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Sunday, December 29, 2013

View From The Bed To The Window In My Hospital Room,Another Blog Posting Starts
It is kind of hard buckling under and getting blog postings written. Partly because I am not in the mood due to the mundane life of being restricted to the hospital psychiatric ward with six half hour sessions off the ward to have some cigarettes. (I don't intentionally promote smoking but my addictive habit comes up in my writings every now and again)hat I intend to write about is what led to this hospitalization.

I have an anger problem with always being done in and put in hospital when police intervention occurs with me from raising my voice against the stupidity I am faced with. While being back living with my senoir Mum for the second time, I refused to go to the Salvation Army to live as the hospital wanted to place me during 2012 and I got Mum to agree that I came to live with her. That was an ordeal within its self taking off on the Social Worker when the hospital was conveniently dumping me some where instead of solving my family issues in a responsiable manner. Any way when I walked a way from the Social Worker out side the hospital doors I got myself to my Mum's place with my belongings from the hospital as pre-arranged by cell phone with Mum,she ended up settling me into her sewing room in the 41/2 apartment. With Mum set in her ways and her hearing aid problems I sometimes had to raise my voice in fustration to communicate with her. There were complaints and police intervention. Mum has an idiot single Mother living on welfare with obvious problems that complained about my Mum's TV on occassion and got in my face when I came back with groceries with Mum one day which led to my hospitalization by Police. I told the idiot neighbor to leave my Mum and I alone when she started harassing me over my Mum which her child in her hand. She kept harassing me and I raised my voice telling her to leave Mum and I alone. She threated to phone the police and she did. It was on the radio when I was in hospital that she got herself in trouble for lying to 911 and causing the police intervention. If she had not harassed me and lied on 911 I would not be in hospital today. Then being in hospital when my Tribunal hearing came up, the Psychiatrist did not portray me in the true light and I was locked away in psychiatry for a year and the Psychiatrist wanted to put me in a long term care facility where I would have been locked away for a very long time but the Social Worker did fight my case with the psychiatric team at the hospital. I have a six month reveiw a the Tribual coming up in Febuary and how does one tell the Tribunal consisting of a Lawyer,Psychiatrist and a Psychologist that my Psychiatrist is full of crap about me with his long term diagnosis and treatment plan. Then you got to tell the Tribunal they are full of crap because they always side with the patient's Psychiatrist with the hospital's crap and lies around my life and what has transpired.The hospital can not even admit I have a media presence that talks about my life around my Internet presence. So I am an angry man out of it and to be dumped into supervised housing to live in poverty so the Psychiatrist can free up a bed because I am basically alright and nothing wrong with my mental state of mind. It took a lot of hard work rebuilding my life from a nervous break down in my early twenties, yes I needed a diagnosis to get the extra medical welfare benifits to rebuild which I did and I certainly do not need a injection every month at a cost of $500 to tax payers and pop extra pills because a Psychiatrist can not see the light of day around the truth which happened around me in the recent past. The psychiatric system has a lot to be desired and they have to learn how to trust certain patients and evaluate them correctly and just not use the courts to medicate and dump in housing with a Social Worker to free up a bed, oh no budget and too much paper work around a patient right!!!

Friday, December 13, 2013

An Associate And I In The Hospital Smoke Hut During Winter Of 2013, A Week Ago, After Complications During My Hospitalization
I had urine retention due to a certain medication the Psychiatrist had me on during my Court Ordered hospitalization. I was layed up in God awful pain and then I had a bad bout of extra pyramidal side effects again after that problem had been rectified years ago.The attending Psychiatrist has since reduced the epival he as me on for my angry tone for being held against my will and having to deal with not so stable patients on the psychiatric ward along with what has transpired with the stigma of psychiatry getting in my face the last couple of years instead of people listening to thge Engineering Technician in me. I am still trying to get it through to the staff the I have media attention via my Internet presence and through emailing my favorite DJ at the radio station that I listen to.With having the extra pyramidal side effects deminished somewhat I am starting to play my guitar a bit more here I hospital. With the tablette (female French) I make little video excerpts with me singing along to my guitar playing. I have a small selection of songs that I can sing in key according to the Music Therapist, and I have a lot more practicing to do on my guuitar while singing along.
It has been 28 years as an inpatient out paient in psychiatry and next March it will be 29 years over being diagnosed with schizophrenia after having a nervous breakdown with what was done to me on an offshore supply boat back in 1983. It is llike I did everything right when I came back to Montreal, getting a job or several jobs here and there while going to school at night to become the Engineering Technician that I am today whille taking pyschiatric medication. I lived the most of my adult life in poverty even when I worked or started out on disability pension due to extra pyramidal sides effects some 15 years back now and tried to make a go of it as an Artist trying to rebuild my life.It has been an on going process and I am determined to make something of my life between engineering or the arts and have a woman in my life again while leading some sort of normal life. So until I write again so long for now..........A little note,in a way my blog postings are incomplete regarding what lead to this hospitalization through police intervention while living with my Mum,which I will get to in a later post.........