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Saturday, October 24, 2009

It Is Like Certain People Want Everything That Is Rightfully Mine, Like The Phrase "All The Tea In China". One Problem, You Can Not Have All The Tea In China, They Got To Save Some For Themselves! Just Like I Got Some Things For Myself That Others Can Not Have, Like My Personal Assets, My Apartment, And My Company Doc GM Creations, Created Out Of My Pen Name Doctor Goober Mickeal Modesty!!!

(Stand by while I come up with image for this post along with the accompiagning text)
First note: How did I know Harper and Obama built a demented cult around my life on their rise to power, I just set out to be an Engineering Techincian with my Father's prayers and my prototype inventions that Obama and Harper wanted to steal through a demented cult they built, it is all through out the Canadian media!!! I hear you two are now busted broke!!! Not only that, my Hospital Staff that stood by me got to deal with all these brain washed psychiatric patients because of you two, we the honest rightious people got to foot the bill for their rehab because of you two!!!!
Special note: Who are all these demented fuck heads that say I sold my soul? I never did, plus soul selling is not reconized by traditional Churches and faiths, it is all part of a demented mob cult! Further more, I know of other people older than me that claim someone sold thier soul as well. It was going on long before I discovered what someone did to me and this idiotic soul selling!!! I remember as a teenager how Interpole had to deal with demented suicide cults and everything, I am 49 now, they just got worse and worse with stupity around religious concepts that Interpole still has to deal with!!!!! !What is the phrase, "You want to fuck around, now lets fuck around, you are messing with my army of none brain washed individuals!!!!

What people have done to sabotage my life, personal property, and my invested interests in my company is really stupid, they never knew how much backing I always had from an early age. It has got to do with me making confessions to a Quebec Provincial Police Officer on my Newspaper route as a teenager, regarding all the idiots in the neighbor and the high school with the illegal drug movement in secondary school post hippie period in the '70's. Then I went into Uniform myself in the Canadian Coast Guard and kept my nose clean from stupidity and made my deal on a Federal level to protect the interests of my country and fellow Canadian as a Engineering Technician, I always had proto-type invents from a young age, even in college I invented things as fellow graduates remember. Like my army of rightious and honest Canadian citizens put it, "we all knew who all teamed up to do you in a long time ago". In other words, do not mess with me, I got so much Canadian Uniform protection to produce for my Country we all make you out to be, dumb, dumber, and dumbest, too bad eh!!! Little added note, when I was on a tour of the British cruise ship, "The Queen Elizabeth II" while in Canadian Coast Guard Uniform, I said to one of the American passengers on a sun deck over a drink, "As I build my empire, watch and make sure yours does not come crashing down". How deep in debt is United States of America now, you can not even listen to Canadian intelligencia and heed a warning!
Happy Halloween, No Money, No Candy Off The Skin Of My Back, Funny Thing How I Made No Money Off Google Ads On My blog, Neither Will Anyone Else!!!!
Too bad demented fuck heads tried to mess with my parents and our money, they (my parents) always stood by me, we both had to deal with so much information/dis-information because of Dad's inventions during WWII in ship yards, what people did to me and my Dad to take over our financial assets from our joint inventions, we are taking you down mega time!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Early Sunday Morning Feelings Come Out In Some Poetry
(Funny how I go out for a few moments, now I can not find my "Turtle Shell Guitar Pick", it was here when I got up this morning, after going absolutely nuts looking for my "Turtle Shell Guitar Pick" I found it, funny thing where I found it, it is stranger than fiction strange where I found it, kind of like Ozzie Osbourne's words, "Paranoia Will Destroy Yea", what has gone on around this apartment is unreal!)

Lies Society Told Me II

Perpetual lies and blackmail in society
Screw me over with media bullshit
I stand alone surrounded by a society of head fuckers
Slander and corruption make others out to be
The actual idiots that they are

Who do I really know to stand by me
All I ever knew was the lies society told me
Everyone has a get rich scam around my name
I sat alone on the floor many a time
Crying, crying, totally alone how society set out to fuck me over

Little old me now, alone with no real friends or family
Always out looking for truths somewhere
There is only me and my faith in my own religious beliefs
That I will find enough to fill my belly or my lungs with a smoke
I do not even get to really speak to someone in a run of a day

All I ever wanted was a life with a real Lady
Someone special to wine and dine, and snuggle me too
Write a line of love poetry to, to love and cherrish
Hold dear to my heart as a true "Lady Love"
While I earned my honest day's pay

I fantasied about quite a few wonderful Ladies
Over a multitude of educational lonely years
Alone with my thoughts and feelings in my private moments
To make myself feel really good before curling up to a pillow to sleep
But one can not exactly wine and dine your extra pillow

Doctor Goober Mickeal
(I remember the wisdom of the deceased Right Honourable Pierre Elliot Trudeau, politics has no business in an individual's bed room, yet I have Politicians that mouth off about my mastertation habits to put myself to sleep, why is that? Who knows what about my sexual fantasies? No Politician ever talked to me about it, but they yap about my sexuality, I get the media clips. I dealt with a Psychiatrist once who specialized in sexuality, he said I have perfectly healthy sexual fantasies!)

(Note: I mention my smoking habit in the poem, not that I want to promote smoking, it is a bad habit, do not smoke, quit if you can)
certain media has ways and know how to fight for my plight
(funny how it is in the media how I made "Harpobama" out to be a complete idiot, and "it" can not stand me, and it is illegal to deal with me because "its" politics, it is called political inferance)

Someone messed with my PayPal button, and played with my computer, my master html file for my PayPal button seems to be deleted from my computer, you are going to jail for Industrial sabotage. I have a specialist coming from my Internet provider to see me, to take care of me and my computer, so idiots can not mess with my Internet presence and steal from my Internet provider through illegal entrance into my apartment, hooking up my computer to Internet networking and putting illegal files on my c drive to get free Internet to be Internet hackers, thus sabotaging me and other honest people! I have a Lawyer and I am under Quebec Provincial Police protection for what society did to me!!! Like my Internet provider said to me, I was the first to figure out this hacking and theft scam, and started to shut them down. Now my Internet provider is going to take over, and they will do any thing to take care of me!!!!! It is in the Canadian media, to the effect of, PM Harper and Prez Obama are the most corrupt politicians ever known to mankind and they are going to jail, their fingers are tainted with this bullshit around me!!! As it was on the late night News, the majority of people want the "Harpobama" corruption shut down!!! Like a high ranking Canadian Military Official said on the late night News, to the effect of, it is illegal to commandeer personal property, assets, companies or whatever in Canada for a war effort!!!! The way I heard it, I got a financial backer with $400,000,000.00 that says no one will ever mess with me again or head fuck me!!! When one has to deal with a Psychiatrist that takes American research money to do me in, like I had/have to cope with, a lot of people are saying enough is enough!!
To support my cause, you can always help by emailing me to arrange to buy art, or just make payment for web site services and I will get email from PayPal and send you an invoice in follow up from my company Doc GM Creations. Use PayPal button to make payment.

(Perhaps I will come up with yet another verse to my poem)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Delusional "Harpobama" Has Spit Out Rhetoric To Do Me In For How ManyYears Now? Would Someone Please Tell Me!!!! I Am Always The Last To Find Out Everything!Now I Just Found Out How Obama Restructured The American Military, Like The Wholesome American Honky Niger Foot Soldier Like Me Is Grumbling, Obama Is A Black Supremist, Like Who Gets Promoted To A Coushie Seat, And Who Has To Go Face Taliban Gun Fire!! And I Wrote Obama A Good Blog Posting When He Got Elected!!!

(Stand by while this post is being concieved, something about a baby boom of my replacements that are due before the first snow job and someone has to pay for it all) I got to really find some transcending inspiration to help myself for coming up with an image for this someone on the bus said to me while I was on the way home from University tonight, too many people were promised to be my replacement, "Harobama" blew the mother load now didn't they...."Harpobama" are not going to have me murdered and then pick the replacement they want to have to be me, do they really think the whole World is as stupid as these two Politicians are with a joint effort to do as they please with a demented cult of insanity!!!! It all happens to be in the media &*$%^#...Harpobama, I hope you are really happy now, one of these demented brain washed replacements for me that you created, had an arguement with his girlfriend, then ended up blowing away his girlfriend with what is consider an illegal weapon here in Canada, the Father of the "Young Lady" is not so impressed. I will find an "Angelical" way in my prayers to cope as many of us Canadians are trying to do!!!!Yesterday I was asked to pray for some people by fund raisers in the medical community, it gave me a lot to thnik about. As I doubled back on my route working around the University area doing what I had to do, the lovely sweet and charming Lady working the public for the medical community around the University called out to me and said,"Do not forget to pray for our cause", it was really something special and touched my heart as a theology/religious study student!It is like something has to be done about female rape victims and the infectious sexual transmitted diseases that ruined young lives, my prayers will be there for these "flower childs" as I am dubbing these individuals in my thoughts! Now to deal with the illegal entrance into my apartment again, so you ass holes went through everything of mine, too bad your scored out sections of text in my Father's pulication on Machinery Health and Monitoring Techniques,I wonder if you were sabotaging the text with gloves on or not, there are only my finger prints and my Father's on the text. It is my personnal autographed copy that my Father gave to me, you will be prosecuted in Court with your finger prints on my Father's sabotaged text!!!!Then of course to handle all the slander that I spread disease and have a sexual transmittable disease, well screw you, I have another personal invitation with Hema Quebec to give blood to our blood bank system, so I think I am free of any infectious disease, you all get the message now!!! Little added note to the Taliban in Afghanistan, do me a favour, in my religious studies class I am learning about the history of the Muslim faith, while I am learning about Islam this weekend, can you call a truce and stop the warring? The really idiodic Obama will not deal with you, I would, people are people, the Taliban have a cultural indentity and deserve an honest & righteous Province protected in an Afghansitan Consitution to be business men/women or farmers or what ever you want to do building your Country and breed as humanist of the Planet. I do love poppy seeds on my bagels or on egg noodles with butter!!!!!I am protected with rights by a Constitution here in Canada!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Due To Corrupt Politicians Influencing People To do Me In Or Murder Me, And Take Out Third Party Life Insurance Policies On My Life, I hear It Would Wipe Out The Insurance Industry With All The Pay Outs! It Is Totally Illegal, Corrupt, Ugly And Vial!!

Like I was told, my family is the worst any one could ever have, they sold my soul to the mob or something to totally screw me over with everything I do out of jealousy
I take it that, it will take a Canadian election to free me from Harper's and the American Government's demented cult from doing me in and getting my human rights back!
(give it time and this posting will be put together)
Here is my paper for one of my courses at University, it basically explains society on the whole while I put this posting together!
As to the question, if I were one of Jesus' 12 disciples, what would I say about modern interpretations of my Master Jesus Christ, the meaning of his life and that of his Ministry? In a small way, as a modern man of 2009, I find myself as one of his disciples any way, as I try to work through interpretating Jesus' life and still try to find the essence of his life's meaning and ministry as applicable to my present day life style, and how others of my time relate to the same scriptures surrounding the day and age of Jesus.

I find my place in my solitude discovering the magnifications of the scriptures and ministry surrounding Jesus with assistance and guidance of University Scholars, as compared to the general populous with their multitude of fractions within Christianity. I see the Christian movement as to Jesus' own words,".....You brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee from the wrath to come? Bear fruit worthy of repentance....." (Matt 3:7-8) It is as if modern society all wants a piece of Jesus' ministry, but act like Pharisees and Sadducees that baptize themselves in greed and corruption for selfish gain.

As to the meaning of Jesus' life, once again in my own solitude I find my own transcending revelations as I study and learn different approaches and techniques into developing and digesting the meaning of his life. In comparison to modern society, who is constantly creating splintered groups within the Christian movement, like the blind leading the blind for political, financial and Devilous gain around the life and times of a man from our religious history, who spoke of the same problems in his day and age through his symbolic words when referring to the children of Abraham, ".....every tree therefore that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire." (Matt 3:10)

As I try to find my own interpretations of Jesus, through a constantly evolving process as I develop and further my education around his scriptures and parabols, I see modern society finding their own interpretations of Jesus for manipulative gain through the Christian movement. Some modern day Preachers of Christianity rise to power getting millions of followers and back the building of war machines to destroy other religious fractions, prosecute innocent fellow Christians without just cause, except for their own personal greed and power struggle for economic and financial gain.

If the modern Christian movement that built their faith around Jesus Christ, preached more inter faith tolerance, reached out more to the sick and starving, cared more for the needy children and their fellow man and woman, through analytical thinking of the true ministry of Jesus, and applying his symbolic teachings for the benefit of the masses, instead of the selective few. The World today would be more Christian as to the foundations of Jesus' life and the will of God, than it actually is in the reality of the new millennium.

Added Notes: God, our Heavenly Father, with alliance of the wonders of the planet, whom I see as somewhat of his consort, created a lot of wonderful creatures, which we humans as heterosexuals and homosexuals are very much apart of. What created us and who and what we are are somehow in the hands of God and genetic science, as long as we adheard to some sort of modern morals and ethics to reach out to our fellow person and strive together in tolerance for who and what we are as individuals. With our religious beliefs as Christians, or other recognized religious denominations that has populated the planet for generations, we can work together for World Peace and apply more money and effort to cleaning up the environmental disaster we created for ourselves here on our planet Earth.

While watching the CTV 24 hour News this Thanks Giving Sunday, I caught the words of a Liberal Politician to the effect of saying, a Federal Liberal Government will take care of me, in my words," yea, when a honest righteous Government rises to power again to lead the Canadian people out of economic and moralistic ruin!" When a Federal Liberal Government gets to team up with the present Provincial Liberal Government of Quebec, ( Quebec Government has tried just about everything to help me succeed), I think this country will really kick butt with our various industries, creative art actvities through my proto-type inventions and art sales!!! In the same light, Jack Layton of the NDP is saying to get out of work Canadians back to work, I always found it hard to get a job as a competant Engineering Technician. I remember once walking into a job interview, and the person behind the desk said, "We just got a phone call not to hire the guy that just walked into our office". Perhaps the NDP can get my skills back to work in a secure job/self employed earning a decent bill or two without being sabotaged, so I can continue my studies at University!
Yea dea da da da da, Obama, stop your demented politics that I should get a lobotomy, like a Psychitrist said to me once, "we do not do that any more". I am protected by Quebec law to defend our water, oil and hydro against the likes of you! Remember when you Americans murdered Canadians in Chile while putting in a dictatorship to control copper mines...your demented American politics over the years has got your Country trillions of dollars in the hole to World economic powers that believe more in me than you.....just watch what it is going to cost you messing with me!!!!!! My pennies will drive you trillions of dollars deeper in the hole until you eventually bury yourself in your bullshit!!!! What was that News clip some time back, Obama confessed that indeed some of his blood got splattered over some of my art prints during some rowdiness in my apartment, now Obama is back tracking that he was never in my apartment. Even a Muslim woman said it me, "yea, it is supposed to be Obama's blood splattered on your art prints". Then of course, like my Lawyer and the banks here in Canada can not tell me whose credit card reciept was left behind in my apartment, last time in front of a Judge with the Regie du Logement, the Building Manager admitted it was a Domaine Lasalle/numbered company's credit card reciept I have, let me guess, Obama's and Harper's finger prints will be on the credit card reciept! Like the Judge said as well, my apartment was commandeered by my Landlord, what? Only a President and/or a Prime minister could do that, so I guess you both had a personal tour after you commandeered it right?
To support my cause, you can always help by emailing me to arrange to buy art, or just make payment for web site services and I will get email from PayPal and send you an invoice in follow up from my company Doc GM Creations. Use PayPal button to make payment.

Now I Am Really On The War Path, I Am Told That I Also Have A Daughter With A Canadian Native Indian Old Flame Of Mine, These Political Bigots That Are Doing Me In With Their Own Corruption, Will Not Even Let My Canadian Native Indian Daughter Hook Up With Me Along with Her Mum!!! Not Only That, I Have Also Been Told That I Fertilized A Judaic Egg From A Very Special Star, With Political Corruption Keeping Me And My Family Apart While Robbing Me Blind!!

(Stand by while this post is being put together, appairently I got spermazoids that are real heavy shooters that know how to hit a target, like heavily armed "Tomahawks", and there is a lot of jealousy around it!!!!!!!! My, My My, like a real Scotsman would say, just wait until I start writing about me and my Canadian Native Indian Community and the Goy I have become with my "Onotogical Staff"!) Funny how corrupt political bed fellows can fuck themselves over good and land up in "Kingston's Hell Hole" or get my "Guillotine of Stupidity", and I come out smelling like how a rose used to smell on the Canadian Ex Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau's lapel used to smell, in other words, pretty dam good! Hey and Google Administration, pay up the money that I made with my Google contract, and I want a $200,000,000.00 compensation package or we will see what happens to your assets and committed International industrial sabotage on behalf of corrupt President Bush and Obama!!!!Oh Google, I just heard you are shocked, lets see now, you want me to prove in Court my Google monies went to trying to murder your client, namely me!!! When you figure that the United States Government is 1 trillion dollars in the hole to China, and if China was charging 25% interest compounded daily like a credit card type thing...really now, what happens when the United States Government has to claim bankrupcy in the World Bank, what happens to Google then? When two consecutive Presidents are corrupt beyond control while putting their Country through complete fiscal mis-management, and Google is part of it, it is like the Beetle's song,"It is a joke and the whole World is Laughing"! It is like, "Why did Google cross the road? To fleece the turkey on the other side!" In effect, the United States Government and Google are to blame for undermining the World economy with their corruption!!!! Lets have a World vote on the matter, yes or no? Then I should get the World Peace Prize and not corrupt Obama, what does the World think? Funny thing, it was just on the radio it is Thanks Giving Sunday here in Canada, I never realized it handling all this corruption and all!!!! We Canadians know how to deal with turkeys at Thanks Giving! What do you want me to say? "It has been a good freak show, and thats a take!"