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Monday, February 21, 2011

As I Have Discovered, Another Building With Bullshit Wiring That Causes Home Appliances To Smoke And Need Repaired. My Tools Are Working Again 12 Hours A Day, Will Get Back To This Post With Further Update.
People that can not read and do electrical calculations with math, while being coloured blind should not play with wiring in buildings, they make a mess of things causing ground faults and baby syne waves which tend to amplify voltage in electrical outlets due to nature of AC electricity. How can a coloured blind person tell the difference between red, black, white and blue, the standard colour coding of building wiring. Everything today is rated for 120 volts max, the voltage going into it should be 110 volts if possible, or 115 volts max leaving a 5 volt safty factor. 110 volts and 110 volts in wiring make 220 volts for a stove or dryer, not 240 volts going into a stove or dryer from 120 volts and 120 volts. I have old electrical tools that I maintained that are rated for 115 volts max, that would be 110 volts with 5 volt safty factor for internal building wiring problems. Will post more later with image. Well here it is Feb 25th 2011 and I am just getting back to my blog posting. I have been working so hard protecting my Mother's household electrical equipment from electrical probelms she was faced with and never knew it. To start, a stove is made for a 220 volt input, wired with a blue, red, black, and white wire with a standard bare ground wire through a CSA standard four prong plug. The stove electrical outlet wiring has to match the wiring of the stove plug or you will run into problems with your stove, smoking elements etc. In effect you need someone that is licienced to handle electricity to plug in your stove right, having the wiring of your stove plug match that of the stove wall plug, electricity is a science that is over seen by electrical engineers. Most people that practice some sort of household cleaniness, pull out their stove once a year to clean behind it, when one does this you should pop the back off your stove and clean the contacts and wiring that get covered in dust as well. The dust in the back of your stove contacts and wiring will in effect cause a short circuit through the dust conducting electricity to the wrong place. Same thing with a household refridgerator, when you pull it out from the wall to clean behind it, you have to pop the back off it and clean the wiring and contacts around your fridge compressor. Cleaning the fridge compressor and heat exhanger is also important so that it cools right, with having a dirty fridge compressor and evapouation coil, the refridgeration system will not work to full efficency. For this type of home appliance maintance and/or electrical outlet voltages in the Montreal area I can be reached through my email or by calling 514 366 0239. Another common problem around the home is when a portable radio phone battery does not charge right and the phone goes dead when you are using it. Batteries have a memory for charging, and have not changed much in years, with bullshit wiring in ones home the recharable battery in portable phones will not charge right to full capacity as designed to do, hence one can go nuts trying to talk on the phone with the phone going dead because the rechargable battery will not hold a charge correctly. Then on the other side of the coin, I have an electrically powered tool that is rated for 115 volts max, it is an old tool that I always maintained and watched where I plugged it in as not to smoke it at 120 volts power supply, what I have to buy a new tool because of bullshit building wiring? I do not think so, I can rig up an extension cord with a variable resistor and all in a control box to control power supply to my tool!!! Then what really pissed me off with internal wiring in buildings is where I found that people wired an electrical outlet backwards. In what was proper standard wiring is where the black wire being hot , it is wired to the big slot to take the amperage on start up through the big shoe of your electrical plug. Internal wiring and circuit boards of household equipment are done in a way to have the amprage and voltage flow correctly into its self through a black wire as well. Stupid backwards instructions on getting people that do not know electricity and play with it, are leading to people wire things backwards and adding to help equipment malfunction. Electricity like I wrote is a science and it should only be handled by Liciened Electrical Contractors with libility insurance, Electronic Techncians and so forth. I worked on the job as an Engineering Techncian with Licienced Electricians, maintained electromechanical equipment, and studied the science of of electricity as cross training in machanical engineering, so I know how to do the job and I am able to get my apprentise maintaince electricity licience back with Mum's help, she offered to foot the fees at Quebec's trade liciencing office known as the Regie de Batiment. With being down and out with no money I was unable to have my licience up to date with the ensueing fees.
More will be added to this post later....

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Canadian Mental Health Day Today, For Awareness And Fund Raising For Mental Health Organizations, As Wise Birds Of Mental Health Speak Out On Our Issues
Today is the day for mental health consumers and their chance to over come the stigma of mental health by public awareness and very special Canadians speaking out how mental health has afflicted their lives. We our our 6 gold medalist from summer and winter olympics touching all our hearts as she comes forth with Bell Canada promotion to raise money for mental health organizations across Canada. Margrette Trudeau, a past Prime Minister's wife has been in the media today speaking out on her bipolar disorder and of course I am making my blog posting for the occassion. I had so few people around me to help me deal with my schizophrenic issues, what really helped the most was reaching out to the world through my blog. It was and still is a way to show my art and tell my story what has transpired in my past, what is going on in my present life, and my dreams for the future. I two have cried a lot like our olympic champion speaks of and often sleep too much in my depression of isolation. My blog forfills me a great deal but it does not replace the human contact and touch. Being able to interact with my favorite radio station through email helps me roll with the punches as I get to feel part of the morning show trio with my comments on the show, along with Montreal's Queen of radio and interacting through corresponding with her show in the mid morning.
It has been a long hard road for me coming to terms with my visual apparitions/hallucination that I witnessed at different times in my life and still do. I am prone to seeing ghostly type imagines or having religious apparitions as I prefer to deem them. Yes when I was younger I had no medium to relate my experiences, but when I learned how to draw what I see and write about it, I found it a great help. I put my Mum and Dad, when he was alive through a great deal over the years learning how to cope with the wonderful images I can see that others do not, and what to do with it. Yes I had complications with taking medication over the years for the stituation, the long term use of antipsychotic medication led to extra paramidal side effects which made it more hazardous to go up a ladder as a tradesperson working for a boss. When I was up about a fifteen foot ladder plastering a ceiling and the EPSE struck, I figured it was time to pursue my desk job more as an artist and Internet writer to earn a living. I had made a couple of art sales and still dream of making more and doing more art as I establish my art career more and more with the mewdia attention I has achieved thanks to some very special people I have contacted in the Montreal media to promote my plight.
The extra paramidal side effects that I go through are involuntary muscle contractions from my stomach to my mouth, they are harmless when sitting over a computer key board or doing a piece of art, but when I get an attack up a ladder it really sucks and I try not to under take this task too much. Caffine in excessive amounts can induce the EPSE so I have to watch my caffine intake as well. Stress levels when they get excessive can also induce the EPSE on me so I try and not get too stressed out over things these days. I fought really hard at everything I touch upon myself and I am pround of my education level. I took medication and worked for while going to school at night for ten years to become a competant Engineering Technician after having graduated from the Canadian Coast Guard College in Marine Engineering and getting diagnosed with schizophrenia when working on the ships in engineering.
I have done some studies at Concordia University here in Montreal while diagnosed with schizophrenia, took creative writing courses and took a look at theology and religious studies to help me understand more of my schizophrenia through getting a more comprehensive understanding of my religious paritions/hallucinations that I witness. Even in my creative writing with my poetry and all, I have learned and come to a better understanding of some of the things I have written through studying some theology. It helps a bit with being an artist, as in being an iconist with my art or even given me a better understanding of some of things I have drawn through knowing something more indepth about various religious histories. My studies in these subject matters can also be a stimulus for my own writings and art ideas. When I come up with the money I still what to carry on going to school studying these subjects to keep my mind alert and experience my own personal growth with my religious values and artistic ways.
What ever one has for an mental health infliction, like our olympic champion Ms Huges who fought depression, to Margrette Trudeau as a successful public figure with bipolar disorder, to the likes of myself with schizophrenic issues, the three of us have accomplished things disbite our inflictions in mental health, and any body else in Canada or the World for that matter can do the same with sheer determination and a lot of hard work in schooling or physical training as an athlete, or being a successful public figure for different causes that one takes upon themselves. We all can be olympic type champions in mental heath if one puts their best foot forward as the three of us have done.