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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Here I am finally getting to making another blog posting after quite some time. I am now very much in a transitional phase of my life due to a lot industrial sabotage of my company and personal life as par normal with idiot PM Harper and his demented Nazi cult along with his associated cult members trying to do me in. The piece of art for this blog posting was done while boucing off another artist's art work which was hung in the lobby of my Mother's physiotherapist's office, I escorted my Mother there one day during a snow storm, and sat and produced a similar piece of art while waiting for her to get her physio treatment done. Today while down town Montreal, I bought some art supplies and produced this second piece of art in my favorite coffee shop, bouncing off the first one I did in my Mother's therpaist's office lobby. Any way I got a few things to do at this computer location today, it is kind of a way of hiding from hackers and spyware infections on my home computer, that ruins my capabilities on an Internet connextion at home, most likely PM Harper's demented Nazi cult team trying to do me in as par normal, a way of his demenhted fu7ckhead alliance trying to own me, my art and engineering inventions for personal gain and that of his demented Nazi cult team, after all what else do you call these demented fuckheads always trying to screw me over and destroy any reasonable type of life I try to lead. It is all through out the Canhadian radio and TV media where ever I go for media type programing. So in a while as I turn to get other things done on the Internet for now.........Wee Iain....Well here I am tackling my whoof and write disease again as a bit of an unofficial hound dog at another undisclosed location of my preferance to share my thoughts with my would be fan club. There is so much to write about, for example, my idiotic landlord that thinks he/they are God or something got a Bailiff to seize all my worldly possessions and had them put in a container which I am now trying to track down, as the Montreal Police said, "....the container must be some where, get a Lawyer to help you out." So now I am going nuts trying to get a Lawyer to deal with my complicated situation. The legal referal service which works with the Quebec Bar Association always gives me names and phone numbers of very busy Lawyers, they are all too busy to handle my situation or they do not accept Legal Aid money from the Quebec Government. So now I got an appointment in a Quebec Legal Aid office in a bit of a time lapse of a monthly moon cycle near my temporary residence. Time is money and I got other things to do on the Internet, so I will get back to this blog posting in the near future to continue the saga of my plight of my stupid life, as it has become or always was!.....Wee
Iain szigning off for now....Well here I am at another very special undisclosed location getting some computer work done on Febuary 14th bloody Valentines deceased Scottish Father always had a way of using the word "bloody" in a multitudes of ways while communicating with some of his broad Scottish lingo. As it stands right now, by the supidity of two completly stupid Landlores, I stay my Montreal winter nights in a Municiple/Provincial/ public financed refuge center to get a meal, shower and bedding space to survive the winter nights above the 42nd parallelŲ….

So here I go again continueing my blog posting. As it turns out I have now started on a Nodmadic Sabatical as some sort of Voyageur doing art and starting to play some music again. I have all sorts of places for refuge, just like this undisclosed location. I do some studying in my University of choise preparing to do some preliminary sketches for some work that will one day be put on canvas. I am kind of researching my subject matter. I got a place where I can lay down my head at night, as long as I make my bed in the morning I got the same bunk the following night. Two meals a day and a shower and all. What makes it really great is that there is Art de Sur la Terre going on in the under ground net work of Montreal. All sorts of art ideas are coming out of my head along with using the Musee des Beaux Artde Montreal for producing art from the images from their instalations. I got into the Nepolean exhibit and took some notes and started a piece of art after figuring something out about Nepolean art show as presented by the Museum. Will get to my blog later....I got other things to do on the Internet. So here I am pretty well ending my blog posting for now until i start a new posting soon. I am getting more and more organized with my street travels and places of refuge as I sort out my affairs with my Lawyers I got working on my case with the Regie de Logement and the Courts and all getting my container of goods back from the baliff and all so till later.....