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Thursday, December 31, 2009

It Hurts All Us Canadians, We Lost Four Top Of The Line Soldiers From the Military, And A Very Special Woman Reporter In Afghanistan. I Have My Little Canadian Flag At Half Mast Again, And I Fished Out The Words to The Song, "Michelle Ma Belle", To Play On My Guitar In Honour Of Michelle's Service As A Reporter In Afghanistan And Here In Canada, To Bring The Story Home To Us Canadians!

Stand by while this post is being put together....The image I put with this posting was done at my hospital art group when I was badly strickened with extra paramidal side effects from medication...It is just something for Michelle, bringing the story home with her loyalty and dedication of commitment to her Profession as reported on the News!!! I have the words to the song "Michelle Ma Belle" from the hospital music book  and I have found the chord progression on the Internet, took me a bit due to my silly spelling errors...
"My Guitar Gently Weeps", I found the words and chords to this Beetle song as well, we will not forget you Michelle Lang. Ironically it is three years since a shooting at Dawson College's "Mother House", as the building is known, (The building once belonged to the Nun's, then bought and converted into part of Dawson College) and we lost a female student to a gunman, we all have a lot to remember as 2009 comes to a close. I spent about 10 years taking courses at night going to Dawson College studying to be an Engineering Technician while working day shift and doing over time as an Electro Mechanic keeping production lines rolling for our local industry or shutting down factories that broke too may rules and regulations and not protecting workers on the job or the Montreal surrounding environment!!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

(Image for this posting, as to Greek Mythology, the wife of Zeus, Hera. Goddess of the home, as to Mother Earth, Terre de Mere, to Mothearth, leading on to "Homeland Security" of 2009. Image obatained from an Occupational Therapist from a Montreal McGill Medical Services Instituition I deal with. Original image supplied through text incorporated with British Museum, London.){From Protestant to Catholic, we oftain say "The Mother Church", our Christian texts were translated into English from Greek texts, where the Greek texts were translated from the Hebrew texts, through this process, Greek philosophical concepts slipped into our way of religious thinking}
Here I Play A Very Big Part Of Homeland Security for Canadians, In Alligiance With Our Worldly Trading Partners For Planetary Needs. Engineering For Security Measures Is a Stimulus To The World Economy. Yes, But At Tax Payers Expense To Secure Our Homes, Business' And Institutions Taking On These Demented Extremists, A Lot Of Which Were Promised To Be Me!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stand by while this post is being put together......As we Canadians have become enlightened, it is a three way war for every Nation on the Planet, splinter cells of  religious extremists with communication, spying, lock picking equipment, sabotaging tools, and weaponry are everywhere on the Planet, including for us here on our own Canadian soil.....How would one even try to explain a concept of "a three way war and the square root of"! Here is my basic concept of it, Government, Church/Houses of Prayer (from traditional faiths) and the various forms of business' that cater to all our needs. We have elected Officals everywhere, backed financially from Lobbiest and their own personal beliefs (religious faiths), who gain finance from a multitude of technological fuel business patners, some for personal gain, some extremist views, then there are us for the majority of traditional healthy, moralist, and ethical values for Planetary needs as educated Professionals. In every school of thought today, one usaully has to take a course in morals and ethics in their own respective profession, unfortunitly there are a lot of demented extremists out there with no morals and ethics for a universal way of thinking for Planetary needs on the whole for the majority, but they have still gained access to our wholesome technology, to use against us the ones that have a true sacred heart for a decent secure home for our families, to raise children and bring them up to follow our own philosophical approach to tolerance towards others through mediation, acts of legislation to govern appropiately for the masses, and then of course the rules and regulations for the wholesome use of technology. There is so much to it, I getting a cup of tea, and then posting the words to a song I wrote, and still, with illegal entrance into my home, the musical notation which was written in pencil has been messed with, it does not jive to what I wrote to proper musical notation proceedure which I learned through a Professional and her teachings! To get us through all this mess of demented extremists, their corrupt backing etc, I have this concept. As to the "Seven Seals" in Revelations, the last book of the New Testament, It is like one has the basic five traditional belief systems as I studied in a course at University, then there are whole beliefs of Indigeous Peoples throught out the Planet, then one has the concept of the Chaplains, Theological/Religious Personel as used in the Canadian Armed Forces, as part of  Canadian Hospital Staff, as part of our Canadian Police Forces, they deal with all traditional religious foundations when their various personnal need someone to turn to from what they are exposed to on the job. When Pope Urban II made the proclamation for the crusades in his time, yes it was thought they were in the "Book of Revelations", it has been applied through out history over and over again during a time of need, with what wholesome people of dignified religious concepts faced when taking on their foe!
 As things come about, it turns out I have strong influential American Political Allies that are just as fed up as I am, and we are there for each other, and we now depend on each other as we did in the past, just like when I worked with an American Coast Guard Person or something when sailing the American Coast on a Canadian Coast Guard ship helping to maintain AT&T trans-Atlantic communication lines. We exchanged head wear, the American individual got one of my berrets, and I got his baseball cap with ensignia to wear in my engineer room while on watch. With these thoughts on my mind and the turn of events, I turned to my art work once again. I started my prilimary design of an Easter Egg for my American Cousins. The designed is based on, first a blue circle, as to the chuck wagon circle of the US Cavalry in early American histroy when under enemy fire, to the Soldier Blue of the US Cavalry, to the early designs of the American Flag with its circle of stars as it created State Houses to govern land mass. Then there is the red triangle, consisting of the sides of the triangle being tangents to the circle, in a way forming the Native American Indian's T Pee, to the fire triangle, the three components one needs for the combustion process, to capital punishment in the States and the firing squad. Of course the egg base is white, hence red, white and blue of the proud and free of the United States of America is very much part of the design. Underneath this geometric design, is the letters "U.S.A." in black, where in early booking using a quill, black ink was used to indicate one was in the money in their company book keeping, compared to being in the red and loosing money. The start of this piece of art sits on a shelf with other Easter Eggs of Flags of World Economic Trading Partners. The Easter Eggs are bought at an art store and are made of sytrafoam for easy paint application, it is all part of my own philosophical theological/religious concepts dealing with nest eggs, as to pension plans that we are all deeply concerned about during these hard economic times.

It has been really crazy, I am really touched by certain Government Officials, word got to me that top American Officials want me on this street I live on now a long time ago, to take down this demented cult that evolved here,and grew ever strong!  There are so many demented streets all over the place, what is the phrase, "Birds of a Feather Flock Together", yea, end up on the same street. As a Montreal Police Officer put it kind of under his breath while riding in tandum on bicycles with his partner, they passed me infront of my main entrance and said, "We volunteered you again, we know you are the best and could do it", God love them! I fell on to this demented cult street on my own accord, after taking down another demented street here in Montreal, that had a strong crack cocaine power house on the corner that were into sabotaging building and underminding the Canadian National Building Code..... It is like my Father used to say to me, "Christ Almight", in his frustration and all, we will all get throught it, patients is a vertue, I am totally exhuasted myself, only get three to four hours sleep breaks and handle the bull shit I got to handle as an Engineering Technician for a multitude of Police operations! If I had my Google money instead of idiots arranging for it to be fleeced, it would possible have saved my Fathers life, and I could have taken down this demented cult street all the same a whole easier with less expense to my parents for example!
Who is this stupid fucken ultimate idiot that is putting out in the media that I do not get to fuck a woman until the war is over, old wars never end, I can fuck any woman I want to, hence to breed as a normal human!!! Like I have not had a sex partner in the past and had a sexual relationship? Oh I forgot, when it mob backed money to get a kid out of me and mark Father unknown, it was alright for me to get laid, or get pregnant on me, then arrange to have me strapped to a bed in psychiatry to get me out of the way!!!! It is Assuming I hooked up with a woman, I would do it right, go to my Doctor together, get an Aids/SIDA, sexually transmittable test etc to make sure she is clean, my Doctor knows I am disease free!!!!!! According to certain sources, over 3000 couples spent time busting up my bunk during sexual activities when I was not home, and some corrupt demented Dictator or two that are running the free world, and are saying I am not allowed to bust my bunk up some more in sexual activities, when it was my deceased Father that paid for my bunk in the first place, no one else!!!!! Oh, I guess western civilization is no longer the free world, it is "Harpobama Delusion Land".
Update: Dec 28th 2009, a Lawyer called me not long ago, this stupid demented cult, who was the idiot that tried to marry me off without my consent? There are Church laws where a person can get married without being present at the Church Alter, it was used in WWII for example, where a Soldier left his girl friend behind and went to the front in Europe, constantly communicated back and forth through love letters, and agreed to get married through the Church while the soldier was on the battle field. Another example is where before the Soldier went to war, he had a fling of passion with his girl friend, she got pregnant and he found out at the battle front in Europe through written correspondance, so they agreed to get married without his presence in the Church, and he sent money home from his Soldier's pay cheque to support his wife and child. Why was I married to a woman or something and knew nothing about it, this stupid demented cult concept, the Lawyer that called me today handle the stupid mess with other Lawyers, and I am due to get back to the Quebec Bar Association to get another Lawyer with certain experize due to brain washed demented cult members that break every law in the book to get what they want!  Me and the civilized world are taking down these brain washed demented cult members that have no traditional values in morals and ethics!!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

(My best childhood companion, comrade, and friend as a wounded Soldier)

Christmas Eve 2009, My Christmas Message, To Protect Vatican City (Catholic Honest Divine Rightiousness), and the first to recieve the phone call when the Pontiff passes away, the Queen of England (Anglican Honest Divine Rightiousness), then me "Wee Iain", Protestant Holy Soldier for Honest Divine Rightiousness, as to my bed time story as a young child, "The Butcher, The Baker, The Candle Stick Maker" as told from from my Ma, as it turns out....I know how to use a butcher knife to carve up a chicken, I know how to bake old Scottish recipies, and I know how to recycle wax to make a candle, somehow all Kosher as a "Little Jihad" by my books, to protect myth and lore about the Holy Lands as a Theology/Religious Student With Concepts As To A Native Canadian Indian Warrior With Survial Tactics In The Forests Of Life, Too Bad I Found An  American Pesidential Reciept With My Company Book's Receipts.....
(How do I put it? From Ozzie Osbourne/Black Sabbath and the song "Ironman", to
 Margrette Thachter as a political ruler known as an "Iron Lady", I rule my company Doc GM Creations with an "Iron Fist", for my  intellectual property that I went to school for and attended all the engineering lectures, I am no slave to white and black supremists that think they own me, I am worth more money now than bigots can ever dream of having!!!!!)
Little Note: Me and my Mum, it is like my childhood days now that Dad passed away, when Dad was doing his labour of love in engineering for the Canadian Military at work all day, I was handling the tools for all Mum's needs around the house until Dad got home, now I have a Mother load of responsiblity being there for my Mum in her old age with Dad's passing away! Here is a complicated issue, a Crystal Meth lab across the alley from Mum and Dad's balcony, I know the tale tell signs between the two buildings, the while shit on the foundation across the alley, and the white shit around the brick walls of  Dad's balcony garden, plus I know the smell of it due to past RCMP operations and me. Dad went down with lung cancer at 85 years old, I will never forget his words under his breath as he was deteriating with cancer, "I miss having my cigarrette with my son", Dad and I were the only two males that smoked our " Hero Bisket Cigarette" in the family.

A Roman Emperor named Constantine had a vision with a message from Jesus Christ before battle, he won the battle and accepted Jesus Christ and his name spread through out the Roman Empire, I accept the Holy Pontiff, Her Majesty the Queen Of England to guide me through my prayers this Christmas to battle on to keep American Presidential reciepts out of my apartment...$%5E$&#... ...something about rules and regulations around the Luitenant Governor of Quebec, ...Ma Belle Provance...will write more... as #1.  Just  before my Father died a week ago, like he said to me,"They tried to destroy everything I gave you." But it is like, not quite, my Father gave the ultimate gift in my youth, he taught me how to think like an engineer, nonbody can destroy that Dad, as you find your way to St Peter's Gate...So I am alone with my radio, TV, Blog and prayers this Christmas, to engineer my way out of poverty like usaul...and I will thanks to the teachings of a very special man, my good old Dad on his way to heaven, Merry Christmas to you all...and then my stupid fucken "want to be", Mother, yea Christmas Eve my picture is turned down,"the unwanted one" and my idiot sabotaging brother is proped up on the dining room cabinet. Even the framed art I gave Dad for a gift was turned down, Dad and I are one in the same, WE WERE USED TO BEING SABOTAGED WORKING TOGETHER. Funny thing, warring did not stop for Christmas on the Western Front, WWII, it is like what, we will fly you all home, then after the New Year, you go soldiering again being hung our at the Western Front, the Crusades did not stop warring to secure the Holy Lands, I will not stop until Peace in the Holy Lands comes, then spreads through out the World,  the idoit American Government plays both sides of the war as wanna be money racketearing. It is called settling of accounts, everything I do is bought and paid for with an American Presidential reciept in my apartment!!!! Say what, I stole the Presidential reciept? I was in Hospital for a bit, the date of the reciept  corresponds with the time span I was locked in a hospital!!!! So who is the fucken bigot lier now!!! To really make a case and point, who was the white supremist infront of me in elementary school I was always taking on, then I had to deal with his counter part behind me, the black supremist. One day in elementary school I even got doused in gasoline and a fuel igniter thrown at me, I caught the fuel igniter, grabbed the gas can, and ruled the school for the rest of the day, yea so we all sat in class and no one interupted the teacher's lectures. At the end of the day I gave the gas can and fuel igniter to the techer and walked home from school smelling a bit like gasoline!!!! When I bought a guitar pick on a Canadian Native Indian Reserve made by Dunlop, I dubbed it my Turtle Clan Guitar pick, then my Father told me something, as a kid my Father made sure I had all Dunlop products, eg: new bicycle tires when I needed them!!! Really now, Jim Dunlop guitar picks, made in USA, is an infringement on a registured trademark name....da, da, la, si, la... My company name when registured, Doc GM Creations, the name is checked on a computer in the Provincial Court House for infringement or any thing, it is Kosher!!! Everyone knows there are Dunlop racing tires in formula 1 racing, it is a international name well know!!Note: here is another one with company names, Ortho Johnson, an American pharmacuetical company, then the Americans have the houusehold name, Johnson and Johnson, dealing with cleaning product etc. Like poison me with chemical cleaners, and invest in healing medications, to Johnson Controls in engineering. So who is fucking who around to make themslves out to demented fuck head bigots full of corruption with CIA to do in Candian business!!!! I could register my company name: Doc GMM Creations, as to Doctor Goober Mickeal Modesty, so fuck off GM Motors and your American bull shit!!!! Your company is registured as General Motors Inc no? Then GM Canada or something, such fucken American bigots, you could not even talk and discuss the situation with me, you thought you would make me your slave, a lot of wars were fought to end slavery remember!!! Merry Ho, Ho, Ho, Christmas Canada and the World!!!!!
Update: Christmas Day 2009
Here is something for my Muslim community for Christmas, chosen words translated into English from Arabic, something about Allah knowing wisdom in battle strategies, I found the words doing research for my University final paper, on a painting call "The Tribute Money". As to my lessons in Theology in Art on Brahm's religious music notation for the Church of Christendom, the same concept applies to these Devine inspirational words from Allah.

Push me and understand what I look to
They hunted me as a pigeon
If they see you besides me
They'll slaughter you, and what do I have to do?
Push me and inside the moon
How beautiful are those read cheeks
Oh beautiful you tortured me
It's not easy for me that they slaughter you
And the (zelf) is on the cheek oh sweety you tortured my soul
Let them slaughter you, I don't care push me to the field and the eyes are the gazelle's
Oh sweety your love has tired me
If they slaughter you what should I do

I am the protector and provider of traditional religious concepts from acknowledged Prophets from the planet's religious history!!! My Grandad named Daivd, gave me a very special star through his chosen religious words he carried over his heart in WWI, my Father named David, gave me a very special star teaching me the labour of love in engineering to give the Canadian Armed Forced the very best of equipment during my teenage lessons in engineering on the HMCS Assiniboine under my Father's guiding hand during sea trails after refit, he even taught me how to walk the helicopter deck on a military destroyer while doing figure 8's in Murray's Bay at the mouth of the St Laurwence River during steering trails. In effect we tested the rope netting around the helicopter deck to make sure it would hold Naval personel on a 45 degree roll at full speed ahead, it is quite the sight, looking at the ocean that way !!!!!!!!!!!!
My Mother called, going for me and my Ma for the best of home cooking for Christmas, she is fed up with the slander and crap I face that make us argue, even, Dad's left over case of beer with a few to go, I am sure the bottle count did not add up right....stupid stupid stupid, now I got to make sure my Mother's home is secure as my to my own, with Dad no doubt repairing the stairway way to heaven through his engineering analytical mind's eye as he takes a gander toward St Peter's Gate and demands Godly budget for proper maintance needs!
Update: Boxing Day 2009
As to the planetary needs of those true to the sacred heart of honest righteous values of the five traditional faiths I studies in University during the fall semester of 2009, as to the descendants of Abraham through the Judaic people, then Christendom, Islam through their Prophet, Hinduism, which led to Buddhism, inclusive in descent are the faiths of those from traditional beliefs of the various Indigenous peoples through out the planet which I have not yet studied in depth, but I am well informed of the Native Canadian Indian traditional belief systems through growing up beside their very tight knit community. Unfortunitly their are a multitude of denominations of all these traditional belief systems, and within these various denominations there are also a multitude of fundamentalists to extremists that must be stopped and cortailed, from  gaining financial aid for weapons in what is in effect a 3rd World War on erratic terrorists and thoose that are delusionally agressive through personal assaults to commit bodily harm. Some of these extremists become political leaders, as to those that that came after me from a young age due to my commitment  to my own local Police operations when I started to inform a Quebec Provincial Police Officer of the stupidity in my high school, and how I wished I was a big as the Police Officer himself. It has been a long hard road serving my country in various capacities and all the good hearted souls for planetary justice must for fill their role as I did from a young age. As to this note I will quote from a very special poem from the years of the American Revolution against slavery. The Poet James Sloan Gibbons (!810-1892) wrote this poem "Three Hundred Thousand More" in response to Abraham Lincolin's call for volunteers for a Union Army. The poem was put to music by a number of composers to rally the people, and it also does work to the Brahm's musical notation for Christian Church music which I learned about in University as well.

Here is to and for the true hearted Red, White, and Blue young and old of United Stated of America!

"Three Hundred Thousand More"

First Stanza: We are coming, Father Abraham, three hundred thousand more,
 From Mississippi's winding stream and from New England's shore;
We leave our ploughs and workshops, our wives and children dear,
With hearts too full for utterance, with but a silent tear;
We dare not look behind us, but steadfastly before:
We are coming, Father Abraham, three hundred thousand more!
Fourth and last stanza: You have called us, and we're coming, by Richmond's bloody tide
To lay us down, for Freedom's sake our brothers' bones beside,
Or from foul treason's savage grasp to wrench the murderous blade,
And in the face of foreign foes its fragments to parade.
Six hundred thousand loyal men and true have gone before:
We are, Father Abraham, three hundred thousand more!

Quoted from: "Civil War Poetry, An Anthology": Negri, Paul (Editor), Dover Publications Inc, Mineola, New York, 1997.

The American Flag evolved over a period of time in its history, as it aquired land mass to govern, more stars became part of the flag design, the colours of the Flag, as to the Union Jacket of Great Britian, the red white and blue, stemming from the Flags and crosses of the Patron Saints: St George, St Patrick, and St Andrew. 52 Stars, 52 States, No? I forgot, the American Government bought Alaska of the USSR around the early 19oo's,when they were broke after the Lenin Reveolution, then when did Hawaii come, Porto Rico, and Virgin Islands both fly the American Flag and use the green back for currency, I know that much...that would make 56 Stars, I will get to find a American Flag and count the stars at one point, maybe I will even learn something!With the publication date of my atlas , by a British publication house, I can not even find Hawaii under American domain, funny thing!
Ironically, during WWII, our Prime Minister at the time, the Right Hourable MacKenzie King, turn to his pet dog in his solitude for Devine guidance, to save our people and be there for our soldiers at the front lines!!!!

After all this bla, bla bla in writing skills, here is the lyrics to my modern day song for peace:

                                 Allied Forces of Mothearth
4/4 time, 1st Verse: We the allied forces of Mothearth
                                 Will defend our countries and flags
                                 Throughout time by way of the United Uniformes
                                 Handling the unrighteous terrorists

Switch to 3/4 time, Chorus: God Oh God, who started the war on us
                                             God Oh God who started the war on us
                                             God Oh God who started the war on the children
                                             The children must be protected
                                             God of Gods who wants to bear your cross to
                                             End the war on the children of tomorrow

Back to 4/4 time, 2nd Verse: We the good men of Mothearth
                                                Will defend our cities'nd  country sides
                                                Throughout time while the United Uniforms
                                                Handle the many front lines

3rd Verse: We see the seasoned women of Mothearth
                   As ones defending our children 'an home cooking
                   Through-out time while their good men
                   Do their many rightious deeds

4th Verse: We the responsible adults of Mothearth
                  Will bring peace to countries and the young
                  Throughout time by way of the United Uniforms
                  Handling the godly ways of our Lord

Words and Music By: Doctor Goober Mickeal Modesty

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

(Standing On Guard For Thee)
As To Dec 14th 2009 Blog Posting On My Water Filtering System, Today Is Now Dec 23rd, So I Cleaned All My Filter Unit, Modified It And It Is Now An Improved Version With A Four Stage Filtration System.

Note: As To Cleaning Of  Water Filtering Unit, inspect and clean by using a mix of  one part vinager and two parts boiled hot filtered water, install all new filters. I gave my old filters to a Chemist Associate of mine for a comparitive study and analysis with other users of my proto-type. Then I gave my electric kettle a good cleaning by filling about 1/3 full with water with a fresh mix of water and vinager, boil twice, then take small paint brush all over to clean interior of kettle really good. Rise throughly to get out cleaning solution of inside of kettle. The four stage filtration unit is all made and secure for use, from recycling in your kitchen, email me for blue print, directions and small payment through PayPal to finance the development/costs I put into the water filtration system.
Update: Boxing Day 2009, I am now using my four stage water filteration unit to fill my electric kettle, the red plastic base does sit nicely on my small electric kettle to fill it, through this system, I am now picking up red rust particals in my prilimary funnel filter. I have not had the time to modify a part to install what would be my secondary water filter on my filtering system, it would become my secondary filter on my filling funnel. How fine a filter does one want to go, a .5 micron filter can be very expensive, then again my system is cheaper than a coalesant type water filtration system as used by the Canadian Military for different applications. My Father had me attend a lecture on this subject given by a Canadian Research Enineer to an assortment on personel of which the Canadian Military were present, I was in my Canadian Coast Guard Uniform as a representative of Transport Canada at the time. Between incorporating my household reverse osmosis system and centrifical purifier with a vegetable oil coagulent additive done with a household blender, along with a fish bowl and applicable aireator with carbon filter for bacteria, I am Soldiering onward to very clean water as to the acid rain that penitrates our aquaduc systems for domestic drinking water, along with processing sea water with evaporating systems for shipboard domestic water on Canadian Military and Transport Canada  Ships. Hence I can go even further, this is in affect incorporating a multitude of savings for the Canadain Military on the cost of pre-designed coalesant filters as to application specifications for Canadian Military requirements. World wide comparitive studies with Labortory filter analysis must be done as to planetary regional green house gas and other toxic gas emissions with the Roaring 40's, trade winds and jet stream air currents etc, along with the likes of latex paint cleaning water being poured down the drain, it become a nano science in Mother Nature as she tries to clean up our mess, we have to do more on our part or we will all go down to cancer from dirt drinking water!!!!. Just as an Visual Artist, I have a standard portable hot water recirulating unit design for cleaning up after an artistic painting or for that matter house hold reno paint job to collect and recyle paint to reprocess. As doing renovation jobs in homes, I have applied recycled paint to walls in homes! Little note: In the Canadian Coast guard College, I got passed a fish tank and all from someone that was graduating ahead of me, I cleaned the tank and all, had the fish for a bit, I never had the the to properly maintain the tank for the fish, they died in the dirty fish tank. Then I cleaned the tank, with the bare tank and just the standard fish tank charcoal filter arrangement, I was purifying my water for my mini crock pot for coffee making in my cabin while studying!!!! As to old clay water containers in biblical times, one would ladle out water, and of course always add. All sorts of algie lives in water, unrine mold inclusive, that a charcoal filter helps to control and filter out! Water must be kept cool top retard bacterial growth, but even in the cold North Atlantic, you process out "Barnakle Bill" so to speak!

Canadian/American/World Alligence Counterparts In Traditional Family Value Nutritional Tip: "Tangerine Dream Tea"- Using the filtered water system I am developing,to make a really nice cup of flavoured tea, using an orange pekoe tea bag in a cup, as a lot of us do to make tea, pour pre-filtered boiling water into cup with tea bag, through cup filling filter proto-type, let tea seep according to personal bitterness requirements as to personal tea taste, take a 1/8th of a slice of a tangerine, and squeeze into cup of tea for fruit sweetness. I am enjoying this sort of tea preparation, works for me, how about you?

Update: Dec 24th 2009, As I continue to filter my drinking water for coffee, tea and cooking etc I have this added note. I am now going to a five stage filtration process, just by modifying a unused part of my recycling containers. The Folders red plastic container I recycled and used in my filtration system fits nicely on top off a Kraft Philadelphia original Cream Cheese spread container of 400 grams. It is a perfect fit for under my Folders red plastic coffee can to catch the drip after I take my filter system off my coffee/tea cup. Problem, the drip I collect in my collection container, as it builds up, still has a greyish hue to it and coagulation of black chunks of something is occurring in my  Philadelphia collection container, we still got a long way to go!!!!

You stupid fucken Americans are going to get done in by the respectable Russian/Chinese Military Allegiance, then I will no longer be your slave to fleece at your whim, it was just on the radio. The whole World wants to deal with me, no American Cult will own me any more after a better Military with more common sense bombs the fuck out of you and your demented cult that thinks I am a slave to the American Government!!!!!
Then I can really play my guitar in peace, and enjoy the song, by John Lennon, "It is Christmas, War is over", I do not hallucinate the News, I hear heads are going roll in the States because of your accussations that I hallucinate everything!!!

Here it is coming up 4:30 am Christmas Eve,  what my "Responsible American Cousins/Business People Due South" of my "Canadian True North Strong And Free" have started makes me so proud!!! These demented fuck heads in politics with their demented cult have to be stopped, I got a few simple tears in my eyes waiting for my morning tea as it brews, thank you ever so much for our new found allegiance!! It is funny how I also heard that apartments were commandeered on both sides of the boader, it has been a long hard road for a lot of us, sorry I angst so much against my best trading partner, you should see the bill it took me, my Internet Provider, Computer Hardware Supplier and Microsoft to always keep my computer running from the sabotage it sustained!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

(As to this wood carving I did in the Canadian Coast Guard College for my Grandad and mailed it to him in Scotland, kind of like the poem, "The Charge of the Light Brigade")
What Demented Idiots Did To Finance Individuals To Be Computer And Internet/Cable TV Hackers, Responsible Investors And Computer Engineers With Their Assistants Are Totally Pissed With The Work Load To Stop These Demented Hackers, And Maintain Internet Explorer Operational, The Integrity Of The Internet System Has Ceritude Against The Low Life And Uneducated Hackers That  Will Be Stopped, Along With Those That Finance Them!!!!!

Stand by while this post ids being put together....While here I am making just a little entry while watching my lovable Canadian Team on eTalk Daily out of Toronto, Ontario and getting the last of the TV scoop for the evening. Got my high speed Internet and Cable TV working properly for now. Tomorrow is another step, to connext up my VCR to the cable and the TV, I guess it is another full days work tomorrow ensuring that everything works right with the VCR hooked up. A modern VCR has a mini computer in it as to a digital TV, for the cable connextion. Both can get a bit of a virus and not operate right. It is all very complicated. I remember years ago, Dad and I went nuts trying to get a virus out of the VCR that he got as a retirement gift, and that was around twenty five years ago. Now it is all hooked up together through a modem to a computer, it is even more complicated. Everyone knows that one can get a virus in a jpeg digital image through a email, so think about it in the we are neck deep in the digital age!!!! Any way till the to get my nappy poo...gooood nite and sweet dreams to you tooo...."Wee Iain"...a little added note I will give you before I bed down. The assimilation is to the years that I was brazing non ferrous metals together, I wore protective eye wear for the bright light of the metal fusion process under the extreme heat of Oxy-acetaline torch. With a TV screen, to a Computer screen, it is a catho-ray light imaging process to give the wonder procasts of cable TV that we so enjoy. The higher the brightness  and contrast setting on your TV or computer screen, the more catho-rays are bombarding the inside of the Moniter/TV screen, thus some do infect penitrate the polished inside face like an x-ray and affect us humans as a handicap to our technology. Thus it is best to set your digital brightness and contrast around 30 on the digital scale, and let your cable company and broadcasting companies work through with what them have to deal with under the studio lights, as to a camera flash to obtain an image on a 35mm film in pure natural light conditions. I got it on the News here in Canada that a lot of American children are having to get eye glasses due to the amount of time they have spent infront of a TV set or computer monitor with the high intensity brightness and contrast exposure. We got a whole team of experts trying to figure out what is best and healthiest for all, make sure you have a balance of light conditions, which includes natural light from the sun to get vitamine "D" for the the skin without over exposure of UV rays to get skin cancer. (Added note thanks to my 24 hour CTV National News, brightness as to snow blind with reflected sun light) Got to get a cup of tea before turning in, so I will write a bit more. Since I got my computer up and running again, working with my Internet provider, MSN Canada, and my HP coputer provider for support, All is operational and the websites I have been to since, well of course my MSN home page, then blogger of course to make my blog posting. I am comfortable with my screen at my 30 % contrast and brightness, then I went to my trusty CTV lovable News website and I am really comfortable there too, as I admire the front line reports getting the News to New,  it is special getting the medical News reports where I get to inter-relate with my engineering technology and all between the Local CTV News and the 24 hour CTV National News broadcasts, God love them all, when I have no one, they are the people I invite into my home through my TV set. ....HuuuMMMMm...till morning...your Doctor Goober Mickeal Modesty, (for old time sake!) an Engineering Technician that always worked closely with the medical morning to pre-American civil war and the slave trade, what it cost the slave master, as to "Harpobama", sending their posse after me, the run away slave....and those that tried to help the slave be free, as to previous postings....

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sabotaging Idiots That Come Into My Home/Office, Are Such Stupid Idiots, They Have To Time Themselves With Cell Phones And All, For Me Walking Up The Street, Then Back Home, They Sabotaged My Computer Again Last Night, It Took Me An Hour To Get My Computer Up And Running Again This Morning! I Am Getting Used To It!!!!!

Stand by while this post is being put together with image and all...I remember when I found these computer schools of hacking during Internet searches, this was way back, I reported it to the appropiate Police Officers that I was always in contact with, people will teach you how to be a computer hacker/sabotager to earn a living, it is a while...with what I had to do to fix my computer, I am figuring a sabotaging disk was popped into it, thus corrupting files, ao I had to clean up my C Drive again!!!!! Just a note, with regards to passing through Court sometime back, over being used by a media personality, a Lawyer called me moments ago, we have a tribunal at the hospital coming up soon, then we will find out more of what is going on. I just carry on with my University studies, and do my research in my engineered products as technician in engineering. I got a couple of more inventions for our Canadian Military, which can be used for home use here in Canada during hydro electric power outages to have light, boil water and eat cost effectively during such power failures, all based on my bio fuel calcualtions/fuel cell burner for heat energy. Our Troops could have, each soldier with a cooking and food pack easily attached to his back pack so that he/she maintains a healthy diet while out on patrol without giving off much light (hardly any) from a cooking source for their warm food or tea and coffee ..... I used to get very high marks in the Thermodynamics course in the Canadian Coast Guard College, I do not forget fuel calculations! In a while... I still have a demented fuck head yapping about me illegally in the News, she could not put me in prison with her cock teasing...we will see what is up soon, I am aloud to defend myself against her rhetoric about me in her media broadcasts! I worked with someone in an environmental group at Concordia University where we met in a room some 20 ago, I always had to defend her and control stupidity in the environmental group meetings, apparently their are quite a few look alikes she has to contend with, step by step things will be resolved about my LoriBear I worked with 20 years ago!!! People in the media are already saying I am full of shit, put your money where your mouth is, how long to boil 500 ml of water?
(Funny how when you are theiving fucking idiots, playing with stolen intellectual property, and you do not know how to do things right, your greed for money and power ends up back firing on is a very basic concept!!!!! It is going to cost the American Government and its demented religious cult that thinks they own me, and I am their slave, so that they can steal my intellectual property, everything!!! It can be an expensive lesson growing up when one burns the ass hole off themselves with ignorance!!!! Cause then you can not even shit to make petro-poop!!!! )

I have a Canadian endorsement in Marine Engineering for life, to work , store and ship petroleum products, I went to school for it, I just apply it into my land based Enginering Technology schooling!!! It is not stolen at slave labour by corrupt demented politicians that think they own me!!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Here Is A Simple Cheap Blueprint For A Water Filteration System To Take Rust (Black And Red) Out Of Domestic Drinking Water For Urban Dwellers

Due to always having red rust in my kitchen kettle, and knowing from having been a Marine Engineer, that one should not have rust in drinking water, on ship board application we cement our water tanks so they do not rust out with drinking water. From rusty water pipes in buildings, to city water mains rusting out from exterior acid rain attack, and then dirty electrical boxes, electricity leaking to ground, hence to the water main, electrolysis causes galvanic action, (rusting out). So a simple blue bottle from spring water, with a teary cloth wrap on the bottom half, like a bottle of Chanti wine with the straw basket bottom half, seems to have the effect of coagulating rust in the bottom of the bottle due to blue light filter nature of the plastic bottle. I fill the water bottle with a coffee making cone with a paper coffee filter to have a pliminary filter to top up my water bottle. When I fill my kettle, I pour from my water bottle, once again through a coffee cone with a clean piece of filter paper for making coffee. Then as I pour my boiling water over my tea bag in a cup, or coffee grains in filter cone, I use the hand held plastic Folders coffee can filter design as in posting blueprint, (Note: the funnel is trimmed a small bit, to take the lip off of it, thus to fit into the plastic coffee can with white curtain sheer on it, one can make it fit like a glove with the paper clip hooks. always check your paper clips for rusting out, or get plastic coated paper clips, but still check them for heat wear etc from boiling water) and pour my boiling water through it. One should see the black and red rust you can can take out of your drinking water before consumption. Plus it makes for a better cup of tea or coffee because the water is less satuated with rust and can absorb more tea or coffee oil from the fussion process to make your hot beverage. Email me for feed back on the process, it works for me, I collect all sorts of black rust out of my domestic drinking water. Even my second stage curtain sheer filter has a collection of black, as I have used it over a period of time. I will add your comments on the filtration process to my blog. This system is really cost effective for third world countries to help get cleaner water as well!!! Special note, smell water bottle every now and again, it will go and turn smelly from water use, bleech rinse, wash out good and start again, or get a new spring water blue bottle and recycle the old one! Besides, according to my Doctors in the hospitals I deal with, low iron content in ones body system, you would take iron suppliments due to excessive fatique etc, on the other hand, excessive iron conception from rusty water which is not seen by the human eye, from rusty water in domestic drinking water systems, seems to make you pre-cancerous to cancerous, I went from precancer to OK through filtering the rust out of my water in my apartment where I live. When I gave blood last week at Hema Quebec blood bank, they even measured my iron in my blood through their pin prick measuring instrument before taking my blood donation, my blood was in norms for iron content for giving blood to the blood bank! With proper financing through investors, I could run a production factory somewhere, or at least consult in running it cost effectively, producing these premade hand held units for final filtering process to make hot drinks from boiling water.!!! At one time, natural water was base, (as to distilled water) now it is acidic, as it goes into acidic soil , it grew plant life by the wonders of Mother Nature, now we are dealing with more and more acidic foods etc, hence taking us down with cancer due to acid rain complications. I used to test water for boiler systems, I know something about water processing!!! In iron works, red rust is like pre-cancer, black rust is the cancerous stage of iron works and decomposition. Then again I need a proper lab to really say what I am taking out of my water, I assume it is black rust. Be careful, this is only a temporary design and should be properly manufactured, but it could be a start to lowering iron content in you blood and body etc. I do have copyright with Blogger, hence it is my patten type thing as well for my invention, due to having no one and no money!!!! When you get idiots doing plumbing, and mismatching piping, as to black pipe, galvinized pipe, to steel pipe, one gets galvanic action, (corrosion) due to dissimilar metals, tell me about it, I am and Engineering Technician!!! The different pipes, as I listed three, have different cost to buy, you go cheap replacement when you do no know what you are doing for matching piping....Da Da Da....If one hooks up PVC piping on drinking water, have fun if you glue it, you will be drinking the toxic glue as it wears away with water flow in the pipes, as to water cutting the Grand Canyon!!! By the way, I use a white teary cloth filter to hold my coffee grains in my coffee cone, knock the used wet coffee grains off it into a dish, rinse out in pot as to not to put coffee grains down the drain and plug your drain, then rinse in hot water, the teary cloth filter remains stained brown with coffee dye and is usable over and over again. By rights, we would get the proper iron content from good old Calgary beef that is run around a race track by a herding dog to get the best of animal muscle/beef/meat. Keep cattle well fed with clean water and grain etc as to normal farming proceedures!!! Call it a modern day cattle drive and not having to go all over hell's acre in petroleum fields!!! Same concept can be applied to pig farming, then give me a piglet that is well exercised to pop into my oven like a big turkey, then I could stick an apple in the mouth of the piglet like old English boar hunting days and the meat that ended up the King/Queen's round table of England with their top Knights!!! I heard on the News the Canadian pork industry was going through a hard time, now you can sell wholesome piglets by the pound!! I remember having a pork steak on the baraque once, talk about a hunk of meat done just right!!!! I even remember getting the best of back bacon imported from Germany, pop it out the can and fry, it still had little prickly pig hairs on the bacon, and full of pork meat!!! Funny isn't it, due to industrial sabotage, no one is allowed to get a hold of me about my latest invention for the people, but it is throught out the media, Canadians work with and let me know what is going on, industrial sabotage is a crime, eg: stopping people from dealing with me, temporary models of my latest inventing is acceptable, do not try and improve upon it in the manufacturing secture of industry with out contacting me!!! If there is something in my blogger conditions that says I am owned or something or my intellectual property as posted is owned by someone else, I speed read through the conditions of blogger, I am honest and not trying to undermine blogger, breech of trust is a crime to steal from me!!!

Now, people learned one hell of a lesson, you do not mess and try and murder an educated man that is/was/always will be protected by the National Assembly of Quebec, my Last Resort Income Staff, and the Mayor of Montreal to recouperate financial losses that tried to do our Quebec Economic Team, Canadian Economic Team in, so I could not be a tax payer and legally stimulate the economy around this great Nation of ours, due to a demented cult and their associated demented fuck heads, we rule, not fucking you!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Another Piece Of Art I Am Working On, Done With More Organic Material, Burn't Oiley Bread Makes For A Natural Chaulk Pastel, The Fine Lines Are done With A Quill From A Bird Feather That Is Cut To Spread The Pieces Of Oiley Ash

(Old hard bread that is used to make bread crumbs is used in this process with vegetable oil and an ascellerant for the combustion process, I bet I could burn the same bio fuel in a deisel engine when I set the fuel inject right on a test bed, Note: as to marine engineering practice, keep all fuel injector tips cleaned and set right for best of combustion process and not to carbonize your combustion chamber and wearing out parts of your engine, a fuel injector can only run for so many hours, then it needs cleaned and reset on a test bed, thus ensuring efficient fuel combustion process, something for car owners to think about for pre-winter tune up who have fuel injection systems)

{A kitchen tip for the Ladies, as to putting bread crumbs in meat loaf etc, one can grind up oatmeal in a coffee bean grinder as I do, you get a nutritional powder for all sorts of cooking needs, loose green tea can be saved, dried out, put in coffee bean grinder to make into a powder, use a coffee filter with the powder and you have another fine cup of green tea for recessional financial cut backing, what can one not grind up in a coffee bean grinder? I do not own a food processor.....}

[Here I get my last eviction notice, I still have not found a place to live, no one returns my phone calls, the University semester is just finishing up, my Landlord is trying to make another homeless person in the winter, like who made all the illegal entrances into my apartment and stole my humidifier for my guitar as well, now my guitar is going to dry out in the dry winter heat just to saboatge me some phone number is 514 366 0239 if anyone can help me with some square footage to live, I do have tools as an building techncian to work as well, every time I make a blog posting it is in the media, but no one can email me either!!! Once again it was just in the media, if people come to help me with a truck and move me out, Harper and Obama are going to blow up the street, who are the ultimate terrorists now, it just go to show what happens when the most corrupt demented cult mosters are running the free world!!!]

Hey Harper and Obama, as to the update on my previous posting, apparently I do not hallucinate Native Indian TV, as to APTN Cable TV, why do I only hallucinate you two yapping about me...your demented empire is crumbling....

Me and my cock & bull story, a rooster of special design. As my last boss put it to me, "I thought it was you trying to rape my wife, but then I knew it was not you, I was just so confused over it all" I have another close friend, an African Canuck that is close to me, as he put it, "I thought it was you you that raped my sister, now that I know you, I know it was not you" ..... something to do with my old pen name that I knew nothing about.....stand by while this post is being put together

Here I am putting the final touches to my University term paper, the TV is on in the back ground as I am listening to the News as I work. I find myself thinking, here the Environment Summit is constantly in the News, and I have this winter solar thermal window design I put together with a Plastics Engineer. I was never allowed to get any thing done around it to make money, the electric and home heating fuel bills that could have been reduced and the home owners would have saved, thus reducing gobal warming. Oh I forgot, demented fuck head politicians wanted me dead, so wee me and the people working together could not simulate the economy and reduce winter gobal warming. I am about ten years behind schedual getting my invention to market from being under constant industrial sabotage and attempted murder attacks to get me and my invention out of the way, or others take it over with out me!!!! The Engineer I worked with developing my invention, is just waiting to move rolls of plastic out of his shop on truck loads of pallets with my application design blueprint!!!!! Corruption even tried to get a woman to cock tease me into prison over it!!! Then there are the number of portable humidifiers/air purifiers that would have solded or factories expanded for supply and demand, the circulating pump drew the collected heat off the thermal panel and pumped it around the home, never mind all the replacement air filters and water wicks for the units, antibacteria fluid for the unit, the list goes on and on. Dry winter heat dries up your plaster walls and gyprock, thus promoting cracking etc in the walls, every five years gyprock is suppose to be painted to keep the moisture content back into it etc. The same concept is applied to my guitar humidifier, to put moisture back into the wood to prevent glue drying up and wood cracking etc during dry conditionns. It is ideal to have humidity around around 45% to 55% gain and lose to maintain proper healthy moisture in your evironment. Excessive moiture promotes mold, which gives off toxic gases to us humans, as in black mold in gyprock or under kitchen sinks in the cupboards!! That is why anti bacteria kitchen/bathroom paint was invented, stops mold too from moisture build up!!! One has to know how to plaster with clean water and keep black mold out of ones plaster!! There is a science behind everything we do today, that is why we have Engineers, Engineering Techncians like myself, and then competent trades persons with Provincial licences in Canada. Plastic is petroleum based, so money would still have been made in the petrochemicl industry, families could have even have painted a Christmas stain glass type window setting on the plastic for the solar ray illumination, then take it down when warmer spring air came upon us! The plastic lumber industry would have been able to kick into high gear, plastic lumber is made from recycled Javel bottles, it was to be part of the thermal panel framing. The plastic lumber industry always had a hard time breaking into the home reno market, this was a way to promote their product. OH I forgot, I could have been heating the space station too, no wonder I was not wanted!!! Us Canucks up North here, know we can get a sun burn on the ski hill, that is collectable heat energy!!!

Friday, December 04, 2009

(A multitude of traditional "Houses of God" must be properly protected, rebuilt and strengthened with appropiate financing)

Here Is The Start Of A Symbolic Enterance To A "Holy House", Like A Really Rocking And Rolling Zeppelin Calculated Design To Float A Honest And Righteous Royal Road On A Heavenly Pathway to St Peter's Gate. It Is Like, We The Believers Have St Micheal's Weaponary to Take Down The Unrighteous Bullshit That Attempts To Mess with Our Heavenly Gateway to Freedom, Of Devine Inspirational Thought For The People, So We May Barter For Our Earthly Sins With St Peter, Follow The Heavenly Rules As Listed Below!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here I Am Up With Late Night TV, Actually Very Early Morning TV Again, Following My Canadian Native Indian TV Channel, (APTN Cable), Survivial On Their Ancient Healing Grounds On The Plains Of Saskatchewan, Concepts From Going Back 6000 Years, It Is Really Something Special Watching Their Presentation, It Is How To Learn Something That Is Not In A Text Book!!! (Dec 14th 2009) (Different Tribal Names Of The North American Indigenous Peoples Are Found In The United States of America)

(As to Pope Urban II proclamation for the Crusades to secure Holy Lands for Christian pilgrimage, I got this concept of being a prolific Canadian Judaic writer's " St. Urban Cowboy" on a Crusade to take down corruption, as to Moses making Judaic Folk being free of slavery, I am no slave to corrupt politicians like my corrupt Canadian Prime Minister thinks I am, I believe in my Holy concepts to no longer being a slave to corruption, as Moses freed his people from Egyptian slavery, I will free my righteous and honourable people that follow me from corruption, I am strong enough to bear a Godfrey de Boullion type Crusading Cross of Rightiousness, no corruption is going to mess with my media front line soldiers, the truth will be told!!! As to Dr Bethume to Russian Shunt Train for medical needs of the innocent, we the people of rightiousness will succeed for the children of tomorrow against corruption and medical racketering through engineering concepts!!!)

{For what makes a very multicultural Christmas, as to my childhood, the last gospel song after the pre midnight Church Service, "Silent Night, Holy Night" by candle light vigel, then walking out of the House of God, and big buffy snow flakes were decending from heaven and baptizing us the the Grace of our prayers to go home to our Christmas tree to open our gifts that were engineered right to teach me the child, how to grow with Godly values in concept and design for a better tomorrow, and I will make sure children will be healthy breeders for the Dominion with the covenent of God when they find themselves in "Holy Matrimony"with Godly values as mature adults!}

[What did I get the last media clip right, PM Harper mouthing off about my masterbation habits to put myself to sleep, like the House of Common has nothing better to debate about, why is Harper not in Europe debating environmental concerns for planetary needs, and his political bed fellow Obama is not in Europe either for environmental discussions, now I get a media clip that Obama is in Norway, last evening I thought he was in the States spitting out more rhetoric about doing me in, and making a ceiling cap on pay roles of $500,000 for companies that his government bails outs, I am like everyone else, what the hell is going on?]

{Hey Harper, if you do not like me masterbating myself to sleep, why don't you make it legal to let a woman have something to do with me, then I can do the job right! Like it was just on the morning CBC News, you had no right extending my Katie's prison sentence at your whim!!! I always knew my Native Indian Katie to be a very special little lady, and I distinctly remember stopping idiots from messing with her hair while making demented comments about scalping her!. Yea dee da da da Harper, you want to say I hallucinate everything...that is OK with me, funny how I can pull off top marks in University hallucinating everything and discuss the News with others that have the same hallucinations as me, you are the most detested politician in Canadian history Harper with all your crap around me,I do have limited conversations with individuals around my apartment building, alng with when i go to the corner store, Oh I forgot, my Mother hallucinates everything too}

(Like I wrote before, there are a lot of good Conservative MP's, as the Conservative Environmental Minister said, "I am not part of Harper's demented cult" was to that effect!! Idiots teamed up to do me in a long time age, too bad I am a survivalist now taking on corruption and demented cults that were built to do my country folk and me in, EG: Obama's words to Harper in the House of Commons in Ottawa, "Give him to me, I will water board him to death", I caught that media clip, people around me know what is going on with who teamed up years ago to do me in)

My Primary Religeous Law Of Survival #.oo7) Corruption in my Dominion of Old, through and by way of my "Godly Covenent" for justice, will not be tolerated, my "Little Jihad"" concept will have all home invaders, those thar commandeer personal assets/property and Politicians that back it will be prosecuted accordingly. Every Candian has right to earn a living, pay taxes for their labours, tax evaders will be dealt with as to my religious laws of a proud Nation strong and free of corruption. "Political Commissions of Inquiries" must be there and cost effective to support and deal appropiately with corrupt legislators on charges of breech of trust and corruption, so the Constituational Laws of Land are maintained as designed and written by our Fore Fathers. Military, Police, and Emergency First Responders will have free reign to clean up corruption if Government Legislators are/become too corrupt to police themselves, internal inquiries of Military, Police and Emergency First Responders must be maintained to Police themselves through Government Legislation/Rules and Regulations, corruption in this strong arm of justice will be dealt with accordingly, it is the ultimate offense against the Godly Covenent for the Dominion for the strong arm of justice to go corrupt. Demented Cults of non traditional values can not over ride the Covenent of our Dominion with Godly values by their own unrecognized religeous laws, any attempt to breech security of our "Holy House" for producing and paying taxes is considered sabotage and will be dealt with accordingly, "Little Jihad" will and has the responsibilty to ensure no one enters rented square footage in engineered constructed buildings illegally, as it is deemed privite quarters .

"Little Jihad", Basic War Foundations Towards War On Crime And Corruption Rule #.oo6) As to discussions over a quarter century ago, with a Military Officer under the service of Her Majesty the Queen of England on her fertile soil, a war on crime is expensive stage to set, now the stage is set, tested, tried and true! Any Devil type beast, that moves anything illegal on regulated transport systems, move money on stolen invoices/company names/interlectual property etc for tax evading, unclaim money transactions for illegal drugs or hardware, counterfeit technology or art etc money making transactions for unclaimed illegal under the table money, money being laundured into legal accounting proceedures, any act of crime as seen through the eyes of policing crime, a "Little Jihad" concept will get you like a Gerca in the night to defend cost effective accounting in the Royal High Court of Godly Covenent's Empire. Little added note: you child porn demented fuck heads that mess with children, get the double wammo, X marks the spot!

Police Confessionals As to Transistional Act Toward Honest Rightious Ways Of Godly Empire Rule #.005) pick up the phone , call or get in touch with law enforcement officer against corruption, confess your sins of corruption and that you are in deep shit, and need help to save your sorry ungodly ass .

After-thought subsection Rule #1a) To be a Native Chieftian Ultimate Warrior as to pre-Judaic Abrahamic thought, one has to know how to lay down a mutlitude of circumventual corner stone points to ensure "Holy House" maintains proper lower food chain feeding for women and children first, and does the labour of love ahead of time to insure integarty of kindling/ "Holy Oxen Dung"/lamp oil for the kitchenary needs to keep the "Home Fires Burning" for when the ultimate reality of the top warrior comes back to home camp with the best , heaviest chunk of non humanary stewing meat slapped over his shoulders, and not complain about the payload and the the voyage back to theological base camp. Top Cheiftian Warroir must have full capabilities to "Chop Stick" around de-boning/boning techniques to keep deck slipperary and not slip on slippary deck on voyage home without sinking in quick sand of fantasty.The price of man warriorship and his toys/weaponary must have, and still stay afloat in heavy rains of the "Ultimate Mother of Pearl Nest Egg". In effect there is/was a lot of the "Queens of the Nile "that knew/know how to run blood red! While taking care to protect themselves against the wrong song in the wind while their ultimate CheiftianWarrior handled some of the facets surrounding the forrests of life.

Fore-skinning thought subsection #1b) Ulitmate Warrior Soceity rules and regulations must submit to women and children major legislation for tea room/cleansing/smoke hut ritual rules and regulations protocal and must not arise to rebutal for selfish needs, other wise the ulitmate Warrior may not meet metalurgical hardening standards for penitrating weaponary needs for laying that true cut of processed meat on cutting board of womanly needs/butching block to feed womb to become rib in woman's river of the Nile. In effect all male Warrior meat brought back to the home base camp of female long house standards, must be processed to kosher womanly chopping block needs to maintain ulitmate Godly boobie milking requestional formulation to produce a replacement "Ultimate Warrior" as to womanly long house channaled ways through Warrior meat tenderising aging process. Warrior society rules and regulations must apply traditional standardizational requirements for future children as to Godly regulational Easter Egg breeding standards for long house womanly needs to produce another "Ultimate Warrior", by long house standard equipment rules and regulations for future womenly environmental offspring , as to "Ultimate Warrior" meat maturing floatational devise manipulational of manly survival mechanisational breeding technology by natural process.

Ultimate Female Civilizational Requirements subsection #1a) Work along traditional educational and development standards to assist in running and maintaining all facets of the various survival Doctrines for medically engineered systems of human and all animal and plant life forms with compatible standardization requirements of Ultimate Warrior to maintain civilizational continuim of all breeding techniques of various life forms and their breeding techniques for harmonized planetary environmental I need an ultimate woman/women at my side to carry on with guide lines of this subsection while I handle her nutional culinary needs for her to produce/reproduce cost effectively for my bird brain nest egg that is in desperate need of competent cost effective book keeping/financial security/backing to maintain operational requirements of my multifacetied/tasking Ultimate Chieftian Warrior type engineering/artistic/musical/penman-swordmanship ways ...

Rule #1) When the "Church Bell" tolls, or "Star of David calling kicks in,

be in timely fashion to pay the tiller person with a prayer

before actual sermon/mass starts.

Rule #2) Rub the Judiac brass "Lucky Charm" at the Archway into Holy Structure, if you are sweating too much about your "Deveilish Bullshit", you will tarnish the brass, well oiled Holy Skin will keep our non-ferrous catly rub pad shinny.

Rule #3) Meet secrete hand shake of Judaic based Prostestant and/or Anglican/Baptist Church Elder with his all seeing smile of your deceit, or greeting by Catholic Angelical womanly greeting that knows your "Devilish Deeds", as to "Native Warrior Woman", do not mess mess with my "Lion Long House" asshole.

Note: These are only these first three rungs in the "Stairway to Heaven of Godly Ethical Values", bigotary and demented cult "Slave Masters", got to face down the "Godly Type Black Smith" in the basement boiler reforging chamber....rules of judgement will come forth with as this blog posting is put together!!!!!!!!!!!!...have not forgot Islamic thought etc concepts...still got to check the notes from Concordia University tradition religious thought notes to get facts straight...evening Godly CTV TV relaxation time out....