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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Due to Canadian Government Corruption Around Me And My Company, I Renounce Any And All Alligence To Canada And Want To Become A Colony Of France With My Honest And Righteous Quebec Government

Due to all the Canadian Federal Government corruption around me and my company Doc GM Creations, like money laundering with my company invoices, I am fed up with them and want nothing to do with Canada. To think, Quebec and New Bruinswick can become a colony of France with our French content and then Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and NewFoundland can become a colony of Great Britian, acknowledging the corruption of the Canadian Government and its association with demented cults that think they own me as a slave. France has very strick laws regarding what is a demented cult and what is a recognizable Church, I read about it in a Newspaper once. If we work together as colonies of Europe, we can all start using the Euro for financial transactions to finance our way to economic recovery together. As colonies of Europe, we could also be their for Native communities west of Quebec as we easterners from Quebec east acknowledge the present Canadian Federal Government as suppressors and bigots. The arctic region and Yukon can join with us too, as we work together with our resources and stimulate our economic recovery as a united force against suppression and corruption doing me in with a demented cult that has very close ties to the United States and its Klu Klux Klan type bigotry of suppression. Communities of the Jewish faith through out the rest of what was Canada, can surely accept being a colony of Israel that accepts our exodus from the Harpobama demented cult stupidity and move the Euro with me and my people that accept that my company and I have interlectual engineering type property and that a demented cult and its association with the present Canadian Federal Government will not be tolerated by Jewish religeous laws. Any people in the world can accept and work with interm Governments out side of the communist dictatorship of the present Canadian Government that has the word on the street to have me assinsinated as a way to own my inventions and me as their slave while illegally money laundering with my company invoices. Winter is coming and I have a winter solar window panel that can save us all a fortune in home heating oils that the Harpobama Klu Klux Klan type demented cult think they own by theift of my interlectual engineering property. Too bad American Texas oil money and their hugemugous demented cult compounds moved into Canada and tried to own me and my company while illegally money laundering with my company invoices. So many people have told me that they were blackmailed into using my company invoices or they would be put in prison by the Harpobama demented cult financed by Texas oil money that is now busted broke!!! I personally have secured Euros to work with from my bank which I will recieve in three banking working days, I have art for sale and all with engineering prototypes/inventions, and I will only accept Euros for financial transactions to move art or work with my engineering experise and raise Quebec taxes to pay for the side walk repairs which are muchly needed on my street and through out Montreal, along with paying for snow removal and salting/sanding of the city side walks as winter is coming upon us as colonies of the Euro and European interm Governments. Or any other Provincially funded departments of Quebec through legally claimed tax dollars through GST/QST accounting proceedures with company invoicing and purchase orders. Once I secure an income of $50,000 a year I have to get a GST/QST number for my company by accounting rules and regulations. I am totally fed up with the Harpobama demented cult financing computer hackers to do in my computer and my Quebec Internet provider, what it has cost my people with unemployment and fighting back against Harpobama demented cult computer hackers and spyware writers to do me in and people that believe in free enterprise and association with me. Now when it comes to free enterprise in a civilized world of tolerance with morals and ethics, one has to answer to proper accounting rules and legislations as laid out by regional governments, federal governments or interm governments in the case of peoples revolt against an extremist regime in power that is being over thrown. What is free speech? Really now it does not cost any thing to speak, but there are basic rules of tolerance of free speach with morals and ethics other wise one can be prosecueted in the courts for uttering slander, deflamitory remarks, racial discrimination etc etc etc. It is like the choosen words that were just on a commercial on CTV National News, "Lets build a smarter planet". Yea, I am no honky niger slave to a DEMENTED CULT THAT MONEY LAUNDERS with my company invoices. You can not steal my interlectual property while it is under development, nor threaten to blow up my street or assinate me to get what you want with stupidity. You are going to have to answer to the world courts as a dictatorship which is a terrorist demented cult regime. I am no Preist of a demented cult dictatorship regime, you are not dictating to me my livelyhood which I want no part of as your slave/Preist. I am an engineering technician/artist/writer that owns my company Doc GM Creations as sole owner/operator by Quebec courts. My company has been under so much industrial sabotage to drive me under, I still answer to a Quebec Financial Aid Officer to make my company pay taxes and maintain its registration and company number as first registred in Quebec courts. I am partly financed by a Quebec disability pension, which I am allowed to earn a living with, $20,000 per year inclusive of my cheque, then my disability pension is re-calculated accordingly for my income level or get off it completely with me making ample money with my company. Then accordingly, as I kept in touch with my Financial Aid Officer all the time and informed the person of certain prototype inventions of mine, I have been informed that the Quebec Government is legally handling certain affairs of my company while I get free of this demented cult around my life that I and the Government of Quebec did not know about and their extreme measures to do me in as a citizen of Quebec. To make another point that is of concern to me, no demented cult dictatorship regime can dictate to me what is and is not to be my sex life and who is and who is not allowed in my apartment, and who is and is not going to lay in my bed with me for a healthy sex life, get the fucken message!!!! This slander that I have HIV/Aids or any other sexually tramittable disease has got to stop, I am a HEMA Quebec blood donar for Quebec's blood bank and they would not accept my blood or phone me to make appointments to give blood if I had some form of sexually transmittable disease or spread germs and virus', get the fucken message once again!!!! As to the image in this posting, it is kind of like a real society that consists of real honest righteous people with morals and ethics. We are all inter-connexted somehow through the various levels of society and the responsible Insitutions there of/in. We all have to answer to some sort of recognized regulatory body, if Politicians screw up, they have to answer to judicial inquiries as set out by the Government at hand. If one screws up with book keeping and accounting procedures with money, they have to answer to a Government Auditor. If one screws up with regard to the criminal code, one has to answer to the Police and the criminal Courts, if an elected Government screws up, they usually have to answer to people in revolt and their interm Government of their choise, funny thing eehh!!! If one is deemed mentally unstable through uttering, writing, acting out delusional rhectoric, they have to answer to a Psychiatrist and his recommend medical treatment, and the Psychiatrist has to answer to the Provincially regulated College of Physicians....funny thing eeehhh!!! Then there is the case of this stupid spy TV that I was given, it is located in my living/bedroom of a 2 1/2 apartment, I knew nothing about the spy TV, did not agree to it, but I am stuck with it at the present time, no one has the right to spy on me through a TV set, what you see is what you get until this matter is sorted out, too bad eehhh!!!

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Image Is 2nd Year Canadian Coast Guard College Room 1979/80 While I was Studying Water Processing For Steam Marine Engineering & Learning About Processing Water Principles
Here I am getting back to my posting,what I go through from industrial sabotage in unreal!!! I love emailing Montreal's Queen of Radio so much and feeding her information and all, along with my art conceptions but here I am going nuts keeping my computer automation running and I can not even get my email working right so that I can email her with info and art conceptions of mine. I sent and emailed off to the radio station DJ last night while listening to the blues show on my favorite radio station here in Montreal, and today Canada's Thanks Giving Monday I am going nuts trying to keep my computer automation running against hackers with my Microsoft provider and Internet provider. My poor computer which I dub "Old Betsie" some how after certain things in my past and my Mum called Betty,short for Elizabeth, I end up rubbing the ficticous temples of my computer screen and praying with a cigarette hanging out of my mouth as a burn't offering of ancient Moses keeping my computer running riding on empty from hackers doing me in. Any way will get to the posting I wanted to make as to water processing for the people by the people so that we can all breed, as to young males having an erection and females maintaining there womanly period which alot are losing for various reasons, one being water infected with toxins everywhere, even bottled watering Engineers are going nuts keeping up with toxins in there reverse osmosis processing plants and making the best of water like myself, and yes as to an older blog posting I want to feed Hillery Clinton all that I can through my blog because if only she became President of United States of America instead of idiot Obama, things would have been so much different with an ex Prez becoming perhaps the first "First Man of the White House", what a statement eeehhh. All I want in some small way in my heart is Hillery and Bill to make amends with each other and be there for the great Nation of the United States of America. Let me edit, I keep hitting the Caps Lock key by accident when I hit my "A" on my newly purchased and improve Microsoft key board!!!
So I got my editing done through saving my blog post and rewo0rking my stuff like we all do in engineering as we learn from what we accomplished and makje improvements on our product or process systems. Here in Montreal, my water main with my Honourable Mayor that has been through much with his "Little Baby Quebec Provincial Police Wolverine/RCMP Hound Dog" manipulating his turf as Mayor, but yea anti gangsterism and mob corruption, likeI told Hell Angels in a Bar once, "You want your kids to go to the pen like a lot of you have, let them work an honest life like me being Police informant and smoke your joint like me for muscle pain instead of the like of pharmacuetical Advil that does you in, you hussling tools with excessive over time and muscular pain, you need something to get up at 5:30 AM and start all over again for aNOTHER 12 HOUR DAY WORKING MUSCLES!!!" ( ANY WAY GOT TO EDIT AGAIN HIT T5HE WRONG KEY AGAIN AND LTHEN OF COURSE MEETING MY mUM LIKE A LOT OF hELL aNGELS HAD TO MEET mUMJ bOUCHARD AND COP DEALS....IN A WHILE....LOVE LOVE TO ALL SO THAt we can inter breed and create beauty)

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