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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

OK, What can I Write, I Owe The Conservative Party Of Canada An Apology
Here I go again, plugging out the words, I use my writings in my blog as anger management sometimes. I wrote some heavy words in my last posting preparing for C0urt today. My Lawyer told me I can not make entries in my Love Story Page on my website, but as to the image in this posting, it is rather "Special Lady Like" . It is a squiggle drawing I did in the Montreal Allan, the subconscious mind at work. Sorry Stockwell Day what I wrote about you, and the Conservative Party of Canada, it was just my anger coming out about how I had to serve my Country as to an agreement in Canadian Coast Guard College to take on the mob in ten or twenty years. I have been through hell and back again Stockwell fulfilling that vow, Like my squiggle drawing, all I ever wanted was a Buddha Belly, a child in the womb of a woman, it feel that first kick of a growing baby, and I never had the experience. I was always being fucked around being the "honky nigger" of the RCMP and CSIS while laying out the sniper cable for them to take down the mob and clean up our streets. All I really ever had was my sweet heart fantasies masturbating myself to sleep instead of popping a Psychiatrist's sleeping pills with the stress of the commitment of serving my Country in the Peace Tower clock that I committed myself to when ask to be part of it in the Canadian Coast Guard College machine shop by a very special instructor. Ever since then, I have come to realize that there has been a lot of dis-information/information put out about me, my Government trained me and stood by me in so many countless ways, including a lot of financial investment to protect me and the Country that I so dearly love. Stockwell, really now, my first major bust with the RCMP, I took down a corrupt American business man operating in the east end of Montreal, he threatened to have my legs broken and I lived the nightmare ever since, so I took my anger out on my upper brass, your dual Nationality with your American citizenship and the Conservative Party of Canada, as I am left like the Led Zeppelin song, "Dazed and Confused" while continuing laying our very special sniper wire for RCMP and CSIS for National Security as to your member of Parliament portfolio that you held so dearly. How many soldiers have cursed their upper brass for what they had to do, I only had the Internet to do my cursing on. So, sorry to my Conservative Party of Canada and Stockwell Day, I am a good soldier for my Country's Peace Tower Clock sniper wire wiring that I do, I took my frustration of the job out on my upper brass. On the other side of the coin that has many grooves in the edges, I am still haunted by the words, "I am Neo-Nazi mob, and I want him fucking dead", thanks for spending the money to make sure I did not end up that way, I am getting older now, and I still want to feel the kick of my first Buddha Belly in a woman's I soldier on for my Country, God love my Government of Canada for investing and protecting me....your Goober the always