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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Have Back Room Art Show At Montreal Museum of Fine Arts On
June 18th 2008
Here I am at the end of another session with the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts community programs with the Montreal General Hospital and Jewish Family Services. It has been a wonderful experience once again thanks to Staff and fellow Mental Health Consumers from both parties. The art show is a one day show in one of the work shops that we produced in on June 18th 2008 between 3PM and 5pm, the work shop is just off the community hall in the corridor between Bishop and Creasent Streets here in Montreal. I got to produce five wonderful pieces of art,and invitations for family and friends, thanks to the Museum Animatrise organizing our materials and lectures on art located in different parts of the Museum. The lectures ranged from print making to lectures on Muslim art and African mask making and Canadian art history while producing out of inspiration from the experience. I really learned a lot about another part of the World during the lecture on Muslin art and easy home made print making from the work shop afterwards. While there was a paying exhibit on art from Cuba, we got a free tour of the show and was given inspiration to produce. What really affected me from the Cuban art exhibit was the sad eyes of the people either in painted canvases or black and white photographs. I closely related with my own sad eye complex and poverty with feeling like a second class citizen with my schizophrenic issues. With studying the African Mask Exhibit in the Museum for the second time with an Animatrise, I produced an African type Shaman mask that was spooky even to myself when I stood back and looked at it when it was finished. The challenge of producing it in a limited time spot at the Museum is a real challenge, it not like producing art on your own time, things come out of your subconscious like an Automatist from the Global Refus time period in Canadian art history. When we had the make up class at the Museum to finish up art that was incomplete from the previous sessions, I produced a functional piece of art from the short lecture on the session I missed. (I have to admit that I missed a session at the Museum from being hung over from too much beer the night before from personal problems before the Wednesday class at the Museum) Anyway , as it turn out I produced a wonderful piece of functional art inspired from the lovely Lady in the media that got me arrested as mentioned in previous few postings. A combination of inspirational forces from the woman that got me arrested and the World renowned Henry Moorish type art that is found in the Museum its self and around the streets of Montreal, I produced. As I joked in my clay sculpture making session at the Museum, my sexual frustrations were coming out again with being a middle age man type with experience on the beer and having no wife and kids to spoil.The functional piece of art revolved around a pregnant woman bust , of which I really know nothing about but in fantasy. During the winter/spring session at the Museum, I got to be a representative for the Hospital and the English Montreal School Board at an early evening promotional event of the Museum's making for its community project program. I did not mind working for getting a glass of of wine or two for my labours supporting the Museum and the Hospital/Museum program as a consumer. By principle ,I only say my prayers for civilization for free, everything else is going to cost society something, the glasses of wine or two suited my pallet at the time. Hand over fist it was a fantastic experience working with the Hospital Staff and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts once again and I really appreciate the gossip floating around the Museum calling me a creative genius. It really makes me feel my worth in creative gold. I thank the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts with my deepest gratitude for teaching the craft in fine arts, inspiring me with the lectures on civilization and art history along with techniques in doing art, while providing me with the resources and materials to produce the master pieces as you call them, may you continue to forge my mind with love !!!! For -ever
Doctor Goober Mickeal