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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I Am The Most Yapped About Person In Poverty And Always Getting Done In By Harpobama Stupidity and Their Goon Sqaud
Stand by while this post is being put together...Harper and Bush stupidity stole the Google monies I made on my blog, imagine stealing a person's money and using it to do the person in.....Canadian media reports all sorts of things.Slowly to surely I get blog postings put together. This stupidity arounds my life goes back a long, Idiot fucken idiot George W Bush commented about me, I watched the media clip with my father when he was alive. I suppose the bum fucking idiots Harper and Obama are going to say my Father and I hallucinated the News on BBC as televised on Canadian TV. Americans can not even elect a President that will not stop fucking me over with fellow demented idiots, it is getting expensive to Americans, trillions of dollars in dept to China and it is like they just waste American dollars paying demented cults or what ever to do in me or my property. Why do Americans think I more or less declared War on them, Bush and others started it, I went around my own affairs until I came aware what they were up to  try to own my interlectual property with engineered prototypes and inventionss. In God I trust that that my prayers are answered that the United States of America with an alligence with Canada's demented fuck head Prime Minister that some Canadians detest like me. As we Canadians say "Too bad eeehhh" There was a comment on radio this morning that a certain American Politicians felt they would never recover financially with what the States have become.Until later....I will survive...last comment for now...I got a small list of people that hit Google ads on my blog when I had them posted to earn revenue and I never made a cent from come.....Here I am now on a Friday night continueing my blog entry as I used to do when I started blogging on a Friday when I started, instead this time on a pass from the hospital. My Doctor, Social Worker, Music Therapist, Nursing team with student Female student Nurses are pretty well female, I only deal with a couple of male Nurse sand a Male Occupational Therapist and still have some Media attention as a struggling multitasking person because of some powerfull idiots committing , is feeling a lot more secure against being robbed of some of my personal property as to other postings where I mentioned the subject. Until later when I write again.

Still in hospital and trying to get a place to live

It is now going to be the 1st of October and I have not got a place to live yet while having assistance for this matter with a Social Worker. I text message the radio station I listen to every now and again about my plight of life trying to make something of myself as an engineering technician and of course turning a bill somewhere around my interests in the arts. I have two Layers now and one of them said she was sick and tired of this demented cult around my life. Apparently she knows more about this than me.It is like the old saying everything is going to come out in the wash and it will be exposed what people have done to try and destroy my life out of sheer jelousey. People even gossip around me how this stupid demented cult that was put together by others and nothing to do with me and they were always told that what they were trying to do will never work, but they were too stupid to listen and to get a hold of their own problems and stupid mess.I just waiting to see how this pans out so till later I am signing off.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Strange What Blows In My Face Within The Compounds Of The Urban Jungle
Here I sit making a blog entry and could actually write from here to evermore. I have these words in my head along with writing them in my personal journal, somehow worded how stupidity took over civilization a bit.I have so much to catch up on after being locked away in psychiatry for a bit. At times my closest associates are some of the homeless men of Montreal, we do not forget easily. I am taking one day at a time on hospital passes and greatful for the education I achieved over the years through a lot of hard work and study. Here I had my 52nd birthday in hospital, and wrote some words bouncing off some written words I found amougst my Mum's stuff. The piece is called "My Special Ladies", real true blood women that let me know how I am appreciated with my own personal survival tactics. It is like the old phrase about the out come of shit hitting the fan, a lot of good people in Montreal are reminding me of things I have forgotten over the years, funny how certain women can cling onto an underdog like myself and put me on a pedestral as I put women in general on a pedestral due to my up bring with my Father being my primary roll model. Like one of many Psychiatrists around my life put it, "He would stand up on a soap box and mouth off in public in Trafalga Square if he could", yea that is me alright, at least some Psychiatrists can get the facts straight about me. I will continue this blog entry at a later time and build upon my opening words in this blog entry. It all boiles down to some dogma of stupidity that people were promised in brainwashing demented cults to be me at some point in their life. A lot of people are busted broke out of it and I still got some budjet more than others so to say in my written word, and I still can call my own shots in my later manhood as I deem for my age, I do command a lot of respect with Montreal's populess.|Till later until I find more sellected words to put on the Internet.......So here I am in the city core after Church, I did a lot of thinking to myself before I turned to writing my Sunday words this afternoon. I am very much haunted by a lot of things, even by going through back alleys around my vacinity where I hang out with limited places to go other than the hospital. I do find a way to keep occupied through reading and doing art around my thoughts. It is like I wrote to myself in my head and on paper, here I am entering the second leg of my life at 52. What I have seen in my youth to what I have studied while obtaining my education over the years, it is a constant growing process with the images, sights and sounds I experience in the down town core around the University and its library that I am part of through membership fees. The Church family that a chose to join is also a very strong influence on my thinking process, the cost to civilization with what society has become. we all come out of summer and starting renamissing what consituated our summer, for myself the greater part of was being an inpatient in psychiatry, and filtering my hospital fresh water to make my instant coffee. We all have a lot of  complicated work ahead of us all cleaning up the environment and water supply, heaven forbid our water supply to become a saturated solution of toxins, I go nuts trying to filter out suspended particals that one can not see in the water supply but these toxins become visable through the filtration process one takes upon themselves. I do have a keen sense of smell and end up holding my breath at times while walking the city core so I do not fill my lungs with motorized veichal exhaust when I come across poor combustion gases as I approach it. At times it can be like a windmill pumping toxins in ones face.I even go out of my way trying to exhale my cigarette smoke so as not blowing it in the face of a fellow perhaps none smoking predesterine. I still am a bad speller and do not have my dictionary with me so please excuse my spelling errors. A number of great artistic masters poisened themselves working with their selected art medium, it is like we never learned as humans to not poisen ourselves from the start of what was the industial revolution around 200 years ago to what has become modern day science and engineering. I set my limit for about an hour of paying for the computer terminal and my time isabout up for now. Inclosing for today I am really going to hitthe hammer on the nail towards Politicians with there disgrace and lack of leadership towards environmental concerns. With what we the people have done to ourselves with enviromental pollution, we seemed to have lost gene mutation correction factor (I read about it once in a medical library) for the cost effectiveness for the human race, to many handicap and sick people that we have to be there for in what is suppose to be a compassionate society for concerns toward our fellow persons.... so I just leave my writing at that not and sign off for now......