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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Here I Sit At A Computer Terminal Again To Write A Few Words or More

It is God awful what has transpired around my life, I now will have nothing to do with my immediate demented family members here in Montreal, what surviving members there are, well they are too stupid to reason and ration what I have to say, or for that matter reason and fathom what is in the News media about me and my plight against Neo-Nazism in North America out to destroy my life. A lot has to do with Harpobama demented cult building along with my idiot brother doing the same thing as a political bed fellow to Harpobama demented political regime to own me as a slave etc etc. Will get back to this posting in a bit, got a thing or two to do between writing spirts....So now I am holed up in a undisclosed location in a form of protected environment while I under take getting a secure location of my own to live and work out of. At this undisclosed location I have to share the computet terminal a bit, so once again I will get back to this post and write some more later......I will not be owned or sabotaged by demented cults any more....till later when I write again. So I got a chance to write a few more words as I put my thoughts to the Internet. The idio-stupidity of these demented fuck head political leaders Harper & Obama, have wasted more TV time and tax dollars trying to own me as a slave and commenting about a private citizen such as myself. My Lawyer is totally pissed off with what is going on and surrounding my life with complications by political interferance from both sides of the North American boader. This idiot Obama thinks because he bought my teeth for 13 million dollars he can get a Dentist to yank them out for his collection, Obama is so stupid he does not realize that any tooth the Dentist pulls out of my gums, the tooth goes to Pathology lab like everyone elses for analysis. Too bad he wasted 13 million dollars on buying my teeth that he can not have, and Americans were stupid enough to elect him as is a fucken joke and as the Beetles sang...the whole world is laughing. So until I write some more Hey Harpobama, keep the world two are worse than the last President idiot yahoo red neck Bush.......till later... Wee Iain with intelligencia.......Well here I am again getting to add a few words once again to this posting. As a fifty three year old male, there is so much that I could write or relate through wordy means, a breif synopious about what my idiot brother and a couple of sick demented politicians did to own-control my life in their own stupid delusion. Numerous upon numerous people over the last couple of years since PM Harper came to power have told me that my brother was such a stupid idiot and that his political brain scheme with certain politicians would not work. I swear to God on my Father,s grave I never knew what was going on with demented cult building around my life. One thing I do remember from my youth was my Father always saying to my idiot brother, "You are not your brother's keeper !" Now I have put two and two together abouty jealous brother and some of my engineering inventions from a very young age, to early manhood in my twenties to what I have become as a compentant engineering technician at this present day in protective custody and working toward getting my monies from my engineering inventions that is being held in trust by responsible people since I always was feeding information to police as a low income wage earner....supper time till later once again.....So here I am punching up a few words once again regarding the circumstances surrounding my life. I have so few people that I can trust, at times I feel I can hardly trust my own Mother. I did get a chance to speak to someone today that indeed admitted that even he was promised to be Doctor Goober Modesty or me for that matter. At least he had the power to reason that it was best just to be himself and follow his own career in his own chosen field. All these demented fucken idiots that want to be me because they were promised to be me are like real siffless heads or something. In comparison, it is like a gay person being promised to be Elton John, at least a gay person can admit he can no0t be Elton John, and because he can not be Elton John he does not set out to do Elton John in. Stupid eehhh as we Canucks put it. Any way I am going to get the local News for now and will write some more later....till then.In between bouts of the local News on TV I thought that I would add a few words here and there. I have this word in my head that I use to describe certain women I feel very close to as they fight really hard for the under dog Wee Me. The word I use is "Poisonettes", stemming from the french word fish and the "ette" indicating the female in french. As to a school of fish, these wonderful Ladies have a school of thought to free me from all these demented cults built around my life, and of course help me to earn a living with my company Doc GM Creation or Creations Doc GM in Quebec for our French language police and publicized company names, as registered in the Court house here in Montreal.Getting back to the News for a bit....then playing my lute for a bit so in a while once more.....