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Sunday, December 29, 2013

View From The Bed To The Window In My Hospital Room,Another Blog Posting Starts
It is kind of hard buckling under and getting blog postings written. Partly because I am not in the mood due to the mundane life of being restricted to the hospital psychiatric ward with six half hour sessions off the ward to have some cigarettes. (I don't intentionally promote smoking but my addictive habit comes up in my writings every now and again)hat I intend to write about is what led to this hospitalization.

I have an anger problem with always being done in and put in hospital when police intervention occurs with me from raising my voice against the stupidity I am faced with. While being back living with my senoir Mum for the second time, I refused to go to the Salvation Army to live as the hospital wanted to place me during 2012 and I got Mum to agree that I came to live with her. That was an ordeal within its self taking off on the Social Worker when the hospital was conveniently dumping me some where instead of solving my family issues in a responsiable manner. Any way when I walked a way from the Social Worker out side the hospital doors I got myself to my Mum's place with my belongings from the hospital as pre-arranged by cell phone with Mum,she ended up settling me into her sewing room in the 41/2 apartment. With Mum set in her ways and her hearing aid problems I sometimes had to raise my voice in fustration to communicate with her. There were complaints and police intervention. Mum has an idiot single Mother living on welfare with obvious problems that complained about my Mum's TV on occassion and got in my face when I came back with groceries with Mum one day which led to my hospitalization by Police. I told the idiot neighbor to leave my Mum and I alone when she started harassing me over my Mum which her child in her hand. She kept harassing me and I raised my voice telling her to leave Mum and I alone. She threated to phone the police and she did. It was on the radio when I was in hospital that she got herself in trouble for lying to 911 and causing the police intervention. If she had not harassed me and lied on 911 I would not be in hospital today. Then being in hospital when my Tribunal hearing came up, the Psychiatrist did not portray me in the true light and I was locked away in psychiatry for a year and the Psychiatrist wanted to put me in a long term care facility where I would have been locked away for a very long time but the Social Worker did fight my case with the psychiatric team at the hospital. I have a six month reveiw a the Tribual coming up in Febuary and how does one tell the Tribunal consisting of a Lawyer,Psychiatrist and a Psychologist that my Psychiatrist is full of crap about me with his long term diagnosis and treatment plan. Then you got to tell the Tribunal they are full of crap because they always side with the patient's Psychiatrist with the hospital's crap and lies around my life and what has transpired.The hospital can not even admit I have a media presence that talks about my life around my Internet presence. So I am an angry man out of it and to be dumped into supervised housing to live in poverty so the Psychiatrist can free up a bed because I am basically alright and nothing wrong with my mental state of mind. It took a lot of hard work rebuilding my life from a nervous break down in my early twenties, yes I needed a diagnosis to get the extra medical welfare benifits to rebuild which I did and I certainly do not need a injection every month at a cost of $500 to tax payers and pop extra pills because a Psychiatrist can not see the light of day around the truth which happened around me in the recent past. The psychiatric system has a lot to be desired and they have to learn how to trust certain patients and evaluate them correctly and just not use the courts to medicate and dump in housing with a Social Worker to free up a bed, oh no budget and too much paper work around a patient right!!!

Friday, December 13, 2013

An Associate And I In The Hospital Smoke Hut During Winter Of 2013, A Week Ago, After Complications During My Hospitalization
I had urine retention due to a certain medication the Psychiatrist had me on during my Court Ordered hospitalization. I was layed up in God awful pain and then I had a bad bout of extra pyramidal side effects again after that problem had been rectified years ago.The attending Psychiatrist has since reduced the epival he as me on for my angry tone for being held against my will and having to deal with not so stable patients on the psychiatric ward along with what has transpired with the stigma of psychiatry getting in my face the last couple of years instead of people listening to thge Engineering Technician in me. I am still trying to get it through to the staff the I have media attention via my Internet presence and through emailing my favorite DJ at the radio station that I listen to.With having the extra pyramidal side effects deminished somewhat I am starting to play my guitar a bit more here I hospital. With the tablette (female French) I make little video excerpts with me singing along to my guitar playing. I have a small selection of songs that I can sing in key according to the Music Therapist, and I have a lot more practicing to do on my guuitar while singing along.
It has been 28 years as an inpatient out paient in psychiatry and next March it will be 29 years over being diagnosed with schizophrenia after having a nervous breakdown with what was done to me on an offshore supply boat back in 1983. It is llike I did everything right when I came back to Montreal, getting a job or several jobs here and there while going to school at night to become the Engineering Technician that I am today whille taking pyschiatric medication. I lived the most of my adult life in poverty even when I worked or started out on disability pension due to extra pyramidal sides effects some 15 years back now and tried to make a go of it as an Artist trying to rebuild my life.It has been an on going process and I am determined to make something of my life between engineering or the arts and have a woman in my life again while leading some sort of normal life. So until I write again so long for now..........A little note,in a way my blog postings are incomplete regarding what lead to this hospitalization through police intervention while living with my Mum,which I will get to in a later post.........

Friday, September 20, 2013

Where Have All The Flowers And Good People Gone
So here I am getting around to writing once again, it has been a bit since I wrote but I have had a lot to think about. As to the title to this blog posting, I am starting to wonder about people in general, the hospital staff I deal with on the ward, do not seem to get the message that there is nothing wrong with me and they are in denial about the radio and TV presence I have with Reporters and DJs mentioning parts of my life along with their desire to interview me as an individual and Artist that has been through the mental health system. A Reporter did an article on me in the past and I intend to have future interviews with the media, it is like it is hospital policy to be in denial and screw people over with their corruption.

Society have a lot to be desired when a hospital ward becomes a prison full of lies, with floor staff bowing down to corruption, it is through out the hospital then because staff members float between floors and the young Nurses in training are taught to be corrupt at the grass root level during their stage at the hospital.

Just last night as an example, the DJ on the radio station I listen to, was talking about the period in life when I stood up for the National Building Code against gyprock over plaster installations when my ex girl friend's family did it in a building here in Montreal. Due to me finding problems with them doing this type of work they found nothing but problems with me and my work and had me hospitalized on numerous occasions to get out of the way.Psychiatrists could not even fathom the engineering logic about this issue and I ended up on disability pension from being heavily medicated and not properly treated for the ensuing side effects as a way to shut me up when I mouthed off about a criminal act in renovations.

At least now some Psych ward Staff Members have a way of revealing truths to me about my case story along with certain fellow patients. I do not always have my tablet for it is locked in my locker so I do not get to up date postings as often.

After 28 years as an inpatient outpatient there has alwys been a lot to write about. In finally finding a close for this post, I will put it this way,just because a Doctor is a Doctor of Medicine, it does not make them the all knowing God that some of them think they are in the likes of psychiatry. In every profession in the world there are practicing idiots, just like in psychiatry. It is like after all these years I have no ability to judge a my Psyciatrist's capabilities when they are much less than perfect. It is like what makes a Psychiatrist, were their parents control freaks and the then to become freak child wanted to control the mind of others because he had no control of their own youth. In the Courts only a Psychiatrist can judge my character, no one else can which is a crock of shit, I can judge character but not fit to for the Courts due to the stigma of psychiatry. It is always "he is a very good Doctor"but probable that other Doctors will say the truth about idiot Doctors at a party amoung themselves under alcohol. I can certainly judge an idiot Psychiatrist like I have now,I am not the only patient that has a bitter distaste for him!

Derived from Romans (12:9)
Let medicine be without hypcrisy, abhor what is false medical practice. Cling to what is good medical practice.

Monday, September 02, 2013

The Nerve Center Of Creative Out Put While In Hospital,The Radio Keeps Me Company When There Is No One
So here I sit on another long weekend Monday once again making a blog posting. Thank God for the Tablet and the wifi on the hospital ward, it is a real God sent for having something to do while in hospital. Mum is just about the only person I have, she comes and visits every now and again and brings me what I need to survive on a hospital ward. With the radio in my room I get to interact with the radio station that I listen to, via email. I do not have people to email on any sort of email list or any thing, I never did quiet succeed at a social life. Some people seem to have more problems than me and when I size them up I find they are not worth dealing with. It is like all the good decent people my age are married with children and run their own lives between work and family.
I do my art and play my lute at my hospital bed side and get off the ward six times a day for my cigarette and buying coffee. If the face of the world blew up tomorrow for some strange reason and there was no one left on the planet but me, it would be like my normal lonely life. What a way to put it, so I do my own thing locked away in hospital. I get into reading philosophy on the Internet, as well as what ever scriptures I to turn to absorb thus stimulating my personal growth. I am getting kind of short of things to write, I will have to reflect for a bit and it is near lunch time any way.
So here I am back at the key board trying to make sense of my life, I could alone in my corner in my own apartment as much as I sit alone in my own corner of the hospital. One gets to here the rumours that float around the hospital when they go for coffee and a cigarette like I just did. Sure I get a few words into people when I go buy my coffee like I get a few words into people when I go buy my beer when I am out of hospital. I have no one to get me art supplies so I use them sparingly. It is like I emailed the DJ at the radio station, what am I suppose to do with the art I do create and put together and it is like I am playing my lute for my self as well. I never did really work with another Musician except in the hospital music therapy group, which is a complication within its self due to the jealous comments from other participators. They all can work hard at the creative arts like I did over the years, but it is easier for them to make a lude comments over what I produce in music group by using one or several of the array of instruments at hand. Sometimes it is easier on one to sit in their corner dreaming of having a woman in their life to create art for than to listen to the stupidity of others. Either way it is like a no win situation with how I get slandered through the petty jealousy of others and how can one meet a decent woman around the age of 53 when they are all married off planning for retirement in the next 12 years. That brings this blog posting to a close this time around until I figure what to write next time around.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Art I Did Today And Making Relevance To Today's Posting Through A Thinking Process
As I smoked my last cigarette during my previous hospital smoke break, I thought about my blog posting and what I would write with what relevant image, forth with is what I decided upon. 
Going back quiet a few years now I did a piece of art with the charcoal medium depicting a mean looking type of wolf of which I called the art work "The Wolvine Nightmare" as a way of trying to portray the life of a person diagnosed with schizophrenia and what they go through. Today I am posting an abstract image more in the lines of a wolf husky and how it depicts how things have changed in my life as to relevant thoughts and as to  recent conversations with people and relating parts of the book Peace Love  and Healing by Dr Bernie S. Siegel.
During this term in hospital, one of the coffee shop workers said to me over a smoke break together, I wish I was smart and talented like you. My response was referring to Dr Siegel's book on how he writes where an illness can have positive type effects on a person. I went on to explain to her how, while she was always working slinging coffees and everything, running her life out side of work, I was fighting the stigma of psychiatry trying to get some work and not working for long periods. I had the time to read quality literature and text books, watch news stories, and over all getting educated, to having the time to invest in myself developing my art and music skills where she could not for she was busy earning her keep.

The second referral to Dr Siegal's book I have made, was to a fellow patient when discussing his induced tremors by medication. I went through a lot of involuntary muscle contractions years back and tried to relate my experience in relation to the Doctor's words regarding psycho-sematic inducement of the tremors through stress of focusing on the already induced tremors. When the said fellow patient and I were out having a cigarette together relaxing, I could hold his attention with my flappity yapping mouth over my bitching of the day. I noticed that my smoke buddy was no longer focused on the induced tremors by taking his mind off them as he focused on me. The tremors of his did seem to mellow out a bit at these determined time intervals. It is just an interesting point relating an experience to what the Doctor wrote in his book.

Another point I would like to relate  about the Doctor's writing is the placebo effect.Psychiatric medication is more of a placebo effect from my experience, it does not sort out your thought pattern that deems you delusional, but being followed by psychiatry an individual gets other forms of councel to art and music groups while receiving medical welfare benefits in Quebec and is following a treatment plan of some sort for one's personal mental health issues, to get them back into the work force at some point. As to the old phrase after one has had some sort of ordeal, people often said, "I need a drink". Does alcohol settle the nerves some what or is it a placebo effect. The same goes for smoking a joint of pot. Does one relax after smoking the joint or does one go through the placebo effect from going through the action of smoking a joint and relaxes to clearing the head.Same as to smoking a cigarette,it can have a calming soothing effect on the nerves to relax, is this a placebo effect of taking one's mind off certain issues for a bit to concentrate on smoking inducing calming effects or does the nicotine consumed act on the brain to calm it into relaxing.
Either way I respect what the Doctor writes in his book, it is giving me a lot to think about while reading it.
I do not promote the use of alcohol,tobacco or marijuana to relax, I just am able to relate to it being a child out of the pre-post hippi era 

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Used To Be Man Of The Sea Earning Good Money,Now I Get Nothing But Slandered So It Is Harder To Earn A Decent Living
Stand by while this post is being put together

All people can say that at one point or another, they could have felt like they were a ship at sea in stormy weather. For me it is like it has been like that, ever since I left the seafaring life. As much as I was a good ship's officer before my life fell apart, I have been just as good a psychiatric out patient, trying dam hard to get my life in gear again over the last 31 years. I admit that I needed some sort of diagnosis to rebuild my life in psychiatry once I returned to my home Province Of Quebec, after what amounted to a nervous break down on a off shore supply boat. I myself admit I was kind of brain washed by Psychiatrists into believing that I was a person with schizophrenia, but the older I got, the more I came to realize that I was  just as normal as any one else and did not need medication like Psychiatrists like to imply. Psychiatry is very much like a "Hotel California", once you are in one is not allowed to be free of it, for a Psychiatrist's world might come crashing down on them, and they might lose money invested in psychiatric medication or something, because one or two patients proved they do not need medication any more.

It is certainly not delusional to give blood to a blood bank to help them out, but people seem to have a problem with it if I give a blood donation to our Quebec blood bank. Oh I forgot, half of modern civilization are basket psychiatric cases with a undiagnosed jealousy problem or something and they set out to slander me and have a need to be me through money laundering with my company invoices and they will not allow me to earn a living in engineering or as an artist without some sort of threat coming my way.

I went to school for ten years at night  studying engineering technology while working and taking psychiatric medication. I never could be free of the stigma of psychiatry being shoved in my face, even when I hooked up with some idiot women in my past. It is like I never know what I am talking about even although I am not delusional about engineering principles. Like what is so delusional about putting window air filters in, or filtering water with home made filters, or doing art and selling or trying to sell art prints.

People more or less become what they read and watch, I read a lot of engineering over the years, watched a lot of news broadcasts where it is on TV, how different types of engineering are being applied, to medical engineering inventiveness being reported n the news, and I was always very good at putting two and two together in engineering to put together a new engineered design for the benefit of  an employer or for my self employment to earn a living.Then later in life where it came to finding my salvation when I became part of Montreal Homeless Missions, I ended up going back to church attending services with Christian educational lectures afterwards, and sat there note taking for future reference for my own personal gain and salvation when I wanted to turn to the notes I took. My last blog post was put together from some of these notes and I feel the better person for it.  Once again my previous words come into play. As I find myself with the Holy Scriptures I am reminded of the wisdom contained in these old lessons of life, and I am also led on to reading about and the works of other Christian Writers like I am becoming through my last blog posting. I was brought up by Christian parents and find where some of my deceased Father's words of wisdom in raising me come from, I find them in the scriptures as I read through them, yet not knowing this in my youth with what was being instilled in me and to what magnitude it would effect my life in my later years.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

 With Today Being Sunday And Having Spent The Day Reviewing Church Litergy, I Thought I Would Make A Posting About My Readings That Lead To Old Notes On Teachings Of The Garden Of Gethsemane

I put in this sketch I did recently of a wilderness garden as a symbolic piece of art for a garden as to posting subject matter

for garden reading until I get post put up here is a poem link:

Matthew (14:32-41) Transcribed from The Holy Bible, as issued from The Gideons International In Canada through Montreal General Hospital Pastoral Services:

Then they came to a place which was named Geth-sem'a-ne; and He said to his disciples, "Sit here while I pray." And He took Peter, James, and John with Him, and He began be troubled and deeply distressed. Then He said to them, "My soul is exceedingly sorrowful, even to death. Stay here and watch." He went a little farther, and fell on the ground, and prayed that if it were possible, the hour might pass from Him. And He said, "Abba, Father, all things are possible for You. Take this cup away from Me: nevertheless, not what I will, but what You will." Then He came and found them sleeping, and said to Peter, "Simon, are you sleeping? Could you not watch one hour? "Watch and pray, lest you enter into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak." Again He went awayand prayed, and spoke the same words. And when He returned, He found them asleep again, for their eyes were heavy; and they did not know what to answer Him. Then He came the third time and said to them, "Are you still sleeping and resting? It is enough! The hour has come; behold, the Son of Man is being betrayed into the hands of sinners."

I was introduced to this scripture reading by my Deaconess of  the Anglican Church where I am ministered the faith, as a layperson of the Anglican family, when I get to the church on time so to rock and roll the issue into some sort of perspective for my poor attendance record.
Anyway, as was discussed after the scripture reading, where I took notes at the Bible/scripture discussion lead by our Deaconess, Jesus' bout of praying in the garden of Gethsemane symbolically portrays times in our lives where we have our own bouts of troubling trails and tribulations, as to the times of the old scriptures. Knowing God is with us, or do we know He is with us? Always comes to light throughout our lives. God made us in likeness of himself, what to be stressed and agitated over his creations, to be fully God and fully human. We tend to over look the human/humanity side of him, Jesus as distressed and agitated as in the garden of Gethsemane. Flesh is meek and impatient,then we have the dellima (sp,need dictionary) of relating to the Jesus/God as we humans do. Jesus was there in the garden as the all knowing God, waiting and knowing of things to come and enduring the stress there in, we do with our own insight hindsight capabilities.

Then we went on to discuss the things we do when we can not handle what is coning upon us, such as falling asleep as the disciples were doing on Jesus in the scripture reading pertaining to the garden of Gethsemane as transcribed above in this text. We sleep from either physical fatigue which can be induced by stress/depression as to worry for that which we await for what is coming upon us.Then there in the melieu before our waking moments and the ensued dream state where angels have been known to speak to previously acknowledged Prophets of the Holy scriptures.One must consider the manifestations of thoughts and what drives us to say things as in our waking moments and remembering the dream state pre-waking moments.
We further discussed in our Christian Education Session with our Deaconess, what nature did and what we can not or did not do, inclusive of all God's little creatures big and small that make up life forms on our planet Earth. We questioned if God ever sleeps? To what what are His waking moments of thought to His thoughtfulness for his creations, inclusive of the human sinners that we are.
As the time was coming upon us to close our study of the Day's scripture reading much loved Deaconess brought to attention if we as individuals, go looking for signs of ressurection' as observors of nature; to communicate and feel one with nature and the God of all that has been created, to how we are tempted by God, then bartering with him to self justify not to be a sinner. My closing thoughts and spoken words were to the effect as to what I always said to my Mother, the womb of my creation, "it is not what I want, but what you want, if you are happy I am happy" as our relationship should be with our Heavenly Host.

Which brings a close to this blog posting!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Quips and Notes
Transgressors of suppression are amongst the Lord's people, they show face in multitudes of ways,they inflick sorrow and hate in us, and we rise and rebel in solitude  and enmass against these unrighteous dictators of unworthy suppression of individuals and people enmass, in societidol civilization, in the name of our Heavenly Host and the spirit enthrawled in his name and his works, we are compelled to adore Him in various facets of life, to survive it all!

Through disobedience to God's covenant, truths will be spoken, like wise, disobedience to truths and lies will come forth to speak God's truths. Do not not try and lie at the Tribunal of God, for the Lord knows your mind and mindlessness.

If one lives hell on earth, they will most likely never get over it and live hell in heaven!

For my need and want of a woman, I will not perish in the eyes of women, perhaps a woman true to the heart of God will long for me too, and companionship together will be found one day.

Sometimes I speak with malice in my heart, due to my own discontent.

I'm a little bit of a rough cut around the edges, that is why I turn to the scriptures so I do not splinter myself.

When one's country becomes a "Temple of Doom" due to an unworthy population mass, how do the honest righteous population with their covenant with God, purge their Nation of the populous committing the unrighteous acts against the Nation.

Do not in your heart wish malice upon another, but one still can, so may we pray for our sins!

When walking in the wilderness, and a thorn penetrates your toe; do not curse the thorn, nor the branch it is attached to, nor the ground you walked upon, but curse your own soul for not watching over your sole!

Life is like a ball game with the Holy Ghost, it is just that the ball can be hard to grasp sometimes!

God knows what I've smoked over the years and I'm still smoking over it!!!

As a decendant from two loyal Scots, I think my parents were having a wee dram of Scotch and Dad was reading Mum some Robbie Burns the winter night I was conceived, to be born Canadian.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Independant Day For Me Or Not

My tribunal hearing was today and the Jew Psychiatrist slandered the fuck out of me with his wordy ways and recommended that I am instutionalized for a year in his modern day concentration camp. So at a cost of about $1000 a day to Quebec tax payers, I will be held against my will in a psychiatric ward so I will not be able to earn a living with my company Doc GM Creations and pay some taxes through my company earnings to the federal or Provincial Governments, but other people still get to money launder with my company invoices. I have really no one and the corruption that is out there to stop me from further developing my inventions is getting harder to beat. I am like a engineering techncian that Doctors want to murder with cancer by feeding me with not so good hospital drinking water and food prepared in the same water which is not so good hospital water compared to the water I process that keeps the black out of my mole on my left side. We all know in Montreal that the head of the new Montreal super hospital is up on corruption charges and it filters down through the rankin files of hospital big wigs to fuck over and do in little guys like me.....till later as I am now being done in by hospital corruption.....later Oh yea and the Neo Nazi Jew Pyschiatrist has his staff experiment with psychiatric drugs on us patients, I guess he too voted Harper into power.....Last time I was in hospital I started filtering water in my room for when I made my coffee in the kitchette on the ward. Like regular Neo Nazis they torn apart my investment to have cleaner coffee water and threw my stuff in the garbage.So this time around I know I am being poisoned again by urinating green, another copper pipe is rusting out by copper oxidization which gives off a green hue urinate or you will trap the green in one's filter pack....corrupt hospital staff too stupid to listen to an engineering technician like my self, just get Neo Nazis sabotaging my work for me to stay cancer free from pollutants in the city water main that feds the hospital. Then with the sabotage of my life, I will not be able to give my blood donation like I usual do to Quebec's blood bank. No way can the hospital clean up the water on a large scale for it water needs, like I used to work just to get 4 litres a day of reduced ph water and cleaner water from my filtration process while drawing from the city water main, Psychiatratists will do any thing to stop me from making a better quality of life for myself and making sure I do not get to give my blood donation to Hema Quebec.Now the stupid fucken hospital has got me bleeding blood in my morning bowel movement from poison water and all because they do not have the capacity to clean it up like me!!!!!It is now July 18th and if the hospital has not got the best of water where does the pharmacuetical industry get it to make my forced medication consumption?Just take your tooth paste, spit it into the likes of a minute maid bottle and let it separate, where does all the black come from? Poison tooth paste made from unfit water?
Now I will get to edit this posting for some typo errors
It almost makes me feel like having my head shrunk by Dr Marla Shapiro of CTV News and teach idiot Psychiatrists a lesson or two!!! My gums are starting to bleed like fuck again when I brush my teeth and the mole on the side of my belly is starting to look bad too. The medical community is a small world, appairently Dr Marla knew my Psychiatrist in med school and deemed him a nut then, it is in the morning media!!! I believe I met Dr Marla when she was in med school too, I could have given her my hospital bracelette to remember me by! We are all about the same age, so who is fooling who?

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Day After Canada Day

When one's Country becomes a "Temple of Doom" due to an unworthy population mass, how do the honest righteous population with their covenent with God purge their Nation of the populus committing the unrighteous acts against the fundamental foundations of the Nation at hand,some say you can get a Batismal in the river as a comman unwanted crimminal that crimminals have no use for....hhhhhuuummmm....eeeehhhhh......Funny how when I was having my evening shower trying to cleanse myself of my daily sins, it is like a dead Hell's Angel spoke to me confessing that if one fucks over the wrong person or too many people you got to check your whore-a-scope to meet John at the weight in scale for your Baptismal party......funny how people get enlightened trying to cleanse themselves of sin. At least I do not have a Lady McBeth "sin-drum" of out spot out for things I've done in my life.

Monday, July 01, 2013

Canada Day 2013

A Few Words I Wrote Today Philosophising

  • We all know a few rich corrupt Canadians that have a piss poor nod in character
  • A Country is only as rich as the people make it, why did the maple sugar turn sour for the masses due to Canadian ill repute of  stupidity with suppressionary tactics
  • Remembering how the homeless men always give a rich smile when one shows up in their park to buy a bag of street medication named weed
  • As a Canadian I had to take off my shoes and walk a thorny rice paper trail without remorse, and turn to God to carry me through the pain of it all.
  • The Lord is my Sheppard and opens a door for me to fertile ground and he sows the seed of peace within me on his fertile ground so I may blossom as one of his flock.....but not in Canada

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Here I Sit At A Computer Terminal Again To Write A Few Words or More

It is God awful what has transpired around my life, I now will have nothing to do with my immediate demented family members here in Montreal, what surviving members there are, well they are too stupid to reason and ration what I have to say, or for that matter reason and fathom what is in the News media about me and my plight against Neo-Nazism in North America out to destroy my life. A lot has to do with Harpobama demented cult building along with my idiot brother doing the same thing as a political bed fellow to Harpobama demented political regime to own me as a slave etc etc. Will get back to this posting in a bit, got a thing or two to do between writing spirts....So now I am holed up in a undisclosed location in a form of protected environment while I under take getting a secure location of my own to live and work out of. At this undisclosed location I have to share the computet terminal a bit, so once again I will get back to this post and write some more later......I will not be owned or sabotaged by demented cults any more....till later when I write again. So I got a chance to write a few more words as I put my thoughts to the Internet. The idio-stupidity of these demented fuck head political leaders Harper & Obama, have wasted more TV time and tax dollars trying to own me as a slave and commenting about a private citizen such as myself. My Lawyer is totally pissed off with what is going on and surrounding my life with complications by political interferance from both sides of the North American boader. This idiot Obama thinks because he bought my teeth for 13 million dollars he can get a Dentist to yank them out for his collection, Obama is so stupid he does not realize that any tooth the Dentist pulls out of my gums, the tooth goes to Pathology lab like everyone elses for analysis. Too bad he wasted 13 million dollars on buying my teeth that he can not have, and Americans were stupid enough to elect him as is a fucken joke and as the Beetles sang...the whole world is laughing. So until I write some more Hey Harpobama, keep the world two are worse than the last President idiot yahoo red neck Bush.......till later... Wee Iain with intelligencia.......Well here I am again getting to add a few words once again to this posting. As a fifty three year old male, there is so much that I could write or relate through wordy means, a breif synopious about what my idiot brother and a couple of sick demented politicians did to own-control my life in their own stupid delusion. Numerous upon numerous people over the last couple of years since PM Harper came to power have told me that my brother was such a stupid idiot and that his political brain scheme with certain politicians would not work. I swear to God on my Father,s grave I never knew what was going on with demented cult building around my life. One thing I do remember from my youth was my Father always saying to my idiot brother, "You are not your brother's keeper !" Now I have put two and two together abouty jealous brother and some of my engineering inventions from a very young age, to early manhood in my twenties to what I have become as a compentant engineering technician at this present day in protective custody and working toward getting my monies from my engineering inventions that is being held in trust by responsible people since I always was feeding information to police as a low income wage earner....supper time till later once again.....So here I am punching up a few words once again regarding the circumstances surrounding my life. I have so few people that I can trust, at times I feel I can hardly trust my own Mother. I did get a chance to speak to someone today that indeed admitted that even he was promised to be Doctor Goober Modesty or me for that matter. At least he had the power to reason that it was best just to be himself and follow his own career in his own chosen field. All these demented fucken idiots that want to be me because they were promised to be me are like real siffless heads or something. In comparison, it is like a gay person being promised to be Elton John, at least a gay person can admit he can no0t be Elton John, and because he can not be Elton John he does not set out to do Elton John in. Stupid eehhh as we Canucks put it. Any way I am going to get the local News for now and will write some more later....till then.In between bouts of the local News on TV I thought that I would add a few words here and there. I have this word in my head that I use to describe certain women I feel very close to as they fight really hard for the under dog Wee Me. The word I use is "Poisonettes", stemming from the french word fish and the "ette" indicating the female in french. As to a school of fish, these wonderful Ladies have a school of thought to free me from all these demented cults built around my life, and of course help me to earn a living with my company Doc GM Creation or Creations Doc GM in Quebec for our French language police and publicized company names, as registered in the Court house here in Montreal.Getting back to the News for a bit....then playing my lute for a bit so in a while once more.....

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Canada's Pink Day Against Bullying, Starting To Write A Blues Number Over This Issue That People Have To Contend With

Here are some words I put together as a voice to stop bullies:

Here I sit alone reflecting,
what has become of the youth today?
For too many have died too soon,
as a result of bullying they've endured!
I know bullies and bullying all too well,
When will society rise together,
to stop all the modern day bullying.
Normal reasonable people feel the remorse,
now they are reaching out in fashionable pink.
A pink day to put an end to bullying!!!
Bully no more, let the victims rise,
holding hands together against the bully practice.
Practice bullying no more,
practice bullying no more,
save the innocent child from the bullies!

Harpobama and their demented cult has been bullying me for years now, why do they not show up at my door and blame me for something instead of hiding behind the media and mud slinging at me, proves they are demented bullies, Harpobama you think you are so good with your mud slinging around me, come to my face and face me down with media cameras and all, lets organize a press conference and set the record straight around all this Harpobama bullying around me, you are both corrupt demented assholes hiding behind the media and too chicken shit to debate my intigrety in front of media cameras etc etc and etc....Hey Harper I heard you are being sued by a whole bunch of kids that are yours from jurking off into a test tube for Godly pregnacy tests, you now going to denie modern genetic testing that the kids are not yours, same as idiot fuck head Obama and your bullshit rise to power over me!!!Everyone who watches the media knows Harpobama stupidity has been mouthing off about me with bullying tactics for too long, Harpobama make bullying alright by political standards and children are picking it up and destroying each other because of you two complete test tube jurk offs!!! Hey Harper it is in the media your jurking off into test tubes for Godly pregnacy tests, your off spring need therapy and are suing you to get the money for therapy!!! Just a little note about Americans that love their guns, hope Obamacare has the money for the onslaught of lung cancer from inhalling residual gun powder from all the high power gun ranges, if police can detect residual gun powder on your hands, what do you think you breath in during target practice hanging off the the off a high caliber rifle at a shooting range.
Hey Harper, too bad you unjustly yapped about me through the various media networks, now you are the laughing stock on the streets of Montreal,remember in elementary school I said I would still make you out to be the idiot you are when you held the highest office in the land, I forgot all about you from grade three until you yapped about me while holding the PM's office.
Harper you are so full of crap with this "Devil Beast Magic" around me or that I do it, You are the test tube jurk off like others, like your offspring say, "God would not do this to wee Iain"  I know the women I have had intercourse with and some have my kids, big deal. So wipe that idiot fucken smirk off your face in the media and face the Courts and pay your dues to your genetic offspring asshole. At least your off spring have more intelligence through gene mutation correction factor or something.......

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Earth Day Blog Posting For 2013
Here are some points I am going to write about for Earth Day 2013
  1. Acid Rain fron greenhouse gases doing in our fruits and  vegetables
  2. Acid rain causing world wide mud slides and sink holes
  3. screwed up building electrics causing over consumption of hydro by nature of electricity
  4. Energy efficient bulbs with mercury content put in dumb sites and not recycled right
  5. Beat up old cars on road with ineffecient combustion poisening people in metropolises

Stand by while this post is being put together while I process water through my filtration bank to prevent myself and Mum from having a bleeding asshole with bowel movements

So here I am getting to write after Earth Day, got the radio blasting on the head phones with CHOM FM Montreal, and making a point as in the#1 point for this posting. As to my biology lessons in high school, plants become what you feed them. One feeds plants acid rain, the veggies will become more acidic by nature of consumption. People wonder why they have acid reflex and have to consume medication for it, what people are consuming at their kitchen table is becoming more and more acidic and one gets medical ailments out of fucken closed!!!! Now with my water filtration bank I have and can reduce the PH of my city water main 2 points or more on the PH scale by measuring it and doing a comparison with city water works and my water after I put it through my filtration bank that Harpobama demented cult wants to destroy so their Godly pregnacy tests rule over Christian people, such as money laudering with my company invoices, like Queen rock'n roll...."we will never Surrender" like Sir Winston Churchil of WWII said. As asshole Harper said on Canadian National TV, they/he planned their rise to power, like as we the real people deem them neo-facists, but they were to stupid to for see the power of the Internet and free speech against facism Internationally with real people.

Now if acid rain acidicy is on the increase and in effect  eating the fuck out of our city water mains with interior and exterior pipe corrosion and flooding our streets, the same acid rain will eat the shit out of a hill side or cause corrosion/erosion under our city walkways or reasidential populated areas causing sinkholes en mass. A more base soil or clay content is more cohedsive in nature than that of a soil base constantly induced with acidic rain water to wash its self out by natural chemistry properties of acid to base composition by soil analysis.By  the way, excuse the spelling errors, I know my sciences but am a bad speller.It is late and must recharge my battery again... till later

Everywhere I went the last few years, I found housing in apartments to have a mess of screwed up wiring, I figure we got colour blind people messing with wiring and getting the wires crossed. With certain types of colour blindness, black can look white and white can  look black thus wires get reversed in electrical outlet and electricity will flow backwards through household equipment. Then electricity will and can be absorbed in the likes of equipment plugged in when the equipment is turned off. The hot shoe of an electrical plug is suppose to be the big shoe of a three prong plug and is wired through the switch first. Reversing the wiring in an electrical outlet will cause the electricity to be put through a household unit first, and the current is stopped by the switch last. Cleaning of electrical outlets is supposed to be done yearly, even a spider web between the hot wire to ground can cause electricity to flow to ground and cause electrolysis in the water mains and corroding them royally as the end result. We will consume the rust in our drinking water unknowingly and high iron content in our blood can lead to pre-cancer conditions to going down with cancer in the long run.I will write more later and edit my mistakes in typing as well......

Getting back to this blog posting finally, so here I go again trying to make points for the benefit of the planet. we all get into using the modern energy efficient light bulbs to save on hydro electric costs. Yes this a good thing to do but one must turn to their local governing bodies to assist the building dweller to have an avenue to recycle them correctly. these new energy efficient light bulbs in the shape of a coil are mercury based in the inside. Sure we save on hydro costs using them, but we the people must force are various levels of governments to create an state funded recycling program for these newly engineered bulbs. So many things are not recycled correct these days, it is like we are a society in regression with our environmental waste. Recycling can be fun and cost effective if done right. we can not let the mercury from energy efficient bulbs get into the water table through our dump sites through out the planet. There is enough mercury in the oceans through our ship's engine rooms being blown apart in world war II. Mercury was first used in thermometers to indicate temperature by way of a calibrated gauge. the natural element mercury, got its name through its thermal expansion properties, it would expand the fastest in a calibrated tube to record temperatures where necessary as in old coal fired steam ships of WWII. I still have two old mercury thermometers that I inherited from my Father, even as a child I broke one in my Mother's kitchen and went nuts trying to pick up the rolling silver beads off the kitchen floor until my father came in the room to assist me correctly around mercury. We do not use mercury thermometers these days but have introdu8ced mercury based bulbs into our homes. They must be handled corrly and recycled right to prevent this heavy metal entering into the water table. As to recent medical investigations, mercury like other natural elements that are deemed heavy metals, which end up in the water in nanue particales, collect in the brain leading to ailments in new born babies to afflictions on our seniors such as dementia etc. 
will get to my last point later as I got other things to do besides my blog postings.....

Here I am finally getting back to finish this blog posting on comments about road vehicles poisening the environment in metropolises or the country air. There is a lot to running any piece of machinary especially  an internal combustion engine such as found powering a car or truck. First and fore most, one must throughly read and understand the owners manual as supplied by the manufacture and dealer. Basically do not purchase a used vehicle unless it comes with the original owner's manual. A road vehical owner must have a good freindly/working relationship with a licenced mechanic to properly maintain the vehicle with you the owner being his/hers little helper to maintain proper road worthiness of the vehicle.
One good way to keep track of fuel efficence of a vehicle is maintain a little log book when you fuel up with litres put in the tank and odometer readind and work out your milage to fuel ratio. If one stats loosing milage one can use an air compressor to blow out the air filter from the inside to out, holding your breath or wearing a breathing mask for what comes out of the filter. Summer heat is now upon us and there is summer to winter oil such as SAE 10W30 to SAE 10W40 for differential in environmental operational temperatures. When getting oil changes yuo can pay for a spectra-analysis of your lube oil to varify engine wear and predict repair job bookings with a licenced mechanic. Working with your licenced mechanic one can pull your spark plugs and clean the carbon build up from them and varify the correct spark plug gap with the correct gauge with a touch feel. The engine radiator can be blown out too, backwards with compressed air or a garden hose to clean it up from collected grit on the roads.
To maintain good engine heat transfer and windage cooling, a steam jetty can be put over the engine catching the grit and grim in a cement type grease pit that can be pumped out and recycled by authorised engineering teams. When one maintains a clean engine you will be able to notice gasket leaks more easily around cylinder head blocks and valve rocker arm cover gaskets. There are various dip sticks on your engine that you can watch closely, engine lube oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid level all need topped up every now and again from leaks and loses from wear and tear. There are under carridge greese nipples such as the unversal driveone must vgreese the nipples and pump grease into the working joint and not over greasev, it comes from experience and working closely with your licenced mechanic as a cost effective team.Exhaust gas inspection in your drive way during idol position darker black hue and aroma can indicate oil scrapper ring wear and need of replacement, to lack of combustion air from clogged air filter, to grey exhaust smoke to dripping water during high out door humidex or water in the fuel, I am not your liceneced mechanic just and Engineering Technician trained for internal combustion engine maintaince and running operational requirements as a Marine Engineer when I was younger.When fueling up your vehicle in the heat, check wind direction and stand up wind from the evaporating fuel fumes, hold your breath when necessary and breath fresh air where you can during fueling operations. Proper tire pressure should and must be maintained according to your operational manual speciifictions. There is so much more I could write, but it is for you the vehicle owner to have a working relationship with a trust worthy mechanic, and he/she does not work for free. Enjoy your summer driving environmentally and cost effectively.

  putting the final part together ang editing

Friday, March 08, 2013

Here It Is "International Women's Day" And I Am Left Thinking About Very Special Women In My Life, Past And Present
First and for most of all the women in the world that are very special to me of course,  is my surviving parent my Mum. Then my first sweet heart in my head who I  always wanted to get to know, is this very special Native gal from my grade seven french class. In my moments of solitude I think of her a whole lot all these years later. Then there is her cousin and side kick I got to know some many years later The list goes to several women that I gave love notes to  asking them to be there for me later in life when I evolved into my manhood. One very special Lady is one I signed my oath to in the Canadian Coast Guard College, namely Her Majesty The Queen Of England, Elizabeth II. I get to see her family in the news and my grandfather even met the Queen during remembrance day celabrations commemorating war vets before Grandad died of old age. There are two very special sweet hearts from elementry school that I did art for that I think of too these days. It was silly art indicting we would marry one day and I think of them a whole lot these days too, since I am still single with no off spring that I know of as a legal technician put it to me one day while filing paper work.Then there is the Deaconess of my Church where I am a Layperson to her ministering the faith to me, when I get to Church between processing water to clean it up for Mum and I.Then of course there is my Art Animatress of the art group I am part of, she is a very special source of inspiration and she told me she even remembers me from my youth from delivering the Montreal newspaper to her Father.Another very special gal is one that came up to me in a down town mall when I used to go there for coffee and to write poetry, she came up to me and I charmed her in my own way and gave her my hospital braclette to remember me by, as I was an in-patient in psychiatry at the time. My battery is getting low and I must recharge to write some more later.Then of course there are several Psychiatric Nurses that mean a whole lot to me too. When I had no one I used to fantasies about spending time with them out side the hospital setting. I also had a very inspirational female Music Therapist that meant a whole lot to me too. I still think of her quite often especially when I play along to her flute playing off the tape deck on my mouth recorder while reading the music score I wrote for one of her pet music projects when I was in hospital. Over all, the time spent with these very special Ladies means something special to me. I also have this close female artist friend that has been a great source of inspiration and excellent at helping me improve my french which is often dubbed my silly anglaphone quebecois tonque.Then last but not least there is my female Lawyer that is so busy and has taken appropiate care of me when deemed necessary. They all had or have a very special female intelligencia that curbed my mind as I grew into my manhood to become the person I am that turns 53 this coming summer.

Little Added Note: Is This 2013 year Dubbed The International Year Of The Woman, Thank God They Have Long Strides Of Accomplishment as Our Male Surpressing Counterpart:

  1. Getting Female Provincial Elected Leaders Of Government In Canada
  2. Females Getting Educated In Canada And Held In High Regard In Canadian News
  3. Power Hitting Female Anchorettes At News Desks With CTV Canadian News Network
  4. Female Doctors On The Move In Canada And Being Spokes Persons For Nursing Society Back To Health
  5. Female Crown Procescutors and Judges Held In High Regard In Provincial Courts
  6. Female Financial Advisers Held In High Regard As With CTV News Senior Financial Consultant
  7.   A Female Ministering The Faith And A Rising Star In Montreal
  8. All Compared To A Old Hat Male Politician Calling A Female Politician In Canadian House Of Commons "Tits"' For Having A Competant Female Out look On Canadian Politics

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Here I Am Going Under Industrial Sabotage Of My Company And Personal Life By Strangers And My Family, Thus I need To Rent A Room From Some Caring People So I Can Carry On Cleaning Up Water From The City Water Main With My Process, Email Me If Working Out A Deal Is Possible.
Stand by while this post is being put together.....

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

 State  Of Union Address By Idiot Wanna-be Politician Obama The Canabal  as He Adressed Ireland During His Visit To Part Of My Homeland

Stand by while this post is being put together during cananbal Presidental Address

Do I hear this idiot wanna-be politician Obama wrapping about me again, God Bless my family in the Great USA and the World to take down Harpobama demented cult with my idiot brother and Godly pregnancy tests around me. Apparently half of them or so are coloured blind and can not even wire a a stove right for GE as company was moved to States from Montreal East. Now I got my Mama a GE stove wired from Montreal Est that is A-OK and totally energy effecient Quebecois style!!!! Number one, for a GE energy efficient stove one must have the female house hold outlet correspond to red to red , black to black, white to white, green to green, as to GE Stove protocal by electrical engineering North American Electrical Engineering Standards......amen to rightious engineering standards!!! My Primier Mama Suppiore Pauline  Marloire (SQ)can put Quebecois back to work   wiring stoves  for house holds families for the world!!!!!

Monday, January 28, 2013

This Idiot Want To Be Conservative Politician, Stephen Harper Should Shut Up About Me, I Am A Private Citizen & Small Business Person
A lot of Political Leaders can learn from the deceased Federal Liberal Leader Peirre Elliotte Trudeau when he led the country of Canada in our House of Commons. A lot of the time the Right Honourable P. E. Trudeau would be sitting listening to the house in debate, while reading I guess what would be Caucus reports put together with his strong central government.., a bit while this post is being put together. I can do a lot of things in multi-tasking while listening to the news as to a house Leader reading reports etc and running the affairs of the Country as a competent political Leader. In the Province of Ontario, the Provincial Liberials just elected a female Leader to lead the minority Government. For Ontario Hydro Power Plants, may I recommend looking into what is deemed blue gas (As in Quebec) turbine electrical generating stations. With doing the math between turbine speed and gear boxes, one can calculate torque through gearing ratios to turn over large AC generators at 60 Hz.....lets all say Amen Amen and Allalulia to this thought coming from me a competent Engineering Technician sole owner\operator of my company Doc GM Creations.A jet engine is a gas turbine etc etc and etc!!! Which reminds me of something about an "ETC" gal from my youth, apparently I did a "ETC" wooden carving broach for a third person, ordered and delivered by a middle young lady with an official reciept from my workshop at Dad's tool bench!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Now For This Blog Posting, I Am Putting Together An Engineering Report On A Toaster Oven Made By KitchenAid:
 Model # KC0223CU, Serial # WF14203688 , Competant Engineering Inf'ormation On A Scamming Bullshit Design
Stand by for this posting being put together: I have a lot to write about this toaster oven, there is talk in Montreal media about a class action law suite over this unit as mentioned in my blog title. Number one, my idiot fuckhead brother took my Mother shopping and recommended this toaster oven, his recommendation was full of crap like everything he does for Harpobama demented cult etc. In principal, all ovens work on radiant/convection heat type system, there was no need for KitchenAid to try and come up with a convection toaster oven  with a fan motor in the oven housing. The design was so stupid, a motor in a oven casing does not and would not work! The heat of the oven housing would bake off the motor coil laminations, thus the motor does not work after the warrentie has expired. Hence all the electrical engineering calculations are thrown out of whack and now nothing is working right on the oven and soon it will completely die and my Mum will have to fork out another couple of hundred bucks for a new toaster oven. In effect, by tradition, ovens are radiant heat from the heating element, convection heat from the pre-calculated exhaust heat and air suction ports in oven design. It is in the News how Canadian comnpanies have to look else where for skilled labour, we have none for the present work force as to demand industry has during an economic recovery period, too many idiots were promised to be me, and never kept their nose in an engineering book and got on the job practical experience in engineering technology. KitchenAid was at one time a compedant supplier for items for cooking in the kitchen, Mum and I still use older KitchenAid products in our kitchen together, and totally depend on them. Yes indeed the concept of an improved convection toaster oven for more efficent cooking time
 is real, yea stick the air circulation motor protruding outside the oven casing to keep- it cool so not to burn off the motor coil laminatons. With a programable logic controller for digital timer and convection air circculation fan speed, more energy efficent cooking time could be achieved to save on hydro a while....Wee Iain eng. tech. An after thought with listening to CTV 24 hour News with a very special Marcia handling the anchor desk around my blog posting. An improved toaster oven design with a PLC digital controling cook time, one could have a convection air motor pre-heat system by making an air filter system for oven cooking air drawing air from around the toaster oven housing' thus maintaining a form of fire wall and using hot air efficency drawing from the oven housing and a PLC controling everything for' more energy efficent cook time based on a convection air pump system all calculated by compendant electrical\electronic engineers and proven and tested with cook book reipes as to when micro-wave ovens first came out......Now another little note, this
 improved radiant\convection oven concept of mine must be worked with heat flow engineers and the common engineering bond that no one person owns engineering concepts, one may get an engineering consulting fee for what they have done, pre-heating air goes back to scots marine boilers to produce steam, nobody owns it. Furhermore through Engineers Without Borders where I am an an associate member through my university as an engineerfing technician, we are in it for the benefit of society on the whole, not for any demented cult bullshit brainwashing program to get idiot polticians elected for selfish gain and their demented insaine Harpobama sick cult system to control breeding rights for selfish gain and what became of Doctor Death's research on Jews and other folk coming out of WWII.,

Friday, January 04, 2013

Here It Is The Start Of 2013 And I Am Held In Awe What My Life Has Become
I have not decided on an image to post with these thoughts I am posting online today, strange with the certain media attention that surrounds my life. Everyone seems to have something to say about me, depending where I go or sit and listen to the various media networks I am exposed to. As stated on the News, certain politicians are too delusional to rule, and should not be yapping about me unless it is to promote my company Doc GM Creations or expertise. It is not my fault that idiots built a demented cult around the foundations of my life, I have become aware that a large number of people are total fed up with this delusional demented cult around my life, my life is not open to negotiation!!! I am an engineering technician that worked hard at developing my skills in the engineering field as well as building an Internet presence with art and writing, all these jealous demented cult members can just back off, as I see it, you were all promised to be me by delusional idiots with no amount of education other than self taught brain washing techniques. Get a life other than trying to be me! Until I write again......later. Now I have another real issue that I have to deal with, what is all this crap that I have no right to breed? To put it bluntly, I have been in bed with a woman before, and I have heard certain things by a few women that they want laided by me, they find me cute or something. Like I wrote before on the Internet, I know where I can checked by a Doctor with a woman, to ensure it is safe to have sex together. It is the best way, safes can break during intercourse, and when a couple are in love there is an art to having sex together. All you demented assholes that nominated me as a person that does not breed can now rot in hell's fires, we real people do not need you etc etc for now.....Here it is January 17th and I am getting back to my blog, I am still thinking of what image to put up with this posting, I should do some art especially for this posting. Then of course it is in the media how people have stolen my art from the Internet printed it and have it hanging in their homes. So stupid eeehhh!!! All these stupid theiving idiots that scam, you are in effect comitting tax evasion as well, and where did you get the offical receipt for my art? With no payment for my art to me, no transaction was made or promission given to print it, I made no money, hence no taxes were paid and people wonder why the economy gets undermined and so here I go again adding to this blog posting. What is really stupid is where my company invoices and stationary is being used by people that are money laundering with my company invoices etc, my Emploi Quebec Agent is really pissed off over this, it amounts to more tax evasion and industrial sabotage, who knows what about being self employed? I sure know, there are a lot of laws around self employment and Quebec/Canadian Government and paying taxes you demented fucken assholes money laundering through my company stationary invoice system etc. People go broke to the point of becoming homeless because they have to hide out somewhere for being wanted for tax evasion and industrial sabotage of another individuals company, never mind when the paper trail is firgured out idiots will owe so much in back taxes they will not know what to do, along with liability insurance to paying into various workman's compensation as in CSST for the Government of Quebec for example. So stupid eehhh, in a while as the various number crunching tax departments track you idiots down that messed with me..... So here I am getting back to making a few notes on my blog,the stupid mess around my life that cause a lot of arguments between me and my mother, corrupt politicians as in Harpobama bullshit who keep commenting about a privite citizen\small business person like myself' it amounts to political interference by Canadian and American Official if the idiot bigot Obama was not in front of a TV camera yapping so much but putting his nose to the grind stone of American political agenda for economic recovery, environmental damage control, gun control laws and basically committing industrial sabotage world wide to get want he wants in sabotaging my life with delusional Harper and my idiot alcoholic brother, apparently they are political bed fellows, most like all siffless heads from screwing people over with demented cults on their rise to power to try and do me in as complete sabotaging assholes of the century!!! until later.....