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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Update As To Present Positioning etc

Well here am getting an entery on my blog again , now with an roof over my head in hospital after being deamed a homeless person. It is even on the radio that there are 150,000 homeless Canadians. I more or less got saved from this due to having a past in psychiatry. ended up getting hospitalized and a motion of the Courts was put on me through or by way of the mental health act. I am making this entery on the computer in the occupational therapy room, as I work through the system of being hospitalized once again. In effect I became homeless part due to the world resession and of course my earlier writings of industrial sabotage lead my stuff being seized in my apartment by a Bailiff and locked out during the Canadian winter. The whole affair was complex as it could get. It was quite the experience knocking around the homeless missions of Montreal getting meals and a roof over my head at night or if not getting into a homeless mission I was awake all night in Tim Horton coffee shops as they were 24 hours in operation with their shift workers.Will get back to blog posting later as I only have 15 minutes on the computer due to occupational therapy share time. .....till later...So a computer is not being used so I get to write some more. I invested in my self as a homeless person and rebuilt  person assets to work with and with help from Mum  in between argueing over my life and abilities and why I am in the situation I am in, just trying to explain it all to my 82 year old Mom was all very complicated and I made her life just as complicated with me being me. I bought a Washburn Lute for an instrument to play around with along with art supplies knocking around the homeless missions. I made payments at the musical instrument store while homeless, I may have been homeless but I still had my basic income in Quebec, with not having to pay rent or any thing  knocking around the homeless missions of Montreal, I got to go for now OT group is over......later........Back again and it is now Aug 9 2012, my hospital stay in psychiatry is going not bad play my Lute on my own in my room and do art like usual, I might add as well a few lines of writing here and there, as to my blog and journal and I started a small hard cover note book from the dollar store as a bit of a religeous journal as I started going back to Church whil;e in the homeless missions, I went to church services at a church close to the university, more or less somehow started becoming part of the Anglican family through this.
                       It is crazy stuff being me,rumours are floating around again with the media. When will there be some sort of peace around me, yea I wrote things about declairing war on the States, will stupidity around me ever end, like people say in the media, they are sick of this stupidity around me. Americans going to the poles soon enough, maybe the Government will find peace with its self, hard drout season says we all got to be more concience of the environment and water supply and stop doing each other in, warring over things especially stupid things like my life, I'm no Preist to a demented cult built around my life, all so very stupid what things have become, we got to start building together, get out of world recession and clean up our water supply or we will all be sleeping in the Dead Sea or something.