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Friday, July 24, 2009

Now Three Black Supremacist Youth Came After Me, Then Assaulted Me In The Apartment Building I Reside In, Some people Will Do Anything for Black Market Money And Corruption

Will finish post later, I got in my apartment quickly and called 911, was interviewed by Police and they are now patrolling the neighborhood for the assailants. Funny how American money has been paying people off to murder me from a young age, the list goes on and on with memories of individuals trying to do me in. As a associate put it to me, there was always so much money floating around you in school to do you in, we decent people did not know what to do until you got a Canadian uniform on your back. I invented things from a young age, and built my life while evading being murdered, what it has cost me and my fellow country persons fighting off the American money from having the child protege murdered, I turning 49 now and money built a Hitler type gas chamber from illegal renovations, circulating toxic gases from wood rot etc around the building I live in, along with pumping all sorts of shit into my apartment through the bathroom vent, (an apartment is suppose to naturally vent through the bathroom ducting), but I am still kicking pretty good. examples of attempted murder are as follows, at the age of 6 or 7, I got cracked over the head with a Pepsi bottle, survived with just a big lump, as a teenager playing road hockey, I was pushed off a snow bank into an oncoming car. Nothing like getting your face out of in front of car tire in split seconds so my head was not done in. After returning from the coast to Montreal in my twenties, I did some work in a particular machine shop, when I needed to use the cutting torch, I was passed one that leaked oxy acetylene, people vacated the shop and left me with a machine shop full of oxy acetylene to light the torch, fortunately I knew what oxy acetylene smelt like and did not light the cutting torch like idiots thought I would, I went looking for the compressed gas bottles to shut them off and vent the machine shop. One kind of gets used to people trying to murder you! The image in this posting is called "The Glass Man", it was inspired from a sculpture out side the Visual Arts Building at Concordia University, partly depicting me as a pretty sharp cookie for being able to stay a live all these years.I have no one close to me that I can trust, I told my family where to go, they always fucked me over too,(Note: After talking to a Staff Member of my Provincial Elected Representative in the National Assembly, regarding being cock teased into a Court Room, my Landlord problems and illegal entrances into my apartment and all the industrial sabotage, she said,"You should not have told your parents where to go, they really care about you", Mum and I have since made up! Oh yea, the Political Staff Member closed with saying, "Politicians can not do any thing for you until you finish passing through Court)) I recycle tobacco from the streets and go dumpster diving for food now, every knows one can not survive on Quebec's last resort income, but I just plug away! So do a lot of other people, like last time I was in Court, the female black Judge wanted to give me a lobotomy, the Crown Prosecutor called a black supremest, and said no, I need his research!! Other funny things happen around my apartment as well, such as my portfolio from my "creative process course" at Concordia University is missing, rumours are floating that my own Google money was used to try and murder me, and steal what ever demented fuck heads wanted from my apartment, such as my portfolio, to write their own ending of the cartoon movie script I wrote based on my Fly character, as part of my course at Concordia!! Now rumours are floating that my apartment was used for shooting porn movies when I was not home....all these demented fuck heads apparently are on Quebec Provincial Police monitoring films as well, hence my interests are protected!!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Piece of My Wall In My Apartment, Part Of Who I Am From Way Back When, Nearly A Quarter Century Now Of Serving My Country In A Very Special Capacity
Funny how demented fuck heads will not stop messing with stuff in my apartment, such as my proto type invention in my apartment window, my window air filter keeps getting tampered with and my plant life keeps getting poisoned. I have one extra special sweet heart that keeps good watch over my affairs so that I can succeed against all the demented fuck heads screwing with my stuff, like she said, "Funny how industrial sabotage starts paying". I can not wait to do my Tarot cards with her to see what is what when it comes to fate and destiny. Oh, by the way, support the web site of the Hospital art group that I am part of. One can go there through the following link:

Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Posting for Our Canadian Military, And Our Troops At The Front In Afghanistan

Here I sit at my computer thinking and writing my thoughts to relay a message to our Troops at the war front. Crazy life being me, Doctor Goober Mickeal, and I think of the Troops serving our Country very dearly. Reposting of my piece of art, the "Featherlight", is now on this blog posting for Internet viewing once again, the art was done in memory of one of our fallen soldiers at the start of the Canadian involvement in the Afghanistan conflict. I have an art show in my apartment window, the art show contains a Canadian Flag, and I lower it to half mast every time the best of our trained Soldiers in the Afghanistan war front, fall while in battle or securing roadways for the Afghanistan people. Thus I posted an image of my CanadianFlag at half mast, from my art show in my apartment window, along with the "Featherlight", less we not forget our fallen Troopers from all our Military activity over a multitude of generations. Funny how I just bought a replacement tool at the first of the month, due to the original one being sabotaged in my home/office/shop. I turned to use the tool today and discovered that it was sabotaged during an illegal entry into my apartment again. Like my Troops at the front, I can not keep up with this stupidity, every move I make is undermined by a demented cult. At least France wrote some laws to cope and deal with demented cults in their country some ten years back or so, I believe we are still working on it with the Premier of Quebec. I do not have an Art Manager, for a very long period of time actually, and I know I got a whole army of people here in Canada (they are like my passengers on my philosophical/theological H.M.C.S.Answer) working 175% plus, striving to ensure I can raise mega tax dollars once again through my proto type inventions and art sales. When I get to fix some of my computer software to post pictures on my blog again, I will put images up with my postings as before.(Took care of the technical glinch, July 17th 2009, thus images are posted) I yearn for a lot of small things, finishing of some military type art I started. A motorcycle ride with a very special Canadian Native Indian Lady,(I dubbed her motobike, her "Ironhorse" from old Native tradition) who I have been in touch with recently, go berry picking out in the woods with her, recite a poem that I wrote for her while playing my guitar, and have her take me canoeing like she promised me. I did a lot of canoeing in my youth, and it would be fun to play that old canoe game with her, to try and throw your partner out of the canoe by rocking it, but keeping the canoe upright and staying in it through a rocking and balancing act. (it was a training exercise for learning to shoot rapids in a canoe) Then of course, I now have a dream of escaping from all the demented fuck heads and their demented cult sabotaging my life, by finding a plot of sacred soil out in the woods and building a lean to type home, which would be equipped with a solar cell and battery,(as an Engineering Technician specializing in buildings, I could more than likely really automate a lean to), so I could continue on with my art and music in some sort of peaceful harmony. Like my Lawyer said to me in the Court House here in Montreal, only mobsters want me dead or alive, so let them try tracking me out in the woods, I spent a lot of time out in the woods as an adolescent. I am fully aware of winter camping survival techniques, so I will probably do alright! (After all, I have already fought off three attempts of arson to my apartment, one kind of gets fed up) Thus to finish writing some songs I started, practicing old WWII songs so that I can play them with military type precision, get some animation software to do a recycling video with my Fly character I created. Doing a video of me struggling out of a straight jacket to a piano sound track, I got out of a straight jacket once before while in hospital, then threw the straight jacket on the Nurse's desk and asked for my "Hero Bisket", a players light cigarette, Players smokes, were a WWII issue for Canadian Troops. (Note: Do not smoke cigarettes just because I do, I work with a Doctor for my bad smoking habit, it is generally unhealthy and not approved by the Surgeon General of Canada.) Anyway, I got an over load of work to do catching up on things, such as doing repairs from all the industrial sabotage and breach of trust problems I have to contend with, due to asking someone that is a real demented fuck head to be my art manager, I did not know at the time that she was such a demented fuck head as well. It has been a slow learning process figuring things out with my favorite radio station, honest people of my local TV News Stations, Hospital Staff, Theology Department at Concordia University, along with associates on the street. Till later my men and women in Canadian Uniform, I pray we continue building a strong and powerful Nation to supply the Troops with the best of everything at the war front. Your Trooper back home, dreaming of spending some time with a real woman or two, my Native Pocahontas for one (Funny how my Pocahontas is and was my first high school sweet heart, I started her Captain's log way back when with some tokens of affection and a love note, my blog is symbolic of my engineering log, as her Captain's log is sealed with my sign of approval, I finally got a major piece of rigging built for you sweet heart, time you visited your engineering pit with some crew members to protect our intrests, you did promise me to come in and see me)(And then there is my "Lorrie Bear", funny how she became somewhat of my ship's Communication Officer through the British MI5(a Lorrie is what the British call a truck)...every ship has a radio room...just something about very special women always protecting my interests) Even I have dis-information/information in my blog postings due to demented fucks I had to deal with all my life, as dis-information/information floats about me in the media .....Doctor Goober Update, July 23 2009: Like I discussed with my Parole Officer today, certain people are trying to manage things, so that I get murdered as a way to steal my art collection and engineered proto-type inventions, it is a complex get rich scheme being well managed, along with the fact that I, Tinkered, Tailored, Soldiered & Spied and came across the evidance that the American Klu Klux Klan worked with Muslin Terrorists to take down the World Trade Centers in New York. (Who are all these Political Assholes that say I am full of crap, really now, I blasted the KKK broadcast all over the neighborhood!!!! A lot of people heard it thanks to me, who is laughing now?)Even the tape recording I had proving this has been sabotaged, but the Quebec Provincial Police have the monitored evidance of this particular sabotage. My Parole Officer closed with saying, "I do not know what I would without you, you should never have been cock teased into a Court Room"......It is not mess with the" Head" head many demented fuck heads messed with my life for too long...
Doc GM

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Too Bad People Messed With Me, Ever Since Elementary School, People Have Been Ruining My Life!!!

For the greater part of my life I have been screwed over by idiots that do not have a clue about the real values of life. While in Kindergarden class, a real idiot scribbled on my art work even before I had one of my master pieces completed for my teacher at the time, this type of stupidty has never stopped since! Once again certain persons have made illegal entrance into my apartment and messed with my personal effects, and ended up messing up my computer again from playing with some of my software that I ended up putting in my computer, along with sabotaging my phone/fax machine. Like my Lawyer said to me, the Police know every move I make on my computer and how I am being screwed around and sabotaged, such as people using my computer when I am not home. My last resort income officer with the Province of Quebec is really pissed off how I am not allowed to earn a living, the Quebec Police Force watches over me to ensure I can succeed and get off last resort income instead of being sabotaged by demented idiots. It was my Last Resort Income Officer that told me my fax machine was sabotaged and that I would have to deliver Quebec Government forms for my company Doc GM Creations in person, due to being not able to fax them in anymore. Then there was the demented idiot that sent me a letter bomb that was stopped at the Canadian Post Office, according to certain sources. According to other sources, I have a stolen identity, I remember when I got marked for dead on my taxes, then there is this demented cult that is bent on writing the rules of the cult around my life. These demented fucks, as some of us Canadians call them, ruin lives and think they can be influential in manipulating this country with the financial holdings they have. Then we have all these crazy people that go around selling my soul and impersonating me for a living, while using stolen invoices from my company. I worked hard trying to succeed in this Country, but the American Government is bent on doing me in like they are terrorists or something. I have been terrorised and cock teased enough by media personalities sabotaging my life. I do have my favorite radio station that stands by me and fights for the good of justice against the American stupidity doing me in. I did put an idiot American business man in prison a long time ago, and it is like the American Government can not stand it and is bent on revenge by manipulating my Internet presence, such as playing with and controlling my email, and site meter. At least here in Canada, we do not make ourselves out to be the ultimate political bigots, the American Government can not destroy me with certain well paid politicians, eg: stealing my Google account monies, jealousy is the best compliment. I hear it has a lot to do with the American I also nailed poisoning Canadians by putting up gyp rock over our hundred year old plaster as a CIA way of giving Canadians cancer to wipe us out so that they can control our water, oil and hydro due to the United States of America being over populated with no such resources. I remember the book, "Missing", how the CIA put in a dictatorship in Chile to control copper mines for the American industry and military, once again Americans short of a natural resource and murdering a couple of Canadians along with people from Chile while putting in the dictatorship. I am an innocent man, free of any wrong doing, and just because I put some Americans in prison here in Canada, the American Government is bent on sabotaging my life and manipulating truths to make themselves look good in their own demented ways. Never mine when I shut down the Klu Klux Klan/Neo-Nazi, Fort Matthieu here in Montreal, with our National Police force, the righteous and honourable RCMP! The British Secrete Police, MI5 even paid me a visit at the time!!! I remember being in the Northern United States and ended up in a bar, where it was common practice to raise funds for the I.R.A., hence undermining the Queen of England and Her British Empire. I was solicited to give to the I.R.A. in the American bar/swilling joint, and I have family that have served in the British military. When I was in Edinburgh, Scotland, at Edinburgh Castle, I remember saying the words to a military guard at the Castle while showing her my Canadian Coast Guard College "Suds & Rat T-shirt" and wearing my Scottish tam, "You got a real fortress here, by the time I am through taking on all the demented fucks on the other side of the Ocean, and the vagabonds come after me, I will have to retreat to your Castle, so you better stand on guard real good here, so I will have someone to breed with." The wonderful Lady in British Military Uniform was a fantastically gorgeous blond woman! I made her smirk with my comment and she was put on report somehow! So screw you United States of America, you and your Government are thieving idiots that stole my Google Account monies and we Canadians all know it!!!!!! So I am giving you Americans the finger, just like our ex-Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau gave you people and Nixon the finger, while leaving the States when boarding a plane, as viewed on TV when I was a child!!!!!