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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Here I Am Back In School At Concordia University For The Winter Semester While In Hospital Mental Health Programs
So the New Year rolls in and I am back in school studying how to be an effective writer. Last semester in school ended well and I got a B+ for a final grade, not bad for my first time in school for quite some time and fighting depression at the same time. I really enjoyed last semester, the Professor was really special and talented at leading the students through our creative process! I learned from the Professor how I lack in my writing skills and what to do to improve upon them. At the end of the course the Professor instructed me to start reading more to improve my grammar, spelling, along with my basic writing skills. I enjoyed keeping a journal on my creative process for my portfolio and I told the Professor at the end of the course that I intended to keep up doing the journal on my creative process, which will now include my visual arts, musical inclinations, along with my attempts at developing my writing skills. With the start of the winter semester I went to Concordia's library and got some books to read as advised to do last semester. I chose to continue reading works on a author I got introduced last semester, namely Edgar Allan Poe. I did one critique on one of his prose last semester and I intend to seek out more of his work to read, including some of his poetry. His writings help me to develop my vocabulary with his use of words and I really enjoy his writings.
Carrying on into the winter semester, I took another writing course to help me develop skills in writing academic papers. The course is a prerequisite for getting into a grammar course down the road. So I got my work cut out for me again this semester in school with maintaining the work for the course and reading more as advised from the Professor last semester. The Hospital programs have started up again after the holidays and I am back attending those classes as well. Due to my course at University being on early Monday evenings, I dropped the gym class on Monday afternoons at the Hospital, the travelling home and then back down town or buying supper out would have been too much. The Animatrices of the gym class were sad to hear I would not be attending this semester but I will be back with them in the fall if all goes well with my schedule. Wednesday music group and guitar lessons are still scheduled into my week, along with the Thursday art group with Birks House Artists. I still have my job once a week cleaning the small office building down town and the clients in the building are so friendly with me that I feel really close to them at this point. Sometimes my work at the building got slack when I was fighting off depression and they understood. For the greater part, I have over come my bouts of depression and feeling a lot better about myself over all. It helped with the encouragement I got at the Hospital selling art just before Christmas, along with settling out terms of endearment with my Psychiatrist.
I am no longer part of the writers group that I was part off last year, due to breach of trust and what they did with my pen name Doctor Goober M.... in a publication. I was lied to and deceived being published in a chap book with the writers group. They took out a copyright on the chap book that I am part of and I am not even on the copyright registration with my pen name. It is illegal and I went to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police over it, contacting the department that handles the Federal Copyright Act. This department of the RCMP has enough work on their hands as it is, they did not need another case to handle such as my complaint but shit happens and that is what they are there for! I have an old friend that is a writer and we have been in touch over the holiday season, we agreed that we could work together and legally put out a chap book together with both our works of poetry and prose. I have another friend that knows of some other writers group in the city and she is trying to track them down with a contact phone number, hopefully I will be able to become part of this new writers group and not have the complications I had with the one I was involved in last year. So I am starting the New Year on a positive note and no longer having little bouts of depression that hampered my life, the World is before me still and I intend to kick butt and make something of myself to increase my monthly income and do away with my welfare subsidy on my disability pension. Here is to one and all in the New Year and stay legal or you might get busted by people that like honesty!

(January 24th 2008, with help from the RCMP, the writers group is going to put me on the Copyright registration so all will be Kosher!)