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Friday, November 09, 2012


So here I am after getting organized some and getting my art scanned to make my blog posting for another start to defining my life while searching for my salvation just after fifty years old.

The first image in the posting is kind of like little old me fishing for answers and trying to find a woman in the process, she would be like my woman of enlightenment clueing me in  about a few things and the gossip that surrround my life and the disappearence of a lot of my worldly possessions. Having someone at my side when seeing my Psychiatrist and Lawyer so they can make an affirmation of my my declaration of the truth about my life.Taking a break for a a few minutes to have a smoke, cigarette smoking is not recommended by Health Canada and a few other people, try not to smoke!!! How I am back and settling in obn  the key board again to type up a few words once again.Since I have been back living with my mm to rebuild my life, it has been rather ackward living conditions with my 83 year old senior Mum. I am constantly spending time filtering the water from the Montreal city water main and save my vinager wash from the filters I made up in my clear glass 1.18 empty beer bottles. At times I can spend time watching my vinager wash and what I take out the filters separate over time andsee I take out of the water with my tri-layer filters I sewed up on Mum's sewing machine, I learned how to use it as a child and Mum is still giving me quick reviews on the sewing machine. I do not pure my vinager wash down the drain and the contaminates I take out of the water back into the water table. All drinking water for juices and cooking water passes through my hands first. It is a lot of work and I got my male erection back after loosing it in  the hospital with their challenge of cleaning up the water on a mass scale the way I do it with funnels and filters designed and sewn up for each funnel. I got an hour BMW ride back to Mum's, that is bus, metro, walk in Montreal, so till later on the weekend when I write again. Funny closing note I think I would be working a lot harder cleaninfg up water with my "Woman of Enlightenment " at my side, that would be purifing water for three or more if I start dating some potental woman of mutual desire.
Well here I getting back on a computer terminal to write on my blog again,been awhile due to a lot of confusion taking care of my mum.We are going through 4 liters oif water a day about, between us. Now that I got my Primier's Mama Superior Quebec Government monthy cheque, I am doubling up with my water processing capabilities to make more of my cleanest water more cost effective with time and energy. Got to get back home and continue on catching up with cleaner bottled water operations for occupational therapy, like a piece of art I did in hospital "No Schiz Here"....till later.Well here I am on an computer once again and writing about various subjects once again.It is going not back staying with my Mum, she is getting used to living in her apartment and it is a lot of work taking care of an 83 years old senoir. Cleaning up the water for the two of us is also a lot of work as well.Then what everything costs these days even mum has a hard time believing what the cost of life has become. I am still re-newing things that went in  the  Baliff's container, inclusive of some of my art supplies and music stuff. I am constantly re-renewing all sorts of things and trying to wing a budget around everything I need. Then of course there is still a lot of rumours that float around around. I can be seen in various parts of the city, my old haunts so to write where I know people from my past. I am now back at the hospital art group doing art like I used to do, and I still do some art at home or at the University Library from a referance book as a source of inspiration. My time is winding down for use of the computer terminal so I will get back to writing down the road in the future some time soon.

Thursday, November 01, 2012


Here I am on November 1st on All Saints Day Writing After Thinking About My Wednesday Eucharist Church Service and Lecture/Discussion I Attended

For the images on this posting I put up some art I did in Hospital will get back to my posting later....I am running out of time but what I am going to try and write about is the spooky side of us as males and females in general as to the Church service I attended dealing with sins and repenting. So here I am back writing again. I have this funny acceptance thing about the Church's concept of sin and being a sinner, I have a hard time relating to it. How did I ever sin? I always tried being a stand up citizen and being a small male I have been bullied a lot by other males an inch or so bigger than me. Yes I have been here and there partying like any one else and I admit that I have experimented a bit around smoking various things other than tobacco. Some time ago I came up with the word "Envirosin" Ok I have to admit I have sinned around the environment, have littered, second hand tobacco smoke. With being an engineering techncian, yes I have been part of polluting the environment like others with being part of industry through doing things the way othes did it because that was the way it was always done. Now at 52 I really re-evaluated my role in society as an environmentalist with a lot of engineering principles backing me to be more concience of what and how I recycle. As to my art in this posting I try and do a lot of figuring around the ugly side as me as I try and find my salvation through being part of a Church community. I do have a bit of an angure problem stemming around stupidity of my personal life which was dished out by others and amounted to industrial sabotage of my company. Having had three relationships with women at different times but spending most of my life as a single male, I have experienced the ugly side of women somewhat but I am not at liberty to write about this because I might get my faced squashed by a woman or two for doing so, women have been surpressed for a long time during the history of man and woman kind so I do feel for the under dog concept of the female gender because I can relate through the surpression that I went through myself. As to the concept of repenting, I looked it up in my trusted Oxford dictionary to get the facts straight somehow. I still got to look up the meaning of a few words given under thew diffinition of repent, I am not quite there yet but will get back to my dictionary sooner or later. I got to close up my posting for now the allotted time I paid for is about up so until later when I write again.....Well here I am back at an computer terminal on November 9th, I do not get to write on the Internet like I used to due to my computer going in a baliffs container. Come to thing of it on the subject of sinners it was like the management of my old apartment were reall business sinners. They made me homeless for a bit instead of putting my tools to work or even commissioning me for art or something to pay the bill I ended up getting after replacing stuff from illegal entrance into my apartment when I was not home. In a way I am still working on this posting in my head. I just got my new glasses and I still got to get my nose back into the Oxford dictionary to obtain a comprehendable understanding of the act of repenting. Give me time while I sort out this posting in my head for a bit longer and look a few things up in the University library aroubnd the orinal subject of my postying so till later.