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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Earth Day Blog Posting For 2013
Here are some points I am going to write about for Earth Day 2013
  1. Acid Rain fron greenhouse gases doing in our fruits and  vegetables
  2. Acid rain causing world wide mud slides and sink holes
  3. screwed up building electrics causing over consumption of hydro by nature of electricity
  4. Energy efficient bulbs with mercury content put in dumb sites and not recycled right
  5. Beat up old cars on road with ineffecient combustion poisening people in metropolises

Stand by while this post is being put together while I process water through my filtration bank to prevent myself and Mum from having a bleeding asshole with bowel movements

So here I am getting to write after Earth Day, got the radio blasting on the head phones with CHOM FM Montreal, and making a point as in the#1 point for this posting. As to my biology lessons in high school, plants become what you feed them. One feeds plants acid rain, the veggies will become more acidic by nature of consumption. People wonder why they have acid reflex and have to consume medication for it, what people are consuming at their kitchen table is becoming more and more acidic and one gets medical ailments out of fucken closed!!!! Now with my water filtration bank I have and can reduce the PH of my city water main 2 points or more on the PH scale by measuring it and doing a comparison with city water works and my water after I put it through my filtration bank that Harpobama demented cult wants to destroy so their Godly pregnacy tests rule over Christian people, such as money laudering with my company invoices, like Queen rock'n roll...."we will never Surrender" like Sir Winston Churchil of WWII said. As asshole Harper said on Canadian National TV, they/he planned their rise to power, like as we the real people deem them neo-facists, but they were to stupid to for see the power of the Internet and free speech against facism Internationally with real people.

Now if acid rain acidicy is on the increase and in effect  eating the fuck out of our city water mains with interior and exterior pipe corrosion and flooding our streets, the same acid rain will eat the shit out of a hill side or cause corrosion/erosion under our city walkways or reasidential populated areas causing sinkholes en mass. A more base soil or clay content is more cohedsive in nature than that of a soil base constantly induced with acidic rain water to wash its self out by natural chemistry properties of acid to base composition by soil analysis.By  the way, excuse the spelling errors, I know my sciences but am a bad speller.It is late and must recharge my battery again... till later

Everywhere I went the last few years, I found housing in apartments to have a mess of screwed up wiring, I figure we got colour blind people messing with wiring and getting the wires crossed. With certain types of colour blindness, black can look white and white can  look black thus wires get reversed in electrical outlet and electricity will flow backwards through household equipment. Then electricity will and can be absorbed in the likes of equipment plugged in when the equipment is turned off. The hot shoe of an electrical plug is suppose to be the big shoe of a three prong plug and is wired through the switch first. Reversing the wiring in an electrical outlet will cause the electricity to be put through a household unit first, and the current is stopped by the switch last. Cleaning of electrical outlets is supposed to be done yearly, even a spider web between the hot wire to ground can cause electricity to flow to ground and cause electrolysis in the water mains and corroding them royally as the end result. We will consume the rust in our drinking water unknowingly and high iron content in our blood can lead to pre-cancer conditions to going down with cancer in the long run.I will write more later and edit my mistakes in typing as well......

Getting back to this blog posting finally, so here I go again trying to make points for the benefit of the planet. we all get into using the modern energy efficient light bulbs to save on hydro electric costs. Yes this a good thing to do but one must turn to their local governing bodies to assist the building dweller to have an avenue to recycle them correctly. these new energy efficient light bulbs in the shape of a coil are mercury based in the inside. Sure we save on hydro costs using them, but we the people must force are various levels of governments to create an state funded recycling program for these newly engineered bulbs. So many things are not recycled correct these days, it is like we are a society in regression with our environmental waste. Recycling can be fun and cost effective if done right. we can not let the mercury from energy efficient bulbs get into the water table through our dump sites through out the planet. There is enough mercury in the oceans through our ship's engine rooms being blown apart in world war II. Mercury was first used in thermometers to indicate temperature by way of a calibrated gauge. the natural element mercury, got its name through its thermal expansion properties, it would expand the fastest in a calibrated tube to record temperatures where necessary as in old coal fired steam ships of WWII. I still have two old mercury thermometers that I inherited from my Father, even as a child I broke one in my Mother's kitchen and went nuts trying to pick up the rolling silver beads off the kitchen floor until my father came in the room to assist me correctly around mercury. We do not use mercury thermometers these days but have introdu8ced mercury based bulbs into our homes. They must be handled corrly and recycled right to prevent this heavy metal entering into the water table. As to recent medical investigations, mercury like other natural elements that are deemed heavy metals, which end up in the water in nanue particales, collect in the brain leading to ailments in new born babies to afflictions on our seniors such as dementia etc. 
will get to my last point later as I got other things to do besides my blog postings.....

Here I am finally getting back to finish this blog posting on comments about road vehicles poisening the environment in metropolises or the country air. There is a lot to running any piece of machinary especially  an internal combustion engine such as found powering a car or truck. First and fore most, one must throughly read and understand the owners manual as supplied by the manufacture and dealer. Basically do not purchase a used vehicle unless it comes with the original owner's manual. A road vehical owner must have a good freindly/working relationship with a licenced mechanic to properly maintain the vehicle with you the owner being his/hers little helper to maintain proper road worthiness of the vehicle.
One good way to keep track of fuel efficence of a vehicle is maintain a little log book when you fuel up with litres put in the tank and odometer readind and work out your milage to fuel ratio. If one stats loosing milage one can use an air compressor to blow out the air filter from the inside to out, holding your breath or wearing a breathing mask for what comes out of the filter. Summer heat is now upon us and there is summer to winter oil such as SAE 10W30 to SAE 10W40 for differential in environmental operational temperatures. When getting oil changes yuo can pay for a spectra-analysis of your lube oil to varify engine wear and predict repair job bookings with a licenced mechanic. Working with your licenced mechanic one can pull your spark plugs and clean the carbon build up from them and varify the correct spark plug gap with the correct gauge with a touch feel. The engine radiator can be blown out too, backwards with compressed air or a garden hose to clean it up from collected grit on the roads.
To maintain good engine heat transfer and windage cooling, a steam jetty can be put over the engine catching the grit and grim in a cement type grease pit that can be pumped out and recycled by authorised engineering teams. When one maintains a clean engine you will be able to notice gasket leaks more easily around cylinder head blocks and valve rocker arm cover gaskets. There are various dip sticks on your engine that you can watch closely, engine lube oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid level all need topped up every now and again from leaks and loses from wear and tear. There are under carridge greese nipples such as the unversal driveone must vgreese the nipples and pump grease into the working joint and not over greasev, it comes from experience and working closely with your licenced mechanic as a cost effective team.Exhaust gas inspection in your drive way during idol position darker black hue and aroma can indicate oil scrapper ring wear and need of replacement, to lack of combustion air from clogged air filter, to grey exhaust smoke to dripping water during high out door humidex or water in the fuel, I am not your liceneced mechanic just and Engineering Technician trained for internal combustion engine maintaince and running operational requirements as a Marine Engineer when I was younger.When fueling up your vehicle in the heat, check wind direction and stand up wind from the evaporating fuel fumes, hold your breath when necessary and breath fresh air where you can during fueling operations. Proper tire pressure should and must be maintained according to your operational manual speciifictions. There is so much more I could write, but it is for you the vehicle owner to have a working relationship with a trust worthy mechanic, and he/she does not work for free. Enjoy your summer driving environmentally and cost effectively.

  putting the final part together ang editing

Friday, March 08, 2013

Here It Is "International Women's Day" And I Am Left Thinking About Very Special Women In My Life, Past And Present
First and for most of all the women in the world that are very special to me of course,  is my surviving parent my Mum. Then my first sweet heart in my head who I  always wanted to get to know, is this very special Native gal from my grade seven french class. In my moments of solitude I think of her a whole lot all these years later. Then there is her cousin and side kick I got to know some many years later The list goes to several women that I gave love notes to  asking them to be there for me later in life when I evolved into my manhood. One very special Lady is one I signed my oath to in the Canadian Coast Guard College, namely Her Majesty The Queen Of England, Elizabeth II. I get to see her family in the news and my grandfather even met the Queen during remembrance day celabrations commemorating war vets before Grandad died of old age. There are two very special sweet hearts from elementry school that I did art for that I think of too these days. It was silly art indicting we would marry one day and I think of them a whole lot these days too, since I am still single with no off spring that I know of as a legal technician put it to me one day while filing paper work.Then there is the Deaconess of my Church where I am a Layperson to her ministering the faith to me, when I get to Church between processing water to clean it up for Mum and I.Then of course there is my Art Animatress of the art group I am part of, she is a very special source of inspiration and she told me she even remembers me from my youth from delivering the Montreal newspaper to her Father.Another very special gal is one that came up to me in a down town mall when I used to go there for coffee and to write poetry, she came up to me and I charmed her in my own way and gave her my hospital braclette to remember me by, as I was an in-patient in psychiatry at the time. My battery is getting low and I must recharge to write some more later.Then of course there are several Psychiatric Nurses that mean a whole lot to me too. When I had no one I used to fantasies about spending time with them out side the hospital setting. I also had a very inspirational female Music Therapist that meant a whole lot to me too. I still think of her quite often especially when I play along to her flute playing off the tape deck on my mouth recorder while reading the music score I wrote for one of her pet music projects when I was in hospital. Over all, the time spent with these very special Ladies means something special to me. I also have this close female artist friend that has been a great source of inspiration and excellent at helping me improve my french which is often dubbed my silly anglaphone quebecois tonque.Then last but not least there is my female Lawyer that is so busy and has taken appropiate care of me when deemed necessary. They all had or have a very special female intelligencia that curbed my mind as I grew into my manhood to become the person I am that turns 53 this coming summer.

Little Added Note: Is This 2013 year Dubbed The International Year Of The Woman, Thank God They Have Long Strides Of Accomplishment as Our Male Surpressing Counterpart:

  1. Getting Female Provincial Elected Leaders Of Government In Canada
  2. Females Getting Educated In Canada And Held In High Regard In Canadian News
  3. Power Hitting Female Anchorettes At News Desks With CTV Canadian News Network
  4. Female Doctors On The Move In Canada And Being Spokes Persons For Nursing Society Back To Health
  5. Female Crown Procescutors and Judges Held In High Regard In Provincial Courts
  6. Female Financial Advisers Held In High Regard As With CTV News Senior Financial Consultant
  7.   A Female Ministering The Faith And A Rising Star In Montreal
  8. All Compared To A Old Hat Male Politician Calling A Female Politician In Canadian House Of Commons "Tits"' For Having A Competant Female Out look On Canadian Politics