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Thursday, March 26, 2009

March Is Coming To An End And It Is Like An Angel Speaks To Me Revealing A Few Truths Surrounding My Life, Political Interference, Blackmail & Slander Are Rampant Trying To Do Me In
From a young age, I always suspected something strange about my life, nothing ever really panned out right for me. I could never earn a decent dollar as an Engineering Technician, when I ended up on disability pension and tried to build my life as an Artist/Writer, the same type of undermining crossed my path. The last good job I had as an Engineering Technician specializing in buildings, my boss admitted to me that he was being blackmailed to do me in. It was like a mutual agreement that I would move on, so he did not have to face this type of corruption any more. After all he was a really good man, we worked closely together, he often fed me a good meal, we could always agree on the bill of my invoice, and he often admitted that I knew what I was talking about on the job. "C'est la vie" as we say in Quebec, so I moved on to focus building my art career and being an Internet writer on schizophrenic issues and my life in general. As it turns out my email is tampered with, I have certain people that try and email me but can not. I do receive a lot of spam email and certain email to make it look like my email account is fully operational, but it is tampered with by corrupt politicians that are eugenicists wanting to do me in, an intelligent person with schizophrenia. Hitler was the last demented politician doing in persons with schizophrenia, now we have a whole mother load of the very same running the free world and sabotaging my attempts to get out of poverty. Going back some time now, when I was doing art expo/sales at the Hospital, staff members were told not to buy my art, even although they wanted to support my art endeavors, for they are proud of their Doctor Goober. Then there is this person that is really close to me with dealings with my art, admitted that she was being blackmailed around me. When she would not submit to the blackmail, her child was poisoned as she confessed. There is another organisation that I have dealings with for my art, and they too admitted that people tried to blackmail them as to prevent me from succeeding. I had a Professor at Concordia University that admitted to the class that someone tried to blackmail him because I was in his class, funny thing isn't it! Certain Canadian politicians of the country's ruling political party have made really stupid and slanderous remarks surrounding me, this is the example of political interference sabotaging my artist/writing career. One of them even said, "Hail Hitler to ...." when he won the election first time around! I am even aware that people have hit ads on my Google account, and apparently corrupt politicians stole my Google money, that is why I have made no money as people claim I should have. My sitemeter and Google stats for hits to my blog, do not even jive together when one would think they would at least correspond somewhat close,and according to two sources my sitemeters on my blog and my other web site are tampered with so that they do not give true readings. This way, these corrupt Neo-Nazi politicians that are trying to do me in, think I will not know how big my fan base really is!! I even changed my email account on my blog, but apparently my email is being blocked here as well. People do clue me in and let me know what is going on like little Angels. I even heard that corrupt politicians are trying to shut down my blog and web site but are having difficulty in doing so. There was even that bigot American politician that said he would water board me to death, I caught that media clip. So much for human rights and earning a honest dollar in the free world, it is like we got all these Neo-Nazi politicians running things trying to do in this little schizo, just like Hitler in WWII tried to do in persons with schizophrenia. Well, I am good at what I do, and I am a hell of a lot better that these political bigots sabotaging my chances of me earning a half decent living. I have even had a Black Supremest threatening me while doing major Jew bashing, never mind just the Neo-Nazi type of bigots! God is on my side, not theirs!!!! I remember from my youth, saying a vow to a child of Israel, to take on these Neo- Nazi types because they would always come after me, due to refusing to join them when asked to. So I just keep fighting away to earn money and sell art against all odds, just like when I tried to earn a living as an Engineering Technician and got sabotaged. Till later.........Note: seizing my Google account and messing with my Internet presence is industrial sabotage, which can get you 25 years in prison on Federal Court charges in Canada!!!!!I am a registered company in the Province of Quebec, what it cost our city in lost revenue and economic stimulation stealing my Google money. Yea I remember hearing on the evening News, Atlanta Thrashers wanted to use a piece of my art for a new hockey logo after the NHL hockey strike.....then I heard they were blackmailed out of it.....the saga continues!!!!! Added note: When I was only 17, I sat in the back of the bus in North Carolina, then a member of the Klu Klux Klan came on the bus and said, "Hey, little white boy, get out of the back of the bus!". I stood up and responded with, "I am fucking Canadian, I will sit where ever I want!", then turned to the African American beside me, and held an intelligent conversation. I have face down the KKK here in Montreal ever since! As I heard the respectable American Senator say on late night TV, to the effect of,"I am fed up with white and black supremest money running this Country" Like no black supremest money got kicked into the Obama campaign, leave it to your imagination how they threw money into his campaign, it is basic logic! I remember a RCMP operation that shut down the Black Panthers aligning themselves with the FLQ during the 1970's!!! Really now, President Obama is the biggest bigot going, like he said, " I will not deal with someone that smells like cigarette smoke", and he was chain smoker himself at the time, hence he smelt like cigarette smoke, if you smoke cigarettes, you smell like them!!! O'yea, and here is a message for you Stockwell Day, I caught the media clip were you commented about my sex life, and said my balls were going to get done in. Fuck you too, you are a Canadian half breed that promotes American bullshit with your dual Nationality!!!! You are going down for industrial sabotage of my company...eventually!!!!! On the good note, I have talked to the RCMP about filing industrial sabotage charges against the Conservative Party of Canada due to their rhecteric about having my balls done in, we will see the Conservative bigots in Court, even my law office that I deal with is fed up!!! Late day update:OK, so the Conversative Party of Canada wants to say I hallucinate everything, too fucking bad I got a whole army of Canadian citizens with the same hallucinations!!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I March To The Beat Of My Own Drum, As The Eyes Of March Inspire And Educate Me In Various Way
Well here I am getting back to writing my blog again, I have been kept very busy with my mid-term paper for my theology class and doing home improvements that should have been done before I moved in. Yesterday, I finally made it back to my music group at the hospital as I promised my Doctor I would do. After all my Psychiatrist and I have been through since I started under her care, I left her office smiling and happier than usual. It was like I was kicking my heels and skipping all the way down the mountain from the hospital to my coffee shop near the University. When I was at my music group this week, the Music Therapist got us to partake in a drum circle. The group all had to use percussion instruments, and there I was with two congas beating the skins away. At one point my eyes got really heavy and closed, there I was laying my beating on the conga skins half asleep in the darkness of my mind, and still playing along with the group. By some Godly demise, the crack in the neck of my guitar seemed to have healed somewhat so that it still plays OK. The Music Therapist said that the guitar can be repaired, contrary to what I wrote on my web site after advice from another person. With other musical numbers we banged out in group, I played my mouth recorder and guitar. The music group really enjoys listening to me play my mouth recorder, even although the whistle seems to have been played with a bit.
Then, when it comes to my theology class at Concordia University here in Montreal, the class this week proved to be very interesting. The Professor brought in a piece of religious art as a visual prop to illustrate the Trinity of God the "Creator", the "Word", and the "Spirit". The symbolism of religious colours of the art work was explained to us and I laughed at how I produced a similar piece of art without really knowing it. Quite sometime ago, my cousin from Georgia in the Southern United States, sent me a copy of a piece of her own art work that she had done. It was so inspirational that I decided to do my own piece of art with women with long flowing hair. Ironically I composed a piece of art that reflects the Trinity concept, except it is women holding the challis or Holy Grail. The colours I choose for the hair of the women, along with the colour of their garments, all reflect the concept and religious connotation of the religious art my Professor showed us in class. This is one really interesting part of my schizophrenia and art intertwining. Once again I unconsciously produced a piece of art with profound impact with religious symbolism as we are discussing in my theology class. Then to give myself more of a smug laugh, when I went to my coffee shop for a beverage after class, I picked up the University Newspaper, "The Link", and scanned through it. It covered a lot of women issues as Sunday past was the International Day of the Woman. When I read Christopher Olson's page on "A Social history of menstruation", Volume 29, issue 25, March 10th 2009, I got my laugh! You see, I did a piece of art sometime back with a nude woman dancing around a fire, it was out of my own inspiration. As I read on Christopher's page, I learned I could interprete my art as a woman doing her menstrual dance as to the page's quote and drawing, "In the Wasco Indian tradition after a woman reached puberty she was expected to preform a menstrual dance in order to see her individual guardian spirit." (Olson, The Link: Woman 15.) Funny thing, the old sailing ships that discovered the New World, had female figureheads on the bow of their ships so they would not fall off the edge of the World, I only have a fantasy figurehead for my ship of dreams as of yet! So I did make a special note for Canadian women during my Sunday prayer session on March 8th 2009, as it was the International Day of the Woman, fascinating how things turn out with my schizo inspiration! So here is to all the wonderful and special women that have been a source of inspiration for my art and writing!!!.......