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Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Artist's Impression Of A 14 Year Old Boy's Medical Exam Photograph, Following Liberation From The Nazi Auschwitz Death Camp Of World War II
I spent some redeeming transcending moments in the Montreal Holocaust Memorial Museum yesterday afternoon. I was inspired to do a piece of art for a pictorial image, to tell part of my own story of how I have lost so much weight myself taking on the crap I have to deal with, because of my Landlord and their Numbered Company with their death camp of a building. Here it is 3:20 AM in the morning of the posting date, and I do not even have hot water to work with in my kitchen. I can be a bit of a night hawk doing my University school work, blog postings and eating etc. I suppose there will be hot water when I go to shower later if I wanted to, I guess not! When I graduated from the Canadian Coast Guard College, I weighed in 145 lbs, bench pressed my own wieght, and ran a 5:24 min mile by third year. Over the years I tried to stay in shape, but since this Numbered Company that took over the building I reside in, all stupidity broke loose. I gave my Psychiatrist and Nurse the start of my 10 page Engineering Technician 's report with images that deal with this building. My Psychiatrist has the corresponding blood tests for the same time period, so no doubt she will be able to put two and two together.With all that I have been through, figuring out the illegal entrances into my apartment and all, the acts of industrial sabotage, searching for stolen items, I did lose weight due to stress and worrying about tampered food that I bought from legitimate grocerey stores. I have this pose in mind, that I would not mind being taken with a camera loaded with black and white 35 mm film. The pose would be done in a certain position I came up as a nude shot. I would not expose my sexual organs, it is just a clean cut model shot illustrating how thin I have actually become from lack of proper finances to eat healthier and more often, having to ration ones self with food consumption to due lack of money to do everything. Sure I cut back on food, with buying art supplies, and some basic hardware to make some strategic improvements to my apartment so I am not taken out by cancer like my building owners want to happen, because I know too much how they failed to live up to the responsiblities of a decent building owner. This other Jewish Pyschiatrist that I was speaking to on the phone recently, made reference to how I was a holocaust survivor myself with what I went through in this building! Long before I moved onto this street, McGill Medical Services knew the medical costs for the Premier and his medicare system for people that lived on this street, it was too absorbent of hard tax dollars and something had to be done! By RCMP concepts, if there is one there is more, thus we have a lot of multi unit buildings to clean up with competent engineering standards. Here it is 9:25 AM on the morning when I started this posting, and there is still no hot water in my apartment, for me to shower or do my weekend cleaning with. I just got off the phone with my Lawyer and left a message, as he has his way of leaving me messages, he is sick of all this just like a lot of other people that back me! I reported to him how my digital camera has been sabotaged and the whistle to my mouth recorder that my Grandfather gave me is missing off the instrument, that is 25 years for someone, federal prison time for industrial sabotage! I got my email from the Federal Liberal Party of Canada, they are fed up and taking down the Harper Government! Well, well, I just heard a conversation between a Black Supremist and a close associate of mine while returning from taking my garbage out, the black supremist said, "We all agreed way back that he should be done in.", referring to me getting done in! I bet if I was black they would not feel like that!!!  I remember when I was taking down the Neo-Nazi/Klu Klux Klan Fort Matthieu with the RCMP, a guy came into the building and said, "I am Neo-Nazi mob, and I want him fucking dead!", referring to me "Wee Iain". Well, I finally got a hint of some information, something about my parents submitting to Harper's blackmail a long time ago, righting me off for population control and that I could not breed, and that I am a slave. Like fucken shit as I like to put it, I told my family where to go and appropiate legal action will be taken. No wonder I could never earn a decent living and nothing ever went right around my life!!!! Accordingly, an interpretation of the evening News, this stupid concept has led to "Child Trafficking" in Quebec, we got to save me and the children of Quebec from this crap!!! When people found out about this illegal deal, and they believed in me, they tried to liberate me from this, the regime set out to poisen and murder me with what was done to my apartment to give me cancer !!! Now we got all these Canadians that do not want a Federal election, and I remain Harper's and your slave? We will see about that, you will destroy the Country over it!!!
 All I did, was try and build my life as an Engineering Technician, now Artist/Writer/student, through a rehabilitation process as a psychiatric out patient,  and here I find out what other people were building all this time to do me in! I had problems with certain issues when I was younger, with religious type apparitions/hallucinations for example, I constantly struggled to make something of myself while working with Police due to the crap I came across in soceity, now I know why I could never succeed! As it was just on the radio to the effect of, Quebec east to the Maritimes intends to liberate me, and ensure that no one gets to eat me like a brain washed cannibal! Here it is on late night radio that it was PM Harper, that started a primitive,unsophisticated to barbaric preaching that I have to be eaten for some demented reason! I face it all over that people are wanting to eat me to be me, this is absolutely retarded political decedent to way back before the dark ages!
Here on the late night News, PM Harper said that indeed he is fleecing me of my Google money, yea and then by other News broadcasts, he is dumping my money into strong Conservative Ridings. Everyone else does without, including me!!! It is called corruption at the highest level!!! I wonder if other individuals that are no longer in the Canadian Coast Guard like me, are getting their personal company money fleeced in the same manner, to finance PM Harper's needs, or is just picking on me with a clause from my contract/agreement I signed in College? An old high school friend dropped by to see me for a bit last night, he even said it was God awful what is being done to me, according to him, CSIS says the same thing. As some Financial Strategists call this Harper fleecing scam, illegal fleecing for political gain! Normally Government puts legislation in place to protect and nurture handicap persons, not make laws for themselves to do in handicap persons as in my case with my schizophrenia issues. The last political regime that fleeced individuals at will, and tried to do them in was Hitler's dictatorship, and Harper did say "Hail Hitler to Doctor Goober Modesty", when he won his first election. Then when I complained and mouthed off about being associated to Hitler with my pen name, I started getting fleeced in a timely fashion. I have heard from more than one source, that Harper did indeed say those words when he won the first election. I must not forget, like I heard Harper, even within the ranks of the Conservative Party of Canada, you were told the scam around me will never work! You are neck deep in quick sand Harper, and sinking fast!

With what I have stumbled upon this time around, really, using demented engineering concepts to make people sick in their homes/apartments, then invest in the medical pharmacuetical industry for the appropriate medications for a cure from how you are makng people sick in the dwelling that you own. Never mind what demented engineering practice could cost for vet bills, I bet these scam artists invest in vet meds too! "Scam Artists" everywhere!! I remember hearing on the local Montreal News, where a local Architect past away at the ripe old age of one hundred or so, as I put it before in my blog or web site (which was shut down) , I think he knew how to maintain a building to help stay healthy, case in point!

(Stand by while this post is being put together.... getting some sleep for now...people are still hacking into my blog and messing with my writings and I have to make corrections all the time)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hey Obama and Harper, Like Everyone With Morals & Ethics Says, "You Both Got Mush For Brains", What Was That Message Relayed To Me, My Next Post Is My Last! Oh, I Forgot, Lets Have An American/Canadian Government Audit On How Much Hard Currency Was Spent Trying To Shut Me Down, I am Still Fully Operational! I Bet That Money Sabotaging Me Could Have Been A Lot Of Small Business Stimulus Packages! If I Was The Last Engineering Technician On The Face Of The Earth, Her Majesty The Queen Of England Could Be Self Assured, These Gates Of Her's In The Image, Would Always Get A Proper Paint Job, With Properly Oiled Hinges! Something To Do With An Oath I Signed To The Queen!

Yea dee da yea yea daw Harper, you took my Canadian Coast Guard College Contract totally out of context, you are using my College contract to do me in, did I get those comments right? You used the Powers of the Prime Minister's Office for totally fucking me over so I could not earn a decent living, get dental coverage, or enjoy having company in my home, ass hole Harper!!! You destroyed my human rights for your own demented stupid reasons, so I am a totally abused Government worker at slave wages. Oh yea, I forgot, I have to die for what I believe in, and you select my replacement that will be a puppet on your demented chain! The Coast Guard always paid for further training, the Federal Government put nothing into my University training. We all remember when you said you wanted my balls done in over a hockey puck, now you are a back tracking idiot again!!! What about that comment, regarding the fact that my art work had to be destroyed, just like you destroyed it in Kindergarden class, grow up Harper!!! If I am working for some clause in my Government Contract I signed in College, why is the Primier of Quebec having to fork the money out of the Quebec Welfare budget for my wages, for a Federal Government Operation, now wake up Harper, and a Federal Government Transfer Payment excuse will not cut it for an answer! So cut the crap and resign Harper. Oh and Obama, let me explain something to you. Security proceedure, it does work around the Prez right, did you sign for anything while being a bisexual slut and whore in my apartment, Eg: security proceedures? So you forgot to read the fine print, hence you became my property so to speek, my people can do what ever we want with your porn show in my apartment, (my apartment, my stage!) you signed your rights away like an idiot, all legal and Kosher while blessed by the spirit of Mohammed! Funny thing, morning rumour has it, "The Prez and PM of Porn Show" is in high demand for London and Paris. Usually all great works of art make New York, London and Paris! Note: Not that I really want to promote porn, but the reverse con artistry has a lot of merit!

I just got some stupid comment on the radio that these Black Supremist/Obama and Neo-Nazi/Harper own me etc, well going back to elementary school I was under Police protection because idiots would not stop sabotaging my life. What was it, grade six? Class mates, would say, "sign this but do not read it, we just want to see your signature." I did as ask. Then I wrote something on my own sign this paper, when asked again to sign this paper. They would not sign. So I wrote a clause on my sign this paper, and signed it. Read a section, eg: any of your sign this papers are nuil invoid, because you refuse to sign this paper of mine as asked. Then stuck it in my desk and said, "Ok, you will all probally steal my sign this paper like my pens and pencils always get stolen, and we will see what happens to you for stealing from my desk as time goes by. Then I came across a sign this paper in a mob factory, and went to Revenue Canada about it, and my Employ Quebec Agent when dismissed from the job and applying for Welfare once again. Reported everything! The idiot American business man land himself a cosy position in a prison cell, so fuck off you Supremist blackmailers, my mandate was to work with RCMP taking down idiots breaking the law and trying to write illegal contracts etc!!!! Nobody owns me due to my Police protection from what age!!! Well, a Prez and PM as grown adults signing over movie rights, is totally legal!! Idiots!!!!!Yes and I know things about my signiture being forged on leases etc....

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Transcending Upward Through a Maple Tree
Here I am not long home from my Tuesday evening class at University, it is a really special class consisting of both American and Canadian students in unity to grow together in the intellectual atmosphere of advance schooling at the University level. Ironical we can really bounce off each other in interpretating the Professors lectures on transcending art through the ages. It is good to be in a class room with such diversity, where homeland political differences are left out there in no person's land, and we can even find some humour through it all. I got to comment on a piece of art I did some time back, trying to relate a personal experience as a Artist, when I unconsciously produced a woman on her back with her legs spread in the clouds for the sky scene I was painting. I explained how I took my moment to stand back and pay attention to what I was painting, with seeing the woman in the clouds that was forming, I took to touching it up to make the image more pronounced. When I tried to relate how it could be my sexual frustration coming out as an old man, one young Lady said "thanks", then I felt that blush and redness on my face coming through, we all got a good chuckle out of it. I chose this particular image for my posting for several reasons, first and foremost; we studied an Artist's work that involved trees. His pictorial way of producing them in various degrees of artistic impression, from figurative to abstract. It proved to very interesting seeing how one can produce an animate object (a tree is a living thing) affectively with such vastness in style and creative concept. The second reason being: the students from both sides of the Canadian boarder in my class share the maple tree in various ways. We have several industries around the maple tree that has to be protected and promoted effective for mutual economic growth of our prospective regions concerned. The maple syrup/sugar/candy (even maple tea these days) industry is a functional operation on both sides of our boarder, that depends on cost effective environmental concerns relating to green house gases and acid rain, for it will be costly if  these enviromental concerns get out of control, thus damaging the rich vastness of our maple forests. There is also a lumber industry that works around the maple tree, where forest harvest must be controlled with implimenting reforestation to sustain the industry over a projected period of time for generations to come. One of my musical instuments, namely my mouth recorder which is made in Germany, has been machined out of maple wood with fine precission, and has a wonderful sound when properly maintained with wood moisture, as to the instructions that came with the instument. By the way, everyone knows, especially in my classroom at school, I still have a hard time spelling, I just can not remember how to spell every word and spell check is not part of the new Blogger format due to inernational differences in lingustics and spelling or I am yet to find the spell check on the new posting page. But I still have a dictionary to get things right....

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Philosophical Order

(which society is in much need of)

The Hallucination Or Vision Of Time

At the calming shores within the fury beast of animal kind

The serpent of man's evil doings lingers front and back

Carrying man to the gift of life through the "Holy Waters"

And even the Lion as King of the jungle needs his "Holy Waters"

His Holiness sits on the hump of an uncivilized society

With the seven seals in our mirror image of our own reflections

Man being what he is carries the darkened cross of faith

Scarey to confront through out his lingering life

Making himself the head of his own serpent of evil

Leaving his forked tail rapping its self around society on the whole

Devouring what is supposed to be in the realms of Holy and pure

With the mirror image of the seven seals hanging over our head

His Holiness' weight of conviction quells the growth in the darkness

As the Rampart Lion of Kings sets the standard of man's quests

Even while we are surrounded by our own evil serpent tail

Men of men stand out in there Holy conformity of righteousness

How the Pontiff tries to set the standard of faith on turbulent evil

That of man's fiery emotions of his conflicts found in society

The vision of eternal time in an illuminated reminder of ourselves

Searching out for ourselves what is yet to come upon us

And letting our serpent's tail of evil grow as we forge through life

Leaving our God forsaken mark as we always did with our civilization

The animal beast within us must be quelled to survive as humans

Longing for "Peace on Earth" with our blind faith in time

Art & Written Word


Doctor Goober Mickeal

(Stand By While This Post Is Being Put Together)

I ended up changing the format to my blog, due to required updating by Blogger, I will get to complete my lastest blog posting when I complete working on necessary changes for the new format.

Here are a few words I wrote from my youth, and later punched up by adding a verse in my creative process class at Concordia University a few semesters ago:

Sir Francis Merlin of the H.M.C.S. Answer

He has sailed many seas

And I will always sail with him

His ship is so huge, but no room for crew

For he will be luaghed at

But he holds the helm of the Answer

And I'll always sail with him

He has sailed many seas

And I will always sail with him

His ship is so huge, while now having room for crew

For he will no longer be laughed at

Because he holds the helm of the Answer

And I will always sail with him

Fourteen Main Crew Members

  1. First Elementry School French Canadian Gal with some art of mine

  2. Second Elementary School French Canadian Gal with some art of mine

  3. Native Indian Pocahontas from first year High School

  4. An Oriental Gal from my Canadian stamp collecting days

  5. A Russian Diplomate's daughter, a Gal with my Doctor's note

  6. A blond twin from later in my High School days with a pick & choose note

  7. A Muslin Gal from a river side rendez-vous in my youth

  8. An African Canuck loner Gal like I was a loner from High School days

  9. A blond Gal with eliquent geometry poetry in later High School days

  10. A Native Indian Gal with a note about being me being a type of Chief and leading World Peace talks

  11. A Star of David Gal from a Montreal park rendez-vous with a steno pad gift

  12. A blond Gal with a tape recording from a park rendez-vous

  13. A Cape Breton Gal with a note about consuming alcohol & a Scotland rendez-vous

  14. A Haligoian Gal with a note and part of my Canadian Coast Guard uniform

I could have forgotten a couple of Gals and notes, or who is who and who and what stayed true?

What I am suppose to make of this story, telling young women to be there for me and stay a virgin, because I was always getting done in from a young age. From what age, it was like people did not want me to succeed and murder attempts were made on my life! So I built something persuing my Godly peace of mind! And it is nobodies business but me and the Gals, no demented cult controls my life!!!

After a night of praying, and finishing up during Sun rise, as it is in me to work around the solstice of the Sun sometimes, with it being the last full day of summer and all, I had this transcending moment where it came to me. For when my time comes to pass, like ancient tradition to take some of your tools into the after life with you, I would probally have my steamer trunk packed with my Bibles, candle and incense holders, my religious trinkets, a few art supplies, a small musical instrument or two, some of my theology and religious studies notes, of course I would include some of my mechanic, carpentry, along with some of my small gardening tools, and have them buried with me. I always went through life with a tool kit at my side, and it would be my way to have some equipment with me to help defend St Peter's Gate and give him a hand getting the job done right, through assisting to protect Heaven in some sort of way. Oh yea, and I would also need my Canadian, along with my Provincial Flag to lay claim at St Peter's side! Just a little early morning musing!
You are a joke Harper, everyone says what I wrote is true, why is it that any Concordia University student that reads my blog gets their bank accounts fleeced by you! I was at the bank today and everyone is talking about it, and besides, how do you know anything about my Katie and her Court case years ago, if you were not from my home town!!! I was in the Canadian Coast Guard College, a second year engineering student and saw some of the Court case on TV, how do you know so much about it????? Then on the other side Harper, the woman I put in jail for giving me alcohol as a minor and then molesting me, when I was working collecting money on my paper route, was reported when I split to the waiting Police car out side. They say either way, the woman I put in prison over this incident is genetically linked to you. Then what about my adopted sister and the link to you? Face it Harper, I caught the News clip you admitted ruining my art in Kindergarden class before I got to hand it in to the teacher, other people remember that media clip too!!!!! Shall I continue??? Here is a really good one, why is it certain individuals made illegal entrances into my apartment, stole my company invoices, and used them to launder money without my permission. Funny how my little man on the blog, is my logo on my company invoices. If you illegally are using my company invoices for deceitful purposes or gave permission to use them, you are going to jail. Like someone said to me when he would not let me on the Montreal Metro to get home, "I am not allowed to deal with you!! But all sorts of people get to use my compnay invoices, shall I name the Politician that said they had to use my company invoices, for what to ruin my company.....!!!!! On my Quebec Government company registration form, I am sole employee, and owner, so nobody can legally use my company invoices but me!!!!! (Sept 22nd 2009) Soooo...funny, like my morning radio show had some comment how people are saying, how the stupidest Presidents and PM made me so famous! Every blog post or comment I make, you are facing the media to slander me over it, it is like the whole World hallucinates the media, and Obama and Harper keep back tracking over it, like they can not even get the facts straight, then how the hell can you two run a Country if you can not get the facts straight? Hey Obama, like Americans really need a President that is so eaily dooped!!! I caught that media comment too, now I am controling you two like a yoyo through my blog. You are ruining your people's Country like asshole Bush did, just because he could not handle my Internet presence, and I never wrote any thing about the Oval Office at the time!!! I caught that media clip right now, at least the media admits I control the Prez and PM like a yoyo, but the both of them are going delusional in denial! Could it not be impeachment time or something my American cousins? Yep, an American citizen called into the radio station I listened to, they are even getting tired of being fleeced regarding free speech over me, Obama, and Harper! Like the American gentileman said, even his bank calls Obama and Harper thee "Mobsters", and it all started with Harper & Bush fleecing me! Everyone knows idiots are being paid to hack my writings with fleeced money, everything can be traced on the Internet! I got a whole army of people trying to keep up with my original wording that is being hacked, and I am not the only one fed up with getting Internet writings hacked over this Doctor Goober, Obama, Harper issue! Like people are saying, the free World has become so corrupt, because individuals were promised or wanted to be me, and if I was never wanted to succeed by these corrupt Politicians, how could I possibally have sued over stolen Google monies, as I wrote in an earlier posting, I could not even get a Lawyer to do so when I tried, and then what, get dragged through the Courts when one could not win any way, because corrupt Politicians never wanted me to succeed in the first place! Lordy, Lordy Lordy, like it was just on the radio, but I will use my own words! Like fucken shit people are going to eat me to be me, that is cannabalism! Canabalism was based on ancient warriors eating part of a slain warrior of the oppossing army, to gain the fighting spirit of that warrior. That technique of warring is obsolete, and besides, like modern Doctors say, 1) canabalism does not work, you get addicted to eating human meat. 2) The idea or thought of gaining the spirit of the human you eat is delusional, like you are going to become an engineering technician after you eat me to.

I came across this concept of modern cannabalism when taking down Neo-Nazi/Klu Klux Klan Fort Mattieu with the RCMP, it became a mobster way of hiding dead bodies. A mob butcher would cut up the slain person and package it to give to fellow mobsters. It became harder and harder for the mob to stash dead bodies that were the end result of murder. Engineers now x-ray cement for faults, thus a human body buried in cement will show up. Digging a grave, with all the building construction, the mob got tired of digging up murdered bodies, and re-burying them some where else, hence the cannabalism concept started up again. A woman who was in total dimay with what was going on, came and told me, yea she cooked a meal, then played with my head that I just ate human meat. Then she said, "Look what it did to you when I messed with your head over cannabalism." It was miced pork, not human meat as it turn out, I checked the garbage for the meat packaging, it was from IGA, labeled "minced pork"! I did end up discussing this matter with a Psychiatrist, no one wants to be a Psychiatrist either, with what they have to cope and deal with, but they are a very intrical part of our society that are badly needed to handle these demented fuck heads! I just got a phone call from my "Officer of the Courts/Parole Officer" due to the Court case with the media personality, like he said to me, "you are not a piece of meat, and how did I know I had to deal with cannabals?" Hey Harper, I hear a team of Psychiatrists are putting together a "Court Order" to have you administered a lobotomy, due to the fact you will not stop messing with individual media personalities and their lives as Prime Minister of this Country, something to do with you never growing up from Kindergarden class!!!! I hear even ex Prez Bush wants your head for what you blackmailed him into! The free World is not a Neo-Nazi dictatorship that you think you can control with blackmail for the rest of your life, you do the crime, you do the time as they always said. In your case, Psychiatrists are already sharpening knives to cut out part of your brain and put it under a mircoscope, to figure out, what is this fucking demented brain that that uses all the powers of the land to ruin peoples lives!!! As we Canadians succeed with this, I hear Americans are following suit with Obama's brain, he wants to eat me like a cannabal as stated on TV, even American citizens are sick of it!!!! Oh yea and Obama, you will probally get a bullet in your head before you pull my Professor's American intellectuals out of my class room like you said you were going to. New York art scene has more money than you can ever dream of having, us students are going to continue growing together, and no self professed cannabal President is going to stop us, your such a party pooper, we are having such fun in class!!!!!! Some of my fellow American classmates could make it big in New York one day, that is big prospective tax dollars for New York City! I have already duck a bullet from going in my head with you and Harper running things together, can you duck a bullet Obama? Oh I forgot, you will be able to duck bullets after you eat me right!!? Hey Harper, I caught the CBC media clip with you in New York, you admit you were in my apartment, but you could not make an appointment, your busted with Regie du Logement here in Quebec with illegal entrance, the Judge already said she needs me, not the likes of you. So what, I burn a bit of incense and candles, they are legal products, I got your employees admitting to me you had them in my apartment smoking illegal drugs for some stupid reason.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Now I Got To Cope & Deal With Rumours That Are Floating To The Effect Of, I Have Copulated With All These Assorted Women Over Time, What Is This Pregnancy Scam Around Me? Not Only That, They Are All Over The Place!! Any Child Of Mine, I Can Prove The Child Is Mine, Through A Genetic Test, Thank God For Civilized Modern Medicine And Honourable & Righteous Breeding Techniques!

(Stand By While This Post Is Being Put Together)

As it stands right now at the end of the day, apparently there are no women in Europe that claim to have a child from me, only in the United States and some in Canada, yea Harper women. Now why is it there is a rumour circulating that there was a Godly pregnancy test invented around me, to claim I got women pregnant. Let me guess, this Godly pregnancy test, is/was some form of artificial insemination, to blame an innocent man of a Godly demise. To Start, a child of mine would somehow relate to my blood type by natural process, I bet I could eliminate a whole bunch of con artists right off the bat by this process!!! Now for strike two, was it a czarina birth or not, to remain a virgin it would have to be a czarina birth, so your Mum would in effect have a birthing scar right! Accordingly, this is got to do with my "Merlin complex", where yes indeed, I will admit a certain "Godly Magic" worked around me from a young age. I used to speak about it at a young age, and I left special love notes with certain women in high school and someone very special in Cape Breton,Canada, to be there for me later in life as I tried to solve this issue/complex I had about "Godly Magic" around my life. A little note here too, in first year Coast Guard College, I had a week-end excursion in Halifax with my Father when he was there on Military business. I met an old friend from my home town who was serving in the Canadian Navy at the time, we did a bit of pubbing together in Halifax that night we met. As I recall, we ended up with two girls at our table or we ended up at their table. Any way, I charmed one of these special Ladies with one of my same love notes, I have since hooked up with her over the years, and she actually received a second love note here in Montreal after I returned from the coast. At this point in my life, we do have our meeting place, she has a very special way of handling me with TLC!!! Part of me giving those love notes, was giving these certain individual women a special trinket of mine, along with them being instructed to stay a virgin for me and build their lives with a career, as I intended to do. It goes back to a certain piece of art work I did in a French Canadian School yard, when my own school mates rejected me, I crossed the street to the French School and found a female friend. We used to sit in out own private spot and I did art work for her and gave it to her. Now I remember more, after a bit she brought her own close friend to our corner, I used to sit between the two girls, do art and give it to them.Then one day I was told by a French Canadian School teacher from that particular school, to stay in my own play ground, and not to come back to the school play ground across the street. I obeyed her instructions! I remember one piece of art work I did for my French Canadian sweet heart in elementary school, so who is fucking who around with demented American CIA bullshit around me with my Father being a Canadian Military Researcher and his son with a "Merlin Complex" from a young age!!! a while...Update: Sept 17th 2009, I was just given my French Canadian sweet heart's name that has my art from elementary school, not only that, I am fully aware of her Professional Status as a career woman!!!!!!!!!!!! To further make my case and point, I got one of these love notes back in my possession, which is yet unexplained how it happen, during a complicated time period in my life, when one of these women was fucking me over to serve the needs of others and not protecting my interests! I still have this particular note, I used the same paper pad all through high school giving these love notes, by lab analysis, I can prove who has my love notes and who has what has become the forged ones!! Now here is some really heavy literary fire power, hey idiot asshole PM Harper, remember elementary school, what was it grade three, what were my words to the effect, "Harper you are such an idiot sabotaging my schooling, why don't you go on to become the Prime Minister of the Country, and use the powers of the highest office in the land to do me in, and I will still make you out to be an idiot." As I am doing right now, rumours float you often smell like crack cocaine, and that RCMP are fed up cleaning after your cocaine shits!!! I had forgotten what went on in elementary school until recently, I just went about my own business trying to be a tax payer! Yea I know something about crack cocaine shits, I learned about it taking down the Neo-Nazi/Klu Klux Klan Fort Matthieu!!!!! Then like one Conservative MP said on a media clip, "We are not all on cocaine in Ottawa". Here is a message to the demented assholes that hack into my blog and mess with my writing, like my Lawyer said to me, my Police protection know every move I make on the Internet and who is messing with it! You see, going back how many years now, when a skin head wearing an American rebel flag bandanna put the word on the street to have me done in, and I found out about it. I created my ultimate back up system, I got a hold of a Quebec Provincial Police Officer in the Wolverine Detachment, I had a lengthy telephone conversation explaining my situation and that I need more Police protection!!! What was the Police budget protecting me over the years, I heard it was around 43 million dollars, never mind my fleeced Internet money, apparently it all totals somewhere around 80 million dollars, just so one day I could be a cost effective tax payer! Like I heard, we intend to get every last cent of tax dollar expenditure back along with my fleeced Internet money! Lordy, Lordy, Lordy, what was that on this mornings radio, Sept 17 2009, with preliminary tests of children that are suppose to be mine, would in effect could be those of ex Prez Bush, Prez Obama, or PM Harper, what a fucking joke, and the whole World is laughing!!! What did these three idiots do, constantly masturbate into a test tube over the years? Now to throw a curve ball, where did the female eggs come from for this assumed Godly pregnancy test that was more than likely artificial insemination, genetically, is the child even related to the Mother? When playing around with baseballs, everyone knows that a curve ball can be a hit or a miss, just like the DJ said on the radio show. I will listen to the street gossip as I am out and around the City today, and we will see how the Medical Empire calls the curve ball. Then I am going to throw a knuckle ball at the knuckle heads if I have to!! As it turned out, "Montreal McGill Medical Community Umpiring Procedure" called the curve ball a tip that landed foul somewhere down the 3rd base line, too bad idiots swung late trying to do me in!!! So that is two strikes against fucken stupidity against doing in the Canadian people with some sort of medical fleecing game for us buying pharmaceuticals from North Caroline/Virginia pharmaceutical belt as a money making scheme, by CIA/Mob manipulating things for American profit gain. Really now, like I always got to clean up my email now, from Obama PharmaMeds junk mail! Us legal Canadians know to buy our meds in the local Pharmacy. I passed by the Montreal Allan Memorial today, ended up bumming a smoke from some young Ladies that spun me a yarn about "Bush whacking procedures", that they are now dumb founded by and looking for answers here in Montreal! Tomorrow is another day to plan my knuckle ball whine up! Never mine the media clip about ex Vietnam Marines having to jerk off into a test tube when they came home, and if they did not, they got done in out of service uniform! Here the people that support me, such as a Politician that I met around the University yesterday,( I even actually worked in his campaign office once as a volunteer), says this is an absolute mess around me due to Harper/Obama politics. Like I got to get the lobotomy according to certain individuals, with my supporters having to watch over the "Battle Royal", between all the people that were promised to me, to have one person carry on my art, writings, music along with my engineering inventions under my pen name Doctor Goober Mickeal. Talk about sickening politics by demented asshole Politicians that want to do me in because of what I have unearthed now!!!! I am still preparing for my knuckle ball whined up!!! How idiot Harper & Obama, funny how you both keep changing your stories according to street gossip, I am nobodies Priest, I have never been ordained as a Minister or Priest of any Church, so I do not have to live in poverty at your whim. Oh yea and Harper, you want me to put on the Internet what I put your Mother's sister in prison for? Everyone is going to find out sooner or is not blackmail, it is a simple question! I remember as a Montreal Gazette paper boy!!! I am going to put it up soon, I am getting fed with your political interferance in my life!!! OH yea, and Obanma, now I got African Canadian teenagers calling you a "false Prophet" on city buses here in Montreal, too bad you always pumped out a lot of rhetoric to do me in when I was trying to build my life, I never knew, it is all coming out now! I guess the media has major intelligencia , I heard it is now digging into Harper's family tree in my home town, funny how I ended up stimulating my home town's economy with rumours of an influx of media into the region, and Harper could not do anything to stimulate the Country's economy due to his vile manner of operating things, eg: sabotaging me instead of promoting me! And I am yet to throw the knuckle ball, this is still the whined up, I think I got a really good knuckle grip on the ball right now anyway!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Slewing The Devil Beast In Society Is A Complicated Issue, But I Think The Archangel Saint Michael Can Handle It!

(Image From PrayCard Publications, Ile-Perrot, Quebec.)
{Stand by while this post is being put together}It is like my Landlord can not wait to meet in a Court Room to deal with issues around my apartment and illegal entrances with industrial sabotage of my company, the building manager assaulted me today, so 911 got called and I filed a report. The word on the street is that the Police arrested him as the 911 operator said Police a while I will write more. Here it is Sept 12th 2009, now I got people confessing, "We burn't all our bridges, we have to accept we are going to prison." Blackmailing, submitting to blackmail and paying people off to do me in, will only get you sent to prison, it has been a long hard road. One is better off leading a honest & righteous path like me, then a lot of people will extend more than just a helping hand. The Police and the Court process, will always be our best of friends, if we keep our nose clean, work with those that create the laws of the land and those that enforce them, while holding these values dear to our hearts!!! A discouraged Police Officer once said to me, "There is no justice", we got make it a better society so that our Law Enforcement Officers do not get discouraged with the revolving door of crime that they deal with day in and day out!!!! As it turns out, a person that was close to me that I called "Sweet Pea", turns out to be very sour and bitter so I am best staying away from her, thus I scratch that one off the list of people I deal with! Ironical, a certain individual that is close to me while dealing with my educational development, claims that her family is getting fleeced just like me, as I have mentioned in a previous posting where I am getting fleeced. I am in Court today with my Landlord, (Sept 15th 2009), I prepared a ten page preliminary engineering technicians report with complaints against the company/numbered company that owns the building I reside in. Now lets see who is who when dealing with what is proper for a building, in a Regie du Logement Court for rental problems in the Province of Quebec, Canada. Will continue my post a bit after school at University this evening. If you need an engineering technicians report for complaints against your Landlord to obtain compensation, contact me, perhaps we can work something out for a nominal fee in lue of my company services. Who has the song with the words that became famous, "let the good times roll...", Yea, it was just on the radio while I was shaving in preparation for Court, a fantastic media clip to the effect of, " my money is got to deal with a ten page engineering technician's report in a Provincial Court...why did we not hire him?...".What? I was shaving and listening to the radio like a lot of males do....totally lovely life what this has become!!!!!! I have worked for other Landlords that took ex-tenants to Court at the Regie du Logement, to sue for damages that was done to the rented space while it was leased to them, and I was doing the repairs! The Province of Quebec is a fair and just society, now I get to file a law suit against my Landlord with the help of a Quebec Judge because of what transpired in my apartment with a few illegalities!!! Update:Sept 16th 2009, when passing through Court yesterday it turned out not bad, as the Judge put it in certain words which I can not quote exactly but were like," Indeed your Landlord commandeered your apartment for their own use, I have reviewed the video of what has transpired in your apartment, I back you and need you!", as she stated when pointing to me in the Court Room. I am due back in Court against my Landlord in two weeks with follow up documents that the Judge requested. Then I have to cope and deal with some real stupid comments about myself, done by demented idiot Politicians and media persons behind a microphone. There is such a phrase as "Have some cooth", and I am not allowed to have a media interview to comment back defending my work and character because of manipulation by corrupt demented Politicians that are out to fleece me and people that stand by me, these corrupt Politicians use mobster type tactics by trying to blackmail my fan club or threaten them with a prison term!!!!!!!!! Never mind my phone line and email being controlled and manipulated, so who dumb, dumber & dumbest now!!! I will be starting a new post soon!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

It Was Just On The Radio That Prez Bush & PM Harper Started Fleecing My Money And I Never Knew, Everyone Is Fed Up With This Bullshit Around Me!! It Is All Because They Want Me Dead To Steal My Proto-Type Inventions For Themselves!! Then Prez Obama Took Over With PM Harper Trying To Do Me In!!!!

(Stand by while this post is being put together) This is a piece of art I did last night after my class at University, when I did not want to come home, sitting by myself having a coffee and cigarette by my lonesome self like usual because of corruption and bullshit around my apartment! Just about everyone is talking about what is going on around my life, and the Premier of Quebec has to pick up the costly tap by giving me a Welfare cheque and defending me in Court with Legal Aid. Like the Radio Annoucer just said, the American CIA working with Mobsters has made the free World so corrupt!!! I remember when I had a good job with an excellent Boss while I was on disability pension, then my Boss more or less turned to me and said, "Iain, I am fed up with the blackmail around you, I can not handle it anymore, I got to let you go, we will hook up later on in life!" Do people want to know how long ago that was? Then I got to face, "Iain has to die for what he believes in!" Yea for corruption to steal what is rightfully mine!!!! Funny how I even got people that have a way to say a confession to me, like, "I was promised that I would be you, through eating part of you like a cannibal, I told them where to go!" Never mind all these people that are wanna be cannibals that were promised to be able to eat my fore-skin to be me, really now, how big a piece of my fore-skin were you thinking you were going to get , it is only so big!!! Far as I am concerned, my fore-skin is slated for certain women to feel inside of them, with me, myself, and I manipulating it, pump action style!!! Now what I have to deal with, here I go nuts looking for bank statements which I can not find, so I informed my bank, but on the other side, I find my missing portfilio from a University course. On the other side of ultimate bullshit, what are all these other people doing with copies of my portfilio, people has confessed to me that they were passed a copy of it!!!!!!

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Alleluia Pour La Mere Du Terre
Alleluia Pour La Pluie
Mon Dieu Du Tonnerre Et Pluie
Est Pour Toute, Quand
Il Fait Le Penetration
Dans La Terre, Si
Nous Travailons Ensemble
Pour L'Environment!
(stand by while this post is being put together) Sept 7th 2009, finally getting back to the posting I started. The art on this posting was never fully completed in the first place. Hence it was developed with this posting, I first discussed the creation of my words that I put together in french, with a close Artist Associate who has better command of the French language than myself. We are figuring things out with what to do with the start of this piece of art consisting of the start of my "Mere Du Terre" sketch, and apartment studio black & white camera shot associated with it, the back ground on the pencil sketch is yet to be filled in. With this Artist Guide Associate and I doing our semi-regular "Tour Du Ville" again today, I found my back drop to finish the sketch. As it comes to pass, I penciled out a second image of what will be three, to be put together on a larger sketch pad that I have for the final piece of art. I can certainly copy my first "Mere du Terre" design on to a large sheet of paper, with a second drawing that I came home and designed this evening, then with a modified old design I started some time, it will be added as well. Through going looking for a book to start reading, by way of a book searching technique from the University Library, I took some notes from my book of referance for my selective writings around my art that I am developing for a print around this posting. I got a little help from my friends to put it together, they know how I think and to let me find my way with what I am putting together for a print this time around. My Art Guide Associate and I have a verbal agreement in principle, for doing what I want to do, with what I started for this piece of art being enhanced, while I put together the associated notes for the accompaigning writings.
Funny thing, Sept 8th 2009, early morning/late night TV, Obama is dubbed as a Hitler, they even put a Hitler mustache on him, yea like I did not face down Mobster types with a rather darker complexion then myself, that praises Obama, and committed to do me in on my street!!!! Like I said to the Mobster asshole on my street with the darker complexion than me, "You want to make an easy $100,000.00, go get a contract to put a bullet in my head like some people want", I do not see him on my street much, but I am still kicking like an old Native Indian Chief named "Crazy horse"!!!! Above all, I once made a political comment on my street while on the way to the corner store, then when I got home with my brewski,(bottle of beer), I turned on my TV set to get some News. It was like, what the fuck was Obama commenting about what I just said on my street a short while ago! I made the appropriate phone call, "Who the fuck is leaking my political comments from my street to the President of the United States of America?" Not only that, because I came up with a new guitar riff in a French Canadian neighbourhood while sitting in a park on the weekend, a wholesome African Canuck Mum with her child on my street commented, "The order was given from the top to do in his guitar." It was her way of protecting me and my instruments through talking to her child when I walked they always do.....some of us united ones are not so fucken stupid!!!!!! I always set out to build my life, get an education in the engineering field, hold down a job in this chosen discipline, and now I find out that there were self professed Prophets building their life, and political careers based on doing me in. As it turned out, I went searching for my more solid religious foundations later in life, when I discovered myself as an Artist/Musician/Writer. As to the book I am presently reading, relating to "Theology of Work", I will complete this blog post by referring to my notes I took as I read into this theological text. The concept of having a liberal industry promotes work, where liberation is found through financial gain, hence there was supposed to be capitalism based on honest and righteous values, more often than not it led to Philanthropists. These Philanthropists gave back to the social structure of the under privileged. Theologians advocated moderation in profits, trying to lead industry to believe in an environmental climate, to clean up our own industrial waste. It was supposed to be a revelation of a new moral value. The "Devine Government", which I reflect to think of as a Political, Religious and Military state for environmental concerns. The socialization of work, Church and State politics for Planetary needs in alignment with/for environmental concerns. Evil of the industrial machine, through greed and corruption, lingered in the foot steps of responsible entrepreneurs. Common effort on a united front, struggled to succeed against engineering and medical fupaws. It is a ridiculous cycle where, the engineering community with its industry, failed the medical community. Now the medical community works closely with the engineering discipline trying to pick up the pieces. At first, capitalist Philanthropists, eg: Doctors Without Borders, lead on to Engineers Without Borders, to build a communal solidarity in moral and ethics in engineering and medical communities to provide for the under privilaged. As relating to the words, for the people, by the people, the team effort for common welfare, love for common good, enhances society on the whole. Spiritual writers of the ages, tried to relate a social atmosphere of brotherhood/sisterhood. War between communities and ethnic backgrounds when on throughout time, some are capable of rising above this type of systematic destruction of our society, leading towards the common good, which can also include using military might to attain a common high starard for our collective communal society. As it stands, the nature of things being what they are, evilness in man goes back to concepts of the "Garden of Eden". Man/woman driven from a Earthly paradise by sin, hence they seek redemption. Primitive aggressiveness is retained in solidarity, such as violence found in the union movements, workers being there for each other, to over come the abuse of the fellow worker. With simplistic Church/Political/Military lead reforms, one will fall into a "humane spirituality of work". Education developed by Church and State, loading its 16 tonnes so that it pays its debit ends, leads to freedom of the worker and a pension plan with a medicare system which is state funded. Religious laws and state laws, that are faithful to themselves, are there for the community of the people, no matter what ethnic, educational, or handicap background a person comes from. Society was suppose to evolve for the better, unfortunately, certain demented politicians lead the free World astray, leaving society on the whole in a downward spiraling handicap position. Thus, we the united people of a strong moralistic/ethical background, enhanced by our intellectual commitments, are left picking up the pieces of society like usual. Thank God for moralistic free speech!!! Referance text: "The Theology of Work", by M.D.Chenu, o.p., published by Gill and Son, Dublin,Ireland.1963.