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Monday, December 10, 2012

As a Pre-Lude To Writing During The Christmas Season Which Is Upon Us, I Thought I Would Post A Piece Of Unfinished Art I Started Last Winter While Being Part Of Montreal's Homeless Missions
The season of angels harking amoung us through Christmas caroling is upon us for 2012 and I find time from a lot of things to maintain my Internet presence. I still do my art and music while pursuing my engineering technology through processing water from the Montreal water main. I started weighing my 4 litre bottles of water while they are going through my manually run processing system. Somewhere in engineering history I thought the concept of 1 kg mass of water had a volume of 1 litre for easy mathimatical calculations as to 1 imperial gallon weighing in at 10 lbs. What my tri-layer filter pack which I developed takes out of the water, as in toxins etc, I can get 4 litres weighing in more than 4 kilograms and process it some through my developed procedure, and I can reduce the 4 litre weight to about 3.375 kgs so far. I just invested in a half decent set of scales with basically very limited income to continue my water works so to write. Many ways to get a hold of me  to have the best of cooking water for that Christmas family get together. Due to Harpobama demented goon squad, they process my email so I can not have anything but basic junk mail apparently, it is hard for people to get through to me on the cell phone due to these two idiotic political freeks somehow controling my incoming calls so I really do not get any, try me at 514 946 8642 between 9:00 am and 10:00pm Montreal time. If you can not get through to me like others say, one will soon be able mailing me to my post office box which I will post this week, first I will see if my cell phone works like it is suppose to, my Lawyer does not even seem to call me back and I am always leaving messages for her. It is getting late and I got to get back home so I can process more water so I have ample supply for my morning coffee and till later for what ever fan base I have...signing off for now. So here I am back at a computer terminal with a small up date on my water filtration process and my delimia over what I thought a litre of water weighted. Indeed a litre of water has a mass of 1 kg but at about 5 degrees celsious. Like steam tables, the higher the temperature, the lighter a certain volume of water may weight in at. Then to add more complications, barametric pressue with room humidity and temperature can create variations in the water volume due to thermal expansion and hence mass in kilograms. As to years ago, it was very comman to hear the phrase acid rain, and it has become worse over the years with the likes of SO4 found in some bottled water which I beleive is a mild form of sulfuric acid as to sulfer dioxide in our atmosphere from the combustion process of various assorted hydrocarbon type products used to create heat energy. Just thought I would make this little up date while I had to pass sometime between places down town today on Dec 12th 2012, so till later, I sign off again.....So here I am back at the computer again and it is now Dec 15th of December and if there is snow tomorrow as predicted in our weather forecast, I am going to collect some snow in a bucket from Mum's and my balcony and bring it in to see what comes out of the snow this year in the snow melt. I will be continueing to write later today. Back to my water works, I wash my tri-layered water liters that I fit in various sized funnels, in a vinager and hotwater solution. Turning the cone type filters inside out, I take cooking tongs and plunge the filters up and down to pump the water main sediment that has coagulated in the filters out to clean them up. I got to get around to writing a little manual in a chap book style format, and sell some to help further develop my water filtration process and make it more efficent.