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Saturday, March 17, 2007

As Canada Celebrates Nutrition Month, I Served Up Some Omega 3 Fatty Acids For This Posting With Fish Based Pate Recipes

One of my favorite snacking foods is home made salmon or sardines pate! My Psychiatrist once informed me that I was not consuming enough fish from the results of blood testing when I first started with her. I was never much of a fish eater other than eating sardines on toast. When I became aware that Omega 3 fatty acids could be an important factor when dealing with schizophrenia, I avidly started to consume more sardines like I used to, they are a valuable source of fish oil that helps us with our Omega 3 fatty acid balance. I have started to eat more fish as urged by my Psychiatrist once she reviewed my initial blood tests, which showed lack of fish consumption when starting under her treatment plan for me, it was at this time as well that I got into having salmon or sardine pate on crackers or the likes of melba toast come late evening before going to bed. I always slept a bit better with a little bit of good food in my belly rather than trying to sleep on a empty stomach. So with the help of my Mother, I was passed on a recipe for salmon pate that she has been feeding me recently, so here it is:

Ingredients: 213 gram can of salmon, 1 Tbsp of grated onion, 1Tbsp fresh lemon juice, 1/4 tsp grated lemon rind, 2tbsp mayonnaise, 1/2 cup melted margarine, 2tsp fresh dill or 1/4tsp dried dill weed

Method: Drain the can of salmon and put the fish in a blender or food processor, add ingredients and blend until smooth. Pour into crocks or serving bowls and cover to chill until firm. Serve with crackers, melba toast, beget, or bread sticks or bagels.

Having got into indulging in my crackers and pate at night, I ended up putting a sardine recipe together that fancied my liking for taste. You can play around with the basic recipe to suit your own taste and fancy, I find myself working with what I have on the shelf sometimes but usually have everything I need. Type of pickles I use can vary from sweet pickles to olives depending on what I have open. So here is the sardine pate:

Ingredients: 120 gram of sardines in tomato sauce, 1/2 tbsp of grated onion, a sprinkle of black pepper, 1piece of grated garlic clove, 1 1/2 tsp of finely chopped pick, a sprinkle of hot sauce, a sprinkle of powder bay leaves.

Method: Empty can of sardines and tomato sauce into a small bowl, add grated onion and garlic with the sprinkle of hot sauce, along with chopped pickle. Add black pepper and powder bay leaves while mixing and mashing sardines with a fork until mixed thoroughly into a paste. Chill and serve on crackers, melba toast or beget. I also put it on toast that has a light coating of margarine on one side, then cover with a slice of precessed cheddar cheese and heat until cheese is melted in a toaster oven.

So this is how I have my little nutritious snack come evening time, it can be served any time and goes well on a bagel for breakfast or lunch. Make this a reminder to have amble fish in your diet and stay well as you follow nutrition guidelines for a sound body and mind! These are two recipes where there is no actual salt added to the pate for those that must reduce salt intake.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Joining Writers' Group Gets Me Out Mingling With Other Local Writers

As it came to pass, I was out buying a beer in a corner store not far from home, while on the way over to friend's place for a social. Upon leaving the store I noticed an old friend checking over some products on one of the shelves and I stopped to say hello. She told me that she had joined a Writers' Group at the corner Cafe here in my local community, as the friend I came in the store with got through being served at the cash, I bid farewell to my Writer friend and and mentioned to her I would look into it. I past the rest of the Friday evening having a king can or two of beer socializing with old comrades in arms of anguish about life's journey and still went to bed at a reasonable hour. The next day I went to deliver an art package for someone in hospital, so it could be left to be signed from a few of the boys to be picked up later, then I went to the coffee shop that I frequent where the Writers' Group was having meetings. I only went to find out more about the Writers' Group and have a coffee and the Group was in session, I asked with interest of joining the Group and they received me with and open quill. After a small introduction of myself describing how I consider my art to be under the domain of being an Urban Outsider Artist that exhibits and writes on the Internet under a pen name about schizophrenic issues. The Group asked me if I could remember one of my poems, so I wrote my first poem that I ever wrote on one of my sketch pads from my memory, it was first written when I had the feeling which I relate to as a spiritual presence. It was well received and it was the first time that I ever really ended up discussing one of my poems. Other members shared some poems over us sipping coffee or tea and the Group informed me that they were having a poetry recital at the Co-op up the street on the following Tuesday. The image for this posting is the advertising flyer which was used to promote the event, which I went to while bringing along a friend of mine that has similar interests in writing. The recital was held in the back coffee section of a environmental friendly Co-op of products for common house hold use. The wicker chair setting made more of an ambiance for Poets speaking their words. Works were recited by seven ambitious Writers controlling their stage presence while I took a couple of photographs of each performer for portfolios. fair trade coffee or tea is served in the Co-op's coffee bar along with a various assortment of natural juices, they have a wide ranger of natural products, some things even caught my eye such as unbleached coffee filters. I vowed to myself that the filters would be the start of more environmental shopping for me! I really enjoyed the early evening recital and it provoked me to start writing my pros/poetry once again. It was like one Group member said at the first meeting I went to, being part of the group pushes you to do the writing that you slack on. So I wrote a couple of poems during the week and recited them to Group the following Saturday over coffee. It is good to be out socializing again and carrying on doing constructive things in my life. I even found out through the Writers' Group how cheap it is to get a small stapled book published with graphics that you can hustle yourself for a modest fee, I could sell it when I am part of art expo/sale with my Art Group at the Hospital or on my website. Other writings of mine on different subjects along with art for sale or exchange can be viewed on my website at:
Good reading and enjoy my works of art!