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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Due to Canadian Government Corruption Around Me And My Company, I Renounce Any And All Alligence To Canada And Want To Become A Colony Of France With My Honest And Righteous Quebec Government

Due to all the Canadian Federal Government corruption around me and my company Doc GM Creations, like money laundering with my company invoices, I am fed up with them and want nothing to do with Canada. To think, Quebec and New Bruinswick can become a colony of France with our French content and then Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and NewFoundland can become a colony of Great Britian, acknowledging the corruption of the Canadian Government and its association with demented cults that think they own me as a slave. France has very strick laws regarding what is a demented cult and what is a recognizable Church, I read about it in a Newspaper once. If we work together as colonies of Europe, we can all start using the Euro for financial transactions to finance our way to economic recovery together. As colonies of Europe, we could also be their for Native communities west of Quebec as we easterners from Quebec east acknowledge the present Canadian Federal Government as suppressors and bigots. The arctic region and Yukon can join with us too, as we work together with our resources and stimulate our economic recovery as a united force against suppression and corruption doing me in with a demented cult that has very close ties to the United States and its Klu Klux Klan type bigotry of suppression. Communities of the Jewish faith through out the rest of what was Canada, can surely accept being a colony of Israel that accepts our exodus from the Harpobama demented cult stupidity and move the Euro with me and my people that accept that my company and I have interlectual engineering type property and that a demented cult and its association with the present Canadian Federal Government will not be tolerated by Jewish religeous laws. Any people in the world can accept and work with interm Governments out side of the communist dictatorship of the present Canadian Government that has the word on the street to have me assinsinated as a way to own my inventions and me as their slave while illegally money laundering with my company invoices. Winter is coming and I have a winter solar window panel that can save us all a fortune in home heating oils that the Harpobama Klu Klux Klan type demented cult think they own by theift of my interlectual engineering property. Too bad American Texas oil money and their hugemugous demented cult compounds moved into Canada and tried to own me and my company while illegally money laundering with my company invoices. So many people have told me that they were blackmailed into using my company invoices or they would be put in prison by the Harpobama demented cult financed by Texas oil money that is now busted broke!!! I personally have secured Euros to work with from my bank which I will recieve in three banking working days, I have art for sale and all with engineering prototypes/inventions, and I will only accept Euros for financial transactions to move art or work with my engineering experise and raise Quebec taxes to pay for the side walk repairs which are muchly needed on my street and through out Montreal, along with paying for snow removal and salting/sanding of the city side walks as winter is coming upon us as colonies of the Euro and European interm Governments. Or any other Provincially funded departments of Quebec through legally claimed tax dollars through GST/QST accounting proceedures with company invoicing and purchase orders. Once I secure an income of $50,000 a year I have to get a GST/QST number for my company by accounting rules and regulations. I am totally fed up with the Harpobama demented cult financing computer hackers to do in my computer and my Quebec Internet provider, what it has cost my people with unemployment and fighting back against Harpobama demented cult computer hackers and spyware writers to do me in and people that believe in free enterprise and association with me. Now when it comes to free enterprise in a civilized world of tolerance with morals and ethics, one has to answer to proper accounting rules and legislations as laid out by regional governments, federal governments or interm governments in the case of peoples revolt against an extremist regime in power that is being over thrown. What is free speech? Really now it does not cost any thing to speak, but there are basic rules of tolerance of free speach with morals and ethics other wise one can be prosecueted in the courts for uttering slander, deflamitory remarks, racial discrimination etc etc etc. It is like the choosen words that were just on a commercial on CTV National News, "Lets build a smarter planet". Yea, I am no honky niger slave to a DEMENTED CULT THAT MONEY LAUNDERS with my company invoices. You can not steal my interlectual property while it is under development, nor threaten to blow up my street or assinate me to get what you want with stupidity. You are going to have to answer to the world courts as a dictatorship which is a terrorist demented cult regime. I am no Preist of a demented cult dictatorship regime, you are not dictating to me my livelyhood which I want no part of as your slave/Preist. I am an engineering technician/artist/writer that owns my company Doc GM Creations as sole owner/operator by Quebec courts. My company has been under so much industrial sabotage to drive me under, I still answer to a Quebec Financial Aid Officer to make my company pay taxes and maintain its registration and company number as first registred in Quebec courts. I am partly financed by a Quebec disability pension, which I am allowed to earn a living with, $20,000 per year inclusive of my cheque, then my disability pension is re-calculated accordingly for my income level or get off it completely with me making ample money with my company. Then accordingly, as I kept in touch with my Financial Aid Officer all the time and informed the person of certain prototype inventions of mine, I have been informed that the Quebec Government is legally handling certain affairs of my company while I get free of this demented cult around my life that I and the Government of Quebec did not know about and their extreme measures to do me in as a citizen of Quebec. To make another point that is of concern to me, no demented cult dictatorship regime can dictate to me what is and is not to be my sex life and who is and who is not allowed in my apartment, and who is and is not going to lay in my bed with me for a healthy sex life, get the fucken message!!!! This slander that I have HIV/Aids or any other sexually tramittable disease has got to stop, I am a HEMA Quebec blood donar for Quebec's blood bank and they would not accept my blood or phone me to make appointments to give blood if I had some form of sexually transmittable disease or spread germs and virus', get the fucken message once again!!!! As to the image in this posting, it is kind of like a real society that consists of real honest righteous people with morals and ethics. We are all inter-connexted somehow through the various levels of society and the responsible Insitutions there of/in. We all have to answer to some sort of recognized regulatory body, if Politicians screw up, they have to answer to judicial inquiries as set out by the Government at hand. If one screws up with book keeping and accounting procedures with money, they have to answer to a Government Auditor. If one screws up with regard to the criminal code, one has to answer to the Police and the criminal Courts, if an elected Government screws up, they usually have to answer to people in revolt and their interm Government of their choise, funny thing eehh!!! If one is deemed mentally unstable through uttering, writing, acting out delusional rhectoric, they have to answer to a Psychiatrist and his recommend medical treatment, and the Psychiatrist has to answer to the Provincially regulated College of Physicians....funny thing eeehhh!!! Then there is the case of this stupid spy TV that I was given, it is located in my living/bedroom of a 2 1/2 apartment, I knew nothing about the spy TV, did not agree to it, but I am stuck with it at the present time, no one has the right to spy on me through a TV set, what you see is what you get until this matter is sorted out, too bad eehhh!!!

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Image Is 2nd Year Canadian Coast Guard College Room 1979/80 While I was Studying Water Processing For Steam Marine Engineering & Learning About Processing Water Principles
Here I am getting back to my posting,what I go through from industrial sabotage in unreal!!! I love emailing Montreal's Queen of Radio so much and feeding her information and all, along with my art conceptions but here I am going nuts keeping my computer automation running and I can not even get my email working right so that I can email her with info and art conceptions of mine. I sent and emailed off to the radio station DJ last night while listening to the blues show on my favorite radio station here in Montreal, and today Canada's Thanks Giving Monday I am going nuts trying to keep my computer automation running against hackers with my Microsoft provider and Internet provider. My poor computer which I dub "Old Betsie" some how after certain things in my past and my Mum called Betty,short for Elizabeth, I end up rubbing the ficticous temples of my computer screen and praying with a cigarette hanging out of my mouth as a burn't offering of ancient Moses keeping my computer running riding on empty from hackers doing me in. Any way will get to the posting I wanted to make as to water processing for the people by the people so that we can all breed, as to young males having an erection and females maintaining there womanly period which alot are losing for various reasons, one being water infected with toxins everywhere, even bottled watering Engineers are going nuts keeping up with toxins in there reverse osmosis processing plants and making the best of water like myself, and yes as to an older blog posting I want to feed Hillery Clinton all that I can through my blog because if only she became President of United States of America instead of idiot Obama, things would have been so much different with an ex Prez becoming perhaps the first "First Man of the White House", what a statement eeehhh. All I want in some small way in my heart is Hillery and Bill to make amends with each other and be there for the great Nation of the United States of America. Let me edit, I keep hitting the Caps Lock key by accident when I hit my "A" on my newly purchased and improve Microsoft key board!!!
So I got my editing done through saving my blog post and rewo0rking my stuff like we all do in engineering as we learn from what we accomplished and makje improvements on our product or process systems. Here in Montreal, my water main with my Honourable Mayor that has been through much with his "Little Baby Quebec Provincial Police Wolverine/RCMP Hound Dog" manipulating his turf as Mayor, but yea anti gangsterism and mob corruption, likeI told Hell Angels in a Bar once, "You want your kids to go to the pen like a lot of you have, let them work an honest life like me being Police informant and smoke your joint like me for muscle pain instead of the like of pharmacuetical Advil that does you in, you hussling tools with excessive over time and muscular pain, you need something to get up at 5:30 AM and start all over again for aNOTHER 12 HOUR DAY WORKING MUSCLES!!!" ( ANY WAY GOT TO EDIT AGAIN HIT T5HE WRONG KEY AGAIN AND LTHEN OF COURSE MEETING MY mUM LIKE A LOT OF hELL aNGELS HAD TO MEET mUMJ bOUCHARD AND COP DEALS....IN A WHILE....LOVE LOVE TO ALL SO THAt we can inter breed and create beauty)

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Sunday, August 07, 2011

Strange What All I Have Figured Out Recently With My People Against Those Promised To Be Me,These Demented Fuck Heads Are All Over The World And Are Gun/Explosive Running Saboteurs Along With Being Computer Hackers

Just like the chosen words I heard on the News,"These mindless saboteuring Thugs", all us decent folk 0f multi-faith and tolerance have to take them on with what is left of the World and civilization. As I had swastikas plastered all over my apartment, these mindless thugs went to a lot of trouble to make a template and spray paint a swastika on the outside walls of a synogogue in Toronto as broadcasted on the News. Even to the point of avoiding security cameras as they picked their spot on the synogogue's wall. Then to the point of the riot in London, England and doing the fire bombing. Rebel armies are on the rise to take down puppet regiems that have become dictatorships that work against the majority and only for a selected few, as in the News from the middle east to Africain horn region. Then there are reports of what is like Chinese rebels that have become computer hackers, hacking all over the place, and the Government of China is saying it is not their operation. From confeit products being produced, art theft, regional Police forces and Interpole can not keep up. To theft of interlectual property and then sabotage and blackmail to drive a business person like myself under, to the point of playing with insect larvi and planting it and then poisoning food in our fridges during illegal entrance. The whole World is up in arms over the current weather conditions and the extreme drout to flooding and forest fires taking down our timber land from Canada to the United States of American to the Russian Federation, we all have had to fight fires to save our wood lands. Demented cults are all over the place, it is like they have a suicide pact to take down the free World that we we knew and held dear to our hearts. As to the war in Afghanistan, who is doing all the weaponary sales, where are all the machine shops and armories, my people figured a thing or two out, roge Nations have no real way to maintain their finances but to make weapon sales to terrorist organizations and other puppet dictatorships that cater to the selected few instead of the majority through democratic elections.

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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Moving My Company And All My Worldly Possessings To Another Country, Safe Haven To Do Business, Foreign Embassy Will Do Anything For Me After First Contact, So Harper Blow Up My Street Now If You Can, I'm Fucken Out of Canada Very Fucken Soon To Pay Tax Dollars In Another Country With My Engineering & Artistic Intelligencia

stand by while this post is being put together,PS: PM Harper money sabotaging me again so I can not post in Facebook or Twitter, Embassy and Consuilette in Mtl I am trying to deal with to get out of Canada, are being threatened if they deal with me, they gave me round about way of working together. Just like any standard procedure in Canada, Foreign Embassy phones calls are recorded for training purposes or for protection against indusrial sabotage and spy agnecies etc. Just got off the phone to heavy power hitter for BIC France, why is it I can buy a cigerette lighter BIC, made in France here in Montreal, then I can buy a BIC lighter, Made in USA, as Eng.Tech. the lighter should read Made in USA for BIC France, think I'm fucken stupid, now I got more fucken money to ship me out of Canada to safe haven to run my company within the laws of the country and pay taxes and give blood for cancer research!!! French Business Associate just came to my door, varified with text message, fucken right, BIC, Made in USA is counterfeit bullshit, if legally contracted from BIC France, should read Made in USA for BIC France, but then again if USA has no oil, how can they produce petrolium by-product, plastic casing for fuel, plus fuel charge for BIC lighter. On the other side I can buy a cheapo lighter that does not work showing a half tank of gas. OH forgot, burner tip does not work no more, compared to a "Vrai BIC de France" and at half tank of fuel or what, fuel floats on water and can still burn a flame as half tank water fuel ratio that I almost took an eye out with by extended flame bullshit torch in front of store owner that solded me lighter for this sort of bullshit, even he said,
"Holy fucken shit,try this one it is a BIC", something like that. It was like, "Thank God I am wearing perscription glasses, the fucken bullshit smoked my glasses, it would have done in me eye". to that effect! Hey Harper get the fuck out of my face, said in elementry school you were a fucken idiot trying to cut me of in class, got a deal to register my company in another Country that has legistrated laws to stop dement cults in their political system, with Quebec ID, I can wing between two places as busniness man with common French language and Quebec Provincial Police back ground check for being K0sher Quebec Business man that knows how to rock and roll! QPP have own Interpol connextions too with France and "BIC" bullshit problem!

Here I am trying to take care of my Maw too, helping to get her the best of products to help her with her aging process, she is 81 now and totally fed up with the crap around me and a demented cult that was built, something because I would not join the Neo-Nazi mob as a kid, we the really honest righteous people are up too, the war cry that Native Canadian Indians, now we know only OH so well!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Old Memories,Grade Seven Halloween,Got Dressed up As Pirate, Bought Corncob Pipe,Then Packed It With Flour,Blew Imitation Smoke Singing Little Tune About My Poccohanais I was Defending In Class

Old High School memories play on my mind a lot recently,Mum always had a budget like any other parent so I could get dressed up for Halloween, for what ever reason I decided to dress up as a Pirate, while going door to door for my candy with the gang of neighbourhood kids, I would blow my pipe and send a little puff of flour into the air then sing the tune, "I's a bye a sailor bye and I got me a Poccohanais to defend",something like that. Then when in this stupid apartment I am living in, I went to the Native Reserve close to where I grew up and bought my monthly supply of low income cigarettes. (Attention,Health Canada Advises One Does Not Smoke!) While standing on a corner on the Native Reserve waiting for the bus to return to the city, a car pulled up and asked me for directions. I gave the directions and as the car was parting,the Lady said to me, "We will never forget you blowing flour from you pipe, Katie has got it somehow." Something like that, hard to exactly quote her. Some time along the way I tracked my Katie down through her people and she called me a couple of times and we chatted a bit,she was suppose to take me canoeing and try and figure out how to fit me on her motobike. In her lovely little Native accent,she said she was glad I did not forget about her. What ever, it was not long after that I caught the bigot Harper media clip where he was mouthing off something about my Katie's past, it was none of Harper's business, and my poor little Poccohanais was not allowed to call me back or something. Ironically, since Harper looked into Katie's personal history, she too has cropped up in the media. The Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada,prior the our last election,mentioned something about my Katie, more to her defense. Why can not Katie call me back, it is summer time again, canoeing is a summer time event and motobikes are on the road here in Montreal. It was some time ago that I put pencil and sketch pad together and drew the corncob pipe that I onced owned, I emailed a copy of the corncob pipe to another Native friend who I often send emails to, and she is not allowed to have something to do with me either. It is like I live in a communist state under Harper doing me in, as posted on the Internet I have a Harpobama credit card reciept as found among my own recipts when trying to do my company book keeping for Emploi Quebec. I seriously think it is of a real conflict of interest for an American President and a Prime Minister of Canada to share the same credit card with invested personal interests together, then both of them doing me in with political interferance. On top of that, they are suppose to have money tied up together in the numbered company that is my Landlord, this street is about $35 million in property value or something run by then. I am not a property spectulator or any thing, but I know something about buildings and all.

As it stands through certain battles and struggles around me, it is like I got two Poccohannais',one Mohawk Lady and one Iroquois Lady.

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Like The Old Phrase, Caught Between A Rock And A Hard Place, I'll Add The Words,It Is Not All Black & White Either,There Are Shades Of Grey, Semi Tones & Half Tones, Just Got To Find A Justifiable Balance To Come Out Looking Good

My Psychiatrist is totally pissed off with what is transpiring around me, he is no fool and neither is the rest of the hospital staff I have worked with over the years, my media contacts are just as pissed off with what is going on to do me in with corruption and Government Officals taking legislation out of context to do me in. Apparently people that hate me for what ever reason, or summit to blackmail get promoted to more powerful positions to continually do me in. I am faced with constantly watching the News and trying ways to defend myself against all this Federal Government corruption and slander doing me in, along with trying to keep people out of my apartment that are making illegal entrance and sabotaging my stuff and stealing from me. They also put bed bugs and assorted insect in my personal belongings, it is hard to keep up. I kind of see it as jungle warfare trying to keep assorted bugs and insects out of my personal belongs and face as I try and sleep. Even just to secure my computer against hackers drives me nuts along with keeping assorted types of spyware out of my computer to keep it to some degree of operational capacity. I am not alone with this type of problem, just look at what Vancouver went through after the loss against Boston for the Stanley Cup, here we have a very respectible city in Britsih Columbia, Vancouver, proud of what they built for themselves, known to be very loyal to Her Majesty the Queen of Engalnd, and their city gets sabotaged in a riot by assholes that some have enough money to have Vancouver Canuck team jersies on, cell phones and all, and are very highly organized to start sabotaging at preselected points of meeting on Vancouver City streets. When Fire fighters were trying to control street fires, they got bombarded with air born projectiles, these people that orchastrated this are not the ones that built the fine City of Vancouver. Really now, there is even a media clip of this big goon the size of Police Offiers,who usually have a mininum height and weight class standard, fighting back against the Police, some Police Officers were even bitten by these goons as Police tried to control the situation as best as possible. Then for the ultimite proof of the pudding that it was well orchastrated sabotage, here you have a clothing store that supplies tuxedos for up and coming summer weddings for decent family orientated people in Vancouver, the tuxedo rental store gets totally clean out of stock, just as I am slowly being cleaned out of personal belongings with illegal entrance into my apartment. Going back in Montreal history, the great fire of Montreal pre-World War II, I once found the evidance that it was a well orchastrated fire, what I found was old Newspaper parts in an electrical socket that I was cleaning up and renewing the electrical receptical, my Boss was totally pissed with what I showed him, the date on the old Newspaper pieces stuffed in the elecrical socket were around the time of the great fire of Montreal where City records and all had been lost, ironic ii is my fellow Canadians and Worldly people. Then to make matters worse, even when I was spending time at the Montreal General Hospital in Psychiatry, I used to enjoy going to a section of the Hospital that had a small museum display on hospital history, including a laminated copy of the Hospital Charter and all, well the Hospital Charter on display got totally sabotaged along with a fair bit of the medical museum display in the Hospital. I used to go the Hospital Chapel to pray, did art in there and everything, one would not believe the sabotage the Hospital Chapel went through!!
Sabotage in different ways goes way back as I have put forth in this blog posting. Even when I was in the Canadian Coast Guard College, first we had a old World War II Naval base painted up for Coast Guard colours until a new college was built, it was a beautiful well designed building that Transport Canada built for us. In the new college design there was a glass hallway we had to walk through to go to the Galley to eat, idiots in the college used to put their boots to the gyprock base of the glass hallway. Then one day while walking to a meal through the glass hallway, this first year Cadet took a two step and put a hole in the gyprock base by kicking the wall, I called out, "You're busted,destruction of Government property". I reported him to the Disciplinary Officer, then the sabotager had more witnesses than me to say that he slipped and his marching boots and went into the wall. During a follow up discussion with the Discipline Officer, he said to me, they say he slipped, I responded with "Think I do not know a two step and a kick,I'm into sports and you know it, if he can not walk and chew gum at the same time, he should not be in uniform." If I recall correctly, the Disciplinary Officer told me enough, with a bit of a smirk under his big bushy mustache.What the poor Mayor of Montreal goes through trying to maintain the MUCTC bus system, a lot of Montrealers are fed up with the bus windows being scored up with a sharp sabotaging tool, a lot with gang type scribblings with perminate markers on our buses and bus stop shelters and metro system. What it costs the Mayor of Montreal is unreal. Of all the bullshit we have to deal with, if anyone comes into my apartment to help me out with a few things, the street is going to get blown up, to the present Federal Government saying what is inside my apartment is classified information and no one is allowed in here, what the fuck is so classified about my art,musical instruments, tools etc. Oh I forgot, this Harper sabotage of my life using and taking laws and legislation out of context to stop my old sweet hearts coming and telling me what they went through after we stood by each other trying to lead a decent productive life, but as to my media reports, my street is under Quebec Provincial Police protection and demented fuck head Harper is not going to stop me and old friends getting together at my place to figure things out to be productive tax payers!!! To really make matters worse, here Harper is even in denial of genetic tests to prove that all these people born through Godly pregnacy tests are not mine. I have never been out to British Columbia, never really met a woman from there that I recall, how could I have slept with so many women that I have never met? Further more, I have never masterbated into a test tube for a sperm bank, like a Doctor said on TV, he knows there is sperm for sale on the blackmarket, and I have had no such type of dealings with my sperm! Now I got to deal with a bill collector that admits he is a Conservative Party of Canada member and denies I am under industrial sabotage by PM Harper, why is it everyone says that I have Harper's credit card reciept that I found in my apartment when trying to do my company book keeping for self employment records that I was suppose to submit to Emploi Quebec, I took the credit card number to my own bank and posted it on the Internet through my blog and everyone is saying it's Harper's and obviously he accidently left it behind during illegal entrance into my apartment. Now shit is really hitting the fan, what Harper did made the morning French Canadian paper here in Montreal. Harper is a wanted man for moving my stolen Google money to all these demented fuck heads that are part of his demented cult or something. Through cell phone information that Police can get, inclusive of bill payments and banking records, this Vancouver riot was financed by PM Harper stealing my Google money and giving it to all his demented fuck heads, now he is a wanted man in British Columbia for accessory to the crime as financer, when I cut them off the Google money their enhenaced raging luntic ways with no money went ballistic, genetic tests with Police prove they are not my kids as told, that they are not Holy Children as told, but articifical insemination/Godly pregnacy test bullshit and are my replacement. Like fucken shit, and these poor souls are all over the place, including here in Montreal. Then like a building worker said to me on the street while yapping about my life and his, he said it is true, blackmarket sperm has been going on for years, no fucken shit, what is not blackmarket these days? Not me that is for sure, I always kept my nose clean and went to CSIS as to my deal in the Canadian Coast Guard College to feed information to RCMP because I knew how unmoralistic things had become with corruption and all from what I already had seen in life as a young adult. The one time someone went to blackmail me here in Montreal over germ warfare and crap, I went to RCMP about it. The idiot stole his Father's Canadian Government germ warfare research and took it to the mob because he thought he knew better than his Father. I saw him on the local Montreal News in the Court House being Charged with hit and run in the west island, I nailed him when I sicked the RCMP after him for trying to blackmail me over something stupid because I was living in an industrial complex, so fucken what, I could not have oxy-acetalien in a housing complex, which I wanted to get with my pay cheque to do art and shit with the rockette fuel type torch I had training to handle. Even my Father brought his attache case home from work and some of his research for the Canadian Military, one will question their Father what are you doing? Dad has got to give some type of explanation, for Christ sake I knew where my Father worked and some basics what he did for a living being there for the Canadian Military testing equipement to make sure it could handle battle field operation needs with engineering stress and strain and vibration and all. Even when Dad told me he did the math and all and tested Military helicopters, dropping them straight down to the ground from a 1000 feet up then pulling the brake for reverse prop to hoover above the ground and stop in place for soldiers to debark off the chopper, he was not giving me all the specifications of Military helicopters and what he was doing, he gave me a basic engineering concept of perfection to provide for the Troops to save their lives with having their rotating machinary operational for practical battle type situations. For Christ sake, here the Canadian Troops are saying it is true, Harper interfered with Military protocal and took upon himself to promote people that hated me, and like I heard earlier, those real Troopers that argued their point about Harper crap lost a stripe or two and got demoted, so fucken stupid, leave Candian Military protocal to themselves, they still have a review board among themselves when a screw up happens, one can end up in our Military prison like every other Country that has a Military and you fuck up somehow against main steam honest righteous protocal that made the foundation of the Military by its own Military history, the Military prison in Canada is dubbed our Stockaid or something like that and the Military Police handle alot of these type of investigations, and what Harper did, took control of the Military Police with his Nazi type intentions to do me in and have his own demented fuck head replace for me, is the stupid fucken thing going to escort my Mother around and kiss her on the cheek good bye like she kissed me on the cheek good bye sending me off to school with my lunch box when she handed it to me heading out of her kitchen to get the bus to school.Let me guess what Harper tried to do to my beloved CSIS that I worked so closely with, they are in a mess too, but what, now Harper is a wanted criminal in Quebec for illegal entrance into my apartment and British Columbia for aidding and abeting the Stanley Cup riot in Vancouver with stolen Google money, you fucken idiot Harper, it is a crime to partake in blackmail or submit to it, like it is on the radio, the revolution in Canada in on to take you down, you messed with too many people and their lives to control all and steal from me for Harpobama regime of corruption, like Harpobama you do not know code of silence in Uniform, Yes Sir Yes Sir, don't worry men I'll handle this fucken idiot and I'll save your sorry ass in the long run, just be there for me when I take this fucken joker down . Then you take Veitnam R&R concept for releif from the front, we don't give a fuck what you do on your R&R to forget, just remember to be in shape to go back to the front when your R& R is over, and some American soldiers fucked the wrong whore, she was a Veitcong. When the American soldier thought he was fucking a good piece of whore pussy, he hit a razor blade up the cunt the the Veitcong whore that split the crown of his hard dick in two and he ended up bleeding to death getting out of the wrong whore house. American Veitnam Vets banged all sorts of drugs to cope, then came home a hero to a loving family and forgot all about drug abuse they were part of to forget the front on R&R from jungle warfare that they knew nothing about and were under trained to go into. I met a Canadian Vet from Nam, that had to walk through napalm bombing raided fields.Should had seen the mess of his feet that he had to live with afterwards and no compensation. Then after we bombed the fuck out of Japan with an atomic bomb or two, they surrendered, but what, then Allied forces said what is this new great bomb of ours, lets do some more tests, see if our own soldiers can take such and explosion and then march into the bomb site out of the dugout/foxhole. They laid in beds dying of radiation exposure from training exercises and got no compensation and were basically told, fuck off, I do not know what caused your medical problem,it was not your service in Uniform. Now it is in the News, a highly trained Canadian Soldier that lost a leg in Afghanistan, he felt that he was still a fit Soldier to handle a desk job at a NORAD radar base, then he got told by the Harper Govenment ,fuck off your discharged from the Armed Forces,you are not fit to march to the front no more, Oh Harper, have I ever got battle stategies to make you go through the Canadian Military Stockaid for your fucken bullshit, at the end of WWII, Allied Soldiers were taking Nazi helmets off teenagers handling machine gun nests because they ran out of men taking on the whole world exterminating Jews, like you want to exterminate me for your demented mob cult.Then you got all these females that want to serve the Great United States of America in Uniform, and become highly trained as promised by recrutment pamplets,they end up getting raped in Uniform by their very own demented fuck heads they are in service with. Then having next to nothing and having no legal recourse for Military ritual of demented fuck heads in uniform, even females going out to the oil rich fields of the middle east as highly trained personal in oil field technology and want to be part of a rebuilding process, American women get raped around an abundance of men that are so fucken horny they can not even turn to beat the meat but rape. Then as asshole mobsters call us, stool peigeons, I was taking down the Neo-Nazi/KKK Fort Matthieu here in Montreal, a lot went on, I cranked all sorts of shit through my lungs and every phone call to order stupid fucken shit was recorded on my telephone by CSIS and fed to RCMP because of all the stupid criminals I lived with, I was the only one that had a real supercharged hot line, it was even more complicated when Bell Canada hooked up my phone line, they were totally pissed, what the fuck is this illegal communication wiring that I know nothing about, it led to all sorts of Police money figuring out what is fucken going on with what our Wee Iain and what he has unearthed now. Then one morning when I went up to the corner oriental depanneur for a beer for breakfast after reporting a stupid fucken van on the street corner that was not really road worthy but looked like a sitting bomb or something stupid, I walked into a Police Officer confessing to my beer supplier and saying,"Look what I got to fucken do for my job, I'm a Cop and I got to go home to my wife covered in tatooes". He was a big fucken gorilla that could pick me up and throw me to the Moon if he wanted to, we are there for each other now and for ever more, fuck you too Harper, many a good RCMP Officer has to do shit to take down assholes like you and many a RCMP Oficer went through fucken hell for what you built with a demented mob cult to take me down!!! Then at one point in my life feeding RCMP information through CSIS, there was a day the Canada Post Officer and Welfare Quebec figured it out, there was more fucken welfare cheques delivery to a rooming house of idiots than the Canada Post could account for through proper mailing addresses registered with buildings and the City of Montreal . The sorry ass Postman delivered all sorts of Welfare cheques to the street corner and it was more or less you are no longer using a false address to get your Government of Quebec Welfare cheque, its your last fucken cheque you demented assholes.

Then to make matters really bad, I had a good fucken buddy that watched my back and told asholes to lay off me but they would not, we wrote notes insteady of speaking to each other at times, he had been through Kingston hellhole for a coke dealer doing in his wife, when he could not pay her cocaine bill , it was like who the fuck got my wife addicted to cocaine and I am the number one Canadian motocross race Champion as it stands right now. What ever, I am not writing his storey, but as he was covering my ass he said to me, look Iain, here I am rust proving RCMP Police cars, but I know I had done some sort of conterfeit RCMP Police car in rust proofing jobs, I know the GRC markings off by heart, but then I got RCMP cars that the marking were not familiar to me and the contract by my garage I dealt with. He said to me, fuck my head Iain,what are we going to do about it, it is so fucken stupid.Funny how a source close to me commented, if people are so bent on being me, in theory, there could be people that are so bent on being Police Officers that did not not make the cut to graduate from Police school,and with money from the likes of a demented mob cult, they could pose as Police in Uniform. Ironically I ran into someone once sucking on the end of a crack pipe here in Montreal, that ended up showing me a New York Police ID card. I once had a drunken stoner here in Montreal say to me,"What are you CIA?" I reponded with, "Don't you have a fucken clue, there are no CIA in this Country!" When one takes the RCMP bust where they nailed idiots banging out conterfeit loonies and twonies on punch presses here in Montreal, it makes for my point what is not blackmarket and conterfeit.Then when you take, a Canadian UIC Officer once said to me, "No kinding, we know we got about 1 million conterfeit UIC numbers.", it came out in a discussion over getting a UIC cheque aftersome sort of immigrant thought he knew better that me and I was educated here and got fired from my job once again. ....Just getting up after a nappy poo, like Nurses used to say to me,"You are a wealth of information", no fucking kidding, and I am like an iceberge, I only show or write 10% of what I know and I got a lot of editing to do to this posting as I proof read the words I banged out in a flow of words.......the saga continues!

Stand by while this post is being put together

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Still All This Stupidity Around My Life,Crazy,Even To The Point Where Harper Mentioned Something That He was Going To Take Over My Blog

Here I sit once again trying to put words together, I caught clips of the Conservative Party of Canada convention in Ottawa, well here I am making my next blog posting and Harper is not taking over my blog as quickly as he thought he would.What he has a party website, what does he need my blog for? Then what has been dubbed as my Hound Dog Hat, Harper wants it destroyed according to his own words at his Party convention. Really since when does another Canadian set out to do in another Canadian, and for what reason. What did I ever do,graduate from the coast Guard College, had a bit of a nervous break down in the offshore oil industry when I took a job on a supply boat where no Canadian Engineer was good enough, spent some time in psychiatry and went back to school here in Montreal studying Engineering Technology to build a second life for myself. Then when I got a computer from Dad for Christmas one year, I decided to write a blog about my storey. Carried on inventing things based on my engineering back ground, trying to be a cost effective tax payer and I have been under nothing but industrial sabotage for years by all these idiots that were promised to me way back and I never knew. So, I selected an image for this blog posting, symbolic of the forests of life, there is a light at the end of the tunnel when one stays true to themselves, have some sort of morals and ethics me I like to base it around Godly values. Nobody ownes me, I am nobody's Priest, I was never part of any demented cult, and never intend to be. Nobody ownes my inventions but me, nobody can be me as an Artist/Writer or Engineering Technician, people today are too easily brainwashed into believing the wrong things. I always fed information to Police as to a deal I made in the Canadian Coast Guard College on the best way to serve my Country as to the Oaths I took in my first year training. As it stands right now, the United States are in a complete mess because of environmental concerns, with the last report I heard, they can not even calculate their unemployment rate right now, due to all the destroyed property and people on the move from wild fires and flood zones. Here in Canada our unemployment rate is dropping due to growing industrial demand to supply the States with what they need to rebuild. Alberta oil industry is booming again due to the unrest in the middle east and lack of OPEC oil production for supply and demand.
Then,when these demented fuck heads,get their hands on money,invest heavily in to ligitimite corporations through stock market shares, as the largest investor they think they can do what they want to the corporation, in effect sabotaging a good thing. Like it was on the News sometime back, Alberta Government was going to do back ground checks on investors to prevent idiot investors taking control of companies as investors to call the shots and in effect sabotage a good thing. Strange as it is but it does happen I have uncovered the evidance.
As it stands, idiot Harper will never take over my blog as thinks he can as mentioned during his corrupt party convention,one needs my permission to tranfer the rights to take over my blog anhd own it, Harper and his corruption may have taken over my docgmcreations hot mail address so that I can not use it, whipty fucken do, it is industrial saboatge by an insane man, I can still write for the love of it and what I do around my home is my business. People love me for who I am and that is what counts!!
Now all this bullshit that if anyone comes to me to buy art or something they will blow up the street, that is home grown terrorism.Now to set off a bomb or something by remote, one still needs a power source to set off the bomb at the bomb positioning. First there is a bomb in my TV, then my computer screen, but if one modifies circuitry, by math it will interfer with the electronics, so what do I say, I go unplugged drink some beer and play guitar, I have no problem with that. My people are coming to do things my way with them and their competant input you demented fuck heads like it or not, hope you get the message!!! In a while honest decent people.....So here I am again writing like usual,obviously I am not dead yet because I am writing. As it stands with the last street talk I heard, the Nazis and Cannibals are in each others face argueing it out. If the Nazis blow me and the street up, then little old me who was auctioned off as a piece of prime cannibal meat to be me, there would be nothing left of me to eat, then on the other side of the coin, what is going to blow me up? A remote controlled explosion, who wants to be assigned the job of getting blown up handling the remote control to blow up the street, apparent no Nazi does!! It all sounds rather crazy doesn't it, like the Police say there is no perfect crime. All those years going to work on the Montreal Metro system and seeing a good looking woman in the Metro car, and saying the nursery rhyme to my self, pussy cat pussy cat where have you how do I pick up the pieces without a good piece of pussy beside me? It is like the old Maritime song, "A man without a woman is like a ship without a sail,I seriously need a good boobie rub on my back after all this crap around my life, never mind being woken up proper and right to a good blow job by a woman that really loves me and woke up before me, and thought she would stick handle me into action for the day by her womanly type NHL stick handling of my morning tent pole. Then on the flip side of the coin,what stupid fucken remote can send a signal through a brick wall,insulation,gyprock,all my shit in the apartment, it is more or less a Hollywood show doing that stuff. A car bomb is hooked up to the starter for an explosion on turning the ignition key, or then a bomb on a timer that is counting down, Ok we got suicide bombers today, who the hell wants to blow up a building to take me down with a belt of explosives wrapped around them, it is like let me take out the asshole that is telling me to do this, I am Cannibal meat any way!!! Then to make matters worse, the Nazis and Cannibals when they do me in, they inherite my Ladies that fell in love with me due to my plight of life, you really think they want you, what are going to do, rape them from here to ever more to get laid by my Ladies that always cry their eyes out for me!!!

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Getting Around To Making Another Post, Got Drunk For A Bit To Cope With My Place Being Trashed, Then Turned To My Theology Scriptures, Namely The Book Of Zechariah In The Old Testament,Played Guitar And Did Some Art Again

Here I have had alot to think about after my place got done in during illegal entrance, reading some of the Book of Zechariah helped me find some peace in my heart, what an ancient Prophet of the Old Testament saw in visions for what would become of thiefs and all and God's punishment for the unworthy. Funny how history sometimes repeats its self, even when it comes to God's punishment and his glory spot for the righteous. Ironic howAmerican Politicians set out to do me in with some of their rhectoric and now their Country is being torn apart and flooded out with no real economic growth. Here I sit and laugh, I have my Canadian Media support group in a sense, and like my Psychiatrist said to me, "They can not break you can they",I responded to him with saying, "Certainly not, my Grandfather was a member of the Royal Scots and survived WWI,I'll survive too". Mum has been good to me and bought me socks and underwear that were all stolen, and she still wants to get me some jeans to replace those that went missing. She also bought me another foam bedding piece so I no longer had to sleep on the hard floor. Like the old phrase, all things come out in the wash, now idiot people are washing there dirt laundry around me and truths come out. Funny how I wrote in my Angelfire website what would become of things as the Planet fought back against inhumanity raping,pillaging and blundering the Earth with abuse, like a little Prophet in my own way with some sort of hind sight insight with rational thinking about Global warming and all with over population. Somehow I relate closely to so many rock & roll songs, especial some Canadian Bands of the '70s, it helps me cope in my own way with all the stupidity that surrounds my life. I going to bow my head down for a nappy poo as I like to call it, and will write some more soon as I find the time during my cleansing process of my apartment and finishing off some art I started inspired by reading the Book of Zechariah. I could not sleep, so I got back to work and added my image for this posting. It is the start of the piece of art I commenced from inspiration from reading my new Bible on the Prophet Zechariah, I am still putting ideas together to finish off the outer edges of the paper. I am still able to post images from my scanner, at least that was not saboataged in my software, I got a few glinches in my system after illegal entrance sabotaged my computer some. A long time of go, when I met my Star of David Gal in a park in Montreal, after dictating a form of love note to her as she took it down in short hand, I gave her my Jews Harp which I used to carry in my pocket to remember me by, I do want to play it again. She never forgot about me apparently and is very much there for me with her growing family to help rescue me from Political Bigots, nothing like being deemed excumunicated by Jewish religious laws, I have dealt with more Jewish Professionals in my term in psychiatry finding myself in different ways from the problems I had to over come from my youth as a young adult that dealt with bullshit in the Canadian offshore oil industry. Like one Psychiatrist said to me once, do not worry about the diagnosis, in most cases it is just a term to put on the medical paper work and all to justify your treatment. As it stand right now I am really close to my present Psychiatrist as we found a mutual respect for each other and what he has to deal with for patients that were promised to be me, and it is like they have their head screwed on backwards to use the term lightly.
After I first read sections of the scriptures from the Book of Zechariah, I put pen to paper and wrote these poetic words before doing my sketch.

The Rising House Of Zechariah

Laying foundations from ancient Prophets

The Lord speaks in many ways

Angels come and go,then help us
To have Great Prophets born again

Wee men become mighty soldiers of the Lord

Born from the womb of a Lady of Yahweh

To carve out his being in the name of the Lord

Thus to raise Temples for planetary needs

Godly work horses of Prophets of old

Will guide his chariot of knowledge

To plouge the fields of righteous fruit

To sweeten the people's palet in the name of the Lord

So we heal together for planetary needs

Thus the rising house of Zechariah will not fall

And the sun will shine through his window as a Star of David

Note: the spelling of the name of the Jewish God could be wrong, I may have to get my spelling right for that, no disrepect intended. Think I got the spelling right now with my correction after thinking for a bit, then a quick Internet search and I got it right, then remembering it is not suppose to be spoken as to my Theology classes in University.

My posting seems to be constantly hacked!!!!Why does things always change on its own

stand by while this post is being put together

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Canada In Trouble With Flood Waters, Our Arctic Melting Ice is Decending On Our Farmlands And Flooding Us Out, We Are Canadian And Will Pull Through For the World in Crisiss

A very special gal when taking down KKK Fort Matthieu here in Montreal, Lttle Kimmie, she was smoking her crack pipe crying her eyes out while telling me how she offered herself to family mob incest rape to protect her little sister, just thinking of you Kimmie where ever you are, remember I told you all things will come back home, still fighting a war for you Kimmie with my Police Intervention. Remember Kimmie, I was sewing up the croach of your jeans so your pretty little panties would not show on the street, I swilled with you Kimmie , I will never forget!!!! All t5his shit around me with a demented cult, stealing my Google money and all to finance themselfs, screw you, I was given the word to shut you down and take off my Google ads, and I die, my blog must be shut down by terms of agreement of Blogger. People stole a lot from me through my life, got accussed of a lot by assholes, innocent victum of society at the cost of a demented cult around me to own me from my youth, now I am loosing parts of my great country by environmental disasters, it hurts, I only wish I had some of my stolen Google money to give to their needy causes. Fuck you demented cult around me, you will never again make Google money off me, get your stupid government welfare cheque instead or we will hunt you down if you rob from the innocent worldly working family to earn a living of the skin of our backs.I will write for the sheer love of writing and like it is on the radio, this demented cult around me is screwed, fucken right you destroyed a lot of lives you fucken idiots!!!

Well when my place was ransacked with illegal entrance, they sabotaged my computer again, I can not post pictures, they are in my computer but trying to post a picture on how the cracked open window without my window filter, well the condesation on my walls with dirt from the humidity at 50% and all with Montreal's heavy rains. Appairently even my home town of Chateuguay is heavily floaded out with spring floading along the river. I must breath fresh air, from somewhere, I have no house plants to make oxygen for me, my plants were killed like usaul with illegal entrance. You fucken Niger Bigot Obama, you once said you own all filters, go to Ireland, ever heard of an IRA drill, I already hear you are getting one, special gift my Irish roots stronger than yours!!!! Also heard you had fucken idiots try to clean up old ink, you can't, you destroyed the Lincon Bible, some old precious paper work must kept preserved is humidity glass show case like dead sea scolls, you country is being floaded out and you are searching out your Irish roots, fucken dumb. Oh yea Obama, I am not allowed my women as long as you and Harper are in power, one is Queen of my home town St Patricks Day Parade still, what it cost the both of us you and Harper messing up my life, why is it you can have wife and kid and I am not allowed one with fucken money you stupidest Nigger Bigot Obama, li8ke you said on the Daily Show interview, I can't get laid. Your fucken history!!!!

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Canadian Political Leader's Debate On CBC For Election, My Comments

Funny thing, here I spent the evening watching the debate by our four Federal Political Leaders on CBC, in closing it was a real joke. Here I have a new toy that I came across on my own. Now in the closing moments of the debate and commentary on CTV, somewhere along the way, Harper said he was going to run and operate my new toy,difference between men and boys is the price of their toys, what the hell does Harper know about my new toy and how to run and operate it. Even said that he hates my "Hound Dog Hat", I have had a lot of Canadians that have said to me along the way, that they really like my "Hound Dog Hat". Really now, if Harper is going to sit around my apartment and play with my new toy all the time, how can he run the Government of Canada as Prime Minister? Then to fatten the pig, Harper said that he owns me, by United Nations, it is commonly agreed that it is illegal to own another human being, Harper does not own me!!!! If Harper owns me, is his demented cult going to own every other Canadian too? Then there was a woman that poised a question to the debating team, she was selected from the Canadian Media, as she said, she was argueing her point with a male one day, in a sense defending me, then she got raped by the male and ended up getting aids and herpies, what the hell is going on around me? To make matters worse, I dam well know that I had a look alike imposter, that went around blackmailing people, racking up bills and raping women. I know who murdered him, he went to jail for it.The guy thought it was me, Wee Iain he was murdering, and I got marked for dead on my taxes the same year which I had to straighten out with RCMP and everything. Then at an August summer party, I said my name to a woman introducing myself as any one would, and she said to me, "You are supposed to be dead", but I am not dead yet!!! Any way, I selected an old political cartoon that I did way back in Canadian politics, to send a message for this posting. Now all this about owning other fellow human beings, in the American slave trade, decent people gained ownership of slaves and then freed them of slavery, then again in this modern case, a corrupt bull shit slave master that says he owns me, and say I gain ownership of him , then he will face the highest Court in the land for promoting slavery and all in Canada. This is something that really bugs my ass right now, I have been living in my apartment since April 2007 when I moved in. Now I went nuts trying to get other people and their mail no longer coming to my apartment mail box, then when I went to get my election card from Election Canada from my mail box, one of these idiots is still registered to vote from my apartment. I phoned the Police to figure out what to do, I got to take this Election Canada card that got sent to my apartment for another person to my local Police department, and to vote in Quebec, you need photo ID and your Hydro Quebec bill, which only I have, Hydro Quebec is only in my name for tyhis apartment.After all, I had cell phone bills and everything coming to my apartment mail box after I moved in. Years back when I was talking to a UIC Officer filing for unemployment insurance, and bitching about what illegal immirgrants and bullshit that are better than me when I was trained in this Country, regarding the company that I got fired from. The UIC Officer said to me, no kidding, we got over 1 million false UIC numbers, counterfeit ones in effect. Then one place I worked in a building, this immirgrant couple were the Janitors, they said that their Mum was visiting from their homeland, but she was their all summer, when you go to a foriegn Country they ask you, how long are you staying in our Country for, and you tell the Custom Officer. Here in Canada you get people coming to visit and never leave when they are suppose to, because you can only stay for so long unless on business or something. Land Immirgrants are educated, want to be in Canada, have qualifications same as me, I worked with a electromechanics from other Countries and they werew just as good as me, in the same light we were able to work together and learned off each other as like any one else that is a responsible worker. Once again I am puzzled, my Mum never got her card from Election Canada, I now have to help an 81 year old woman through the complications to make sure she is registered to vote like she always did. Now if I am pointing out these certain irregularities right now, what about the people working the polling stations on election day. It is usually the unemployed, getting a job for the day. What if these Harper demented fuck heads work the polling stations and count the votes? We got to do back ground checks on the people working the pollings stations and make sure that honest decent people are counting the votes, other wise one could rig the vote when counting. I have run into certain problems working with people while working the polls on election day. Some of the people can not even count the votes. All parties are suppose to get decent people to work the polls by putting in there names to Election Canada. Two people work a polling station and are usually from different political parties working together. I even made some mistakes working the polls, but the person beside you is suppose to catch the mistake. There is a Chief Returning Officer I think it is called, and a Deputy Returning Officer, there are other positions too, from Supervisors and all, one is trained by Election Canada during a training session. If some honest decent people arrange to take the day off work, to work the polls what odds, you still get paid, just to ensure a honest vote on election day.The unemployed are unemployed for a reason, and can not always handle a polling station effectively. Same thing, last election I think, I was told to bring my polling box home, I was shocked, I could have in effect tampered with it, you get trained to do things right or wrong in some cases. Here is another point, there was one Jewish holiday that Harper sent out a greeting card, some Jewish Folk were pissed that I talked to, like they said "how the hell did Harper get my mailing address", I am not even a Harper supporter.What ever happens, every riding can call for a recount if they feel that, hey our community know we voted for so and so, why wasn't he/she elected. Same light, the people working the polls are suppose to be from the community, so you can recognize the voters to ensure that they are who they say they are, and you sign an oath and all that you are a Canadian citizen. Then ones working the polling station, phones in the count from the polling station, one dishonest person can phone in anything!!! Polling boxes are suppose to be kept for so long just incase there is something that creeps up with corruption and no one knew. Now I swear to God, people are hacking my blog again, it is my blog and people were promised to be me, I control my blog and I am having trouble doing it.

This mornings word in Quebec, fuck the election we separate, to has gone too corrupt, besides we Quebecois are fed up with sending wanted crimminals that come here from western Canada back, that come here to hide out and suck off our Welfare system , our prisons are filled with you, we Quebecois are not the ones filling Quebec prisons and Psychiatric Insitutions here!It is like the whole of Western Canada was built with demented fuckheads by Harper that were promised to be me, you can't be me you stupid fucken idiots, you do not have a Quebecois birth certificate!!! Then my list of women that want to do business with me, are fed up with themselves and their children having Harper's demented fuck head Cult members harrass them and try and rape them!!!Get the fucken message!!! Then if any of these women come to buy a piece of art off me or something, your demnted Cult Leader Harper is going to blow up my street, Quebec Provincial Police Bomb Squad is fed up, get the fucken message!!! It is like idiot fucken Harper's home grown terrorist organization to get what he wants!!!! We all saw you on TV last night, when one says drink your Holy water you all do, you go do it somewhere else,you are not welcome Quebec East, we real people take a sip of water, beer or what ever when we feel the need to, not on someone else's order you stupid fucken idiots!!! Then when ever you stupid fucken Harper Cult Members hack my Internet presence, you think Quebec Provincial Police are dumb because their Mother tonque is French, we fucken well know who you are!!!! The strongest Church in Quebec is the French Catholic Church, not Harper's dumb demented Cult, then the Jewish Folk have strong views too because our Christian values stem from their Holy Teaching, lot of Muslims here too that speak French due to old France colonization in the Middle East, there is a solid foundation right there, never mind the African Canuck community that speaks French because of their roots and France's early colonization of African and the Carribean before coming to Quebec. The Oriental community knows how to speak French in Quebec, how else do they do business here for generation after generation in our China Town that we love so dearly!!! Then the extra special Native Indian community of Quebec bloody well know how to speak French too because they were educated here!!! What World community is not in Quebec that does not speak French, some have been here for several generations and educated here, a lot of Quebecois are trilingual. Moi, je parle Francais la meme, et j' ecrite la meme, mal Francais, c'est Francais que mes Quebecois avec moi comprend!!!!!

Stand by while this post is being put together

Sunday, April 10, 2011

By My 2010 Canadian Church Calendar, This Sunday Is 5th In Lent, International Day For The Elimination Of Racial Discrimnation

A lot has transpired around me and the building where I live, funny how I left my apartment this morning which is right beside the main entrance and the main fire alrm panel, an alarm was going off and I know how to read fire alarm panels. It was a common problem alarm going off on the fire drill part of the panel, so I called the fire department. They followed up on my report and they are fed up with this building. As it stand right now we have no fire alarm and according to the Fire Department, who ever calls the shots around this building is being arrested for breaking the fire code and illegally getting people to mess with fire alarm panels.Then on the morning News idiot PM Harper, who has money tied up in this building, is calling me the Devil Beast Rapist. What, I was a kid and read a book from the High School Libaray, it was a book on ghostly type short stories. There was one story about a Devil Beast Rapist that people claimed to exsist, there was a lot of Police investigation into it, and on one occassion in the Carribean, Police were called in and the Devil Beast Rapist got a Police bullet in him, he got away, but Police did get a blood sample from the dripping blood. I have no scars from bullet holes on my body, and this was going on long before me, the book was published and in a High Scool library, I read the story in grade seven. Humour.... eehhh

So I am just getting back to this posting, after a nap and something to eat, for this day being what it is in theology, I picked this piece of for the posting for a multitude of reasons. I was batized in St Andrews United Church of Canada, Mum and Dad had me attned Sunday School, Dad used to drive us kids to our Church for Sunday School, then drive home to get ready for Church Service himself with Mum, then drive back to the Church and get us kids and we would asend to the Chapal entering from the rear, the Minister would be greeting us that door, and when I used to enter the Chapal, I always looked and was amazed by the stained glass window of St Mickael slueing the dragon beast of society with his spear. We would have the Church Service and head home for our lunch together. Any as to my family roots from Scotland, I did this art of the crow, partly from the Scottish National Poet, Robbie Burn's, and Burn's crow. Funny thing about crows, they can be trained, were the meat eaters of the dead in Nature, may it be an unclaimed soldier on the battle field, to dead animal carcases. The Christian Farmer even had scarecrows to scare off the bird from eating its cornfields. I even adopted a baby crow that was thrown from the nest by its Mohter, it was born with no feathers on it, I care for it, and got feathers on it but my pet crow was murdered and people paid money to have my baby crow murdered as I found out. Even to the phrase, "as the crow flies". Now traditional Galiec from Scotland, has very close assimilations to that of Canadian Native Indian art in style, I do want to get into making stained glass windows as an Artist/Engineering Technician, somewhat of an Iconist I guess. This art I did back in the year 2000, is a style of art that reflects on the concept of stain glass style, animals are inportant to many suppressed indiginous cultures in their art, even to Christian art as I learned in my Theology in Art class at Concordia University.

Now as to the Christian Armies of WWII, winning the war against the Nazis,and freeing the enslaved Jewish Folk in concentration camps, old wars never seem to end, at the cut up of Germany after the War, Researchers were cut up and went to different Countries and to Germany's land mass being cut in half into East and West Germany. This dement Cult that was built around my life, I guess because I would not join the Neo-Nazi Mob as asked to as a teenager, as I said at the time, I Grandfather and Father fought against the Nazis, I not fucken joining them, aqnd I always seemed to be taking the down with various Police Forces as a Police Informant as to Oath in the Canadian Coast Guard College before graduation, how many years later am I still trying to be free of them and their demented Cult to enslave me to make me one of them, I will not submit to them by any means, and dig deeper and deeper into my Christian/Pagan roots to be free of them. Paganizm type concepts were introduced in Christian ideologies as a means of converting the Pagans of Europe into Christianity as it spread over the Globe. I even developed my own crow call for my beloved crows, they know me, they will caw back to me, and we ramble on for a bit cawing together. I have done it all over the place. My crows need the cleanest of water as well, birds drink when they are thristy, as in a garden bird bath as we dub them. They will bath themselves, cool off in summer heat, and in the process they will consume water to drink. As I have discovered, when things go wrong environmental around birds, they will start losing their feathers too soon. Years ago in my youth, I used to pick up huge bird feathers, even made a writing quill out of one. There is even a Native Indian name, Blackfeather for a family name, the black feather is a crow feather. Bird feathers were sacred to the Native Indian of North America, the Indian Chief had his Head Dress as it was named made of feathers. Different Native Indian Tribes wore there feathers in different ways, another way to identify Tribal origin.Bird feathers are very much part of the design of the Native Indian dream catcher that they hang over their bed, , more or less so their spirit of the night would give them their prolific dreams as to Angels coming to Jewish Prophets and Joseph to protect Jesus Christ as a baby. I have my own Native Indian dream catcher at my bed to catch my dreams so to speak, sometimes I feel like I have prolific dreams, what else do you call them when a person in your dream tells you do do something. What are the words of the moderite rock song, "spirit of the night,all night".The warmest Candian winter jacket is made or was made of down, goose feathers, my Mother even brought a down filled quilt to Canada from Sctoland when she came to this Country as an immigrant.

so I stand by while this post is being put together

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Earth Hour 2011, Shut Down Just About Everything, Did This Piece Of Art In Oil Pastel By Light Of My Biofuel Wee Oil Lamp, It Was Just Over An Hour Work In Art, Yet To Be Completed

I finally got to get back at doing some art during Earth Hour this evening, when I scanned the piece of art I am working on, it was cut off a bit, the actual size of the oil pastel paper is 31 x 42 cm, my largest dimension on my scan is for a legal size piece of paper of 8 1/2" x 14". I have been so busy applying my engineering skills in my little shop that I made in some of my kitchen space. Between working on biofuel, I built three wee oil lamps of different sizes over a period of time to have test burns of my biofuel calculations. The biofuel burns clean with no oder and could be used in a desiel engine for fuel with the correct fuel injector with the atomizer tip for the viscocity of the fuel to get the correct spray pattern. Then I also worked with my tools building my reverse osmosis processing system for my drinking water from the City water main. As to the City of Montreal web site, it is recommended that one filters their water from the City water main. I first started doing this when I went pre-cancer some time back, then I got back into it more seriously and further developing my process to get the cleanest water possible. I have made distilled water in my process, and that type of water is essential for sterilizing lab equipment, when one goes through the process of cleaning your processing equipment. For those that do not know, distilled water is pure H2O, with no mineral deposits in the water such as mineral water or spring water. I was shocked last time I went to some distilled water in the pharmacy, it was in a clear plastic bottle and did not even taste like distilled water. You can do a basic taste test on distilled water, but it is not health to drink because it lacks the much needed mineral deposits that is found in drinking water. Even to take for example, most City water supplies are treated with floride to help protect ones teeth as to various dental recommendations. In building we all know how a dripping tap over a sink can cause rust deposits on the porsline bathroom sink, or in a shower head it nozzle tips will turn rusty brown. This rust in the water comes from a corrosin reaction from water and steel pipe work. There are many types of different pipe work that are used for water piping, from cast iron pipes for city city water mains for example, to black pipe, galvinized pipe, and plain steel pipe to stainless steel pipe work for medical or food processing equipment and of course standard copper pipe with brass fittings. Modern engineering even came up with plastic piping such as PVC piping for drain pipes, plastic water pipes will errode with water flow, take for example how flowing water cut into rock creating the Grand Canyon in the United States of America. There is a thing with pipe work, how in effect they are all dissimilar metal, the piping that I just mentioned, dissimilar pipe work will cause galvanic action, another name for corrosin. I am even socked as a Engineering Techncian, how these un-educated handymen that run buildings mismatch pipe work when replacing corroded pipe in buildings. One must stick to all the same type of piping, may it be black or galvinized piping. The various type of piping have different costs from a supplier, I forget the price variation, but going for the cheaper pipe nipple or elbow in bullshit work. You must stick to the building plumbing system and use the same pipe work in replacement parts. Another main factor that I onced discussed in a Bar over a beer with a Master Plumber, is ground faults. The ground wire of a building electrical system is hooked up to the City water main, electricity will flow to water first before you will get electricued, but these ground faults in building from bullshit handymen playing with building electrics will cause small leaks of electricity to to the water pipe work and create a process called electrolysiss, the end end result is excessive galvanic action/corrosion of a building's pipe work and of course the City's water main. The City's water main pipe work is faced with two types of corrosion factors. Interior corrosion with the flow of water through the pipe, and then of course the exterior corrosion that is excelled through the acid rain factor that even errodes our precious carved stone brick work found on older building from the Vicorian construction period. Really now, when I had the discussion over a beer with the Master Plumber, he was fed up with argueing his point about bullshit electrics screwing up his expected life span of his pipe work in buildings. I was just as fed up as he was at that time argueing the very same point, he had more budget than me and bought me a couple of beers, and like I said to him, I will carry on argueing the very same point we are discussing, because going cheap to make a quick fix is usaully the exteme wrong thing to do. It costs money to repair engineering correctly to get the calculated life expectance of of the piece of engineering. Now when it comes to modern medical research and blood work, it is now reconized that excessive iron in blood tests can cause cancerous conditions in the human, or farm animals for that matter. Even when one gives blood to the Blood Bank as I do, the Nurse will test your blood iron level before it is varified if you can donate your blood and howe irt is used in the blood bank system as over seen by Hema Quebec in my Province. Excessise building rust in drinking water pipes, just think about what it leads to, we all know that rust building up in our kettle for making our hot beverage, and we constantly go at it to keep our kettle clean of rust or if you never clean it out, you end up buying a new one from the heating element burning out from excessive water sludge build up on it. In engineering, there is such a thing a calculated error, and compounded error, I always fought against compounded engineering error because any one that can buy a tool, thing they can use it without going to school to learn engineering basics. There is even economics of engineering, calculating cost over runs, when one puts in a price quote for an engineering repair job, it is a very specialized field, some people are very good at it, like a Contractor I once worked for, two men ran the Company, the Main Man with the tools that over saw workers and then his Priceless Partner, the Main Man that could qoute the cost of a job so good, they both had a successful busness. In engineering saftey for machanical failure, one calculates 1.5 % safty factor, same thing, whatever you thing it will cost to do a engineering repair job, you multiply it by 1.5% for unforeseen complications.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

If Only Hillary Clinton Had Become President Of The United States Of America, Things Would Have Become So Much Different I emailed Hillary Clinton once, and said to her, "What am I suppose to pray for, people on both sides of the border want me done in? Your ex husband Bill once said as I heard, that he tried to get people to lay off me, but he could not control them all" Hillary this is a posting to you in effect, what I know and stupidity, I have family in the good old USA that came from Scotland post WWII. Anyway Hillary, between cleaning water by reverese and internal building wiring problems , engineering is all so complicated. If I have internal wiring problems popping 117 volts last night, and then 118 volts this morning as to nature of AC electricity, I will constantly rise in internal building electricity that will smoke my electrical applicances or tools for my water purification system in my home. Then Hillary I have old tools that I need to use that are rated for 115 volts max...humour eeehhh, your ulitmate Canuck. These internal building wiring problems smoke building tranformers and the Hydro Quebec Transformers on the street. If I have these internal wiring problems in Montreal, New York has these problems too, which with the nature of elecricity, New York is smoking my Premiers high tension electrical system feeding New York hydro power love ...Hillary.... in a while, will keep you posted. Hillary, we all need clean drinking water! With what happened in Japan and all the messed up cars, we are under a world wide water advisory due to the minute particals of petro in the water system due to evapouration of petro and water in the south pacific. It enters the atmosphere and comes in the snow and rains to enter the various cities aqua duct systems. Under powerful microscope you should see the crap that is in the Montreal water from the city water main, City of Montreal website recommends one filters the water, it is even more important now. Then when one takes the American Nuclear Reactors and all, you need clean cooling water so that cooling system tubes do not get laced with water impurites and coat the cooling tubes causing less efficent heat exchange and over heating. Under powerful microscope you should see all that is in the water coming down and infecting aqua ducts from rain and snow as result of all the mess up cars in Japan, the petro entered the water system in the atmosphere. I make the cleanest water in my home with engineering process, just like when I was out to sea in the Canadian Coast Guard making drinking water from sea water.....Hillary, when Japan went down, I filled my bath tub with cold water, draw from that tank of water to process and clean up through water filtration process, so what I am faced with spoong bath at sink to stay clean, at least I am not going with poison water between Japan and Lybria bombings and fires with smoke infecting atmosphere to rain in our City's aqua duct systems. Even from years ago, Montreal City's web site said to filter all water from the City's water main, never mind what Detroit rock city pumps into Great Lake water table and poisons us Canadians. Same as New York City dumb site close to Chateauguay River water table at Canada/USA border, Canadian border towns are fed up fighting your dumb dump site in Court for infecting water table on Canadian side of border. Just keep selling guns to all your demented assholes and let them put bullets in heads of your fellow Americans like you Americans always do, less Americans will result in less toxic waste feeding Great Lake Water Table to poison Canadians.

Even Hillary, when snow flakes are created in our atmosphere out of moisture, what is held in suspension in the atmospheric water droplets in minmute molecular particals, become part of out snow flakes that fall in our aquaduct systems for our Northern hemisphere Cities, and Southern where applicable. Now I filled a buck of relatively clean snow, kept adding snow as it melted for snow has more volume than water. With the snow fully melted in a reverse osmosis system, one would not believe what was found in the bottom of my bucket/settling tank. I am going through the process of filtering this snow melt, taking out what is still held in suspension in the water. In theory I can make distilled water out of it to use to clean up my lab equipment, I know what distilled water tastes like, then the PH of the water or is it soft or hard water, there is so much to it. One can not drink distilled water, but I do have a process to add vital minerals to distilled water to make a healthy type of bottled spring water.Hillary, as I recently emailed the Mayor of Montreal through the Ville de Montreal web site, like I explained to him how I am at the cleanest water main suction from part of the St.Lawerence/Great Lake water system, and with the World wide water advisory, I am taking a fair bit of black shit out of the water, lack of money for proper lab analysis, but as to what I wrote the Mayor, as I suggested to him, should consider drawing water from the east end of our City's aqua duct system, put it through a filtration process, then pump and pipe it back into the West end of the aqua duct system for cleaner water from acid rain and contaminated snow melt entering the aqua duct. Agitated aeriated water is the best to consume and it would help all Montrealers with cleaner water. I am sure the States have similar aqua duct systems to feed water to urbain areas and the same type of investment should be secured for your own drinking water supply. Hillary, with what I have done with cleaning up my City water supply with reverse osmosis in my home, my different types of blood counts are up with the Quebec blood bank, they are really impressed, you can do it too for your people, they depend on my blood donations for their research in healing people as to Canadian cancer research and white blood cell count etc......Hillary as part of my reverse osmosis process,I use a dark blue bottle, Sky Vodka out of the States, Vodka is made from potatoes and Sky has one nice potatoe taste in the Vodka, it is like stained glass windows in a Church to purify the air during the right soltrais and religious gatherings. Can not wait to buy my "Texas Mickey" of Sky Vodka just to get the bottle for my reverse osmosis process, then again eventually I can buy 5 bottles empty with budget of the stained glass I want. It will not take me long Hillary to buy a bottle of Canadian Club, as we call it, Beaver tail flapping size, for my brown bottle for my reverse osmosis process in my home to purify City drinking water during the World Wide Water Advisory.

Hillary, a thing I did in Canadian Coast Guard College for cleaner water on the base, I inherited a fish tank from a Graduate Officer, so I cleaned it all up, bought the charcoal and filter material, filled fish tank with water and aeriated the water with fish tank water pump, charcoal filter and all took bacteria out of water from base water supply. Then jealous idiots laced my water tank with javel to poison me, so I had to shut it down, now do the same basic same thing in bath tub water settling tank.

Hillary like I caught American woman in News, no way am I doucing in toxic water as to my Tweetes,need Wee Iain, you still douce Hillary? Sorry for getting personal but fact of life, we got to save World together, need you something special to save American lives with my water research as to being Canadian Eng. Tech.

Image from Internet Bing of Hillary Clinton pics

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan In Crisis After Offshore Earthquake On Major Fault Line And Their Nuclear Technology In Pearl

Here I work away as an Engineering Technician consulting in my own way to help to save Japan and their people in their time of need as an associate member of Engineers Without Borders. They need every bit of person power they can get and the whole World seems to be responding as our economies are all hooked up together. The map of Japan image for this posting is from my Atlas General Holt, Jean Lavallee, Professeur de geographie, CEGEP de Maisonneuve, Montreal, Holt Rineart et Winston Ltee, Monreal,1970.

Stand by while this post is being put together......With all the cars that were damaged in Japan that carried petro and all, leaks of course were made into the ocean, evapouration by heat in the moisture that rises with the sunlight. Now we are face with fuel oils and hydrocarbons in all over water system through rise and fall of temperature!!! We are all going to die from it unless people let me work with my tools and not be a slave to be robbed by the Harper/Obama demented cult that set out to do me in from how many years ago, jealousy and corruption to do me and Dad in from working together with my inventions based on his Canadian Military research over years of education and courses he took for Canadian Nacal operations. I used to make really good water out at sea in the Canadian Coast Guard as part of my job when I was a Junior Engineer, or Senoir Watch Keeper maintaining my boiler water as not destroy the boiler tubes with dirty make up water...;.in a while....or poison myself with piss pour drinking and cooking water know on a ship as potable water, while consume. Even when I came back from the coast I went back to marine school to get my petrochemical tanker endorsement to deal with hydrocarbons in the acid rain because I was always purfifing my water somehow over the years to protect my own sorry ass from idiots alway doing me in and sbotaging my life which I went to school to earn a living and make somwething of my life, I even need my wash water to make clean water!!!!

What goes around comes around, too much American money and blackmail floated around me to destroy my life ever since I was born because who my Father was, as to PM Steven Harper and his family, he played both sides of the war around me not to have my life and dreams destroyed, like I said to him in elementry school when I am destroyed by idiots, why are all these people doing me in? Why don't you go their all the way to destroy me and find out who is backing all this destruction of my life? Now he is Prime Minister of the country that I love so much, So who is fooling who about my life story, I know who to trust so that I can work and earn a living to carry on my Father's research for our Canadian Military, our fellow Canadian citizens, and our fellow popullus of the World and time & spacethat does not want to destroy me and my life. Our Canadian citizen Julie Payette needs clean water from Earth when she is up in the space station maintaining research facilities to observe from a birds eye view what is happening to our planet during these time of crisis with Gobal warming and the severe a bit I am still trying to get petro and gems and virses out of my own drinking and cooking water that are still in Montreal suck system from the great lake water table to make distilled water again to clean my water research tools, one needs distilled water to properly cleanse Lab equipment. Here I am on my way to making distilled water again, I have a power lens and know how to use it to see the dirt in the water and I know what clean water should look a while, back again...when I was asked to join the Neo-Nazi mob as a kid to someone that praised Hitler, I said, no fucken way, my Grandfather and Father fought the Nazis, you think I am going to join you, you want to take over you got to join Canadian political parties. Like PM Harper aint't the ultimite Nazi praying his balls off to survive this war on me and my16th Chapel of Vatican city..... Who the fuck gave the order to blow local city atmosphere into my apartment again by over powering my apartment ventilation system I created to survive this war, I fucken well know my building blows shit in my apartment through my bathroom vent. There are two types of roof top fan systems by or mororized system or a bit by the wind. One to blow oxyen into a boiler room for combustion and then there is one to cause a up draft from bathroom vents for circulation of air. Dead air can become toxic poison.....especially if one supercharges it with poison gas!!!!, To take you down with cancer and have a stupid lAmerican life insurance policy on you to make money. In Canada only I can take a life insurance p[olicy out on myself, no one else can, only in the USA can one take life insurance out on someone and murder them to make money, or try to take them down with cancer while investing in cancer medication. My Lawyer and I both know my building mangement is controled by Harper and Obama, their mangement always wants in my apartment, and what I go through for a new bathroom vent fan that is out of balance and makes too much noise. Like it is only pulling a plug in the bathroom vent fan an a couple of screws I could do my self, the Niger Nazis and Honkies that work for building mangement, only want to see my water purification system to take it over for Harpobame financial intrests, they will not even give me the fan to install myself. Little old me, I am like a French Resistance researcher working with next to nothing in France WWII, fighting to provide for my freedom fighters against Nazi politicians . There is no such thing as a a slave researcher as people have called me, in reality you become a slave to your own research to provide for your people. Then I had the Montreal Fire Deptment at my place last night, like I told them I am fed up with my battery from my smoke detector in my apartment being tampered with, like they said, this is the ultimate insurance con job, and they will never forget how I protected them when I led them into toxic gases from an industrial explosion and fire with only my dust mask compared to Scott Air Packs.

Vibration and Earthquakes, I was at my favorite Montreal War Memorial, with my stethoscope probe and listened to the ground in the cement type flooring around the War Memorial, I could here the vibration of the passing trucks and cars from the main street I was watching as I probed the Earth for vibration, and yes there were cracks at the War Memorial cement and stone work. Even to the point of my small fish tank compressor that I have running to purifiy water, it will go out of wack and vibrate too much in effect beating its self to death. Just a simple step on the floor around a vibration node in the building would quite down the vibration in my compressor, it is called a vibration damper. My Father worked on vibration dampers on rotating machinary on our Naval ships so that the vibration would not got into the ocean and and be picked up by enemy ships with sinsitive vibration recording equipment to detect our Naval Destroyers at sea. Every ship has its own vibration signature that can be monitored , same as every building with rotating machinary or vechical running down roadways. Even a deisel engine has a critical speed that you do not run it at for vibration nodes, because it will blow its self to pieces in your face!