless compared to the products of combustion with smoking a cigarette. So I was off from the chest Insitute and went for a coffee and one of my few last combustable cigarettes. I returned to my Mum's and got my perscription stuck on my patch and popped a lozenge in my mouth due to that nicotine jones. Nicorette perscription was for free by RAMQ insurance for perscriptions. So I'm off and running again to quit smoking and I intend to start jogging again to help clear up my lungs from flem. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Not Much Has Changed In My Life Except Medication
Here I am getting back to writing my blog again, I have not written in a bit because I had nothing to write about with my boring life in poverty. What has changed is my relationship with my Psychiatrist and medication. The Psychiatrist backed out of court procedings against me for court ordered injections and a mood stablizer. The Psychiatrist is full of crap concerning my life. I insisted on taking pills to control the involuntary muscle contractions I experienced. The Psychiatrist put me on risperidone which I was taking faithfully until I got severe involuntary muscle contractions all over again. They consisted of pulling of the stomach muscles up through the throat to the mouth. I would lay down on my bed and close my eyes to make the contractions go away. Then after having too many days in a row of contractions I started to throw my evening pill in the garbage instead of taking it, the contractions then did stop. When I visted my Mum on a Friday I started taking the pills again and took them all weekend and then the following tuesday the contractions started up again driving me into depare and confusion. That Tuesday I got a hold of my Nurse and had a way of confessing of stopping the medication to figure out the contractions and the ensueing discomfort. I told the Nurse I would take the pill tuesday night and asked her to be present at the Doctor's appointment on Wednesday past.  The Doctor saw me with the contractions and a descussion of medications was under way. I agreed to take another medication that was less likely to cause contractions and I now take 10 mg of olanzapine and have a side effect medication of 2 mg of trihexyphenidyl which I can take three times daily at max. After the Doctor's appointment and picking up the perscribtion popped two pills in a hour to stop Wednesday contractions and indeed they did stop. Since I have been on the olanzapine I have not had any contractions which is a releif and I have a following appointment in a week for follow up while on the new medication. So that is all for now.

Sunday, September 07, 2014

It Went Well In Court On Friday Past Against The Psychiatrist Wanting Court Ordered Medication Plan
My Lawyer got my case postponed in court until we get prepared to challenge the Psychiatrist's desire for court ordered injections and a mood stabilizer to be taken by me. My Lawyer made several key points in her defense of me. One main point was that medication levels are theorectical and she used a key word which I forget regarding how it is my body. The Judge decided that I stay on the pills which I brought to court and then over court debating the Judge decided that my medication level is to stay the same until I pass in court for the hearing on Oct 6th 2014.
I did get to speak in my own defense and my opening words to the Judge were stating that I have been a mental health consumer Ionger vthan the Doctor has been practicing medicine and I complained about the embrassing situation of having the involuntary muscle contractions in public which are caused by stress, caffiene and medication as explained to me from an earlier Psychiatrist I had in my treatment over the years. I also stated how I have the rarest form of schizophrenia by having visual hallucinations. I experienced a flash of blue light like a camera flash on the Judge when she was taking her seat in court. I told the the Judge I hallucinated on her and did not go delusional over it and that I have evolved with my experiences that I have. I also told the Judge that I am not violent as stated by the hospital Lawyer along with the Doctor's submitted transcript about me was misconscrewed information for what actually transpired  in my life. I did have one of my room mates present to testify on my behalf but his testimony was not required at this time. The postponement of the hearing was given so that my Lawyer can access my hospital file and it will give me time to get more character witness' to speak on my behalf.
It is a crying shame that with being a mental health consumer for thirty years now, the Psychiatrist is dragging me through court to over medicate me with my high functioning level. All I feel I need is the maintenance dosage of medication that I am presently on while I try and get control of the involuntary muscle contractions that took over my body on the intermuscular injections. At one point I was told that the muscle contractions are caused by long term use of psychiatric medications. With all going well the Judge will hopefully decide in my favour at the hearing in early October

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

It Is Stupid What Has Gone On Around My Life And Some People Have Some Explaining To Do
So much has gone on since I first started my blog and I'm pissed with how my life has turned out. I only went on a couple of rants on my blog due to media attention around my life. While in the homeless missions I ranted about declaring war on the United States of America, that was due partly to George W Bush as President saying on TV, "If anyone does anything for the telepath there will be war" and I have a complex about telepathy with my mental health condition. Then there are media rumours that my Google money was or has been seized by Bush and Prime Minister Harper, I do not know what to believe.If I had Google money I would not have ended up in the homeless missions.
Then there are media reports that I am condemed as a Priest in poverty which is a load of crap and it pisses me off royaly. With all this media attention around my life why can't I get a media interview to clear the air about a few things that are being said about me. Certain media reports play over and over vin my head and I do not know what to do about it. From the stress of some of the media reports surrounding my life and excessive caffiene from drinking coke I get the involuntary muscle contractions in my stomach and mouth which I should not be getting since I am on a low dosage of pillso control them instead of the injections. I relapsed with trying to quit smokingvand I am smoking again. I did not bad not smoking staying with my Mum but when I came back to the room by myself I could not handle it and started smoking again. As I am typing there are media reports about my story on the radio and I do not know what to make of it all, so till later I'm signing off. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

It is my 54th birthday tomorrow and I must lead the most boring depressing life going
I have no life and it is depressing, no money to do any thing, no amount of friends and I spend most of the time alone listening to the radio or going to my mother's and watching the News on TV. One thing I am trying to accomplish is giving up smoking. I am on day four with no cigarette being smoked, I only blasted the scattered bit of tobacco from the ash tray in a pipe before I got the Nicorette inhaler. What got me to give up smoking was getting a white lesion in my mouth from smoking according to my student dentist. did have a bit of a bad cough with flem from smoking for the greater part of 40 years. 
A lot of the time I am on the edge of tears the way my life turned out, now I really hate being a mental health consumer and can not stand the stupidity of dealing with Psychiatrists.I did get off the injections and on pills of my choise to control the involuntary muscle contractions I get between my stomach and mouth. The Psychiatrist does not even know me and he said that eventually he will get a court order to inject me with medication again thus inducing the involuntary muscle contractions once more.
The Psychiatrist wants me to get into my art again for something to do but I have no place to stock pile art for nothing and no real money to invest in art with no one to show the art to. what do I want to get back into art for, it makes no sense now.

I still have the Tribunal Administratif  to deal with after being unjustly arrested for harassment and forced to plead guilty to make things easy for my Lawyer at the time. That will be never ending crap in my life,the Tribunal even stigmatizes the patient as guilty with no understanding of the truth and not interested in finding out the truth. So I am stuck seeing a Psychiatrist and taking pills until the Tribunal hearings are over with one day.
So I lead a boring depressing life with no avenue to change any thing!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Not Much Has Changed In My Life And I Have Not A Whole Lot To Do
My life has not changed much the last while, leading a pretty boring life with not much to do except visit my Mum. I did receive the last of the court ordered injections and now the idiot Psychiatrist wants to go back to court to get more court ordered injections for me which induce extra pyramidal side effects. This new Psychiatrist that I have who has only seen me three times says it is not extra pyramidal side effects that I have. Sure they can contradict each other at whim but you can not reason with them. I had a nervous break down when I was younger and the Psychiatrist will not listen to me, they all are bent on calling me delusional around some of my media attention and insist on medication that causes unpleasent side effects. What is wrong with me seeing a Psychiatrist while on no medication and sorting out this confusion around my case story. I did have problems rebuilding my life after the nervous break down and my parents put me in hospital several times, besides the stigma of psychiatry getting me put away by other people as well. No one ever dealt with the issues, all you get is medicated, the only time you see a Nurse in hospital is medication time, and it is like when you speak of issues you are deemed delusion. In effect stigmatized by psychiatric staff. I have 30 years experience as a psychiatric patient so I think I speak with some authority. First and foremost, how does an injection of a drug change a person's thought pattern,the drug is to stop hallucinations which makes a person delusional. What happens if a person is happy with certain hallucinations or spiritual experiences and does not go delusional, do they need medication then at tax payers expense? Why should a Psychiatrist keep a patient on a certain drug if it has undesirable side effects? How come nothing has been resolved around my psychiatric issues and Psychiatrists think a drug is going to solve my problems. The Psychiatrist said to me I have problems with my neighbors off medication, which is a load of crap,my Mother's neighbor harassed me and I got put away basically over a defective hearing aid of my Mother's. I get stigmatized and and psychiatric drug is going to solvev that problem, I do not think so, but a Psychiatrist is God at tax payers expense. My Lawyer even admits she is powerless against the Psychiatrist, and a Judge will only side with a Psychiatrist that wants to play God, so either way I get done in by a system that sucks. Psychiatrists may resent me calling them idiots but Montreal radio called them idiots today too over my story. Like I have written before, the psychiatric system has a lot to be desired, medication alone is not the answer, I am tired of being told I am delusional when I'm not and forced to take medication that has undesirable side effects, as much as I am resented by the system, I personally resent how I have been treated by Psychiatrists with their over bearing nature and lack of understanding for what I went through as a mental health consumer.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Still have no life and nothing gets resolved as a mental health consumer
I have one more court ordered injection to go, as of August 1st I am no longer under the court order. The whole ordeal was a load of crap and I still got the Tribunal to deal with for getting arrested unjustly by a media personality when I was trying to prove to my treatment team that I had some media attention. No matter what I tried I could not succeed and getting arrested for harassment was one part that ruined my psychiatric record along with standing up for the National building code against gyp rock over plaster installations. I was institutionalized so many times by my ex and her family at this point in my life and the Psychiatrists never stood by me and my plight that I was fighting for. When I reached out to a media personality that seemed to pick up my story I was arrested for it.Then this lead to a worse psychiatric record with Psychiatrists slandering me at Tribunal hearings. No Psychiatrist took any regard for things I did to try and succeed fighting for justice against gyp rock over plaster installations. I remember when it was on the radio that they were not allowed to interview the guy that stood up for the National building code against gyp rock over plaster. If I had a media interview at this time perhaps I could have amounted to something with the publicity, but no I ended up getting done in and deemed delusional by Psychiatrists for having media association. It was on the radio recently,something should have been done for me at this point in my life. Instead I ended up on disability pension due to the onslaught of extra pyramidal side effects due to long term use of psychiatric medication and it being administred in excessive amounts on court orders while I was trying to do the right thing mouthing off about gyp rock over plaster installations.Then I latched onto a media personal.ity as she picked up my story while doing the weather reports on the local news. I had several one way email correspondances with her and even sent her some art samples. When I left two phone messages at her local at the TV station a guy called me and we talked. I asked him to contact my Nurse to enlighten him that I did indeed have some media attention and was not delusional about it. A short time later the police showed up at my door and I was arrested for harassing the female media personality. I was rail roaded in court and my Lawyer at the time advised me to plead guilty and get off criminally not responsible due to mental health. For if I went to trial and found guilty I could go to jail. So now I am still tied up with the Tribunal hearings where I feel I just get slandered by Psychiatrists, end up getting angry over it and then get put away in hospital over issues  that are resolved and I just get more court ordered injections administred to me. Even when I mention to the Psychiatrist that Politians have refered to me on the news I get told I am delusional and thaworryoliticians do not even know who I am.
So now I have no life and live with media attention and get deemed delusion by Psychiatrists for believing in this. I worry what is going to happen to me when my aging Mother does eventually pass away, I will have no one.My brother does not have any thing to do with me and I have no other family in Canada.Life has lost its meaning and I have no avenues to turn to except my Internet presence, to think there is a whole country out there and I will be spending Canada Day alone again. C'est la vie!! 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Not doing A Whole Lot With My Life But I Thought I Would Write Any Way
Time passes fast and I a writing my present blog posting with not much happening in my life, I did do one piece of art recently and have played some guitar. I am back reading some Aristotle from a book in kobo I bought while in hospital. I comment a bit on philosophical thought in Facebook as I get through the book on Aristotle's ethics. I do have to get more into playing my guitar but at times I procastinate playing the instrument. I did pick up the mouth recorder and practice this instrument the other night, I got to practice this instrument more too. Today I was constructive with my time and caught up on some taxes that I am behind on. When my life fell apart with the illegal entrances and getting bugs in my paper work I fell behind on the taxes. Yesterday I went to the Regie d' Entreprise and filed a annual declaration for my company, it doesn't make all that much money it barely exsists on the books but I pay on my taxes to protect my company name for when I do make money again on my welfare income.
There are still media reports about me as I plug away at my life and then there are the extra pyramidal side effects that I have to contend with from the court ordered injections. Even if I do not take the injections after Aug 1st, things are such a mess for I still have the Tribunal Administrative to deal with fromng arrested. Through Aristotle I try and equate the injustices I went through in the court system and ended up feeling that I was railroaded to some degree. There was even a Judge that wanted to give me a lobotimy. What I went through when I passed through court after getting arrested. It was just another one of several events that ruined my psychiatric track record, for I always tried working with the heavy handed Psychiatrists with their medication stipulations. I don't denie I needed a psychiatric diagnoses to rebuild from a nervous break down in my youth, psychiatrists and the virtues of medicine can be over bearing sometimes.
I still get together with my Mum and see my brother on occassion at my Mother's. My brother more or less led his own life and never had a whole lot to do with me. I do not know what I would do if my Mum past away from old age, I still have stuff at her place that I can not see to putting in the room where I rent. Then there is the stuff I would inherit that I have no place for. It would be one hell of a cross roads when Mum passes for I would be alone with the system and trying to succeed at something with all strikes against me. Either way I am pretty well left to rebuilding my psychiatric record on my own like usual. Part of me feels scared of the hospital with the Doctor on the ward, I would hate to end up in hospital under his care again for he sees me in such an unrealistic light compared to my true nature. It is like I wrote in Facebook, who was the first to judge me wrongly. The Psychiatrist certainly did, even getting a bit of a fair shake in the media with some of the exposure I get, the hospital does not seem to understand what I am faced with. One can feel like a number in the system and not justly cared for when part of psychiatry. It is now like I have something to prove to Psychiatrists on a daily bases, that I have limited schizophrenic tendances and can live without the medication that induces the extra pyramidal side effects.Even the woman from the media that I suppositly harassed and got arrested for, said she would make things up to me, well I am still waiting and time is running out to set the facts straight to the Tribunal and the Psychiatrists. At least I have my blog to set a few facts straight about myself but it does not settle the score for the recent injustices in me life that made things a mess around my living situation. So while I continue to pick up the peices of my life I bid farewell.

Thursday, June 05, 2014

I wrote some poetry today and here is one of the poems I tried to post in Facebook
Feeling the Blues

Blue is such a beautiful colour
Then why do we feel the blues
When defined as something hazy
And most certainly unhappy
I ask myself what are the blues
And there various hues of blues

There are songs known as the blues
Melodic drama of sadness
With all the various hues
Who defined this and why
For it has become part of me
Through others that don't know me

A bright blue sky brings the best out in people
This hardly defines the blues
But a grey darkened sky can make people glum
Before it cries its tears of rain
Then they only want the blue sky back
To come out of the rainy blues

But I must say I know the blues
When I had some swill and felt glum
Knowing nothing but a lonely sinking feeling
While trying to sort out my life
I poured out painful tears
Into the bottom of my Labatt Blue

(Labatt Blue is a type of Canadian beer)

Monday, June 02, 2014

Had A Psycho Samatic Experience After Praying For The Extra Pyramidal Side Effects To Stop

I went through a really bad time during the last leg of the two ywear court ordered injections and the extra pyramidal Side Effects were (EPSE) getting worse and worse. With Sundayng being yesterday I laid late in bed like usual and dreaded getting up to face the EPSE after getting up, and prayed the EPSE would stop when I did get upI phoned my Mum and tolded her that I had the bad bouts of EPSE. After talking to her I took two Life Brand benedryl of  25mg and the the pills against the Doctors advice for expense duet o it not being covered by welfare, then within a short period of time it felt as if I had the cogentient injection in my arm as what I know of as my best cure for my EPSE when I have them really bad. Then I was not effected by the EPSE and I ended up playing guitar all day while slipping in shopping for supper and doung laundry.
After having my psycho samatic experience I felt the buzz of the side effect injection and became more motivated, playing guitar up until 11 pm. When I woke up this morning I got up early for a change and feel good about my self without having any EPSE for a change, hence I turned To writing my blog about it. Fot the image in this post I took a picture of a piece of art I did in hospital with is in my music book. One thing that came about in hospital was that I did some art and got guitar lessons dealing with standard scales going to two octives and understanding more of the neck of the guitar where the neck has 21/2 to 3 octives on it. So come evening time I practiced my scales and free styling of one of them to create a melody.
It is Tuesday now and I had another good day Monday without having any EPSE.I was up early this morning again and go for my injection today. I just hope to God I do not get bad EPSE over the next three weeks, my mood is good and I practiced guitar again last night. I am going to my Mother's for supper after my injection and will be picking up some more of my belongings from her place to keep myself busy in the room I rent. I'm figuring on getting back into doing some art again and  playing some of my other instruments as I start getting into a healthier routine.
I made an attempt at eating better on my limited budget and kitchen set up. I am back eating sardines again, this time around it is in sandwiches with lettice and cream cheese. Mum says she is going to help me out with food a bit as she always did due to the limited income I've endured most of my adult life.
I am keeping more in touch with a buddy I got to know on the psychiatric ward over the years. He served as a Canadian Native in the US Marine corp. Part of the reason we get along so well is that we both wore uniforms at one part in our lives and the other reason being that Psychiatrists don't believe both our life stories, so we have a couple of common bonds and make for good moral support for each other.o until I post again I bid farewell to my readership.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Have Not Got A Whole Lot Going On In My Life Right Now
Here I am on a holiday weekend in Canada turning to try and write something in my blog. I have not got a whole lot going on in my life right now, it is a pretty boring life. Living in a poorly furnished room with next to having nothing to do most of the time. I have slacked off doing my art and writing. I am alone too much and suffer from extra pyramidal side effects since I got my last anti psychotic injection. The extra pyramidal side effects stem from long term use of anti psychotic medication. I get involuntary muscle contractions in my stomach which pulls up through my chest to my mouth. I take a side effect medication for them to help me out with enduring them.
I spend a fair bit of time with my Mum at her place and try and help her out with things as to my capacity for doing things around her place. The transition from 8 months in hospital has not been a smooth one,especially not having a good kitchen to work with.I have no TV in my room and I am stuck with listening to the radio for entertainment. An old friend from my childhood gives me a phone call every now and again to get me out for a walk or go for coffee together.
Having too much time on my hands has been unhealthy for me with doing nothing much but sitting listening to the radio. When I am at my Mum's I catch up on the news on TV. I do not feel all that motivated these days and when I have bad bouts of extra pyramidal side effects it really gets me down. I smoke too many cigarettes for what is good for me with my idol hands I do not see how things are going to change in the near future, on my welfare and disability pension budget of about $890 a month, where I pay $370 per month rent for my room with shared kitchen and bathroom.
 I do not know what else to write so I'll let this posting stand as it is for now.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Finally Getting Around To Writing My Blog Again Since Discharged From Hospital
Here I am at my Mother's turning to write my blog again after a bit of an absence since being discharged from hospital. I have a room where I share an apartment with two other people. It is a rebuilding process after being in hospital for about nine months. The stupidity of it all made me an angry person in hospital while locked away and not allowed off hospital property during my stay there. What the Psychiatrist did to me made no sense he more or less slandered me to have me put away at the Tribunal hearing and my Lawyer is powerless to do anything about it. I just have to get on with my life and forget about the past even although I face the stupid memories. I did keep up my Facebook and Twitter presence under @DoctorGoober while not doing my blog.
There is not a whole lot to the kitchen wherev I live and I do not eat the best, I am yet to get organized in the kitchen right since being discharged around the middle of March. At present I am only on an antipsychotic injection and off the mood stabilizers since I had no money or welfare slip to get them. Since then iron has come back up and when I get a good diet in me again I intend to give blood again to Hema Quebec the blood bank. I still have media attention around my Internet presence here in Montreal but it seems like Federal Government political interferance stops me from earning a living as an Artist Writer while on disability pension with a welfare subsidy.
Appairently according to the Montreal radio station I listen to, there are demented cults built around my Internet pen name that the present federal government bows down to to do me in. I am really fed up with this bullshit that I find it hard to handle. I do not totally know what is going on I just get my radio briefs that clue me in somewhat but still keep me puzzled.Due to this demented stupidity around my life I have very few friends to interact with, one friend and a new acquintance where I live, it makes for a lonely life.
With a majority Liberal Government elected in Quebec, I do hope that the stupidity of demented cults around my Internet presence will come to an end, I am an engineering technician with inventions for the benefit of the planet and population on the whole and that if had proper contacts could be off my state subsidy to survive. Till I write again so long for now.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Here I Sit After A Toot Around Town, Now I Find Myself Sitting In Public Blogging After My Tribunal To Freedom With a New Lawyer

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Grant You I've Been On A Few Rants Figuring Out The Stupid Puzzle Of My Life While Blog Writing
Stand by while this blog posting is put together
A lot has happened to me while in the out side world, illegal entrance into my apartment,political interferance by certain officials in Government, not being properly represented at the Tribunal hearings by my old Lawyer, which all fustrated me in my isolated life style and I ended up with a few rants on my blog in fustration. Not that I wanted my blog to take that sort of direction but my life became a puzzling affair with what people where saying in the media about my life. I am still caught with having extra pyramidal side effects with this Psychiatrist I have to deal with at present. He seems to want to put forth a treatment plan to the Tribunal that I would have to follow which induces extra pyramidal side effects that makes it harder to do things or try and earn further income on my disability pension as I am allowed to do by their regulations on their income and being issued a cheque for a base income to build upon. I did make a few art sales in 2013 so my company will be claiming a slightly higher income compared to 2011 and 2012, which is a form of good news for me financially on my company books, Doc GM Creations made some money again.

I am getting caught up on my taxes recently, it was hard to get them done when I had bed bugs in my paper work, I did not want to send any bugs to the taxation office through the mail.Then there is the issue of my belongings going into a baliff's container from my last apartment I had by myself. My present Psychiatristv could not even get the facts straight around my last apartment and my police reports on what went on, steeling of my possessions and having me replace stuff I ended up falling behind in my rent a small bit, I could not keep up with a balanced budget replacing stuff while under sabotage and political interferance.

I built my life as an Engineering Technician even although I had mental health issues with having to rebuild from a nervous break down in my yuoth. Even my new Lawyer admits it is very hard to break free from psychiatry, why is this? I worked dam hard at rebuilding my life after losing everything and ending up in psychiatry. Then I built my Internet presence and a half decent hand at doing art I admit it has been a very long hard road but I am the better person for it and well educated over the years with some street smarts in my hip pocket to survive the unfor seen at times.

With talking to my Lawyer today, I found out the the Psychiatrist has got me on a two year court order to take medication as he prescribes it. Right now he has got me on epival and an intermuscular inject for an antipsychotic. Just prescrbing drugs that tax payers have to pay for. When the Psychiatrist first prescribed me the mood stablizer epival, it was not suppose to be used with antipsychotics. Then later doing a Google search the research was inconclusive regarding combining epival and antipsychotics. Now I have to take iron supplements along with a folic acid supplement, while my urine smells like chicken soup, just like when I was coming off the tegretol for urine retention. Now I thinking I'm pissing out my iron and folic acid which is giving the chicken soup smell to my urine. I can make no head way with the Psychiatrist and I still have the extra pyramidal side effects induced by epival in conjunction with the antipyschotic injection. The injection costs tax payers $500 every three weeks as the prescription stands right now, and one never gets to talk to the Pyschiatrist and when one does he is too thick headed to compermise or see some sort of rehabilitation light medication free. The research data on epival and antipsychotics seems to be still on going and I feel like I'm being used as a "lab rat" against my free will.
will get back to posting later

Monday, January 20, 2014

Goodies I had Mum Buy For Me To Bring Up My B12,Iron And Folic Acid,Why Didn't The Psychiatrist Check With A Dietitian Before Prescribing Supplements

I have to go back a bit in my time in hospital to explain how the Psychiatrist first started me on folic acid and iron supplements. It all revolves around being put on the drug tegretol after I had bursts of anger at a person who became my room mate on the ward. This particular individual got on a lot of peoples nerves on the ward and no one wanted him as a room mate so they stuck him with me. He was looking for a friend in hospital and could be extremely irritating in his approach to doing this, so when he would not leave me alone in my corner I wouls get angry at him and tell him where to go, so the Psychiatrist then put me on tegretol to try and mellow out my anger instead of getting me a more palletable room mate to contend withlong term care patient.

After being on tegretol for a bit it resulted in me having urine retention and not consuming any thing for a weekend until they finally drained the urine from me and stopped the tegretol. After experiencing the urine retention I had a hard time getting food in me and was finicky what I wanted to eat, was prone to light food like buying a decent salade from the hospital Bistro or food from the staff cafeteria. Recently on the Internet I discovered that I was drinking too much coffee which inhibits iron retention. Then with talking with a Nurse in the hospital smoke hut I learned that iron in the body reacts with folic acid and they work together in our system. After doing searches on the the Internet over food groups as my own Dietitian instead of talking to one I am trying to go back to some foods that I always consumed that is not in my hospital diet. I got my Mum to bring me in some sardines and cream cheese which I always ate unknowinly maintaining good B12 iron and folic acid and iron through these foods that I took as my own evening snack. Mum is also going to bring me in some olives for my evening snack that I am putting together for myself instead of eating the hospital supplied cereal and milk. Between the hospital diet that I am sick and tired of for long term care patient being held against my will, the result of the loss of appetite after the urine retentiond I was put on the supplements instead of talking to a Dietitian to get food back in me and to stop drinking so much coffee as a bad habit I picked up in hospital for a cheap non sugar drink. So now I only have my coffee at breakfast and one large coffee at 10 AM while out having my bad habit of a cigarette. After lunch I buy a green tea which is suppose to be good for reducing glucois in the blood along with drinking the more expensive lemonade compared to a coke out of the veding machine which has caffine in it too. The lemonade has less carbohydrates and sugars than coke as well, I checked the labeling. Lemon is suppose to be good for folates as well and I was raised drinking lemonade with my Mum. With a voice in the wind in the hospital corridor I even stopped the brown sugar in my green tea and I am getting a pallet for the unsweetened tart tea.

So I am yet to hear about my iron and folic acid as a result of blood testing, I heard already that my B12 was alright and I just started working on maintaining a better hospital diet. I just started on the sardines and cream cheese for evening snack, the one thing I did notice since I am taking my own snacks is that I go nuts waiting for my morning erecting to go away before I go for the community breakfast in pyjamas. The Psychiatrist has got me on epival instead of tegretol which is a load of crap, I am not being held against my will to make friends on a psychiatric ward and deal with their problems. I have no problem interacting with other staff members in the smoke hut because there is a mutual respect between us that I do not get else where like on the psychiatric ward. So I keep plugging away and try and maintain a healthier diet between what I eat on the hospital ward, buying food in the staff cafeteria and my evening snack that I put together myself while being held against my will.