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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Canadian Political Leader's Debate On CBC For Election, My Comments

Funny thing, here I spent the evening watching the debate by our four Federal Political Leaders on CBC, in closing it was a real joke. Here I have a new toy that I came across on my own. Now in the closing moments of the debate and commentary on CTV, somewhere along the way, Harper said he was going to run and operate my new toy,difference between men and boys is the price of their toys, what the hell does Harper know about my new toy and how to run and operate it. Even said that he hates my "Hound Dog Hat", I have had a lot of Canadians that have said to me along the way, that they really like my "Hound Dog Hat". Really now, if Harper is going to sit around my apartment and play with my new toy all the time, how can he run the Government of Canada as Prime Minister? Then to fatten the pig, Harper said that he owns me, by United Nations, it is commonly agreed that it is illegal to own another human being, Harper does not own me!!!! If Harper owns me, is his demented cult going to own every other Canadian too? Then there was a woman that poised a question to the debating team, she was selected from the Canadian Media, as she said, she was argueing her point with a male one day, in a sense defending me, then she got raped by the male and ended up getting aids and herpies, what the hell is going on around me? To make matters worse, I dam well know that I had a look alike imposter, that went around blackmailing people, racking up bills and raping women. I know who murdered him, he went to jail for it.The guy thought it was me, Wee Iain he was murdering, and I got marked for dead on my taxes the same year which I had to straighten out with RCMP and everything. Then at an August summer party, I said my name to a woman introducing myself as any one would, and she said to me, "You are supposed to be dead", but I am not dead yet!!! Any way, I selected an old political cartoon that I did way back in Canadian politics, to send a message for this posting. Now all this about owning other fellow human beings, in the American slave trade, decent people gained ownership of slaves and then freed them of slavery, then again in this modern case, a corrupt bull shit slave master that says he owns me, and say I gain ownership of him , then he will face the highest Court in the land for promoting slavery and all in Canada. This is something that really bugs my ass right now, I have been living in my apartment since April 2007 when I moved in. Now I went nuts trying to get other people and their mail no longer coming to my apartment mail box, then when I went to get my election card from Election Canada from my mail box, one of these idiots is still registered to vote from my apartment. I phoned the Police to figure out what to do, I got to take this Election Canada card that got sent to my apartment for another person to my local Police department, and to vote in Quebec, you need photo ID and your Hydro Quebec bill, which only I have, Hydro Quebec is only in my name for tyhis apartment.After all, I had cell phone bills and everything coming to my apartment mail box after I moved in. Years back when I was talking to a UIC Officer filing for unemployment insurance, and bitching about what illegal immirgrants and bullshit that are better than me when I was trained in this Country, regarding the company that I got fired from. The UIC Officer said to me, no kidding, we got over 1 million false UIC numbers, counterfeit ones in effect. Then one place I worked in a building, this immirgrant couple were the Janitors, they said that their Mum was visiting from their homeland, but she was their all summer, when you go to a foriegn Country they ask you, how long are you staying in our Country for, and you tell the Custom Officer. Here in Canada you get people coming to visit and never leave when they are suppose to, because you can only stay for so long unless on business or something. Land Immirgrants are educated, want to be in Canada, have qualifications same as me, I worked with a electromechanics from other Countries and they werew just as good as me, in the same light we were able to work together and learned off each other as like any one else that is a responsible worker. Once again I am puzzled, my Mum never got her card from Election Canada, I now have to help an 81 year old woman through the complications to make sure she is registered to vote like she always did. Now if I am pointing out these certain irregularities right now, what about the people working the polling stations on election day. It is usually the unemployed, getting a job for the day. What if these Harper demented fuck heads work the polling stations and count the votes? We got to do back ground checks on the people working the pollings stations and make sure that honest decent people are counting the votes, other wise one could rig the vote when counting. I have run into certain problems working with people while working the polls on election day. Some of the people can not even count the votes. All parties are suppose to get decent people to work the polls by putting in there names to Election Canada. Two people work a polling station and are usually from different political parties working together. I even made some mistakes working the polls, but the person beside you is suppose to catch the mistake. There is a Chief Returning Officer I think it is called, and a Deputy Returning Officer, there are other positions too, from Supervisors and all, one is trained by Election Canada during a training session. If some honest decent people arrange to take the day off work, to work the polls what odds, you still get paid, just to ensure a honest vote on election day.The unemployed are unemployed for a reason, and can not always handle a polling station effectively. Same thing, last election I think, I was told to bring my polling box home, I was shocked, I could have in effect tampered with it, you get trained to do things right or wrong in some cases. Here is another point, there was one Jewish holiday that Harper sent out a greeting card, some Jewish Folk were pissed that I talked to, like they said "how the hell did Harper get my mailing address", I am not even a Harper supporter.What ever happens, every riding can call for a recount if they feel that, hey our community know we voted for so and so, why wasn't he/she elected. Same light, the people working the polls are suppose to be from the community, so you can recognize the voters to ensure that they are who they say they are, and you sign an oath and all that you are a Canadian citizen. Then ones working the polling station, phones in the count from the polling station, one dishonest person can phone in anything!!! Polling boxes are suppose to be kept for so long just incase there is something that creeps up with corruption and no one knew. Now I swear to God, people are hacking my blog again, it is my blog and people were promised to be me, I control my blog and I am having trouble doing it.

This mornings word in Quebec, fuck the election we separate, to has gone too corrupt, besides we Quebecois are fed up with sending wanted crimminals that come here from western Canada back, that come here to hide out and suck off our Welfare system , our prisons are filled with you, we Quebecois are not the ones filling Quebec prisons and Psychiatric Insitutions here!It is like the whole of Western Canada was built with demented fuckheads by Harper that were promised to be me, you can't be me you stupid fucken idiots, you do not have a Quebecois birth certificate!!! Then my list of women that want to do business with me, are fed up with themselves and their children having Harper's demented fuck head Cult members harrass them and try and rape them!!!Get the fucken message!!! Then if any of these women come to buy a piece of art off me or something, your demnted Cult Leader Harper is going to blow up my street, Quebec Provincial Police Bomb Squad is fed up, get the fucken message!!! It is like idiot fucken Harper's home grown terrorist organization to get what he wants!!!! We all saw you on TV last night, when one says drink your Holy water you all do, you go do it somewhere else,you are not welcome Quebec East, we real people take a sip of water, beer or what ever when we feel the need to, not on someone else's order you stupid fucken idiots!!! Then when ever you stupid fucken Harper Cult Members hack my Internet presence, you think Quebec Provincial Police are dumb because their Mother tonque is French, we fucken well know who you are!!!! The strongest Church in Quebec is the French Catholic Church, not Harper's dumb demented Cult, then the Jewish Folk have strong views too because our Christian values stem from their Holy Teaching, lot of Muslims here too that speak French due to old France colonization in the Middle East, there is a solid foundation right there, never mind the African Canuck community that speaks French because of their roots and France's early colonization of African and the Carribean before coming to Quebec. The Oriental community knows how to speak French in Quebec, how else do they do business here for generation after generation in our China Town that we love so dearly!!! Then the extra special Native Indian community of Quebec bloody well know how to speak French too because they were educated here!!! What World community is not in Quebec that does not speak French, some have been here for several generations and educated here, a lot of Quebecois are trilingual. Moi, je parle Francais la meme, et j' ecrite la meme, mal Francais, c'est Francais que mes Quebecois avec moi comprend!!!!!

Stand by while this post is being put together

Sunday, April 10, 2011

By My 2010 Canadian Church Calendar, This Sunday Is 5th In Lent, International Day For The Elimination Of Racial Discrimnation

A lot has transpired around me and the building where I live, funny how I left my apartment this morning which is right beside the main entrance and the main fire alrm panel, an alarm was going off and I know how to read fire alarm panels. It was a common problem alarm going off on the fire drill part of the panel, so I called the fire department. They followed up on my report and they are fed up with this building. As it stand right now we have no fire alarm and according to the Fire Department, who ever calls the shots around this building is being arrested for breaking the fire code and illegally getting people to mess with fire alarm panels.Then on the morning News idiot PM Harper, who has money tied up in this building, is calling me the Devil Beast Rapist. What, I was a kid and read a book from the High School Libaray, it was a book on ghostly type short stories. There was one story about a Devil Beast Rapist that people claimed to exsist, there was a lot of Police investigation into it, and on one occassion in the Carribean, Police were called in and the Devil Beast Rapist got a Police bullet in him, he got away, but Police did get a blood sample from the dripping blood. I have no scars from bullet holes on my body, and this was going on long before me, the book was published and in a High Scool library, I read the story in grade seven. Humour.... eehhh

So I am just getting back to this posting, after a nap and something to eat, for this day being what it is in theology, I picked this piece of for the posting for a multitude of reasons. I was batized in St Andrews United Church of Canada, Mum and Dad had me attned Sunday School, Dad used to drive us kids to our Church for Sunday School, then drive home to get ready for Church Service himself with Mum, then drive back to the Church and get us kids and we would asend to the Chapal entering from the rear, the Minister would be greeting us that door, and when I used to enter the Chapal, I always looked and was amazed by the stained glass window of St Mickael slueing the dragon beast of society with his spear. We would have the Church Service and head home for our lunch together. Any as to my family roots from Scotland, I did this art of the crow, partly from the Scottish National Poet, Robbie Burn's, and Burn's crow. Funny thing about crows, they can be trained, were the meat eaters of the dead in Nature, may it be an unclaimed soldier on the battle field, to dead animal carcases. The Christian Farmer even had scarecrows to scare off the bird from eating its cornfields. I even adopted a baby crow that was thrown from the nest by its Mohter, it was born with no feathers on it, I care for it, and got feathers on it but my pet crow was murdered and people paid money to have my baby crow murdered as I found out. Even to the phrase, "as the crow flies". Now traditional Galiec from Scotland, has very close assimilations to that of Canadian Native Indian art in style, I do want to get into making stained glass windows as an Artist/Engineering Technician, somewhat of an Iconist I guess. This art I did back in the year 2000, is a style of art that reflects on the concept of stain glass style, animals are inportant to many suppressed indiginous cultures in their art, even to Christian art as I learned in my Theology in Art class at Concordia University.

Now as to the Christian Armies of WWII, winning the war against the Nazis,and freeing the enslaved Jewish Folk in concentration camps, old wars never seem to end, at the cut up of Germany after the War, Researchers were cut up and went to different Countries and to Germany's land mass being cut in half into East and West Germany. This dement Cult that was built around my life, I guess because I would not join the Neo-Nazi Mob as asked to as a teenager, as I said at the time, I Grandfather and Father fought against the Nazis, I not fucken joining them, aqnd I always seemed to be taking the down with various Police Forces as a Police Informant as to Oath in the Canadian Coast Guard College before graduation, how many years later am I still trying to be free of them and their demented Cult to enslave me to make me one of them, I will not submit to them by any means, and dig deeper and deeper into my Christian/Pagan roots to be free of them. Paganizm type concepts were introduced in Christian ideologies as a means of converting the Pagans of Europe into Christianity as it spread over the Globe. I even developed my own crow call for my beloved crows, they know me, they will caw back to me, and we ramble on for a bit cawing together. I have done it all over the place. My crows need the cleanest of water as well, birds drink when they are thristy, as in a garden bird bath as we dub them. They will bath themselves, cool off in summer heat, and in the process they will consume water to drink. As I have discovered, when things go wrong environmental around birds, they will start losing their feathers too soon. Years ago in my youth, I used to pick up huge bird feathers, even made a writing quill out of one. There is even a Native Indian name, Blackfeather for a family name, the black feather is a crow feather. Bird feathers were sacred to the Native Indian of North America, the Indian Chief had his Head Dress as it was named made of feathers. Different Native Indian Tribes wore there feathers in different ways, another way to identify Tribal origin.Bird feathers are very much part of the design of the Native Indian dream catcher that they hang over their bed, , more or less so their spirit of the night would give them their prolific dreams as to Angels coming to Jewish Prophets and Joseph to protect Jesus Christ as a baby. I have my own Native Indian dream catcher at my bed to catch my dreams so to speak, sometimes I feel like I have prolific dreams, what else do you call them when a person in your dream tells you do do something. What are the words of the moderite rock song, "spirit of the night,all night".The warmest Candian winter jacket is made or was made of down, goose feathers, my Mother even brought a down filled quilt to Canada from Sctoland when she came to this Country as an immigrant.

so I stand by while this post is being put together