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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sample of Brown Mold Or Something in My Kitchen Cupboards That Is Hard To Get Rid Of !
So here is an image from my kitchen cupboards with the brown mold that I have to deal with in my apartment. I discovered it after emptying my kitchen cupboards for the exterminator from getting the scattered cockroach, only four in my apartment since April 2007 since I moved in. After the exterminator was through and leaving his poison in for a bit, I took to scrapping, sanding and bleaching my cupboards before going to paint them. The horizontal brown spot is where there was a elongated hole from separation of the cupboard wood, I figured the cockroaches where coming in here so I took some drywall compound with polyfila added and filled the crack over the brown moulded wood in the cupboard joint. The brown mould entered the moist drywall compound and infected it. Bleach will not even kill it and take it out. The mould can be seen in the vertical cupboard joint as well in the image, it is the brown line in the corner which was plastered over as well with my drywall mix. As a building technician I know that at times one has to take down a wall to get at a cockroach nest for the exterminator. I am figuring there are cockroach nests in the walls in this building, ad their excretement is damaging the wood and causing this mould. I discovered that this brown mould was oozing out of my kitchen light fixture as well, for it was all over the ceiling, so I took down the light fixture to investigate. I discovered it was tick in the electrical box and covering the wiring as well. So I went out and bought a degreaser from Canadian Tire store and some draft seal to plug the holes in the electrical outlet to stop the brown mould from coming in and spreading over my kitchen ceiling and everywhere else through apartment air currents. I was going nuts cleaning brown off my computer key board, I am a smoker which leaves a brown residue on furniture, but not to the degree of having brown mould coming into the apartment and covering everything. To clean up my key board I bought baby wipes which did an excellent job. Since plugging the holes in my kitchen light fixture and cleaning the brown off the ceiling around the fixture, it has stayed clean. My landlord is a pain in the butt over this, the building was taken over by new owners and the building manager went to the police over me leaving messages on his telephone answering machine. After about two months with my kitchen cupboards not getting done, partly with me in hospital for two months, I finally got cheaper latex paint instead of more expensive kitchen and bathroom paint for my cupboards. Get accused of leaving racist slurs on his answering machine and once once threatened with being sued over it, I took total abuse from the building manager getting paint for my kitchen cupboards. Why because I mentioned his creed because I have had run ins with other people from his country of origin when dealing with buildings! Police know this building and I once saw the Bailiff going around handing out a mitt full of Court orders. I have heard the police in the building with warning people not to come into my apartment when I am not home, along with people having lock picking tools like a locksmith. One time I went to the corner store and when I came home I smelt a strong oder of paint thinner in my apartment. I when looking for where it was coming from and found paint thinner all over my art studio. I had to open the window and turn on the bathroom fan and vent the apartment. They will not even sell me laundry chips, I have phoned three times and they say they have none, wait until tomorrow and paid with my disability pension cheque, do I get laundry chips when I call for them? Until later, Doctor Goober signing off for now. March27th 2009: My Building Manager and I made up to each other, he is really something special, he said he will supply me with what ever I need to fix up my home to make it some sort of repectable standard!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Here is Hoping President Obama Helps In Controlling Political Devils Preventing World Peace And Justice For All, Art Inspired From Stone Sculpture On Mount Royal, Montreal , '08 Summer Champagne.
Half hour to go before there is a new President of the United States of America, and one feels the power of the Obama momentum of uniting and moving forth into a new political year for the free world. I remember going past Capital Hill on a Grey Hound bus going to the Southern States as a teenager, to now see the mass gathering for the Presidential transition on Capital Hill, is like watching a fully loaded B52 bomber lift off with with its fighter squadron, as I witnessed in my youth. The American people are in their glory with the new political era and what Obama brings to his people as new leader and Chief of Staff.
(post being but together during during CTV, Montreal Presidential swearing in broadcast, original piece of art work up for sale, email me.) I thought the Benediction was something special, must get ready for my Theology class at Concordia University later today. I am sure the whole inauguration will be the gossip of the University, especially since the cable and Internet down on around Montreal just before 12:00 am. Will get back to my post after school. Did hear that much about Obama becoming President at school tonight, but it interesting how he brought out in his acceptance speech, one of the points contemporary thinkers have with theological notion of revelation (As drawn from class notes). The aspect of critical sociology came out with trying to bond the the various faiths as we all have become more palettized over time to hold in higher esteem the ideological component of different belief systems. Requesting through prayer for Divine authority is a pathway to conformity, repressing doubt and dissent. Politics shape world view and Divine authority is used to enforce ones owns authority or his following people. How fragile religious conformity can be! Political Devils can come with many little foot soldiers at times that claim they have the definitive revelation and do not respect beliefs of others, hence September 11th and what ensued. I few lame Political Devils put on ice from terrorising what has become the 2009 free world, and we will have a whole psychiatric rehabilitation budget needed for all the foot soldiers that have religious delusion of grandeur. Kind of been there done it with all my schizo years, once knew a guy that wanted to put a hammer to the dome St. Joseph's Oratory here in Montreal, he ended up in the loony bin at tax payers expense!