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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Here I Am Going Under Industrial Sabotage Of My Company And Personal Life By Strangers And My Family, Thus I need To Rent A Room From Some Caring People So I Can Carry On Cleaning Up Water From The City Water Main With My Process, Email Me If Working Out A Deal Is Possible.
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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

 State  Of Union Address By Idiot Wanna-be Politician Obama The Canabal  as He Adressed Ireland During His Visit To Part Of My Homeland

Stand by while this post is being put together during cananbal Presidental Address

Do I hear this idiot wanna-be politician Obama wrapping about me again, God Bless my family in the Great USA and the World to take down Harpobama demented cult with my idiot brother and Godly pregnancy tests around me. Apparently half of them or so are coloured blind and can not even wire a a stove right for GE as company was moved to States from Montreal East. Now I got my Mama a GE stove wired from Montreal Est that is A-OK and totally energy effecient Quebecois style!!!! Number one, for a GE energy efficient stove one must have the female house hold outlet correspond to red to red , black to black, white to white, green to green, as to GE Stove protocal by electrical engineering North American Electrical Engineering Standards......amen to rightious engineering standards!!! My Primier Mama Suppiore Pauline  Marloire (SQ)can put Quebecois back to work   wiring stoves  for house holds families for the world!!!!!